Pasteurized vs. Raw Milk: Which One Is Healthier for You & Your Family?

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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glass of milk

Since the early 1930’s our government has been “protecting” us from the “dangers” of whole, raw milk. How do they do this? By actually killing the whole, raw milk by pasteurizing it! Interestingly, pasteurization also increases the shelf life of milk, making it much easier to mass-market, maximizing profits for the dairy industry. Real milk comes from real goats or cows that are allowed to graze in toxin free pastures. Besides tasting great, raw organic milk is a precious, life-giving food. But extreme temperatures used to pasteurize (“cook”) the milk can actually render it life-depleting. Pasteurization destroys almost all of the nutritive value of cow’s milk. The milk everybody drinks today is far from a whole food, and in my research is not fit for human consumption. Pasteurization also destroys beneficial bacteria found in raw milk [1]. It kills the natural enzymes and destroys the chemical make-up of calcium in raw milk. Calcium is vital to the growth and health of children. Pasteurization has been implicated in everything from allergies to heart disease to cancer. Truly, the resulting product after pasteurization is not raw and living, but rather “killed and dead.”

Raw Milk: Why the Fuss?


The fuss about raw milk has to do with pathogens – organisms that can cause diseases such as Salmonella. But whether or not raw milk carries pathogens depends totally on the way the milk is produced, how the animals are fed, and the care that’s taken to keep the milk clean during production. Today’s pasteurized milk comes from cows crammed in cages loaded with synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Homogenizing purposely destroys raw milk’s natural butterfat in an effort to separate and hide the cream from the consumer. European studies show that this is dangerous and may cause heart disease [2]. Of course our FDA disputes this. Homogenized milk is quite unnatural! Back in the 20’s Americans could buy raw, clean, grass-fed milk and cheese – and at that time milk-borne diseases were rare. Can you believe that suppliers of organic, raw milk today are required to display the words “Not fit for human consumption”? It’s true! I firmly believe that true health starts in the colon. Raw milk contains the milk sugar “lactose” in its purest form, and lactose aids in digestion and elimination. And organic, raw milk is the only food that has it in a usable form! I personally am not a animal milk drinker, but if I was I would only consume raw goat milk.

The Nutritional Benefits of Raw Milk

Here’s just a sampling of the nutritional benefits of raw, organic milk

  • Organic, raw milk is a complete food, loaded with minerals, protein and vitamins. Raw milk contains an amazing selection of minerals ranging from calcium and phosphorus to trace elements. Pasteurization destroys them and they must be re-supplied.
  • Raw milk has 20 of the standard amino acids. [3]
  • Up to 80% of the proteins in raw milk are easy to digest — some are complex antibodies. [4]
  • Raw milk is abundant in calcium — legendary for its benefits for teeth, bones etc. [5]
  • It is also loaded with enzymes that have an array of health benefiting functions. [6]
  • Raw milk is alive with beneficial bacteria that aid digestion and protect against disease-carrying organisms. [7]

A Historical Look at Raw Milk

Humans have drank raw milk, long before the pasteurization process began. Here’s a look at the history of raw milk and how it was used for many generations before ours. [8]

  • The earliest possible records show that man valued milk intensely, including milk from goats, camels, horses, even reindeer! And most certainly it was of the unpasteurized, raw organic variety. Herdsmen in Asia coveted milk even before the Bible praised the “land of milk and honey.”
  • Most people don’t know that raw organic milk from grass-fed animals was actually used as a medicine in the 1920’s. The Mayo Foundation used a diet of raw milk as a remedy for heart failure, diabetes, kidney disease, chronic fatigue and obesity. [9]
  • From the time of Hippocrates until just after World War II, this miracle food nourished and healed millions. Today, in Germany, successful raw milk therapy is provided in many hospitals. [10]
  • Studies show that raw milk is very effective in preventing scurvy and protecting against flu, diphtheria and pneumonia. Raw milk prevents tooth decay, even in children who eat a lot of sugar. [11]
  • And it’s amazing to think that, almost always, the folks known most for their great health and long life, like the Bulgarians and Russians, are heavy consumers of raw milk and milk products, not to mention that they eat hardly any meat!

How to Find Raw Milk

Raw Milk

There’s a huge demand today for organic raw milk and milk products. That’s because people are becoming more aware of the life-giving benefits of raw milk. But dairy farmers who have been supplying raw organic milk to consumers are increasingly at odds with local and state government, who are oblivious to the adverse effects of pasteurization. In California, Governor Schwarzenegger signed legislation requiring pasteurization of all raw milk in California. California will go from being one of the most raw-milk friendly states to one of the most restrictive. And that’s a pity. [12] Fortunately, an abundance of small organic farms across the country are willing to continue to stick their necks out and sell raw organic milk, and raw organic milk products like cheese, butter and yogurt – in spite of the risk from the long arm of the FDA. To find your own local source of raw organic milk check out The Weston A. Price Foundation, as well as Or you can share part “ownership” of a healthy organically fed cow or goats. You just split the cost with other folks and the milk becomes yours, and thereby legal to drink! Believe it or not some people are forced to skirt the law by claiming its for their pets! In the meantime, it’s best to follow the advice of one of the pioneers of the natural health movements in America, Dr. Paavo Airola:

“If you cannot get a high-quality milk, raw and unpasteurized, guaranteed to be from organically raised animals and 100% free from chemical additives, drugs, detergents, and insecticide and herbicide residues, then you will be better off to omit milk and milk products from your diet.” [13]

As a vegan alternative, try drinking organic nut and seed milks. My favorite is Hemp Milk.

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • Larry

    We used to be able to get Raw Milk (Golden Fleece brand) at our local Whole Foods in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.
    They discontinued selling it last week.
    No one in the store has a “real” answer for that decison.
    We’ve switched to Hemp and Almond milk.

    Was it the “Raw” nature of the milk ?
    I’ve been eating raw eggs for years now in my morning smoothies.
    We eat raw fruits, veggies.
    Maybe it was a corporate decision based on liability matters ?
    I’ll never know.

  • Our doctor happens to be on the board of Weston Price Foundation and we’ve been consuming Raw milk in the San Francisco Area since our daughter was 1 years old. Apparently even our doctor had noticed that some of the patients who were consuming raw milk were still experiencing some of the negative symptoms associated with pasteurized milk. Research has now been conducted on the health impact of the milk based on the type of cow the milk came from(and subsequent peptides and other molecules in the milk) known as A1 and A2 cows(if I have that correctly). There is a new book out called “Devil in the milk” where the author explores the different type of cow strains that can lead to better or worse health and the history behind it.. Here is an interview with the author on Youtube:

  • I am headache expert from Your Headache Solutions and I totally recommend to my patients to drink RAW MILK. This is also one way to avoid getting headaches.

  • it amazes me how the discussion between raw and processed foods continues to be so heated! I think the heat is not driven by the consumer (who fortunately learns about alternatives to today’s norm) or raw foders but by industries that want to push the advantage of never spoiling (already spoilt ?) products where everything has been killed, bad and good alike. The same discussion goes on in my area of pet foods where some still say raw food is dangerous and animals are safer with cooked foods (did anybody ever see a wild dog / wolf or cat or rat cook his food? If yes, please send me a link!). Cooking also helps kill some of the pathogens which can accumulate easily when the foods are derived from ‘animal lots’ or processing facilities that are prone to favor bacterial contamination.

  • Impressive link, but it’s clear to see who’s paying for this information to be widespread…

  • When raw milk goes bad-bad, you don’t want to drink it (smells foul – not just sour – looks worse), unlike pasteurized/homo milk that may or may not be all the way pasteurized when you get it in the carton due to lack of quality control… Beware family shopper!

  • ben

    there is no sceintific proof to what you have said on here. organic foods are a lie… just because it was done in the olden days does not make it right…. technology is your friend… raw milk is a joke and so are the people that beleive in organic foods.

  • ben
  • Keisha


    You are seriously going to believe everything that the FDA tells you? The FDA is the biggest crook in our government system, that’s a known fact!

  • Emma

    I use very little milk and can only get organic Ultra – Pasteurized from Horizon. It last twice as long as other milk. I don’t know why but could guess. We use to be diary farmers.

  • Emma

    You are so right. You can tell what kinda food they eat.

  • Marcla

    Well Mr. Ben, then explain to me why and how, after a cancer scare, and not trusting medical doctors, i sought out alternative medicine, which led me to an organic life. Which led to no more migrane headaches, no more DAILY headaches, the loss of 50 lbs., no more depression, and I haven’t been sick in over 4 years? Explain to me how and why I can immediately tell when I have ingested chemicals/pesticides? (it messes BAD with my brain) Especially when food that is labeled organic is not. I have learned that the reason alot of mental disorders are caused from conentional farming, the chemicals and pesticides. I am proof. Migranes/headaches/depression/sad angry person, that’s me on conventional food. Me on organic- happy, loving life, no headpain what so ever. AND the lump is gone. No chemo, no invasive SEARCH biopsy.
    I do have to ask you Mr. Ben, why are you here on this website? If you don’t believe, go away. If you are a factory farming/FDA shill-troll, go away, you will not find anyone here that you can change their thinking. We all know the truth here. The truth you try to do away with for your profits. We are not stupid. We may be out there but we know the truth and would rather spend our money on good, organic/living food than dead, processed, frankenfood. We know the truth, so just do yourself a favor and go away. We don’t believe your lies because we are proof of the truth.

  • Marcla

    thank you Heidi. People are amazed when their dogs will eat my goji berries or other organic veggies and fruits…but turn away from factory farmed stuff…it’s a thing i do anymore to show people the difference… then they start getting all weirded out that their dogs are not eating their dog food…well what the…..(rolling eyes) dog/pet food is a money making scheme, just like all the other crap out there….the coolest thing to me is watching someones dog eat an organic carrot…

  • Marcla

    This also reminds me of something that happened a few months ago, I watched my niece force her son drink milk. The poor kid was crying the whole time. I’m like “GIRL, what are you doing???? He doesn’t want the milk, he doesn’t like it!!!!” Then i went on to tell her how the milk she is forcing him to drink is full of puss, hormones and antibiotics… but the puss thing creepes me out”… she jkust looked back at me and said “Well how else is he going to get his cacium?” I said…Try spinach…try an organic suppliment!!!!
    To this day I hear my great nephews screams…”But mommy NO!!! I DON’T LIKE IT”… it sickens me that people believe the hype of the factory farming dairy hype. Milk from cows is meant for baby cows. Not humans. I used to love me some ice cream, didn’t really do milk, but when I went organic, and then learned how milk puts thick thighs on a body…..and now other research being done on non-natural calcium/chemical based calcium we are force feeding our bodies.
    I just ask everyone here, research for yourselves. I don’t trust one website for ALL my info, and I LISTEN TO MY BODY. That is the most important thing, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. All of the things Dr. Group informs me of may not work for me. Things people post here may not work for me. But I have learned what works for me, and i’m willing to try something more to give me ultimate health, as long as it is natural/organic/raw-living. If it doesn’t agree with me I stop using/eating it. PERIOD. I slao learned from doctors, “keep taking this pharmacutical or find another doctor”…I found nature instead. If you believe in God, he provided a weed, plant, herb to heal you. Nature provides. Man cooking, irradiating, genetically modifying, outlawing what God/ Mother Nature has provided us…
    I keep hearing…”But Mommy NO!!!!!”

  • Marcla

    sorry for all the typos…i get excited sometimes and don’t check before i press send/submit…i hope you all can see thru the typos…

  • Kelly

    Have you ever tried raw milk? It is the healthiest milk you can find. You put your children at risk with any food that is on the market today: spinach, peanut butter, tomatoes!! Think about it. Our ancestors did not have pasteurization and lived long healthy lives!!!

  • Bath Oils Woman

    Good artcile. I bet very few people are aware of this information. And what a shame so many are against raw milk. If you don’t want to drink it, then don’t, but why stop other people?

  • jjM

    Im glad to see a positive non scare tacticed article about raw milk.It seems most health doctors and non drug pushing articles are the only ones i trust.I have older health books that recommended it but never truly got to try it till this year mainly because i was drinking nut milks and i didnt know it was even availible until i looked into it.I had to admit it tasted a little like hay and buttery at first.But i love it now and only pursued it for my health benefit and its been providing me with better health.Even though i have to get it out of state its not too far to the farm and im providing an honest living for a well earned hard working farmer.

  • Anji

    My husband was “lactose intolerant” until we started buying raw milk. Turns out he was “pasteurization intolerant.” My son’s acne cleared up, my daughter’s eczema healed, and my acid-reflux is a thing of the past.

    I would never, ever buy raw milk unless I knew the farmer personally, had been to their farm and saw first-hand their practices. Having done that, I trust the milk I drink more than I trust the FDA, the USDA, Congress, the governor of my state and the medical establishment, put together.

  • John Maglovsky

    The person that said past & homo milk is great because the FDA approved it must be living in a dream world. The FDA has approved many things that have proven without a shadow of doubt (except to the FDA) that they are harmful to us. It seems strange that we have not needed to have pasteurized milk until the 1800’s. How in the world did we survive for centuries without the FDA telling us we need to pasteurize milk. If you would only use a small part of your brain you know bringing milk to the pasteruizing stage kill nutrients. The nutrients (enzymes, etc.) are what is needed in our culture to prevent disease.

  • John Maglovsky

    Ben You must be a governmental employee that is brain washed with the garbage the FDA puts out. Their approval of something means nothing except FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL.

  • Patty

    Way to tell em’ Marcla~!!! KUDOS TO YOU!!! =]

  • Billy

    Raw milk is disgusting. You people are really weird if you think it has all those health benefits. Pastuerized ALL THE WAY!!!!! 😛

  • Bob

    R U INSANE????? it has soooo many health benefits. Raw ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! 😛

  • Mary

    i agree with Bob

  • Don Randall

    Check out this article from 1938 regarding pasteurized milk. The article was written in defense of raw milk.

  • Pei Ying

    Hi people, I’m from Singapore and my country only allows horrible pasteurised and homogenised milk to be sold in our country. I really want to drink all natural raw milk in its purest form. May I ask for links of websites of farmers that sells excellent quality raw milk?

  • gto

    human’s don’t needand shouldn’t consume cow milk. NO mammals drink any milk after the first few wks of life. Milk is BAD for humans. Period

  • pffff

    thats why you must be a very physically fit man……hahaaaaaaaa

  • desperate deperadosisimo

    dammnit lady share some more knowledge with me please, what non gmos have you found???

  • L A

    Does RAW milk deplete calcium from bones, like pasteurized milk??

  • May someone provide me with links on the benefits of raw milk and why raw milk is healthier, safer, and better than pasteurized milk? I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Blake

    This is for Oregon


    case should be taken to Federal court.

    Why not go with Washington State licensed
    Grade A dairies and our dairies her in Oregon can sell the
    milk also the big one’s her in the state.

    government dictate which foods we can eat,BY BIG
    MONEY we are now eating nothing but processed, GMO, chemical laden, non
    nutritious foods. This should really help boost the medical industries and big
    pharma’s profits. now wouldn’t and that is what that is doing right now

    they want to kill us What do U think that GMO does
    for us Diabetes for one Obesity

    in are kids more then anything and some country have
    banned GMO.

    Just Look at Peanut Butter with E coli we need to
    get read of the Grover of the State of

    Oregon in the frist place and how much money has he
    been paid by the Lobbys in this state for the milk people.

  • Melissa

    me too


    i will not drink raw milk

  • haley

    that is true and weird

  • big bang theroy

    I would not ever drink raw milk I prefer pasteurized milk


    My step mom died from it and i am only 11 yers old


    what kind

  • Shakes head

    You are fucking insane. Pasteurisation has prevented the deaths of millions of people. Unpasteurised milk is dangerous. But go ahead and risk life-threatening food poisoning. I’m sure the health benefits of ‘enzymes’ are worth it.

  • Shakes head

    Because I’m the doctor who has to treat the resulting explosive diarrhoea

  • Shakes head

    Anecdote does not equal proof

  • Kevin

    I understand that people go crazy for raw milk but does anyone know why we pasturize milk? We do it because to many people were getting sick from raw milk. Raw milk may have more health benifits I am not refuting that, however you have to see the whole picture. Milk is not one thing to mess around with. If you do your research you can see how many people get sick each year from raw milk with deadly diseases that they do not get from paturized milk. Is it worth it that there is a chance you and your loved ones will get deathy ill from raw milk just for health benifits you can get from something else? It is best not to play roulette with your health and let milk be paturized and just eat something else not as risky. I do not want to come off as telling people what to do but we have saved many lives because we pasturize things just look at the reaserch. However if you are adamant please look at where you are getting your milk and make sure it is from a clean dairy because if just one farmer decides to cut corners it could be detrimental. Be safe and here is to your health.

  • RR Fisk

    Similar experience. My mom was unable to handle milk (storebought, Pasteur/Homogen), but found she had no problem with our Raw Milk. Our daughter, breastfed until 4ish, and Raw milk since, has not missed a day of school due to sickness, now heading into 5th grade.

    Now, I am away from home in NYC, and cannot buy Raw here, and I can feel the belly discomfort from Ice Creams, from the Steamed Milk in Specialty Coffee drinks, etc. Whole, organic Yoghurt seems to be ok, so that is my ‘milk’ for now.

  • RR Fisk

    Correlation v. Causation?!

    I’ve had Raw milk for years.. as have wife and daughter, along with friends and neighbors.. not ONE incident have I heard of from any of them about Raw Milk products, while Commercial milk now causes real discomfort. To what would you attribute the difference?

    Maybe you can relate a Specific Story and help us appreciate your experience?

  • RR Fisk

    We’ve only done it for thousands of years. (Bible, ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ .. and then there’s the eggs..)

    PS, farm cats will suckle with piglets.. are you so sure that animals are as inflexible as your information sources? check your facts.

  • Jason

    wow, read your article and it is so full of untruths and opinions not supported by any scientific methods. Did you get to be a DR. via cracker jack or are you one that got it online?

  • Jason

    Oh yeah your degree is crap, I looked it up and anyone can use the Dr. so and so ND regardless of education background.

  • DebraAs

    Unfortunately man is so greedy that even if the country adapts raw milk–the greedy man would find a way to add junk to that. There was a reason Louis Pasteur started pasteurization –diseases. We are so spoiled that we cry about everything, We are more healthy now then anytime in history, Read about the great Plagues. I feel the same about Organic Food. I went to the Whole Food Store and most of the food were not Organic. We are just a bunch of cry babies with our air conditions and cars and hot water heaters. We want the luxury life with no penalty. Why are we living longer–to the point that Social Security may run out. My point is do the best you can, Drink raw milk or not –unless you have your own cows –you would still be at the mercy of someone telling you that the cows were healthy. And there was a time people would rest their land or a part of the land after 7 years and I don’t believe organic or any farmers are doing that.

  • dee76

    do any of you realize that our food was not meant to be cooked? when food is cooked it depletes the nutritional value? Why do you think so many people have autoimmune syndromes? Duh!

  • Innes

    Repeated personal experiences makes for proof with ones person.
    From what I’ve known/seen/experienced,… optimum dietary is variable per person, even within the course of ones life beyond infanthood. Different people have different processing abilities, and different takes on what is adequate and appropriate for theirself.
    It’s beyond science, except if science makes allowance for all the variation.
    The pharmaceutical/standard doctor stance typically does not seek the source cure, but rather just masking the symptoms, rather than reducing/stopping what is causing the symptoms.

  • brian

    The reason raw milk has caused any problems is due to cows that are fed an unnatural diet of grains, hormones, and antibiotics, as well as being treated in horrible conditions stressing the animals. A sick animal will produce unhealthy milk that must be pasteurized.

    An animal that is fed grass and hay, alfalfa, and pasteured and not exposed to such horrid conditions is very unlikely to produce dangerous milk.

    Pasteurization makes all milk drinkable whether it starts off dangerous or not, but it is only neccessary when you have unhealthy cows treated poorly

  • deede

    What a corrupt business. Scary. Raw milk will turn into yoghurt in a day or so…for the enzymes are not destroyed…..remove cream from top, use it as U wish /we made butter out of it/ There is nothing mysterious about so called “greek yoghurt”…What are we feeding our children w/ is unreal!!!

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  • tina

    This is so far from the truth. Farmers work harder then MANY other professions and taking care of their herd comes first. Producers know that the key to improved milk production and ultimately profit for their career and family is through cow comfort. Just like any other business, there may be individuals who cut corners, but that doesn’t mean all farmers do and it’s unfortunate you say that cows are being treated in horrible conditions. Also, when a cow is sick, do you just want the farmer to not do anything? If you child was sick, would you not try and fix the problem to comfort them? Last, the hormones are mainly estrogen at a smaller doze than what women have in their birth control. Check your facts before you start bashing the hard working men and women who put food on your table. Technology is improving everyday as well, these farmers are very well educated and each day the industry is improving.

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  • MBDK

    From the 3rd paragraph – “The milk everybody drinks today is far from a whole food, and in my research is not fit for human consumption.”

    Such an obviously untrue prejudice makes anything else the author has to say on the subject suspect to the point of uselessness.

  • Catherine Hobbs

    I noticed in your bibliography that you haven’t included or researched the pro-past side of the debate as extensively as the pro raw milk argument. You say you don’t drink animal milks and ‘in your research’ so I was just wondering if there is any reason why you didn’t evaluate both sides of the argument to the same extent? Biased writing that masquerades as unbiased is one of the many reasons ppl don’t have the correct information or at least a chance to evaluate for themselves. Good piece of writing but it would be more helpful if it wasn’t so one sided.

  • Catherine Hobbs

    I know this is an American based website but there were a few cases recently of children in Victoria, Australia getting sick. One child actually died from drinking unpasteurised milk

  • Catherine Hobbs

    I’m with billy and I’ve had raw milk.

  • Jess

    I started drinking raw milk 10 years ago because I read that it would heal Gerd.I started drinking it and within 2 weeks my acid reflux was gone. I haven’t had a problem since. As for people getting sick from drinking it there are very few compared to people getting sick from other food like spinach and peanut butter and now flour. Very few die compared to the food. Do the research.

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