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The Green Body Cleanse

Dr. Group's 20 Years of Research to Help You Restore Your Health

145 Reviews

The Green Body Cleanse

Dr. Group's 20 Years of Research to Help You Restore Your Health

The Green Body Cleanse is information to help you discover your path to living green and living well! Filled with twenty years worth of Dr. Group’s research, statistics, charts, tips, recipes, diagrams and facts, this book will teach you how to restore your body’s natural healing powers, reduce your exposure to toxins, live an organic lifestyle, and do it all efficiently! Hardcover or eBook.†

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What is The Green Body Cleanse?

The Green Body Cleanse is Dr. Group's latest book with information to help you discover your path to living green and living well! This groundbreaking book contains lessons learned from more than twenty years of research and counseling people with serious health conditions.

We now have available a downloadable PDF version of the The Green Body Cleanse for your convenience. Instead of waiting for a full-color, hardback version of the book to arrive in the mail, simply download the digital version and print it out or view it on your tablet.

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This book is available in hardback or as a downloadable PDF eBook. If you selected the downloadable PDF eBook you will not receive it in the mail, nor are there any shipping costs. You will have the option to download it immediately once you complete the checkout.

What are the Benefits of The Green Body Cleanse?

Learn how to...

We Asked Our Customers What They Liked About The Green Body Cleanse

  • "Disease should be prevented, not treated. Dr. Edward F. Group, III uses his book The Green Body Cleanse to put a lifetime of research into one volume that the layperson can easily understand. Dr. Group addresses disease with a different attitude than most doctors take: that disease should be prevented, not treated. By explaining in clear terms how important colon health is to the body, Dr. Group will make even the most skeptical readers believers." † ~ David Price
  • "Shedding light on the toxins in our environment... I've never been one for reading much about natural healing methods--I find that most of the time, the authors explain their reasoning in a way that I don't fully understand. However, a friend referred Dr. Group's book to me, and I absolutely loved it.
    Dr. Group sheds light on a lot of issues that I didn't know anything about. For example, the amount of toxins that we ingest on a daily basis--I never thought about all of the different, potentially toxic substances that I come into contact with every single day.
    But what's so great about this book is that not only does Dr. Group tell us what's wrong and toxic about our environment, he gives us solutions to the problems. Throughout the book, Dr. Group provides tips, recipes, and guidelines for living a toxic-free life." † ~ Katrina W. Robinson
  • "Eye-Opener! Inside this book is some of the most amazing information that your doctor has never told you! Takes a look at why people are REALLY sick and what the simple solution is. Dr. Group is very insightful and explains everything in down-to-earth manner. He gives easy and helpful ways of eliminating disease and sickness that no one else will teach you. Shows how easy it is to live toxin-free. I have applied these natural healing techniques to myself and my children and believe me, they make all the difference in the world." † ~ KarenD

Why The Green Body Cleanse is Risk-Free For You To Try

We are sure you will benefit from the information within The Green Body Cleanse
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What are the Top 3 Questions People Ask About The Green Body Cleanse?

1. Does The Green Body Cleanse contain the same information as Health Begins in the Colon? The Green Body Cleanse is the updated and revised version of Health Begins in the Colon and contains new information.

2. Is The Green Body Cleanse available in paperback? Not at this time. The Green Body Cleanse is available in hardback or eBook.

3. The link to download my PDF eBook is not working, can you help me? We provide a link to your e-book when you are logged into My Account. We also send a copy of the e-book to the email address that is on file in the account, you may try checking the spam filter in your personal email if you have provided one. If you are still having problems locating your download, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Still Not Sure if The Green Body Cleanse Can Help You? Just Read These Reviews...

  • "Honesty and Clarity. God bless you Dr. Group for your honesty and clarity, I felt from reading your book. You are an annointed blessing sent from God to instruct us All about how to heal our bodies...Go back to the basics. Thank you." † ~ Lafonda Williams
  • "The Green Body Cleanse... I found this book filled with valuable information about the environment and providing invaluable lessons on how best to live a holistic life free of toxins. I like that Dr. Group explained the functions of our organs and how the food in your body will affect each associated function were truly eye opening. We need to take care of our bodies not just by exercise, but also by knowing each organs functions and the right "fuel" we should be digesting." † ~ Nicole Sorkin
  • "Great book! The book was very educational and motivating. I tried the cleanse a few weeks after reading it and it really worked!" † ~ Masha Kolesnikova

Get Started Today & Learn How to Live a Cleaner, Greener, Healthier Lifestyle With The Green Body Cleanse... Or Your Money Back!

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The Green Body Cleanse by Dr. Edward Group III

The Green Body Cleanse

Dr. Group's 20 Years of Research to Help You Restore Your Health

145 Reviews

$4.99 + Free Shipping to US and Canada

Free Shipping & Returns (?)

180-Day Money Back Guarantee.

180-Day Money Back Guarantee. We'll send you a prompt refund if you aren't absolutely satisfied with the results. More details »

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