Must See Film — Revelation: Dawn of Global Government

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on
Learn why global governance threatens everything we've ever known about liberty in the upcoming film, Revelation: Dawn of Global Government.

As you slept… change has come. Now, because of globalism, the American Republic and perhaps even liberty itself are at risk of destruction by the hands of global governance. Issues of control go far beyond which party dominates the political spectrum. The reality is that global governance, driven by an unelected and ruthless elite, is the enemy of mankind.

Standing Against Global Governance

It doesn’t have to be that way; motivated people can change the course of history. To do nothing is to declare defeat. A new film, made in Texas by Texans, exposes the danger of suffocating in a global prison planet. Revelation: Dawn of Global Government, has the power to stimulate passion in those who have forgotten what it means to be an American.

The film hits theaters April 15, 2016. Don’t miss it!

Watch the Trailer

Here is your chance to get a first look at what promises to be a sensational film. Check it out…

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  • Anon

    If the film is able to be viewed in cinemas, then it is allowed by these very same elites. This could be more controlled opposition. These people will tell a truth to be able to tell us an even greater lie.


    It’s only in a few theaters. It’s definitely not ‘controlled opposition,’ otherwise it’d be in most theaters.

  • Dennis Dumas

    Obviously you are amoung the sleeping!
    As with the movie, “Ameriageddon”, both are encountering opposition from Hollywood, and more importantly from film distribution. Many major film distributors have chosen not to offer this film to theaters under threat by large film produces like Pixar, 20 th century, and others. The film producers have threatened not to offer their releases to distributors who distribute these two films. As a consequence the producers of both “Revalation”, and “Amerageddon” are forced to use small independant film distributors who cannot be threatened by the big film producers as they are not interested in the garbage they churn out.
    As a consiquence of this opposition, the independant distributors may only have relationships with one or two movie theater chains. The small distributors do not have the financial resources to nationally market the films they offer, so generally many people are totally unaware of the films release. This results in limited releases within a given theater chain, and generally drawing small crowds. The sleeping masses of sheeple go about their dummed down lives never knowing of the existence of such films, resulting in their continued uninformed, Low information, main stream media propagandized lives.
    Certainly, you did not hear of “Revalation” by way of a TV commercial promoting it, or even a preview trailer at a theater. Chances you stumbled across it by having come across a website, or blogger like this one who is promoting it.
    So your statement exemplifies just how little you know how the global cabal works. My advise to you is simply this, instead of wasting your time posting on something you know absolutely nothing about,making yourself look completely stupid amoung those of us who are aware, I recommend that you spend some serious time educating yourself, as life as it appears to you is an illusion created by the global cabal, the MSM, and the criminal political elete! Your life may hang in the balance, based on how little or how much you know! If you choose to follow my advise, congratulations! There is no need to thank me as you will then be standing with us, instead of being the albatrosse around our neck as so many multitudes will be!

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