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Find out Dr. Group’s position on Colon Hydrotherapy and how to maximize results from your session.

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  • donnalene sing

    Hi – I recently started having colonics and asks the colon hydrotherapist if he could put things in the water and he said only doctors are allowed to do this. I use Young Living Oils and was wanting to add that to the water. I just found your website and discovered the oxyclean? How would I incorporate that into my colon therapy. The colon hydrotherapist has me taking 2 tsp per day of a psylliam seed he sells. He says I should always take it but what if I want to do the oxyclean? Not sure if that is the correct name or your product. Thank you!

  • donnalene sing

    Hi Dr. Group,
    I recieved your email but before I could open it somehow it got deleted! So sorry, I really would like to get some advice on how to use oxclean as I will not be taking the disgusting liquid the doctors prescribe to clean my colon!
    My colonoscopy is scheduled for Sept 24th. I will be continuing weekly colonics until then.

  • Donna,

    Thank you for your email! Unfortunately many are confused about the use of fibers to help cleanse the body, while eating fibers in an every day diet is acceptable, taking fiber to cleanse can actually cause concerns in the body; please see the following article:

    Warning! Herbal Colon Cleansers May be Harmful!

    By: Dr. Edward F. Group III
    Updated: May 4, 2009

    Health-conscious consumers are more than willing to spend valuable time and money on natural means of maintaining their health. And many of these consumers subscribe to the philosophy that good health begins in the bowels.

    As a result, the natural health supplement industry has recently been flooded with numerous infomercials on natural health, herbal colon cleansers, and detoxifiers. They may be natural, but are they really effective? And more importantly, does buying “natural” necessarily mean buying safe?

    According to the National Library of Medicine, the National Institutes of Health, and similar organizations, many herbal colon cleansers could be more than just ineffective. They could be putting consumer health at serious risk.

    While there are a handful of safe herbal cleansing products on the market, most manufacturers choose to include cheap and potentially dangerous ingredients in their formulations. Popular herbal ingredients to be especially wary of include Psyllium, Cascara Sagrada, and Senna.

    A lot of other potentially dangerous herb combinations make their way into herbal cleansers, so be sure to research each individual ingredient in any herbal cleanser before putting it into your body.

    A better option would be to choose a non-herbal cleansing product with a well-documented safety record. In addition to being more effective than their herbal counterparts, oxygen-based cleansers, such as Oxy-PowderR, are much gentler on the digestive tract and carry virtually no reported health risks.

    Psyllium is one of the most common herbal ingredients used in colon cleansers and especially in over-the-counter fiber laxatives. There have been numerous reports of serious allergic reactions following the ingestion of psyllium products. These reactions include labored breathing, skin irritations or hives, and potentially life-threatening anaphylaxis.
    Long-term use of products containing psyllium may also negatively affect absorption of certain essential vitamins and minerals including iron.

    Perhaps most ironically, obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract has also been regularly cited in studies of patients taking psyllium products. These studies seem to suggest this problem is especially common in individuals who are prone to suffering constipation.
    Oxygen cleansers, on the other hand, actually convert solid waste into a gas or liquid which makes it impossible for them to cause any sort of intestinal blockage. And because oxygen cleansers are usually made from magnesium compounds, they can help reintroduce some of the essential minerals that Psyllium cleansers strip away.

    It’s difficult to comprehend why any intelligent person would purchase a “bowel cleansing” product with a tendency to cause bowel obstruction or constipation rather than a safe, proven oxygen cleanser.

    Please also see the following video:

    I think that if you really want to keep the intestinal tract clean you also need to focus on the small intestines as well as the colon. An oxygen based cleanser, would actually be more thorough and safer than fiber. While hydrotherapy is safe, it can only cleanse a very small portion of the intestine over all, and with Oxy-Powder it is shown to cleanse the entire intestine track. I wouldn’t see any problem with using the oils that you are speaking of with this process, and it may actually compliment the cleanse.

    I hope that this helps you.

    Take care and be well!

    –Dr. G

  • mira

    hope this time it works !! So many of the email I’ve been trying to send to you have just been snapped off the screen…??

    I’ve spent the last year doing colonic water therapy. Great results. I would like to try your Oxy Powder, but will it be ok if one of my issues is: ‘sluggish liver’. Other issues are leakygut, food sensitivities, low thyroid, etc. I’ve got the diet down pat and everything is getting better and better, but more is needed, I’m sure

    Many thanks,

  • Martha Gesegnet

    Thanks Dr.G for your site and information here> I was doing some research and found you……As an ayurvedic practitoner and nurse I use an open system and still am able to introduce herbs into the colon therapy. I easily brew Triphalo and neem tea that is used in the colema system…and I find that this is gentle on the client. In reading your comment above, SHe would have to check on state regulations but I would imagine that if she wanted to add Young Living essential oils to the therapy session that would be considered “self administration” and would absolve the practitioner of liability as long as she added them?

    thanks again for your work here, wonderful!

  • Kristin

    Dr. G, What do you think of the “Gerson Diet”? He recommends a coffee enema to detox the liver.

  • Denisemc

    Hi Dr. G, my question is the same as Kristin’s…{my daughter just bought me the Gerson book} can I use both in conjunction with each other? tyvm for ur time {{hugs}}

  • ghc_health

    Thank you for your post! The Gerson Diet is remarkable, we do agree and support its use.

    Thank you again for your post, take care and be well!

  • Leong Munglan

    Hi I’m a raw vegan n liquidarian for 7yrs (Vegetarian transitioning for 13 yrs). Can I be of help with ur association for online jobs? Just gmail me and let me know what to write about to promote ur work cos I support it And I understand thoroughly how much stuff is inside humans!!! And that people need to know this!!!
    I’m also a writer n video producer of “Mountain Environment Monkeys” Book n video series by Gwendoline. Monkeys r natural born raw vegans.that’s why i love them. Im against animal experimention n have done some work to protect my monkeys friends…

  • Leong Munglan

    That’s Lil Golliwog who’s lost a front tooth…see the pic? Very agile nimble and fast …cos he’s a raw vegan, like me!!

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