The Benefits of Zinc Orotates

Written by Dr. Edward Group Founder
A table is full of Zinc Orotates supplements. Zinc Orotate is a mineral salt found in the human body in trace amounts.

Zinc Orotate is a mineral salt found in the human body in trace amounts. Discovered by Dr. Hans Nieper, each molecule of zinc orotate is composed of two molecules of orotic acid and one zinc atom.

This innovative German doctor found that this particular form of zinc is more readily absorbed by the human body, and thus more indicative for the treatment and prevention of disease. Nieper also showed that zinc orotate, when compared to zinc carbonates, chlorides and sulfates, provided increased bioavailability in the body.

Many of us are aware that zinc is an essential element for humans and all living things. But, what few of us are aware of is the fact that many forms of zinc supplementation are not absorbed within the cellular membrane.

Research shows that zinc orotate, which is essentially a chelated form of zinc, can enhance absorption through cellular membranes.

Research from Dr. Nieper has shown that zinc orotate, when compared to other forms of zinc, are more neutrally charged, a process that allows the zinc to pass seamlessly through the cell membrane. This allows the human body to receive the largest serving of zinc.

10 Health Benefits Of Zinc Orotates

1. Strong Antioxidant

These antioxidant properties aid in protecting the skin from harmful UV light. Orotates are components of the superoxide dismutase enzyme – one of the body’s antioxidants for neutralizing harmful toxins.

2. Helps Heal Wounds

Zinc is a nutrient that promotes healing by helping facilitate normal cell turnover and development.

3. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

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Zinc orotate may revitalize the state of injured heart tissue. It also limits the damage done to the heart when confronting interrupted blood flow. Zinc orotate also acts to better HDL/LDL ratios of cholesterol and may even decrease the likelihood of plaque formation in arteries. Orotates have also been shown to slow heart degeneration.[1, 2, 3, 4]

4. Helps Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

Zinc orotate has been shown to reduce anemia and impaired immunity in patients who have received radiation therapy, thus lowering the toxicity of these treatments.[5]

5. Helps Balance the Effects of Alcohol

Zinc orotate, in lab experiments on mice, was shown to protect the liver from large amounts of alcohol. The orotates were able to neutralize free radicals in the liver tissues that had been harmed by the alcohol.[6]

6. Fights Reoccurring Blemishes

Clinical studies show that patients experienced over half as many day without lip blemish breakouts while taking a specific serving of zinc.[7]

7. Relation to Diabetic Cardiomyopathy

A Tunisian study found that six months of zinc supplementation can reduce oxidative stress in diabetic patients by 15%. What is more, zinc orotate can regulate blood glucose levels.

8. Encourages Normal Bones and Joints

Research from the University of Liverpool found that dietary zinc supplements offered significant benefits to those suffering from with joint disorders.[8] Taking a calcium supplement is another great option for those at risk for osteoporosis

9. Promotes Liver Health

Studies show that zinc orotate can aid patients suffering from liver disease.

10. Reduction in the Progression of Macular Degeneration

Large clinical trials found that zinc offered extremely beneficial effects against the progression of macular (retina) degeneration.[9]

I have been using and taking a zinc orotate supplement for years and I would recommend keeping some in your natural medicine cabinet. Most people are deficient in zinc and have weakened immune systems so it is vital to supplement your diet with zinc.

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