Stop Forced and Coerced Vaccination in Texas

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on

The recent media frenzy in response to the measles outbreak has led to nationwide vaccine hysteria, and Texas is attempting to respond by forcing vaccination on its citizens. Nine new bills have entered the legislature, each one specifically geared toward taking away basic medical rights. The right to choose whether or not you’re vaccinated is slowly dissipating, and unless you act now, government influences will entrench their way into every aspect of your life.

HB 465 is one of the bills that intends to remove the current opt-in consent for inclusion in the vaccine tracking system, instead making inclusion automatic. Not only is this bill heavily intrusive, it’s in downright violation of privacy rights. This bill, if approved, will track and share your vaccination’s status for research and possibly even enforcement. While the bill is attempting to protect the health of citizens, it can only lead to upheaval, suspicion, and ill feelings of servitude. This is not what makes a strong society.

What You Can Do

Visit the National Vaccine Information Center’s website to look up your local state representatives. Perform a quick zip code search to find them. Once you have found the state’s legislature names and contact information, contact them immediately by phone and email. Let them know that you oppose HB 465 (SB 29), a bill that will eliminate your choice to opt-in to the vaccine tracking system.

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  • Blanche Marie Couture

    Not being able to say no to vaccine specially for parents that have small children because vaccines are polluted with heavy metals and it’s the cause of autism. Marshall law for vaccination (that does not work) is not acceptable. We have to fight for our rights….

  • Harodl

    Getting vaccinated against diseases that can hurt humans makes sense. Not to get a little shot in the arm is stupid.

  • Harodl

    Balony! you sound like a hysterical foolish woman. Vaccines save lives and help adults and children have a better quality of life.

  • Blanche Marie Couture

    Harodl pls tell that to the Health Ranger: Mike Adams!
    You seem to be working for the vaccine propaganda…hope you enjoy it including your ignorance.

  • Harodl

    You might check with your state health department for 2-3 licensed doctors names and ask them if vaccines have any redeaming value for children and adults.

  • Blanche Marie Couture

    If that is the way you believe please go and get vaccinated and listen to the medias and doctors and you will live a long and happy life without ever being sick in any way. Have a nice life!

  • Harodl

    vaccines are great for preventable diseases, and parents who do not get their children
    vaccinated are in my opinion bad parents and should be held accountable by child protective services and the courts.

  • Blanche Marie Couture

    That’s exactly what “they” want you to believe, you are in good hands with “they”. Again have a nice vaccinated life. I don’t need a reply!

  • Harodl


  • Larry

    Hey Harodl, why don’t you go fuck yourself! Always being the bully! You should respect others even if you disagree with their opinions. And no, vaccines have never been proven to be safe. Go read the vaccine package insert, motherfucker!

  • whitepointer

    Id like to see how they police this?.

  • VikingRN

    No linkage between vaccinations and autism.

  • Lea

    How about 70 shots in the arm? That’s the current infant/childhood vaccine schedule. Never tested for safety. Not once. Ever.

  • AutismDad

    No the official word says that. The official word coming from makers, CDC etc who define what is vaccine related. They use this power to cover up the link.

  • AutismDad

    Except for those injured.

  • truth

    harodl, do us all a favor and jump off a bridge

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