Report: Electromagnetic Pollution is Harmful to Mental Health

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on


There are 190,000 cell phone towers in the US, and new evidence suggests that exposure to these towers may alter brain function. The study, recently published in the British Medical Journal, found that EMF pollution can cause irritability, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, and a lack of appetite, and the severity of these symptoms directly correlated to exposure. That means that people living in urban areas with multiple cell phone towers in their radius are at a greater risk for negative mental effects than those in suburban or rural areas. [1]

Cell Phone Towers Affect Thoughts

The human brain functions using electrobiochemical pathways. What we experience as “thoughts” are electrical impulses that start in one neuron and travel to another neuron or group of neurons. The more often our brains use this pathway, the stronger it becomes. Cell phone towers, meanwhile, broadcast and receive electromagnetic switching signals, which can interfere with normal brain function.

There is No Safe Zone

Cell phone towers have a maximum range of 21.7 miles, and there are very few regions in the US outside of a coverage area. The people who live in range of two or more cell phone towers experience electropollution from all those towers, and the effect is cumulative. Those who live less than 500 meters away from a cell phone tower are at a particularly high risk since the tower’s signal strength is based on the inverse square of the distance.

While some doctors and industry-funded scientists scoff at the idea of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, this new study proves that living close to a cell phone tower can have long-term negative effects on mental health. Cell phone towers in the US must meet current safety guidelines for their broadcast strength, but the results of the study suggest these current guidelines are not enough to keep people safe from the effects of electromagnetic pollution!

Protect Yourself

If your home or business is close to cell phone towers, there’s not much you can do to avoid them — short of moving. However, there are certain devices that can offer a level of protection. Check out this article for a list of ways you can protect your whole house from harmful EMF radiation.

Are you concerned? Are you protecting yourself? Please leave a comment and share your defense strategy!

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References (1)
  1. Claudio Gomez-Perretta, Enrique A Navarro, Jaume Segura, Manuel Portoles. Subjective symptoms related to GSM radiation from mobile phone base stations: a cross-sectional study. BMJ Open 2013;3:e003836 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2013-003836.

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  • Gen

    More and more European cities are limiting wifi at schools and exposure to children. Noteworthy too is the case of Monsieur Didier Bellens, the head at Belgacom, Belgium’s biggest telecommunications company – he doesn’t use cell phones and has banned WiFi on the entire 27th floor of the building where he works!

  • I never carry my cell phone on my person, and I switch off the modem when done with wi-fi at home. These gadgets have sadly become necessary evils and should be kept at arm’s length wherever possible.

  • This isn’t surprising information, but it is scary. I am just glad that they’ve got actual research to prove what a lot of us “knew” before. I hope that this research leads to change…

  • Peter Ghaffari

    Howdy! My name is Peter. I really enjoy reading your articles about health, and I have the green body cleanse book. I noticed, and my brother told me, that you took the safe space products off of your website. Is that because they are ineffective? I thought I noticed that I felt a weird feeling in my brain while I held the cellphone up to my head while talking to someone through it with the safespace sticker on the cellphone. I want a radition blocker for my cellphone that blocks at least most, if not all of the radiation. Please help me! Sincerely, Peter

  • Thanks for the feedback, Peter. Safe Space makes good products, we just had our own change of direction. Check out this article for a few other products that can help minimize cell phone radiation

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