Urgent: Stop Vaccine Mandate in Texas!

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on

The measles outbreak that has proliferated national news outlets is initiating global debate regarding the possible mandate of vaccinations. Anyone who makes a choice not to choose a vaccine after careful research is suddenly labeled an ‘anti-vaxxer,’ and is given no chance to explain their stance.

Texas legislature is considering SB 298, a bill that will enforce a strict mandate for the new meningitis vaccination for public school students. An additional bill is also being considered that will ban religious and conscientious exemption from this, and other vaccines. You have a right to make informed health decisions for you and your family, and any governmental body that limits a patient’s ability to make their own decision is in direct violation of medical ethics.

Fortunately, you have a voice that can’t be silenced. You can contact your state legislature today to advise them against SB 298. Click here to go to the Action Alert page where you can sign your name and fill out any specific details to your state legislature.

Don’t forget that you can also petition the White House before March 6, 2015, to prevent forced immunizations from becoming law nationwide.

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  • Guest

    This Texas legislation is
    especially frightening considering the fact that the meningitis is new and that they are considering removing religious and conscientious objections If they
    can continue to take away freedoms like this what is next? There should be
    hearings and independent research scientists called in, like Dr. Stephanie
    Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT. And how about the whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson.,
    who came out and confessed that in 2033 he and three other scientists falsified
    there research to show no connection between the MMR vaccine and rising autism
    rates, especially among black male children? Isn’t anyone listening?

  • guest

    Thank you for writing this. We’ll done.

  • Stacy Methvin

    Please let’s not change what Texas is all about. We have always stood for the right to choose for ourselves how to live and raise our family. Let’s keep it that way. These diseases can be treated. I removed my son from public school for lack of real teaching which hasn been replaced by testing. Bullying is out of control and now you want to take our family choices away? Not a good thing. Not good at all.

  • ProudAmerican9

    If someone dies from measles or similar diseases, it is ONLY because their immune system and/or health was poor. Healthy people/animals don’t succumb to illness. Their immune system is strong enough to fight it off and kill it. Vaccines ALL cause damage to the brain, immune system, and general health. No vaccinated person or animal is ever well after being injected with those poisons. You need to do your own research and no believe the lies from the government, WHO, CDC, FDA and the rest of the alphabet organizations who never tell the truth.

    Good health can never come from a vaccine or drug, neither can true immunity. Get educated on the facts and then you’ll understand why vaccines are so horrible. Good health only comes from high/proper nutrition, clean water, and eliminating chemicals/drugs/poisons/toxins in the body and their environment.

  • ProudAmerican9

    Agree with you completely. There’s a lot more to this than what the government and big pharma tell the public. Neither can be trusted, neither are honest and both aren’t out to help people. It’s about money, control and power. We’ve got to resist and fight back or we’ll lose every freedom, including determining what does and does not go into our bodies.

    For those who follow the Bible, it tells us that the life of all flesh is in the blood. We must keep our blood clean and pure to both honor God and to have good health. Vaccines contain cells of other species (altering our DNA), toxins (mercury, aluminium and more), viruses and diseases, preservatives, etc. None of these make or keep the blood clean and pure. It’s impossible to inject poisons into a body and keep it healthy. People must educate themselves and think or they’ll be destroyed. Scripture also states that God’s people suffer because of a lack of knowledge. God is telling us to learn, follow His Way and reap the wonderful results. Don’t believe the lies for governments, big pharma, big food and the rest of the corrupters.

  • Corbintech

    Not everyone has the privilege of being brought into this world with A+ health. Who should make the choice for all people? Just because you may not believe in vaccinating your kids does give you a right to kill a child that may not be able to be vaccinated while you just made a choice while your child can take a vaccination without no danger thanks to that A+ immune system.

    Educated? I am thank you. Now, If we want the vaccines to be safer, we can fight for that. We however should not make choices for other children.

  • klm429

    Although I understand your argument, people must understand that with many vaccines there are a small percentage of people who will develop other diseases as a side effect of the vaccine, of which the government takes no responsibility for. Example, the flu vaccine, one of the possible side effects is developing myasthenia gravis among other disorders. These disorders are far worse than the flu! Look it up. Now if I am forced to take a vaccine, shouldn’t the government be accountable for the people who suffer adverse effects? Shouldn’t the government be responsible for those who develop disorders such as autism? Is that not a form of you or your child losing quality of life?But they are forcing healthcare workers to get flu vaccines, and telling them that they will not be responsible for any side effects. How do you force people to give up their rights for the so called well being of others, but refuse to be held accountable when that submission of rights turns to involuntary self sacrifice?? We shouldn’t submit our rights out of fear. Forced vaccinations, ok, but whoever forces it upon us should be held accountable for every effect that follows.

  • Corbintech

    I agree with you 100%.

    The government should indeed be responsible for a problem they cause by claiming safety, stand behind your word.

    It however is more of a problem then that. The percentage of people that would have any side effect from any vaccine is very small. If we as a society all decide not to vaccinate our children, we are at that point just letting diseases that vaccines kept under control run rampant and cost thousands of lives vs the possibility of a very low percent possibly having danger and these diseases still being under control.

    Imagine a time when Polio is again a huge problem or measles. That has the possibility to change/end many lives.

    But the government should be responsible and I agree. It’s such a catch 22.

  • Lucia

    Hi, can I have your email adresse. I would be happy to speak with you.
    mine is lucia.lpe@gmail.com
    thank you

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