Advice for a Vegan Bodybuilder

Dr. Group suggests natural ways for a vegan body builder to gain weight and muscle mass.

  • Hi Dr. Group,

    Thanks for mentioning SunWarrior Protein in your video! Rawsome! Here are some basic facts for your listeners!

    •100% raw vegan plant based
    •85% PURE protein
    •98% correlation to Mother’s Milk
    •Complete Amino Acid Profile
    •Easiest protein on the market to digest
    •98.2% Digestion Efficiency Rating
    •Completely hypo allergenic, unlike soy, whey and egg proteins
    •Naturally Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
    •Organic Compliant

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    Yours in health,

  • Candice

    I agree with you that far too much protein intake can cause some serious health problems. Especially by too much animal protein intake can cause such a PH inbalance; too high levels of acidity & too low levels of alkalinity. But I must disagree with you on the fact that people can get all their protein needs from plant based proteins or rice proteins. These sources of proteins aren’t complete proteins nor in equal value as aminal proteins. Not everybody’s nutritinal needs are the same. For example: a vegan diet would not work well for some while eating meats won’t work well for others. There must be some balance in nutrition. I’m studying natural & sports nutrition currently as well as metabolic typology. In studying metabolic typology some require require more carbs, others require more proteins, & yet others require more fat intake in order to be at their optimal metabolic health. Yes, all these macronutrients should come from clean healthy sources, but everybody’s different. Great website & I’m going 75% vegetarian/25% meat eater.

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