Toxic Food Ingredients EXPOSED in the Second Episode of “Secrets to Health” on Gaiam TV

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

Episode 2 of Secrets to Health

I’m happy to say that the second episode of the brand new show “Secrets to Health” is now available on Gaiam TV! In this episode, titled “Fake Foods Exposed,” the Health Ranger Mike Adams and I expose the fake ingredients used in many popular, every-day foods.

Using digital microscopy, we dissect common foods to reveal that their ingredients are nothing more than food factory lies intended to trick consumers. For example, did you know that the “blueberries” contained in many waffle and muffin mixes aren’t even CLOSE to real blueberries? Did you know that many varieties of processed “guacamole” are little more than sludgy, green food coloring… and completely void of real avocados?

There's no blueberries in there!
Lots of blue mush, but no blueberries!

As you’ll see in the second installment of “Secrets to Health” many foods believed to contain healthy fruits or vegetables actually contain fake, impostor ingredients that consist of toxic trash such as:

  • Propylene glycol (also known as anti-freeze)
  • Chemical-laden food coloring
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Soybean oil

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Currently, two episodes of “Secrets to Health” are available and ten more will be released — one every Wednesday. Don’t miss the upcoming episodes!

  • Toxic Beverages Exposed (October 9)
  • Exposing Household Radiation (October 16)
  • Awesome Blender Superfood Recipes (October 23)
  • Shocking Toxins Lurking in the Home (October 30)
  • Dangerous Facts about Fluoride (November 6)
  • Hidden Secrets About Radiation (November 13)

Go to to join Gaiam TV and get access! It’s extremely affordable and best of all, “Secrets to Health” isn’t the only program you’ll have access to when you join. Gaiam TV has THOUSANDS of high-quality, information-filled videos available to members!

All Gaiam TV videos are viewable on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Roku and Sony Blu-Ray devices. Android, Panasonic players and other devices are next.

This is an awesome project I’m extremely happy and excited to be part of. Please, be sure to give us your feedback!

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