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"Trendsetters" Use Global Healing Center's Cutting-Edge Natural Health Products

U.S. "Trendsetters" Use Global Healing Center's Cutting-Edge Natural Health Products

 Global Healing Center has revolutionary products that can make
a HUGE difference in your health.   - Mike Adams, Editor of

Our products are distributed and promoted by over 1,000 doctors and 273 stores in 21 countries. Here's why...

  • 96% recommend our products - And we average a 4.8/5 star rating from hundreds of reviews. (See a few below)
  • 6 Month Guarantee - We offer a 100% No-Risk 180-Day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked. Your satisfaction is personally guaranteed by Dr. Group!
  • Eco-Friendly Products - Our products are manufactured in FDA inspected, environmentally friendly, kosher-certified and vegetarian manufacturing facilities.
  • 180 Day Guarantee

    180-Day Money Back Guarantee. We'll send you a prompt refund if you aren't absolutely satisfied with the results More Details »

  • Natural News

    Natural News Seal of Approval. "GHC earns my Editor's Choice award for Best Product Line" ~ Mike Adams. View Review »

  • Free Shipping

    Free Shipping on all GHC brand products. Applies to any order shipped within the U.S.

  • BBB

    A+ Rating 7 Years in a Row. GHC has won the Awards for Excellence from the BBB from 2007-2014.
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Top-Selling Supplements Made in the USA
  • Oxy-Powder
    Oxy-Powder® All natural colon cleanser used to safely relieve bloating, gas and constipation. 1300+ Reviews
  • Detoxadine
    Detoxadine® Iodine supplement that helps defend the thyroid against toxic halogens. 470+ Reviews
  • Livatrex
    Livatrex® A powerful natural liver support formula with organic herbs 110+ Reviews

Proof! Thousands of Healthy People Now Smile Because They Use Global Healing Center...

Proof! Thousands of Healthy Americans Now Smile Because They Use Global Healing Center...

  • stefania fanunza 5 Stars   I have been using the Liver Cleanse Kit and got amazing results!
  • Marina Reznik 5 Stars   LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about GHC and Dr. Group!!! Great products and worth every penny! :-)
  • Rhonda Pence 5 Stars   Great products and great service. Thank you Dr. Group!
  • Lyn Gore 5 Stars   Oxy Powder is the greatest find ever! It’s my go to whenever I need a good cleansing.
  • Amy Kennon 5 Stars   Dr. Group is AWESOME!! Nascent Iodine Detoxadine is a must with Radiation surrounding the world. Feel better, lose weight and look better with it.
  • Dean McNeely 5 Stars   I have been using the GHC products for over 7 years. I was introduced to the company through a mutual friend that knew the CTO. At first I was skeptical but quickly became and believer. From the detox supplements to the Oxy to the various vitamins they all work and work well. The key is the ingredients. They use the best and never compromise.
  • Dwayne Stevenson 5 Stars   I got my order quick and I love the product.
  • Lisa Polo 5 Stars   Great prices and free shipping! Already know the product is wonderful!
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Top-Selling Supplements
  • Oxy-Powder
    Oxy-Powder® Colon Cleansing Oxy-Powder® is the top quality colon cleanser. Promotes optimal colon health and regular bowel activity
  • Detoxadine
    Detoxadine® Iodine Supplement Detoxadine® is a high-quality daily nascent Iodine supplement.
  • Cell Fuzion
    Cell Fuzion™ Antioxidant Formula Cell Fuzion™ is a formula designed to energize mitochondrial function and protect against DNA damage.
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Earth Harmony Organics Designed To Enhance Your Health

In 2009 we started Earth Harmony Organics. A USDA and CCOF certified organic farm located 60 miles outside of Houston Texas, Earth Harmony Organics Farm is an organic medicinal herb farm and educational center. We grow premium grade, organic, all-natural herbs, delicately nurtured from planting all the way through harvesting. At Earth Harmony Organics, we incorporate ancient cultivation principles and advanced green growing techniques to produce the finest quality biodynamic, organic medicinal herbs possible.

  • We maintain organic certification through USDA and CCOF
  • We use no GMO or hybrid Seeds
  • We honor the animals on our land and will not intentionally harm or kill them
  • Our Irrigation water comes from a pristine spring-fed well enhanced with shungite stone and then restructured using a Photonic Water system
  • No toxic chemicals are allowed or used on the property
  • Our building structures are completely eco-friendly
  • The property is solar and wind powered
  • We use BPA-free rain collection systems for our greenhouse