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VeganSafe B-12 1oz

VeganSafe™ B12 & B12 Tri-Blend

Certified Organic Healthy Energy Booster

1613 Reviews

Vitamin B12 is a vital nutrient that supports normal energy levels, cardiovascular health, and the nervous system. We’ve created two high-quality options — VeganSafe B12 and B12 Tri-Blend — that provide organic nutritional support that meets your needs.†

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Certified Organic Nascent Iodine Supplement

1563 Reviews

Detoxadine is a certified organic, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement. It helps support thyroid health, the immune system, and more.†
1 fluid oz

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415+ Essential Vitamins & Minerals

734 Reviews

IntraMAX is an all-in-one, completely organic liquid vitamin and mineral supplement. A great source of over 415 nutrients, IntraMAX is derived from ultra-dissolved, organically-bound trace minerals and natural and organic plant sources.†
32 oz. Full Size

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Suntrex D3

Suntrex® D3

Certified Organic Vegan Vitamin D3 Derived From Lichen (5,000 IU)

180 Reviews

Suntrex D3 is a vegan-friendly, lichen-derived, organic vitamin D3 supplement that boosts the immune system, supports the nervous system, and promotes brain health.†
2 fluid oz

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IntraMIN® - Organic Trace Minerals

All Natural Trace Mineral Supplement

41 Reviews

IntraMIN is a 100% organic, liquid, trace mineral supplement. Vegan-friendly and gluten-free, it offers dozens of organically-bound trace minerals and naturally-occurring electrolytes, fulvic acid, carbon, and oxygen.†
32 fluid oz

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IntraKID® - Children's Liquid Vitamin

All Natural Children's Vitamins & Minerals

155 Reviews

IntraKID is an organic, all-in-one liquid multi-vitamin and nutritional supplement specifically formulated for children over the age of 4. It’s a complete source of over 215 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.†
32 fluid oz

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Lithium Orotate

Lithium Orotate

Supports Healthy Mood & Emotional Wellness

28 Reviews

Get an edge on life by taking the edge off life! Lithium orotate is nutritional support that promotes a balanced mood, sharp focus, and a healthy response to stress. It’s lithium bound to orotic acid for superior bioavailability.†
60 vegetarian capsules

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Iron Fuzion

Iron Fuzion™

Iron Supplement from Natural Plant Extracts

54 Reviews

Iron Fuzion is a plant-based iron supplement featuring a blend of organic thyme and echinacea root. Every ingredient in Iron Fuzion works together to support the body’s processes that monitor, store, and use iron.†
60 vegetarian capsules

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Biotin from Natural Sesbania Extract

131 Reviews

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, vitamin H, and coenzyme R, is an essential vitamin that works at the cellular level to support healthy hair and nail growth and metabolism. Our Biotin is extracted from 100% certified organic Sesbania herb that includes the natural cofactors and co-nutrients found in the plant for improved bioavailability. Each Biotin bottle contains a 60-day supply at 2,500 mcg.†
60 vegetarian capsules

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Selenium Supplement by Global Healing Center


Vegan-Friendly Selenium Made From Organic Mustard Seed

169 Reviews

Our selenium supplement is extracted from 100% certified organic mustard seed. Highly bioavailable and vegan-friendly, this essential trace mineral functions as a powerful antioxidant and supports a healthy thyroid and immune system.†
60 vegetarian capsules

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Calcium & Magnesium Supplement for Maximum Absorption

336 Reviews

IntraCal is a combination of calcium orotate and magnesium orotate, two vital nutrients that support healthy teeth and bones, the nervous system, and cardiovascular health.†
120 vegetarian capsules

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