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Cell Fuzion™

Advanced Antioxidants for Cells

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Cell Fuzion is an advanced formula designed to protect and energize mitochondrial function, sustain healthy cell cycles, and guard against DNA damage. It may also help regenerate the body's natural intracellular antioxidants. †
120 vegetarian capsules
†Results may vary.

Cell Fuzion™

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Learn About The Incredible Antioxidant Power of Cell Fuzion!

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What is Cell Fuzion?

Cell Fuzion is an advanced antioxidant formula designed to protect and energize mitochondrial function, sustain healthy cell cycles, and guard against DNA damage. It may also help regenerate the body's natural intracellular antioxidants.

A Brief History of Cell Fuzion

Dr Group
Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND

"I've used many antioxidants and healthy aging formulas to enhance my own health but I was never able to find a vegan-friendly formula that combined all the best ingredients into one product. This prompted my mission to develop the most advanced, all-in-one, vegan-friendly, antioxidant supplement."

"It was an incredible challenge to create and source the perfect formula but Global Healing Center is the first company to offer a unique blend of the best antioxidants in the world. Nobody has ever developed anything on par and we're proud to say that Cell Fuzion is the most complete, full-spectrum antioxidant formula in the world!"

-Dr. Edward F. Group III

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Cell Fuzion

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1. The Most Potent Antioxidant Blend Available

Antioxidants defend against the harmful effects of free radicals, but not all antioxidants are equal. Cell Fuzion offers the most potent antioxidants in one complete formula.

2. Supports Healthy Aging

The process we know as aging largely results from oxidative stress and damage. By helping defend against the effects of free radicals, Cell Fuzion encourages natural, healthy aging.

3. Unparalleled Defense Against Free Radicals

Free radicals can result from a poor diet, pollution, and even the body's natural, metabolic processes. Cell Fuzion contains powerful antioxidants that help to neutralize harmful free radicals.

4. Active DNA Protection

When DNA is damaged, the aging process is accelerated. Antioxidants like trans-resveratrol help protect DNA integrity.

5. Unparalleled Quality

Cell Fuzion combines the best and strongest antioxidants into one, complete formula. It's produced under strict quality controls at a cutting-edge facility right here in the United States.

Health Benefits of Cell Fuzion

  • Supports normal cognitive function by protecting the brain against free radicals.
  • Enhances energy production by supporting the efficiency of mitochondria.
  • Supports DNA strand health.
  • Ingredients have been linked to the activation of Sirtuin 1, a protein associated with longevity.
  • Contains a blend of incredible antioxidants that support normal health and wellness.
  • Encourages normal, healthy looking skin.

Cell Fuzion Contains the Strongest Ingredients!

  • Over 175 published studies have found PQQ useful for protecting against oxidative stress.
  • Encourages normal cognitive function.
  • Offers more antioxidant activity than vitamin C to provide deep cellular protection.
  • Promotes nervous system health.
  • Supports normal energy levels and healthy aging.

  • Provides superior antioxidant protection.
  • Preliminary studies suggest Pterostilbene may support normal cardiovascular function.
  • Encourages normal lipid profiles.
  • Animal studies suggest Pterostilbene is soothing and eases cellular stress.
  • Rivals resveratrol in potency.

Kaneka Q10
  • CoQ10 is an enzyme that supports normal cardiovascular function.
  • Kaneka Q10 is natural, yeast-fermented CoQ10, it's free from synthetic impurities.
  • Clinically shown to support immune function.
  • A potent antioxidant that discourages free radicals and oxidative damage.
  • Supports healthy aging.

  • P40p contains potent antioxidants derived from pomegranates.
  • Clinical studies suggest P40p supports normal cardiovascular health.
  • Supports normal cell development and proliferation.
  • P40p offers punicalagins, which are the antioxidants found in pomegranates.
  • Helps defend against free radicals generated by biological, environmental, and aging processes.

  • resVida is the purest form of trans-resveratrol on the market.
  • Trans-resveratrol supports normal aging.
  • Active resveratrol has been shown to promote longevity.
  • Supports normal brain, heart, and muscle health.
  • Protects against oxidation resulting from normal, biological processes.

  • Protects mitochondria to help support normal energy production.
  • Potent antioxidant that protects the brain and nervous system.
  • Supports artery structure to encourage normal blood pressure and cardiovascular health.
  • Nutritional support for the liver.
  • Promotes normal blood sugar.

Tibetan Rhodiola
  • Potent adaptogen helps the body adapt to chemical, physical, and biological stressors.
  • Promotes normal mental performance, especially under stress, by supporting neurotransmitter function.
  • Contains salidroside, a strong antioxidant.
  • One of its active ingredients, rosin, has been shown to soothe and promote normal brain tissue.
  • Supports normal thyroid health.

  • Nutritional support for the liver and cardiovascular system.
  • Supports the immune system by encouraging macrophage replication.
  • Protects DNA integrity to help defend against the effects of aging.
  • Contains bioactive compounds known as polysaccharides.
  • Nutritionally supports the adrenal system to encourage normal energy levels.

Why Cell Fuzion is Risk-Free To Try

We are sure you will see and feel the health benefits of Cell Fuzion.
If you aren’t absolutely satisfied...if you aren’t feeling better, you’re protected by our...

100% No-Risk 180-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Why Cell Fuzion is the Best Antioxidant Supplement Available

  • Supports the body’s natural defenses against free radical damage.
  • Contains the best antioxidants for encouraging normal cardiovascular health.
  • Supports normal clarity, memory, and focus -- especially during aging.
  • Promotes normal DNA structure and integrity.
  • Stable extracts are derived from 100% natural sources.

Additional Tips

  • Take Cell Fuzion consistently.
  • Regularly cleanse your body to avoid toxin accumulation.
  • Exercise regularly and eat antioxidant-rich foods such as vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds, and spices.
  • Avoid processed food and refined sugar.

Get Started Today & Discover How Cell Fuzion Can Boost Your
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Cell Fuzion is manufactured by GreenTech, one of our exclusive manufacturers, granting us full control over how each product is handled and treated throughout the entire process to provide you with the best product possible.

Cell Fuzion Supplement Facts


  • Astragalus Root
    Protects DNA and supports the body’s production of telomerase, an enzyme necessary for the production of telomeres. May also support the replication of macrophages, a type of immune cell.
  • resVida® (trans-resveratrol)
    Resveratrol, found in the skin of red grapes, is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants. ResVida® contains pure, nature-identical trans-resveratrol to support the heart, brain and muscles.
  • Bio-Enhanced® (Na R-Lipoic acid)
    As the sodium salt form of R-lipoic acid, Bio-Enhanced Na R-Lipoic acid is more stable, absorbable, and bioavailable to better protect mitochondria and support normal cardiovascular, brain, and nervous system health.
  • P40p™ (Pomegranate Extract)
    Derived from pomegranates, P40p is a good source of antioxidants that defend against free radicals and aging.
  • Tibetan Rhodiola (3% rosavin and 1% salidroside)
    A good source of the potent antioxidant salidroside, Tibetan Rhodiola is one of the best herbal adaptogens for supporting mitochondrial energy production and the body’s reaction to stress.
  • Kaneka Q10 (CoQ10)
    The only CoQ10 produced in the United States, Kaneka Q10 is the purest CoQ10 available and key for immune and cardiovascular support.
  • Fulvic Acid
    Fulvic acid is a biological octane booster that speeds up reactions and promotes enzyme activity and equilibrium.
  • Amylase
    Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down starch and glycogen.
  • BioPQQ® (pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt)
    A potent antioxidant, BioPQQ® protects cells.
  • Trans-Pterostilbene
    Pterostilbene is found in berries and similar to resveratrol.
  • Protease
    Protease is an enzyme that helps break down proteins and gluten.
  • Glucoamylase
    Glucoamylase enhances digestion of starches.
  • Lactase
    Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down lactose (milk sugar).
  • Cellulase I and II
    Cellulase enzymes aid the digestion of plant-based foods.
  • Maltase
    Maltase is an enzyme that supports starch and carbohydrate digestion.
  • Hemicellulase
    Hemicellulase breaks down hemicellulose, which is found in fruits, vegetables, grains, and cereals.
  • Xylanase
    Xylanase breaks down xylose, found in high fiber foods, grains, and cereals.
  • Beta Glucanase
    Beta glucanase breaks down beta glucans found in high fiber foods, grains, and cereals.
  • Serrapeptase
    Serrapeptase is a powerful systemic enzyme.
  • Nattokinase
    Nattokinase is a powerful systemic enzyme.
  • Bromelain
    Bromelain helps digest proteins and also offers systemic support.
  • Papain
    Papain is an enzyme that supports both digestion and systemic function.
  • Alpha Galactosidase
    Alpha galactosidase is an enzyme that supports the digestion of grains and legumes.
  • Lipase
    Lipase is an enzyme that helps break down fats and oils.
  • Catalase
    Catalase is an antioxidant enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.
  • Invertase
    Invertase is an enzyme that breaks down sucrose and table sugar.
  • Pectinase
    Pectinase is an enzyme that breaks down pectin and dietary fiber.
  • Phytase
    Phytase is an enzyme that supports normal digestion and systemic activity.
  • Glucose Oxidase
    Glucose oxidase is an enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of glucose to hydrogen peroxide and D-glucono-d-lactone. It also helps break down sugar.

Other Ingredients

  • Organic Gum Acacia
    Organic gum acacia is added as a flow agent.
  • Kosher Certified Vegetarian Capsules
    Kosher certified vegetable capsules are used instead of standard drug capsules which are typically composed of protein sourced from bovine, porcine, equine, and even fish.

Suggested Use

Take two capsules two times daily with or without food or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Consult your healthcare provider before taking if you are pregnant, nursing, or for any additional concerns.
†Results may vary.

Cell Fuzion™

Cell Fuzion™

Availability: In Stock


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