What are the Dangers of the MMR Vaccine?

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on


The measles vaccine has initiated a grand debate about immunization. A recent outbreak in the United States has reignited the concern over an illness that, although relatively harmless in most cases, has been somewhat nonexistent in recent years. [1] Concerns over vaccines and autism appear to have resulted in the decline of vaccination rates, possibly contributing to the outbreak. But is this actually true? Or, as the research suggests, could the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine simply not be as effective as we’re being told? Or, could it even be dangerous?

What’s in the MMR Vaccine?

The ingredients contained in most vaccines are often unrecognizable terms that should, at first glance, appear worrisome. Injecting chemical ingredients–not to mention a live (albeit weakened) virus–into your bloodstream doesn’t sound like the wisest decision. Here’s a basic rundown of the ingredients in the MMR vaccine [2]:

Minimum Essential Medium

This is the medium that grows the Rubella virus and contains vitamins and amino acids and fetal bovine serum, which is produced from blood collected at commercial slaughterhouses.

Sodium Phosphate

Typically added to maintain pH balance and to keep active ingredients suspended in water. It can cause gastrointestinal problems but has also been linked with organ damage. In some instances, it can cause a severe allergic reaction that might include heart arrhythmia, seizure, and loss of consciousness.

Recombinant Human Albumin

Human albumin is a protein found in blood plasma and recombinant means it’s genetically engineered. In essence, the vaccine contains genetically-engineered human blood, and it’s uncertain as to the source. When this is injected, it’s been known to cause chills, fever, nausea, increased heart rate, and difficulty breathing.


An antibiotic that’s been known to cause serious allergic reactions in some individuals. Anyone who has ever had a life threatening allergic reaction to neomycin (or antibiotics in general) should absolutely avoid the MMR vaccination! One of the scariest things about neomycin is that it can cause late reactions, sometimes 3-4 days after exposure, well into the time period when you may think you’re in the clear.


A synthetic sweetener often added to foods and beverages, sorbitol is used in vaccines as a stabilizer. Some people are allergic to sorbitol or fructose and should avoid it but even without the allergy, sorbitol can cause gastrointestinal issues and aggravate IBS.

Medium 199

Also used as a stabilizer. This medium contains vitamins, amino acids, and fetal bovine serum. Fetal bovine serum, again, is produced from the blood collected at commercial slaughterhouses.

Hydrolyzed Gelatin

Hydrolyzed gelatin is collagen collected from the bones of animals, including cows, fish, poultry, and rabbits. It contains free glutamic acid (MSG) and aspartic acid, two amino acids that can negatively affect neurological health. Even worse, injecting gelatin greatly increases the risk of infection from synthetic growth hormones and mad cow disease.

Chick Embryo Cell Culture

Derived from chick embryo, this cell culture is used to grow and store the live virus in the vaccine. When injected, the immune system is exposed and gets to work to build short-lived immunity against the illness.

WI-38 Human Diploid Lung Fibroblasts

WI-38 is a cell culture line obtained from aborted fetuses and used in the production of various vaccines. The purpose of this cell line is to culture and grow live viruses.

What About the Measles Booster Shot?

Following the initial dose of the measles vaccine, a booster shot is recommended at varying intervals to support immunity against the disease. The booster is the same vaccine containing a weakened version of the live virus that targets the immune system in an effort to elevate it back to a protective state. Since a vaccine, if effective, is said to wean after a few years’ time, receiving a booster every few years or so is supposed to rev up the body’s defense system by recharging the previous immunization.

Adults who missed out on the MMR vaccine in their childhood and those tested to show they are not immune to the disease are urged to receive a booster. The issue is that the MMR booster contains similar ingredients as the MMR vaccine, prompting the same health threats. While most people can receive a booster without any issue whatsoever, there is always a risk that reactions can occur following injection of the live virus.

Measles Vaccine and Autism: What’s the Connection?

It should be noted that the CDC advises pregnant women against receiving the MMR vaccine for fear that it may harm the developing fetus. This warning should tip most people off. While it’s not conclusive that the MMR vaccine–or any vaccine, for that matter–causes autism, we do know that a number of connections have been made. A now-refuted publication in the medical journal The Lancet reported that the MMR vaccine and autism were indefinitely linked. Despite the claims of the author, other reputable publications and mainstream media outlets continue to explore the possibility of the connection between neurological damage and immunization. [3]

A number of cases relating to the MMR vaccine and autism have been made public. The Italian Health Ministry in 2012 ruled that the MMR vaccine received by a nine-year-old boy caused him to develop autism. [4] The family was awarded with £140,000 in damages. According to the news report at the time, up to 100 similar cases were being investigated by lawyers in Italy. Health officials generally regard the development of autism immediately following vaccination a mere coincidence, but with more and more cases coming to light, it becomes increasingly difficult to support this theory.

The Full Story

The media is quick to blame the anti-vaxxers, as they’re calling them, parents who refuse to vaccinate their children on moral, religious, or health grounds, for the measles outbreak in North America. This one-sided viewpoint isn’t investigating the numerous accounts of adverse reactions to vaccinations, or the fact that the measles vaccine isn’t always 100% effective at preventing the illness. Measles, like the chicken pox, is a relatively benign disease that, once infected and recovered from, provides immunity from future occurrences. This isn’t to say that infection with the illness is ideal or to downplay the negative complications that can arise, but it is a conversation worth having in today’s discussion on vaccines.

How are you approaching the news of the measles outbreak? What are your thoughts on the vaccine? We’d love to hear your voice in the comments!

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • Bridget

    My grandson had no sign of autism before he had his MMR shots at around 18 months. He was saying words and counting. He would look you in the eye and interact with you, he was starting to count. After his shots, he wouldn’t speak, he want look you in the eye, you can call his name and he will not turn around, he is in his own world. He is a different child. I strongly believe the shots are to blame. The statistics are getting higher and higher. Someone needs to pay attention.

  • Someone

    Please, if you don’t know about it already, report this adverse reaction to VAERS. Unfortunately your doctor cannot be sued for negligence, nor can the vaccine manufacturers, there is a vaccine court (government run) that awards parents for vaccine injuries and deaths.

  • Azra Khan

    How sad. And you are syre he didnt show any of them signs before? You need to get dates doses drs name everything and go to a solicitor right away dont leave it late because its just been ten days ok you said yes to him but ge should have warned you about side affects of having too many vaccs altogether

  • Azra Khan

    Just hurry up and report it please otherwise they come up with excuses

  • Get Real

    This is rubbish. You Dr, are being.m very irresponsible in writing this. There is no link between MMR and autism and the idiot doctor who said this was struck off and so should you be.

    Bridget, it’s difficult to spot autism in a baby so young. It sound like coincidence what happened in your case. Autism is most likely genetic.

  • MamaMary


  • MamaMary

    comforting to think Autism is genetic… then you don’t have to face the atrocity that stares us in the face. but we have to face this evil or at least admit to its presence.

  • MamaMary

    why would anyone put that in their body? especially in the body of a developing infant.

  • James Currie

    There were many people who rejected Edward Jenner and his vaccine for smallpox at the end of the 18th century. Jenner’s discovery led to the ultimate eradication of smallpox, which had killed countless individuals. This article is nothing more than an attempt to prey upon those without scientific and medical training.

  • Shar Berg

    Emperors new clothes!!
    Its about $$$$ not health.
    Most don’t report vaxx damage as the drs are brainwashed into believing vaxx does no harm, but the side effect insert does list side effects that can happen including autism…. the drs are quick to explain it away as a coincidence🤔
    Drugs, vaccines = constant flow of customers. $$$

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