What Is Bee Propolis? 10 Great Uses

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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Propolis is a resin produced by bees

Most people are familiar with the gorgeous yellow and amber colors typical of honeycomb and beeswax. But another bee-produced substance exists and it doesn’t get discussed quite as much — propolis. Propolis is a resinous material that bees use to seal small cracks and gaps in the hive (beeswax seals the larger gaps). It’s made when bees collect resin from trees and other sources and mix it with a little bit of honey. Like its cousin, beeswax, propolis has been found to offer numerous health benefits, and many researchers are looking into its role for various therapeutic uses.

The Benefits and Uses for Propolis

In ancient cultures, propolis (or bee resin) was often used for abscesses and minor wounds. [1] [2] Bees, in an effort to close gaps in hives, use propolis as a precautionary measure to keep out dangerous microbes and fungi. [3] Recent findings have confirmed its potent action against many harmful pathogens and more research has established its enormous healing benefits. Here are some of the researched uses and health benefits of propolis.

Use #1: Discourage Infection

Researchers have tested propolis against several dangerous microbes, and the results suggest that propolis is powerful against aggressive bacteria. [4] Although the strength of propolis can vary based on geography, its protective benefits remain constantly present. Part of the reason for the action may be due to it containing a wide spectrum of flavonoids. [5]

Use #2: Natural Antibiotic

Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem in medicine, often due to the overuse of antibiotic medication. People who are taking antibiotics are often advised to take probiotics to aid in the preservation of good bacteria in the intestines. Researchers have determined that propolis offers powerful antibiotic properties. The isolated acids from propolis have been shown to be an effective agent against many bacteria, including staph. [6]

Use #3: Minor Burns

In one study, Brazilian propolis was tested against a common prescription cream used to help burns. The results? The propolis was just as effective. Propolis was even more soothing for minor burns than the conventional medication. [7] [8]

Use #4: Ear Infections

Middle-ear infections affect millions of children each year, and even adults. Sometimes it can lead to temporary hearing loss, a terrifying prospect for most people. A compound in propolis, caffeic acid phenethyl ester, has shown effectiveness at easing inner ear inflammation. Although preliminary, this new research is causing a buzz (pun intended) of hopeful outlook for the use of propolis. [9]

Use #5: Supports the Immune System

Candida albicans, a fungus characterized by yeast overgrowth, usually affects the genital and oral areas. In the ever-continuing quest for finding a suitable and effective remedy, researchers analyzed propolis. Results indicated that propolis may inhibit Candida from growing, and it has the potential for stimulating a healthy immune response to Candida infestation. [10]

Use #6: Nail Infections

Lab tests examining the use of propolis against fungal nail infections found that propolis offered a greater range of protection compared to a popularly-prescribed pharmaceutical. The pharmaceutical product was resistant to seven of the fungi, an issue not displayed by propolis. [11]

Use #7: Vaginal Herpes

By some accounts, propolis has been found to be more effective than some pharmaceutical applications against vaginal herpes. Tests also suggest that propolis may significantly reduce the chance of an advanced herpes infection. [12] In addition, as suggested above, propolis may offer protection against genital Candida infections. [13]

Use #8: Dental Care

The link between oral health and overall physical health has been documented for decades. There’s no question that a proper dental regimen is an important part of enjoying vibrant wellbeing. With the increasing concern of exposure to fluoride, natural dental care has gained much attention. Currently, beneficial properties of propolis have suggested its effectiveness at promoting oral health…even possibly being a natural alternative to fluoride. [14] [15]

Use #9: Blood Sugar

Diabetes is an issue that affects millions of adults and children. It is often approached with life-long treatment measures, such as insulin injections and pharmaceutical medications. Studies have shown that propolis may inhibit enzymes that increase blood sugar. [16] [17] It is believed that the antioxidant compounds in propolis are responsible for its blood sugar-stabilizing benefits.

Use #10: Carcinogen Fighter

Take this with a grain of salt, but ancient Assyrians would often use propolis to inhibit tumor growth, and recent research suggests some logic behind this. The CAPE compounds found in propolis have been shown to hamper cell growth in cervical and prostate cancer. [18] [19] Certain types of propolis, like the red Brazilian and brown Cuban, have also been shown to combat compounds that contribute to cancer cell growth . [20] [21]

Using Propolis

Propolis is often sold in capsule or tincture form, and some natural toothpastes will contain it instead of fluoride. While many people can safely use propolis as a complementary approach toward health, some may experience allergic reactions. It is always best to test a small amount of the mixture in conjunction with careful physician monitoring before supplementing, especially if you have allergies.

What are your experiences using propolis? Share them with us in the comments!

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • A brilliant review of this very important product from honey bees! I’d also include that it detoxifies and protects internal organs such as the liver and kidneys. It’s also been proven an effective adjuvant therapy, enhancing the effects of other treatments.

  • Alisa Burnette

    I keep reading about the benefits of propolis but no one talks about HOW to use it or make a healing product out of it.

  • It’s available in liquid form, capsules, salve… pretty much whatever you’re after!

  • Angelina

    Propolis made my eyes cristal clear and very healthy. I took for two weeks daily 10 drops and my eyes clean out perfectly. Viva Bees! 🙂

  • Deb

    Angelina, can you share what brand and source of product you used?

  • Deb

    Do you have a source/brand that you recommend?

  • The use of a propolis vaporizer or diffuser is also an effective, non-invasive approach to absorbing the benefits of propolis. It’s been proven that diffusing propolis into the air kills bacteria, mold and reduces pollutants by up to 72%. Breathing it into your lungs is also very beneficial for those suffering with respiratory conditions such as asthma.

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  • Meg

    In the form of liquid (herb-pharm is the brand I use) I find it best to directly apply 1-2 drops of it on cold sores/ulcers in or near mouth and I do this twice daily. There is an intense stinging sensation but only for about 10 seconds. I find that this really helps painful sores go away in almost a day!! It’s by far the best thing I have come across for ulcers, thank you bees!

  • meg

    Herb- Pharm is the liquid I use (check out my comment above)

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  • Haydee Ramirez

    I started using propolis spray for my soar throat & it cured it in 1day! And whenever I feel a cold coming on, I use propolis powder &/or syrup & it significantly reduces my symptoms & prevents them from getting worse!

  • Olivia

    I have been sucking on bits of propolis straight out of the hive & instantly relieves my hayfever symptoms which are extreme itchy eyes, throat, nose & constant sneezing. Have put up with symptoms for years as did not want to take medication.

    I have done abit of experimenting e.g taking after a walk in long grass with seed heads and when symptoms are at their worst, and another day taking as soon as I feel first symptoms to prevent getting worse.

    In the first case it eased all symptoms in 30 minutes and were completely gone in an hour.
    In the second case the symptoms never escalated to full effect & completely disappeared within 20 min.

    I couldn’t quite believe how well it was working but it sure is! I may have my first summer in years as a functioning human!

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  • Bk

    Search for beepothecary. They have a blog with all that info and products!

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  • Michael

    I have also read on Vernal Beauty’s blog that bee propolis also does wonders on your skin as well. The University of San Diego have been running some tests on its effects on rashes, acne, etc.

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