3 Artificial Sweeteners to Avoid

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on


Artificial sweeteners are everywhere, and if you’re like me, you avoid them at all costs. Things like aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin can be found in a variety of processed diet foods; however, even some foods you wouldn’t expect contain these chemicals. Whether you’re knowingly poisoning yourself with these toxins or not, you must know that their presence in your diet, regardless of the amount, have no purpose for your body. Not eliminating them is sometimes the only obstacle many people have toward achieving good health.

The Three Worst Artificial Sweeteners

Avoiding artificial sweeteners should already be a no-brainer. Here are the top three sweeteners you should look out for:

1. Saccharin

Saccharin was the first artificial sweetener and is still a popular sugar substitute used by many people across the world. Fortunately, it’s not as popular in diet foods as it used to be. You will typically find saccharin in pink packets of artificial sweetener, like Sweet‘N Low. Saccharin can encouragecause allergic reactions in some people, including headaches, breathing difficulties, skin eruptions, and diarrhea. [1] There are also studies tying saccharin to cancer.

2. Sucralose

Sucralose, or commonly known by its trade name “Splenda,” is another commonly-used artificial sweetener. This sweetener, along with aspartame, is often used in diet sodas and other weight loss and diabetic-friendly foods. While it is true that Sucralose starts off with natural sugar as the starting material, it is chlorinated and goes through a very unnatural process. Supposedly, Sucralose is not digested and travels through the GI tract unchanged; however, a recent analysis shows the exact opposite. [2] There is some research also showing that Sucralose affects glucose control in diabetics and prediabetics, something that nonnutritive sweeteners are designed to avoid. [3] Considering that Sucralose was discovered while testing for a new insecticide (at least that’s what’s been widely reported), why would we want to ingest this at any amount?

3. Aspartame

Aspartate and glutamate are found in aspartame and behave as neurotransmitters in the brain. Having an excess of these neurotransmitters kills certain neurons by allowing the inundation of calcium. This influx provokes excessive amounts of free radicals which kill the cells. [4] The sweetener also contains methanol, which is subsequently metabolized into formaldehyde. There’s a host of other issues with aspartame, and I firmly believe this to be one of the worst artificial sweeteners on the market.

Alternative Natural Sweeteners

I always suggest that everyone, including healthy individuals, remove added sugars from their diet, including artificial sweeteners. Organic coconut sugar or, better yet, raw organic honey are much better alternatives to satisfy sweet cravings within the confines of a healthy diet.

Have you given up artificial sweeteners? What was your motivation? Please share with us in the comments!

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • Lisa

    Why doesn’t maple syrup make the list? And since Stevia is now a refined white powder, what makes it so different than any other refined white sugar?

  • FDA approved low-calorie sweeteners are safe, and substantial science supports this conclusion. Aspartame, for example, is one of the most extensively reviewed ingredients in our food supply today. Research has repeatedly confirmed its safety, and more than 100 regulatory agencies around the globe approve this ingredient.
    -American Beverage Association

  • lisancali

    Like the BIG chemical MSG is approved to and causes Migraines. Fatigue, weight gain ect. Eats away at the brain. I agree Coconut Sugar and raw honey. I need me a BEE farm. Also I would eat Sugar before I ate any of these man made Chemicals. Most drinks , candy,gum are made of these KILLERS. I’ll stick with Organic Tea and water .

  • Ronnie

    Eleven years ago I was experiencing numbness in my legs and feet and vision loss in my right eye. Had various tests done and the doctors concluded that I had MS. Even though all the tests were inconclusive they wanted to start me on medications for MS due to a clinical diagnosis. Fortunately, I received an email from a family member about artificial sweeteners. I was an avid Trident gum chewer. Needless to say I stopped eating anything with aspartame and asuelfame K and all of my symptoms have vanished and my eyesight is 20/20 in my right eye. It is a shame that people don’t know more about this FDA approved chemical and are blindly allowing themselves and children to consume it. There should be warning labels on it just like tobacco.

  • westerner

    I used to chew Trident gum (pack a day….sounds like a smoker) and had headaches everyday. Then I would take about 10 EXTRA STRENGTH tylenol a day and couldn’t figure out why I always had headaches!! Nothing slow about me – duh. Then I started on the natural path to health and as soon as I found out about aspartame and quit using it, my headaches disappeared. Eventually got off the tylenol and the ringing in my ears also was gone.

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