What Is a Healing Crisis?

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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Woman experiencing a healing crisis

Detoxification is meant to rejuvenate the mind and body and positively impact well being and clarity. However, sometimes the initial reaction to a detoxification program can be anything but pleasant. The process of healing sometimes includes a healing crisis, also known as the detox reaction, the cleansing reaction, and the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. During a healing crisis, you can feel even worse than before you started your detox program. The good news is that this reaction is likely a sign that you’re getting better by way of a deep and thorough cleansing.

What is a Healing Crisis?

Environmental toxins accumulate in tissue throughout the body, especially fat tissue. Additionally, the human body has bacterial colonies. When you cleanse your body, the toxins dislodge and the bacteria die off and release endotoxins. When the toxins and waste are dislodged, the body begins to flush them into the bloodstream to be filtered and eliminated. This sudden circulation of toxins can temporarily impact your well being and symptoms of illness (sweating, fever, discomfort, etc.) may occur.

What are the Indications of a Healing Crisis?

The indications that you’re experiencing a healing crisis can include headache, nausea, and fever — symptoms typically experienced during illness. During the crisis, a recurrence of symptoms from long-forgotten illnesses may also occur. Symptoms of a healing crisis vary from one person to another and may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Aches and soreness
  • Low-grade fever
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Skin irritations
  • Stuffy nose
  • Congestion
  • Low blood pressure

How Long Does a Healing Crisis Last?

A healing crisis generally lasts around three days, depending on the individual and the severity of their situation. The more severe the toxicity, the more intense the healing crisis can be. As your body begins to expel toxins, your energy may decrease and you may begin to feel ill. If it happens, take it as a sign that your body is working to flush out toxins and waste.

What Else Can Cause a Healing Crisis?

Sometimes you don’t even need to begin a cleansing protocol to experience a healing crisis. Women who’ve participated in reflexology have reported experiencing the effects. [1] Massage, sauna bathing, and other therapies may also dislodge toxins and encourage a healing crisis (and healing!).

Conventional medicine has indicated that treatment protocols for many diseases can include a healing crisis. For example, syphilis treatments often initiate a Jarisch-Herxheimer response (healing crisis), with headache, fever, chills, worsening of lesions, and malaise. [2] [3] Case studies suggest antibiotics for leptospirosis, a potentially fatal bacterial infection, may prompt a healing crisis, too. [4]

How to Handle a Healing Crisis

For a cleanse- or detox-induced healing crisis, it’s important to stay hydrated with purified water to encourage your body to flush and expel the toxins. Depending on the detox program, lemon juice and herbal teas may also help flush out toxins and provide nutrients and antioxidants. Massage, acupuncture, EFT (emotional freedom technique), and meditation may be helpful for relieving the indications of a healing crisis, especially anxiety and stress.

Have You Experienced a Healing Crisis?

While a healing crisis may be difficult to endure, rest assured it will pass and you will be better because of it. What are your experiences before, during, and after a cleanse? Have you ever experienced a healing crisis? What was it like? Share your experience in the comments!

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • SidsMomma

    I gave my brother a dose of Survival Shield Nascent Iodine. He insists that it caused him a few days of terrible constipation. I am thinking this was one of these detoxing healing crisis incidents you are speaking of here. He wouldn’t take it again because of that. Also interesting to note that he is having problems w/a nail fungus on one of his fingers. I am thinking his pH is way off, and this may explain the fungus & the reaction to the first dose of Nascent Iodine. Your thoughts?

  • It’s possible but probably not that likely. If he took the recommended serving size it’s not likely to have that sort of reaction. You may want to check out this information on remedying yeast infections if you think a fungal imbalance is going on. This one too.

  • Tish

    I took an iodine supplement for the first time. Lips started to swell within 4 hours and now has spread all across my face, neck and chest. Itchy and uncomfortable. I assumed an allergic reaction and it seems to still be getting worse. Healing crisis????

  • BWR

    I have tried many methods/protocols for detoxification of heavy metals…I am MTHRF A1298C positive, and have Gilbert’s syndrome…(very high bilirubin-chronically). I am blood type O+. I eat a predominately healthy diet of 70% organic vegetables, drink adequate amounts of water, get plenty of good sleep and rest, and in 7 years I have overcome IBS (thanks to your book Health Begins in the Colon), extreme allergies, chronic fatigue and what I suspect was the onset of fibromyalgia (never diagnosed). I am allergic to gluten & casein (confirmed lab tests) and Vitamin D is low always, despite taking a daily supplement and getting adequate sunshine. I consume organic chlorophyll daily, and my animal protein comes from lean chicken and turkey, eggs and occasionally beef. I rarely eat/drink dairy – rarely…and I keep my sugar intake to less than 100 mg per day. I am DILIGENT. My Magnesium,Calcium ratios are perfect, homocystein levels normal, creatinine and BUN – normal, triglycerides a little high, and LDL is a little higher than I would like. I have tried – Master Cleanse, Candida Cleanse, Taio He Cleanses, Hannah Kroeger’s Hg cleanse – vibropathic, Ionic Foot baths (indicated extreme high levels of Hg) – and afterwards I went into extreme detox sickness (nearly paralyzed for 3 days). I have tried Oxygen therapy (Dr. Groups) – Apple Cider Vinegar w/Mother (this one made me sick/extreme fatigue for about 10 days)… and a host of other remedies/treatments/etc. I don’t have any mercury in my dental work anymore. I weigh 174 lbs, and am 5’5″. Although I lost 30 lbs since Nov. 2013 – I keep gaining weight – about 2-3 lbs per week if I do not walk at least 4 miles per day. I walk DAILY – 4-7 miles…brisk pace. I use supplements sparingly – but only use plant based omega’s 3, 6, 7, & 9, enzymes, probiotics, circumin, and a host of adaptogenic herbal whole plant drinks to get my vitamins and minerals. (These have helped tremendously).
    Current problem….MY WHOLE BODY ACHES ALL THE TIME.
    Every 1st 3 days of the month – I got on an organic juice fast – just to give my body a break. Those are the only 3 days of the month that I feel no pain.
    I am a huge proponent of body/mind connection – and I often teach on this subject. I have done the emotional work/energetic work that I felt was needed and continue to do so..but the reality is I still ache.
    (I do all this in efforts to minimize my risk for Alzheimers – as my mom, grandmother, and aunts – have all had Alzheimers…now all deceased.)
    I have been to many naturopaths and medical doctors – and No one can tell me WHY I still hurt.
    (Note: I am a naturopath and body/mind practioner)
    Can you offer me any more advise? Maybe something I have left off?

  • Edward Group

    Have you been evaluated for lyme disease or fibromyalgia?

  • Jennifer

    You have to give up meat, dairy and grains to detox deeper. I am a meat lover and it took me over a year to have the willpower to give up meat completely. I improved before giving up meat but then I plateaued. I also plateaued with vegetables. I had to go on all fruit to get better. There was no way around it. Some of us just have to detox deeper than others.

  • Soph

    I drank a bottle of kombumcha last Friday evening for the first time. On Sunday morning I had terrible stomach cramps and spasms and going to the bathroom frequently. The cramps have not gone away a week later and I feel uncomfortable all the time. Am I still experiencing a healing crisis? I only drank the one bottle

  • Totally possible.

  • Could be… or perhaps it didn’t agree with you. Anything else happen on Saturday that could’ve triggered it?

  • Soph

    I didn’t have anything that I haven’t before? I’m just beginning to feel ok now two weeks later! You’re probably right that it didn’t agree with me!

  • Jack

    I’he taken Detoxadine for a month and was not feling anything bad but know after Survival Shield X-2 with recomended dosage I have started to expierince strong headache, fatige and ms symptoms i got rid of 4 years ago. I’m getting a little bit worried and thinking about stopping taking it. What is going on gays? Am I so toxified that i came out after taking stronger iodine?

  • Could be a healing crisis but maybe you could hold off for a few days and also see if that helps.

  • Jack

    Hello, it’s been around 2 weeks now taking X2 and headache, fatige are gone.Little ms symptoms are still presesent but are barerly noticible.
    I haven’t stop taking it even for a day just because I’ve expierenced herx reaction before when i was using mms but it was different reaction of my body than to it.
    Hey i can only say WOW! I was vaccinated in a childhood many times so I probably have havymetals, etc. in the brain so maybe getting rid of them by my body that was causing hadache and fatigue but now it’s gone and I’m starting really to notice a difference.
    Question: how much drops of x2 i can day daily (now i take 3 drops in the morning and 3 in the evening)?
    Thanks QHC

  • Jack

    Sorry for my writing 🙂
    Question: how many drops of x2 i can take daily (now i take 3 drops in the morning and 3 in the evening and it’s totally fine maybe i little bit of fatige for few hours from time to time thats all)?
    Again Thank you QHC, thank you Dr. Group, thank you Alex Jones

  • Hey Jack, Glad to hear the positive report! I see no reason you can’t just use X2 as recommended on the label.

  • Jack

    🙂 Yeah, x2 is amazing! Patience is all one need when starting journey with iodine.

    I was just wondering: is there a safety limit meniang max ammount one can take for the best result for the body. 3 drops is 1920mcg of iodine. I’ve written in few places now that real dailty rda to get best results should be like 5000mcg (5mg) to cover all body needs for iodine? That’s why I statred slowly increse the intake to now 6 drops a day. If I would end up at 8 drops a day of x2 that’d be near 5mg of iodine. My bodyweight is 170 lbs

    My last question is: is around 5mg of iodine safe for the body (meaning not toxic or harmful)?

  • There’s a lot of people out there who would tell you to go for it. As a general rule, however, when offering this type of suggestion, I’d say to use as directed on the label unless you’ve got professionally determined needs that would say otherwise.

  • Jack

    That is why first i wanted to check at the source 🙂 if around 5mg of iodine is safe for the body (meaning not toxic or harmful) to be able to decide what to do but unfortunately I haven’t received clear answer for my question 🙁

  • That’s the problem, I can’t definitively tell you that it absolutely, without fail, will be safe. Don’t know your body’s individual chemistry or current state… sorry!

  • bcb

    dr. hulda clarks parasite cleanse

  • Nale

    Is mild nausea in the morning due to healing crisis?it usually stops after I eat.I’m on antiparasite cleanse
    Also,is it possible that liver flukes can be mistaken for chirossis on ct scans?

  • Anytime you’re performing a cleanse, a healing crisis can occur. Is that what’s causing your nausea? Couldn’t say for certain. Could it be? Certainly. I suppose misidentified liver flukes could occur but it’s probably not going to be an issue when any qualified technician is reading the scans.

  • Michelle

    I believe I am in the middle of a serious healing crisis. I began clean eating 11 days ago and started taking probiotics at the same time after having an eczema relapse on my hands. I was blood tested and came back with 27 food intolerances. I cut out all of those foods. Over the last three days I have broke out with eczema covering my ENTIRE face. It’s painful, burning, itchy and seeping constantly. It is incredibly depressing to have eczema covering my entire face including my eyelids. My symptoms have become so much worse and I hope this healing crisis is over soon.

  • Silvy

    I had terrible heart palpitations the first night I took oxypowder… I was advised that it is a healing crisis… I couldn’t sleep . I hope there is something to help me manage.

  • DG

    Call Dr R. E. Tent in Novi, MI
    Diverse Health Services
    Check out Dr. Tent’s Lectures on youtube also. To I say I have learned a lot from him is an understatement

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  • Nicole

    For about 2 weeks now, I’ve been eating cod liver oil daily. I ate a capsule that’s triple action and immediately I felt like my skin felt smoother and I was sleeping and pooping better. Overall very good. Then I had a massive breakout. The worst I’ve ever had in my life by far. So I changed to another brand and am taking a lower dosage. Reminded is 6 capsules daily and I’m taking 1 daily. My breakouts have slowed down but is still happening. And the old pimples are heading very very slowly…

    Am I allergic to cod liver oil or just going through a healing crisis? It seems to long to be a healing crises.

  • How are things now?

  • Hard to say, I haven’t heard of that sort of reaction from cod liver oil… you could always stop taking it and see if that resolves it. Does anyone else have experience w/this nutrient in particular?

  • Ashley

    Hi all. I’m wondering if someone could shed some light on an issue I have. I am currently treating a client with aromatherapy massage and the client has fibromyalgia. following each treatment my clients is experiencing an extreme healing crisis and I’m stuck on what I can advice her and the treatment is benefiting her in other ways.
    Thank-you hope you can help me.

  • Dodee Jo

    what about hot magnesium baths. this calms us down and is really healing. Add fresh herbal thyme or rosemary to the bath water. Or what about EFT (emotional freedom technique)? Love n Blessings, Dodee

  • Ashley

    Thank you for your great advice, I will share this with my client, thanks again

  • Prithi Kaur

    Greetings! I have been doing the 9 step body cleanse and am pretty familiar with fasting protocols and cleansing however I feel that this particular cleanse goes deep and I appreciate that. After completing the 2nd liver gallbladder flush of the 9 step cleanse I had a horrible ulcer or some kind of irritation (lesion..hard to see but it hurts) form in the back left part of my throat. My lymph in the throat area feels a bit sore especially throat area and near para thyroid. and the chest feels like a slight infection is possible. Do you feel this is deeper cleansing and herxemiers? It is tough to eat any solid food as the pain in the mouth is pretty good! any way I am keeping it liquid as much as possible. As a child i had lots of sore throats and Respiratory infections. Perhaps this is going deep. Thanks for your support and insights Dr. Group and Staff

  • Matt

    I was complete ignorant of what a healing crisis was until my last massage. I’ve been going to the same therapist for a while and this last time I asked him to go deeper. He instructed me to drink a lot of water post session. Of course I did not listen. I ended up taking a nap and then going out with some friends later. The next day I woke up feeling pretty sick. This has been going on for four days now and the symptoms seem to change. The first day just felt like mild flu with body aches and cold chills. The next day it became more severe, with sweating, nausea, deep chills, fever, basically felt like I got hit by a truck where every part of me seemed sore inside and out. My head was pounding out of my skull. That all has subsided but on this fourth day since my session I’m basically dizzy and cannot keep food down. I have thrown up a couple of times. Right now I can keep water down. I really hope this is winding down soon. Obviously my system was pretty toxic before this massage. Shame on me for not listening to my therapist. I was never expecting a reaction like that. This reaction has caused me to examine my lifestyle and make some positive changes for my health.

  • Mista M Allen

    During the 3 days you do your juice fast…..What do you DO DIFFERENT during those days besides the fasting??? Do you still walk, etc???

  • Harriet Rose

    Hi there, I am at the end of a healing crisis. I have had a few over the years, due to being undiagnosed for fibromyalgia. Now I have been diagnosed I find that I need to detox and rest regularly. My doctor has been telling me to get lympathic drainage massage and finally I did on Sunday … well … guess what happened? Afterwards I was very spaced out and thirsty so I just drank lots and lots and lots of pure rainwater (tasmanian) and hardly ate anything except juice, nuts and fruit … I also smoke bush marijuana (because my doctor told me it’s the best way to prevent me from going in and out or ER for morphine drip pain management even though medical cannibis is not yet legalised in Oz – he also told me to take colloidal silver, do oil pulling ever morning and take applecider vinegar and lemon water.) … When you go through a healing crisis know that each time it gets easier. For me, I find my chrinonic fatitgue and all over body pain gets worse so I tend to take it real easy, have long baths, watch funny movies, lie down lots and let my body rest, sleep on and off all day and night … I have been doing this for 4 days now and I am still a little off but I’m enjoying watching the NoteBook and other films and having an excuse to do nothing.

  • Susanna Man

    I am using pure essential oil for detoxing. Alao at the same time I use Essential oil to boost my immune system. At night, I am using essential oil salt bath and drinking organic detox tea. After only 1 application, I already need extra bowel movements. After 1 day, I started to have allergy reaction around my eyes, like puffy eyes, watery eyes and running nose for two days. Extremely tired. After that, my throat is sore and my whole body, muscle just like was hit by a car! But I don’t have fever however I had all the cold / flu symptoms. Am I having healing crisis or actually I got the cold?

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  • Base808

    I took 30+ minute hot bath last night with Epsom salt, peppermint, basil, and tea tree oil. I sweat a lot after getting out as I sat in hot bathroom. At work today, I began to feel very blah with no energy and stomach discomfort. I came home and fell out on my couch. Now my body aches and I have chills. Is this the healing crisis that you speak of? How long can I expect to feel this way?

  • Could be. Sometimes when you knock loose toxins that had been residing in the fat, they can affect other parts of your body before being excreted. Sort of why massage therapists recommend drinking a lot of water after having a massage. Is this your first hot bath in a while or is it a regular thing? We have someone here who takes really hot baths once or twice a day, he says they’re very invigorating but can be draining, in a good way, as you described.

  • Base808

    well I wouldn’t say its a regular thing. I’ve taken hot bath two or three times in a months time. But I did put extra oils in and stayed in the bath longer than I normally do this last time. Btw, the chills left by late that night, but still having some muscle soreness and aches the following day. I personally think I have toxins that need excreting due to bad digestion, acid reflux, and bloated stomach.

  • Kim

    I had fibromyalgia too, and found that the use of the far infrared sauna daily is invaluable. Also turned around my circadian rhythm cycles with Phillips Blue Light, stopped ALL sugars. These things worked for me, hope this helps.

  • Mary Sheppard

    So, it has been 3 months since your post. Do you feel better?

  • Emily Ford

    Started taking x2 a week ago. Yesterday I had the “Death Breath” I get right before I get a cold. My left arm muscles have been aching for days. Today I feel like I’m on fire, I have a headache and nauseous and lost all appetite.

  • Vanessa

    Hoping to get some suggestions here regarding my annoying rash on my face, neck and chest. I desperately need some relief! I’ve lost sooo much sleep and avoid being social because of the redness, burning, itching and swelling. This has been ongoing for nearly 3 weeks. I’ve tried coconut oil, aloe vera, ice packs and slather my skin with Aquafur because my skin gets so dry and wrinkled looking. =(((

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  • JohnH

    I have been taking Deep Cleanse for about two weeks and today realized that the cold I thought I have been fighting off for about as long is probably actually a healing crisis! Feverish feeling with chills/sweating but no fever, lassitude, headaches, about sums up the symptoms that I have been experiencing. Now I am getting chills of the gooseflesh type and feel like roaring like Alex Jones, because with Deep Cleanse’s help I am kicking butt on a whole lots of little nasties !!!
    Thanks Doc 🙂

  • JohnH

    I should add that I have been taking only half of the recommended daily serving. (Not for any other reason than that I always forget the afternoon serving.) So, I think this may explain the unusually long reaction, if that’s what it is…
    Which I am pretty sure it is because I felt fine when I got up this morning, and now after having my morning serving have that feverish feeling again.
    I should also mention that I have been ingesting colloidal silver during this time, which has worked for me in the past to cancel a cold, but this time not. So, I guess I will stop wasting that 🙂

  • Shelley

    I believe i just went through one last night,and how i know this is because,i have experienced a similar process before with excruciating pain unlike anything i have ever felt before.The first one was when i started a treatment called the Oxygen hyperbolic chamber to help with my Fibromyalgia and the day after i though i was going to die seriously.It lasted about 3 days and so i had to stop the treatment and i decided to do the PEMF(pulsating electromagnetic field) mat.That was last year and this time i wasn’t to sure what triggered it until i realized i have been 12 weeks into my cardio/fitness workouts at the gym i decided to try this new device called a Hydra water bed.It felt great at the time but approx 7 hrs later into the evening,that same painful feeling came back and i was beside myself one again.I had low grade fever,chills,restlessness,nausea,pain on a scale off the charts,etc.I remember it was exactly like that time last year.Thank heavens it only lasted about 8 hrs,because i was beside myself one more time.Your right it did pass and i have only experienced 2 since i was diagnosed in 2007 after a mva.What i did during this process was,take a hot bath with Epsom salts/essential oils,drank water and laid my heating blanket on top of my duvet for extra warmth and tried to relax and get my mind in a meditative state.I kept telling myself to heal itself,relax and as weird as it was triggered,it started to just die off it was the strangest yet coolest feeling ever,hard to explain,i just know i felt horrible then all of a sudden,i was going to be okay 😀 Hope this helps and i am so glad i feel much better today!

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  • Krell

    This sux sooooo bad. I know this too shall pass but I woke up with debilitating chest pain in my heart region. I passed so much gunk yesterday and this morning. Probably more than I ever have in my entire life because of Colonix (not a plug, it’s the truth) I began just yesterday. I have cleansed before and never experienced a crisis like this. But because of your site, I’m going to push forward—I’m NOT stopping! So thanks for making this site. Now I know what’s happening to me. I have a heated massager that I want to tape to my chest. Xoxo

  • Krell

    I hope it’s not too late for this Vanessa. If you can, please see a dermatologist. Secondly, you might have tinea versicolor. It’s not exactly a rash, it’s a fungus. I had it a month ago—again. But the first time, I was partying waaay to hardy. My immune system was compromised and the yeast-candida infestation in me went rampant. Since I am black, there were dark spots on my chest, white patches on my entire back, And from the chest up, ALL of the pigment went out of my face and I had this black rash on top. It was itchy, keeps growing under moisture, it’s horrible. That’s why I am doing a hardcore cleanse right now, because these suckers have got to go!!!


    God lead you where you need to go. xoxo

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  • Cindy Weis

    I take Synthroid for Hypothyroid and started taking Detoxidine about 3 days ago. I have experienced extreme fatigue almost to the point of falling asleep at work. This is how I felt before my diagnoses before medication. Is Detoxidine effecting my medication?

  • Keri

    Hi I am detoxing to heal two concussions and it is making my head worse. Numbness and headaches happen a lot and some anxiety… I keep telling myself this is my body’s way of healing?? Thanks Keri

  • DoubtingThomas

    Concussions are traumatic injuries to your brain, they’re not the result of toxins that you can detox away. If you’re numb and your head hurts, you should probably get yourself to a doctor immediately.

  • DoubtingThomas

    Synthroid is a prescription drug with serious chemistry involved, it’s not like eating a handful of grapes where everything is a wash in the end. Before you start mixing and matching drugs and supplements, you should talk to your doctor who prescribed it. There’s a reason those things come with a big warning pamphlet. It’s probably not wise to mix a bunch of stuff together and hope for the best.

  • Sf

    I have done two detox cleanses in the past from trader joes with no side effects except to speed up my constipated system. I have gerd amd psoriasis amd decoded to try a new one to see if my skin cleared up at all. I grabbed the renew seven day rapid cleanse kit at whole foods. All reviews online had ok things to say…nothing extreme. Within 8 his of the first supplements, I was exhausted and thought I was coming down with something. Day 2 – so no stool, heavy chest pressure, fever and migraine. Day 3 – headache relenting, fever and lethargy, skin and light sensitivity, then around midnight if I had a phone within hands reach, I would have called 911. Lost vision, clammy cold sweats, thought I was going to vomit and creaked to the toilet. I ended up passing a massive amount of soft stool and immediately felt better. It sounds crazy but I decided to stick it out hoping that somehow I’m purging toxins and will feel better than before the cleanse. Day 4 – fever, sore throat, congestion and respiratory issues, no stool. Day 5 – sore throat, coughed up huge thick mucous, fever and no stool. I had no idea this cleanse would knock me out of my life for a week. I can not work or function. Waiting to see how long recovery takes…..

  • June

    About 5 years ago, I went cold turkey with no carbs and no sugar. I just age protein (mostly fish) and vegetables. I don’t remember how long it took, but probably 2-3 weeks. But I started breaking out in red whelps on my body. It started as a spot on my right abdomen and slowly worked its way out covering my entire torso (about 3 days by then), but then the first place that broke out had started to clear. As the red whelps continued to spread methodically to my extremities, the torso began to clear. It took about a week for it to extend to the last areas of scalp, palms of hands , and bottoms of feet, and by then most everything else had cleared. The only thing that kept me from going to the doctor was that it started on a Friday, and by the time I realized I had a problem, it was the weekend and my doctor office was closed and I did not want to go to urgent care. By the time Monday arrived, the first spot had cleared so I decided to wait it out and see what happened. I never knew for sure what happened. However a couple years later, I met a massage therapist who I described the ordeal to, and she said that it was a detox that started at my pancreas due to the no carbs/sugar and proceeded from there. So I always wondered if it was some kind of yeast die off due to starving it to death. I still do not know. But it was very strange. At the time I searched the internet aggressively for documentation of similar symptoms and did not find them.

  • Nicole

    I’m in the middle of a healing crisis now and it’s causing acne, a lot of it. It’s been going on for two months now.
    I had my kinesiologist heal my leaky gut, and right after that I have had flare ups on my chin. I asked the him what was going on and he said my skin wasn’t releasing the toxins fast enough. I wish there was something I could do to speed this up.
    I have increased fermented foods and probiotics as well.

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  • Keri

    I’m on day 10 of just juice and cleaning my lymphatic and kidneys.. I even did a two week sinus cleanse cuz my sinuses are weak. I passed a dollar size blob of mucus.. Gross huh.. My head is still healing but I am feeling relief. I’m having faith that this will pass with time due to the traumatic injury… I’ve been to a doctor then give me nothing. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Casey

    I just finished the liver cleanse 3 days ago. I have always suffered from extreme and paralyzing depression/ anxiety. During the cleanse I wasn’t feeling too bad at all but, shortly after I finished passing stones (approx 3 hrs after) that heaviness and severe anxiety returned. Also, brain fog and slow speech has been present. Is this just my typical anxiety returning or a result of the cleanse?

  • emmett smith

    i bought some liquid chlorophyll about a week agoq started taking the correct amount with distilled water. an tha 5th day i felt nausea, had a low-grade fever and ate nothing all day. I had to force a bowel movement. I thought i had food poisoning at first! So, i took 0ne aspirin that seemed to break the fever and i feel better today. Was able to eat some cereal and milk, but still feel weak!

  • Ashley

    I am going through a healing crisis. I started taking potassium iodide about four or five days ago at 250mcg per capsule. I took one in the morning and one in the evening. I think i did another day of this but the day after that I took two capsules in the morning because I read about some cleanses that start you off at about 10mg of iodine, so I thought about 1mg couldn’t hurt. I didnt take abother dose that evening and the next morning i took one pill. I felt like I was getting a cold by 5pm. I just felt groggy all around. the next morning I woke up to blow a bunch of snot from my by that night my nose was stuffed and Ibhad a dry cough. That was yesterday, today my cough has very small amounts of yellowish mucus. I started salt pushing and vitamin c yesterday and selenium today. I have not missed a bowel movement though my stools have beeen like dierrhea and water since the salt pushing. I haven’t taken iodine for two days but i might take it in the morning.

    I started taking it because i have a reoccuring cyst on my fallopian tube and i do not want to get surgery again. I have not had my iodine or hormone levels checked because my doctors would rather argue with me then perform a simple procedure. So I just started taking iodine in hopes that it will help my hormone issues. I was worried that I was hurting myself and I wish I could get a doctor to corporate with me so I would feel more comfortable, but I am thankful for this article, it has made me feel better about my cold like symptoms.

  • Ashley

    Wow, so many grammatical errors, but I was hoping that I wasn’t hurting myself**, in correction to my last paragraph.

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  • Lisa Brown

    I have been gradually detoxing for some time now by adding different supplements along with going organic and gluten-free. I may have bit off more than I can handle this time. I have been doing a “full-body cleanse” by Epigenetics Labs (OPTIMOXX). At the same time I began taking Selenium, VeganSafe B12, Survival Shield, and I bought some Ashwagandha and began taking it too. I am having typical “healing crisis” symptoms (fever, headaches, muscle aches, stomach issues and numbness and tingling in my arms and legs) along with spasms in the upper right side of my back. I have been doing my daily organic coffee enemas to aid my liver detox process. I didn’t start the Survival Shield and VeganSafe B12 till I had taken the Selenium for 3 weeks in preparation. What can I do to assist the release of the toxins from my body. I’m afraid that I have over taxed my body at this point. I have also been feeling like something is underneath my ribs on my left side. It comes and goes. It seems to let up for a while after I do a coffee enema.

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  • Allie Probst

    I have been naturally healing cancer for 2 years and I have done well. I finally got the money to get almalgams removed and I started running a fever right after. I still have a possibility of a little Mercury being under a bridge and I am getting that out in three weeks. Every tooth in my mouth had a Mercury filling. I have had a fever for 14 days is this a major healingcrisis? The medical dr can’t find anything wrong with me but wrote antibiotics prescription. I didn’t want to take them but I took few and quit. Because I feel so bad. This has to be a major healing crisis

  • Californiagirl50

    I am seeing a naturopath doctor and he wanted me to get some labs. My 3 Kaiser docs, allergist, enochronologist and gp would not order them. Pisses me off.

  • Jennifer

    I got Bells Palsey from detoxing to deep and to fast. 8 months ago, my family became vegetarian and we have since transitioned to fully vegan. Each week I became more and more disciplined in my eating. I was making cold pressed green juice and after doing a 10 day juice cleanse I went to drinking 2 to 3 a day and eating raw fruit and veggies until dinner. I was doing coffee enemas, doing a parasite cleanse and drinking apple cider vinegar and water through the day. I was working with a naturopath and she was giving me cellular detox drops and I was doing castor oil packs. After some flue like symptoms I started feeling amazing. I dropped that last 10 lbs that had been hanging on for 5 years, I finally got my pms cycle regulated naturally. My skin glowed and looked flawless. I thought I was at the top of my health game. Then one day I got a sore on the roof of my mouth. I had never had a canker or cold sore, so I was really surprised. I gargles salt, oil pulled 3 time a day and did about 5 other natural remedies for a week. Then i woke up on the 4th of July and the right side of my face was paralyzed. Quickly found out I had Bells Palsy. After trying everything focused on getting rid of that and cursing all my healthy ways. I was so angry that with all my dedication that that this could happen to me. I also started getting judgements from many that it’s because I don’t eat meat and all the healthy stuff I’m doing is a myth. How could I even defend myself when I looked worse then all of them. Anyway, after 2 months of a pitty party I went back to my core belief that the body can heal and natural food is the answer. I learned about healing crisis and knew that, that is what happened to me. I pulled up an old, dormant virus and didn’t get it out fast enough. It’s been 4 months and 2 weeks and I am almost healed. I wish I had kept detoxing but my I was really thrown for a loop and didn’t realize that detoxing can be really nasty business. I have since started back on my detox path but this time more prepared to take the bad to get to the other side which will feel so good! Hang in there if your feeling symptoms. The only 2 causes of disease are toxicity and deficiency!

  • Valerie Cuan

    Hi i am curious about your circadian rhythm and the Blue light. Can you tell me more? I don’t have a far infrared but use sauna and steam when i can.

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  • Kate W

    Going through a healing crisis at the moment. My first 2 sessions of kinesiology I left feeling really good. This last session I left feeling good (is still do) but I am so tired and I keep sweating. Not sure if that’s normal. I’m on day 2 so hopefully there will be some improvement in the coming days.

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  • Kat

    thanks for your telling your story. It occurs to me to tell you to look at medical medium anthony william’s work. Says there is connection to EBV with bell’s palsey. Hope you are still getting better.

  • Kat

    removing a mercury filling releases mercury into the body. It is not recommended to do more than 1 at a time and take breaks while doing heavy metal detox in between. Get the Medical medium book by anthony william, listen to his shows on Soundcloud. Do his protocol for heavy metal detox. He talks much about this and says best to leave the filling alone if it is in good shape. Hope your feeling better.

  • C-J24873

    I only took Oxy-powder for two days and experienced an extreme healing crisis every muscle was sore, I had intense anxiety, depression, I felt like I was catching the flu, I was extremely exhausted I slept for 12 hours the 3rd night without taking the oxy-powder the 4th night I only had 5-1/2 hours of sleep and felt much better than before taking oxy-powder will continue to take it in a couple days. The healing crisis was worth feeling better looking forward to completing the flush in a couple days. I forgot to mention I also had pretty intense mood swings. Thanks, I think I have a severe candida overgrowth due to extreme stress. Hopefully I feel like my old self again after I’m finished.

  • Matt Glinski

    I watched this video to determine how deffecient u would be with iodine by making a iodine patch on inner forearm. And then knowing how long it took for color to go away. Then there is a formula to figure out how many drops u should be taking. Which a example they spoke of is if path color went away in like 2 hours it ended up being like 15drops or so a day. So my best advise is to google how to figure out defencieny in iodine.

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  • Amanda Holst Nielsen

    I am currently going through the healing crisis of my detox. I am on day 4 and feeling like crap. I have fevers, migranes, flare up of all my diseases and just feel so weak. I know I will get through it, but this 4 day migrane is really getting to me. I have the MTHFR homozygous c677t, so it is naturally harder for my body to detox. Can’t wait to feel better as I am barely hanging in there.
    Great article. More people need to know about the real struggles of a healing crisis.

  • Claudia

    Friday 26th I went to get reflexology done for first time. Saturday my legs start to ack I couldn’t sleep for couple nights. For pass two day been feeling nauseous too. I’m a pretty healthy person last time I was sick five years ago or longer.
    I don’t think I will do this again

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