Livatrex® - A Powerful Natural Liver Support Formula with Organic Herbs

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Livatrex® is an energetically enhanced blend of powerful herbs that supports detoxification and normal function of the liver and gallbladder. 2 fluid oz.


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Learn How You can Benefit Today From the Astonishing Power of Organic Liver Cleansing with Livatrex®!

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What is Livatrex®?

Livatrex® is an energetically enhanced, 100% all natural blend of powerful organic and wildcrafted herbs. It's specially formulated to support normal function and detoxification of the liver and gallbladder!

Cleansing your liver is a natural process designed to detoxify, flush and purge the liver of fatty deposits, built up toxins, and accumulated stones. Liver stones are formed when excess lipids crystallize into small pebble size stones.

A Brief History of the Invention of Livatrex®

Dr Group
Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND

Livatrex® is the result of unparalleled ancient wisdom reinterpreted in the light of modern equipment and analysis.

  • The history of Livatrex® is based on our Spagyrex® process which was invented during my research on the root cause of disease. I found that all disease is caused when the body becomes so contaminated with toxic residue from our daily lives that our own internal self-healing mechanism is suppressed. These toxins come from air, food, water, beverages, harmful organisms, stress, radiation and many other potential sources.
  • This led us on a journey to create the most powerful herbal liver cleanse product on the market. It all started by studying the works of the most famous 16th century healer, scientist and alchemist, Paracelsus.
  • Paracelsus, composed the word Spagyria (Spagyry), which means to extract (spao) and combine (ageiro). The word was used to describe the process and power of transmuting a preparation of herbs into an elixir of health and longevity.
  • Dr. Group took this original technology and advanced the science and art of spagyry-based processes.
  • Our Spagyrex® process combines ancient and current technologies to create a revolutionary, multi-step, proprietary alchemy and spagyry-based processing technique. This follows the principle of separating and recombining all the elements of an herb, to extract the most powerful essence of its healing nature. This results in a Harmonious Organic Supercharged Extract.

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The Top 5 Reasons You Need A Liver Cleanse

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  1. A healthy liver helps digestion and supports proper body weight.
  2. Promotes the elimination of liver stones.
  3. Cleansing your liver helps overall body detoxification.
  4. Rejuvenates energy levels.
  5. Look and feel younger!

Find out how healthy your liver is by taking our free 2 minute liver test.

Shocking Statistics About Liver Health

  • According to the National Center for Health Statistics, chronic liver diseases are among the most common causes of death in the United States.
  • Almost 26,000 people in the US die each year from cirrhosis, The American Liver Foundation warns that alcohol abuse contributes to most incidences of cirrhosis.
  • Up to 20% of the population has liver stones and gallstones.
  • A poor diet is a major contributor to most liver problems and toxic buildup.
  • More than 900 prescription drugs can injure the liver and 80% of all cases of liver toxicity are caused by drug reactions.
  • 29 million Americans have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
  • 90% of heavy alcohol drinkers develop fatty liver disease.
  • 6,000 - 10,000 liver transplants are performed yearly in the United States.
  • Drinking tap water can lead to the storage of arsenic in the liver.

Health Benefits of Liver Cleansing with Livatrex®

  • Supports digestion and elimination of toxins.
  • Helps the liver efficiently break down fats.
  • Promotes healthy lipid profiles.
  • Revitalizes energy and vitality.
  • Revitalizes memory and clarity.
  • Helps control cravings for sugar and fatty foods.
  • Purges the liver and gallbladder of stones.
  • Detoxifies fatty deposits and buildup.

We Asked Our Customers What They Liked About Livatrex®...

  • "Very happy with the product! This was bought for my mom who lives with liver dysfunction. She took it with distilled water - one teaspoon per 8oz - four times a day with great results in regularity and bloated stomach. I will continue to buy this and try it for myself." ~ Octavian D. Iosup
  • "Livatrex Is The Fountain of Youth! My physical ability to eat poorly changed completely because of Livatrex. Once the toxins are released from your body, you feel like a clean slate. You feel better overall as a human being. If you stay healthy, you always feel healthy and good about yourself." ~ MrsTetzlaff
  • "Within five days of using Livatrex I noticed a huge difference. After years of doing low carb diets my liver and gallbladder were sluggish. Within five days of using Livatrex I noticed a huge difference. I felt like everything was being processed so much better and I definitely felt much better. I highly recommend Livatrex." ~ Brenda Duncan-Smith

Why Livatrex® is Risk-Free For You To Try

We are sure you will see and feel the health benefits of Livatrex®.
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Why is Livatrex® the Best Liver and Gallbladder Cleansing Product?

  • Livatrex® is...
    • 100% true alcohol free.
    • Vegan Safe and GMO Free.
    • Kosher, Halal and Vegan Safe.
    • Helps eliminate toxins from the liver.
    • Made with organic and wild cultivated herbs.
    • Made in the USA using Eco-friendly sustainable manufacturing.
    • NEVER Tested on animals.
  • Livatrex® is the only liver cleanse product on the market which uses a Spagyrex® processed blend of powerful herbs that support detoxification and normal function of the liver and gallbladder. These herbs work synergistically to soften and break down stones.
  • Our trained customer service team is available to answer questions during your liver cleanse.
  • Livatrex® includes an easy to follow, step-by-step, daily plan.
  • Livatrex® comes with a no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

What are the Top 3 Questions People ask about Livatrex®?

1. What can I expect? Everyone's cleansing experience is unique but many people report that they feel better, reenergized, and detoxified. Some people have reported passing stones from their liver and gallbladder. Stones can be tiny, sand-like granules or up to the size of a quarter. They are commonly mixed in fecal matter and difficult to see. Other forms of toxic material trapped in the liver, gallbladder, and intestines may also exit the body during the cleanse.

2. How long will it take to cleanse my liver and gallbladder? Each liver cleanse takes 5 days to complete and the best results come from repetition. You will be scratching the surface of years of accumulated toxins with only one liver cleanse. It is highly recommended that you repeat the Liver Cleanse three times in a row with a break of 5 to 10 days between each session. If you do not want to perform the five day liver cleanse, using the maintenance instructions, Livatrex® can be used by itself to slowly and effectively cleanse the liver and gallbladder. In order for you to achieve the same results of one 5-day liver cleanse, you will have to follow the maintenance protocol for 3 months.

3. How will I know when my liver is clean? Results vary depending on diet, exercise patterns, age, and, physical and emotional stress levels. The liver and gallbladder are never 100% clean since their intended function is to metabolize toxic material. Most people require a minimum of three initial cleansing sessions followed by one or two maintenance cleanses per year. Many indications resolve spontaneously after the second or third. Others may take 6 or 7 consecutive cleanses and require the identification and resolution of supplementation, external environment, emotional trauma, nerve damage, etc.

Additional Tips for Liver Cleansing

  • Diet: Practice a whole food diet. The majority of your diet should consist of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and raw nuts and seeds. These types of food contains a greater amount of oxygen, enzymes, and other nutrients without toxic pesticide residue. Purchase organic and free-range meat and poultry whenever possible to reduce pesticide, synthetic hormone, and antibiotic contamination.
  • Water: Drink half your bodyweight in ounces per day (bodyweight in pounds divided by two). Drink distilled or purified water. Avoid tap water! Evaluate the purity of the water you consume and use. Most public water contains chlorine, fluoride, and other pollutants. Distilled water is good but over time can leach nutrients. Adding raw organic apple cider vinegar to distilled water rectifies this. Purified water can also be used.
  • Enzymes: Age, illness, poor diet, disease, heredity, and other factors can affect the production of digestive enzymes in the pancreas. It has been estimated humans have enough enzymes to break down 1 cooked meal daily for 120 years. If you have digestive disorders or want to supply your body with enzymes, VeganZyme™ is a potent plant-based digestive and systemic enzyme formula.
  • Exercise: Exercise regularly -- nearly every day. Include both aerobic exercise and strength training in your routine. Stretching exercises such as yoga or Pilates are beneficial. Water aerobics are excellent for people that suffer from joint problems or other debilitating conditions. Exercise supports elimination of toxins from the body. As always, please consult with your physician prior to starting an exercise routine. Rebounding on a mini trampoline is also a great way to achieve better health by improving aerobic condition, flexibility, and energy levels.
  • Air: Consider the purity of the air in your environment. Indoor air pollution is often substantially high because most people use toxic products in cleaning and maintaining their homes. We recommend installing a Guardian Air REME+ Air Purification System to help improve the indoor air quality throughout your entire home.

Still Not Sure if Livatrex® Can Help You? Just Read these Reviews...

  • "Livatrex proved to me that it was effective without causing any side effects! A chiropractor suggested I do a liver cleanse. He has a preferred brand that is more expensive. Being prone to bouts of thriftiness I dug out my bottle of Livatrex and decided to try that before spending over twice the price for the other one. I am so glad I did! Livatrex proved to me that it was effective without causing any side effects. I have been using the maintenance serving now for several weeks with fantastic results. My digestion has improved and I have lost ten pounds in six weeks with no changes other than using a mild serving of Livatrex." ~ Elizabeth Davies
  • "I found Livatrex to be a simple, quick and effective way to cleanse my liver. I found Livatrex to be a simple, quick and effective way to cleanse my liver. I was amazed at the results at the time and even more amazed at how my life has changed a few months later. Following the meal recommendations during the liver cleanse allowed me to realize that the proper foods in the proper combinations are not only healthful, but delicious as well. I feel energized after eating, instead of sluggish. I put no effort into maintaining my optimal body weight. I don't get sick anymore (no sniffles or tummy upset). My sugar cravings have disappeared, although I still like a bite or two of dark chocolate. In summary, since having used Livatrex, I feel vitally alive with an enormous sense of well-being. Thank you, Dr Group!" ~ Tom Vetrano
  • "The greatest liver/gall detox/regeneration formula I've ever seen or used on the Earth! I did a good amount of reading on the Livatrex formulas.. AAAMMMMAAAZZZZIIIINNNGGG! I always very much disliked burning off grain alcohol formulas, the gentle and tasteless glycerite Livatrex formula is COMPLETELY AWESOME Dr Group!!! A handful of additional organ/adoptogen/etc formulas would be awesome!!!! As there are almost ZERO alcohol free organic herbal detox/organ formulas out there in the marketplace....Many thanks and happy health!" ~ Chris

Get Started Today & Discover How Livatrex® Can Boost Your
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Livatrex Nutritional Information Label


  • Wildcrafted Borotutu Bark (Grown under Organic Conditions)
    Borotutu Tree bark has been used by ancient herbal healers as a liver and gallbladder tonic as well as an overall digestive system balancer.
  • Organic Yellow Dock Root
    Yellow Dock Root aids in eliminating foreign substances that can overburden the liver and gallbladder.
  • Organic Dandelion Root
    Dandelion root has been used for many years to aid the body's natural purification processes, supporting optimal liver function.
  • Wildcrafted Chanca Piedra
    Healthcare practitioners have acquired a powerful natural ally in helping to maintain optimal bladder, kidney, gallbladder, and liver health with the recent "discovery" of this Amazon rainforest plant.
  • Organic Greater Celandine
    Greater Celandine is often used to assist with liver and gallbladder cleansing programs for reasons directly and indirectly associated with these organs.
  • Organic Chicory Root
    Organic Chicory Root has a long and well-documented history of assisting people with liver problems. Ancient Romans and Egyptians were known to consume Chicory Root to aid in purifying the liver and the blood.
  • Organic Milk Thistle Seed
    Studies suggest Milk Thistle Seed supports optimal liver function. Milk Thistle Seed shows promise in stimulating the liver's ability to produce bile for normal digestive function.
  • Organic Turmeric
    Organic Turmeric is a strong antioxidant and removes toxins from the body.
  • Organic Peppermint Leaf
    Organic Peppermint Leaf helps promote the natural flow of bile from your liver to your gallbladder. The oil found in Peppermint (a hybrid of watermint and spearmint) also aids with the overall digestive process.

Other Ingredients:

  • USP Kosher Certified Vegetable Glycerin
    More gentle and stable than alcohol, USP Kosher certified vegetable glycerin is the best solvent base for Spagyrex® formulations.
  • Purified water (pH neutral)
    Purified water is one of the best neutral carriers. It’s effective, gentle, and, unlike alcohol, appropriate for everyone.

Initial Use

Pour bottle into 1 gallon distilled water and add 2 ounces of raw organic apple cider vinegar. Drink four 8-oz glasses daily between meals for 4 consecutive days.

Regular Use

Mix 2 full droppers with 4 ounces purified water and drink before breakfast 2 to 3 times weekly.

The Complete Liver Cleanse

For the complete, 5 day liver cleanse program instructions, please see the instructions tab on the Liver Cleanse Kit page.

Order Livatrex®Learn More About the Complete Liver Cleanse Kit

Frequently Asked Questions About Livatrex®

  1. Do I need other supplements with Livatrex®?
  2. Can liver cleansing help with digestive problems?
  3. Will I experience a healing crisis when using Livatrex®?
  4. How do I know when the stones and toxins are out of my body?
  5. Does liver cleansing help with thyroid disorders?
  6. Is my system clean after performing a cleanse?
  7. Can liver cleansing help prepare for conception?

Do I need other supplements with Livatrex®?

Not when using a maintenance serving of Livatrex®. However, you may use it with Oxy-Powder® and Latero-Flora™ for a complete liver cleanse experience. View the recommended liver cleanse kit.

Can liver cleansing help with digestive problems?

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Will I experience a healing crisis when using Livatrex®?

A healing crisis describes a phenomenon that may occur during cleansing and detoxification. You may feel worse during your liver cleanse than when you started because the accumulation of toxic material will "dislodge" and begin to be processed for removal from the body. This process can cause fatigue, headache, minor rash, lack of mental clarity, joint or muscle ache, irritability, difficulty sleeping, or mood swings. Some people experience multiple indications; others experience none. They go away within 2-3 days as toxins are flushed from the body. Remember to drink purified water to help your body flush the toxins.

How do I know when the stones and toxins are out of my body?

Results vary, however, it is recommended you continue as long as you’re seeing stones pass. Some may find that it takes a couple of cleanses, others may require multiple cleanses.

Does liver cleansing help with thyroid disorders?

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Is my system clean after performing a liver cleanse?

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Can liver cleansing help prepare for conception?

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