Oregano Oil Health Benefits

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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Oregano Plant

Oregano oil is widely known as nature’s potent defense against harmful organisms. Not only is it highly respected within the natural health community, it is also being widely studied within the scientific community for its vast medical uses.

Research designed to examine oregano oil has encompassed many topics. Oregano oil also has extremely high levels of free-radical-fighting antioxidants, agents that protect the body.

Oregano oil may also provide support for indications of common infectious ailments including respiratory problems, skin problems, athlete’s foot, yeast infections and harmful organisms.


Research on Oregano Oil

Studies have shown its usefulness against Candida albicans, aspergillus mold, staph, vaginal imbalance, pseudomonas and listeria. A study from the US Department of Agriculture showed that oregano essential oils presented potent action against Salmonella and E.coli [1]. Other research holds the same, stating that oregano oil is such a powerful agent that it can be used to preserve food. Studies from the Department of Food Science at the University of Tennessee and the University of the Algarve found that similar results for oregano’s power against pathogenic germs [2].

A recent study from the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Center, stated the following in regard to the role of essential oils for infections:

    “New, safe agents are needed to prevent and overcome severe bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Based on our previous experience and that of others, we postulated that herbal essential oils, such as those of origanum (oregano oil)…offer such possibilities.” [3]

In an article published on Science Daily, oil of oregano was found to be effective in killing Staphylococcus bacteria [4].

Another study published in the journal, Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology found that oregano oil could lower the negative effects of induced colitis in rats and opens the door to new ideas about its benefit to the colon and liver.

More Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

  • Resistant to redness and swelling
  • Can help relieve congestion
  • Emmenagogue — Oregano oil can aid irregular menstruation and reducing the negative effects of menopause.
  • Calms sensitivities to environmental irritants. Oregano oils produce a sedating effect on the hyper-sensitivity of allergies.
  • Potent anti-oxidant capacity — Through neutralizing free-radicals, oregano oil helps us slow the process of cellular deterioration, thus slowing the process of aging.
  • Rosmarinic acid, a component of oil of oregano, is an antihistamine, and a more powerful antioxidant than vitamin E.
  • Digestive aid — Stimulates the flow of bile in the digestive organs
  • With regular use, oregano oil can help protect us against fungal infections.

Action Against Harmful Organisms

  • A recent study on the activity of multiple essential oils against harmful organisms found that both oregano and thyme oils showed the strongest activity.
  • Inhibition of the growth of enteric organisms [5]. A 6-weeks study on individuals with organisms found that supplementation with 600 mg of oregano oil daily led to a complete disappearance of the harmful organisms. It may also protect us against a wide variety of infiltration within the body, as well as the physical environment. This includes round worms, tape worms, bed bugs, lice, fleas and mosquitoes.

Oregano oil is also a excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It is high in the vitamins A C, and E complex, as well as zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese and niacin.

I have used oregano oil for many different things over the years and highly recommend you keep some in your natural medicine cabinet. When researching oil of oregano products to buy, be sure to look at the amount of Carvacrol it contains, and also try to buy organic when possible. Oregatrex™ is the oregano oil product that I personally use and recommend for everyone.

References (5)
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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • diana barbee

    I have seen a significant reducition in lung congestion by using oil of oregano daily two times.

  • Brenna

    good post, I learned something new today!

  • Laura

    I had gotten some to keep on hand after much research and it just so happened that my dog got an ear infection, we treated it with OoO and it worked. After Christmas the husband & I both started coming down w/something (swine flu is prevalent where we are) and we loaded up on OoO/d3/zinc… it never progressed (which is a miracle in itself w/hubby). As a side note, we both noticed that our backs were feeling much better than usual (we both have very bad backs) and now it’s a daily staple. It has REALLY reduced the inflammation in both of our backs but particularly in his.
    Great stuff!

  • Cara Mirabella

    Wow – I had no idea how great oregano is! I’m going to check out the oregano oil you suggested – it might be something new to keep on hand!

  • Bella

    What is the difference between using oil of oregano and using the leaves fresh to make a tea? I grow lots of oregano in the garden and wonder if this has similar benefits?

  • Paulo Alexandre

    How could I buy oregano oil here in Brazil?

  • Krystian

    Great article, I never knew that Oregano Oil can be used for fighting germs or as an anti-allergen.

  • Dana

    Fantastic post.
    Any recommendations on the daily dose of Oil of Oregano?
    I’ve been taking it sporadically and have heard it’s great for oral health as well. I typically put two-three droplets in a half a glass of water. Any recommendations on whether this is an ideal amount or not?

  • Yes I agree Oregano oil is very, very helpful for prevention and aiding the healing process. It has a great healing power, strong enough to kill any virus when taken for long periods. (3-4 weeks faithfully) I am sending (linking) people to this blog from my blog on health tips. Just click on my name. Thank you for writing this very informative blog on oregano. I am a true believer.

  • vivian

    You must use the Wild Oregano. It is a different plant than the oregano used for cooking.

  • Monica

    Very interesting post. I have used oregano oil successfully to treat a fungus infection, but I have also had some problems taking it orally because it burns and stings a lot, especially if it comes into contact with mucoses… how do you normally take it?
    thank you for your answer
    Monica from Italy

  • Dr. Edward Group

    Hi Monica,

    We always recommend taking it in an empty capsule. Whenever somebody purchases our oregano oil blend, we send a baggie full of vegetarian capsules along with the bottle.. OR you can easily obtain these at many health stores. Hope this helps!

    ~Dr. G

  • Kevin

    any suggestions on dosage? how often can you take it? i have chronic back and shoulder pain.

  • george c

    Yes….but it burns my stomach and feels quite uncomfortable.
    The only way I tried it—having read about it previously in an article which stated the same virtues—was in capsule form.
    I had to stop.
    Any ideas..?

  • Jeanette

    I have not had a cold, flu, or virus since I started using Oregano Oil several years ago, because at the first sign that I’m catching something, I start taking my measured doses of it.

    The oregano oil will kill all bacteria in you body; therefore it is important to put the good bacteria back into your stomach by eating yogurt a few days during and after the time you quit taking oregano oil.

    Long term use–weeks, etc. is not recommended. Long term use can cause liver problems.

  • Victor

    Actually you can take Oil of Oregano Pure, in a capsule. However at that strength, you can expect it to burn your throat and stomach a bit.

    If you need full strength, put in 2 piece gel cap, and wash it down into your stomach with cheese, milk, bread, something that will wash it all the way down.

    If used Pure, One drop under or in the back of your tongue will stop strep throat in a couple hours, and will stop flue and cold symptoms in a day or two. with Instant relief after applying.

    I have used for over 10 years, and have even cured Pneumonia, on myself.

    I have heard that Wild Mountain European Oregano was once called Hyssop, which is a word I have only heard from the Bible.

  • Elaine

    Will oregano oil kill bed bugs? Get rid of them forever?

  • Scott O

    I was just told about Oregano OIl over the weekend. My cousin tells me all the time how I need to take more of it when I get a cold or the flu. Does it really help with those?

  • Cheryl

    I’ve been sick for over 3 weeks with an upper respiratory bug. I got the oregano oil in a couple of days ago and an hour after I took it my coughing subsided. I’ve been taking it twice a day for two days and this third day I feel like a new person! I can’t wait to see what else it does for me. I will never be without it from now on. This is great stuff!

  • Jessina

    What is the shelf life for your Oregano Oil?

  • Dr. Edward Group

    Hi Jessina!

    Thanks for your question. Our Oregano Oil blend has a shelf life of two years. Some people have reported that it lasts longer, but we would only recommend using it for two years. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. You can reply here, or email support directly. Have a great day!


  • Arlette

    I would like to know how to take it for soar neck and shoulder like in osto porosis

  • Katy

    can you please tell me what this double negative means?
    “Studies have shown its usefulness against the prevention of Candida albicans, aspergillus mold, staph infections, ”
    it is useful against prevention??????

  • Peggy

    I’d like information about using oregano oil for pain control. My husband has long term pain issues but can’t take anything for it because of liver problems.

  • Zellous

    I am a African American 45yr old female from GA and I have been using Oil of Oregano for about a 1 ½ weeks on my face. I have many of tiny to medium size black stick-out type moles on my face in the alignment of my cheek bone and I have been rubbing my face with either Olive Oil or Coconut Oil after I shower and rubbing the Oregano Oil on my black moles and to my surprise most of my moles have fallen off. Please be mindful the oil will sting a little bit but its not much a real bother for me because I am going to sleep anyway. I’m really loving my smooth chocolate skin without the moles again.

  • Jane ethy

    Oregano oil must be one of the best anti-fungals, I think it’s second to garlic.. or something like that.

  • Holly

    I absolutely love this Oregano Oil with the combo of Peppermint, Olive and Cayenne oils. I usually take one a day (five drops as suggested) because I am very sleep deprived and my work is very stressful. I have missed taking the Oregano capsules for two weeks and woke up with a sore throat this morning. I will take a capsule after lunch and one after dinner, repeat tomorrow and by tomorrow night the sore throat will probably be gone. No antibiotics needed in this household!!!!!! I always take after a meal and with 20 oz of water. I highly recommend!!!!!

  • Lynn

    I am hooked on oregano oil. The woman in the health food store told me a great way to take it since pure oregano oil is so potent — she described it as – oregano x1000. Fill a shot glass with V8 juice and add 3 drops of pure oregano oil. When you take the shot, try to hold it as long as possible on the back of your tongue before you swallow. Amazing…when I feel a cold or sore throat coming on I begin the V8/oregano shots and I am 100% back to normal in 24-48 hours. It’s truly miraculous — no drugs – i love it!

  • P

    Can Oregano oil be take on a daily basis indefinitely? What would be the side effects of taking too much? What would an appropriate daily dosage be?

  • Frances

    Oil of oregano has been very helpful to a lot of people with health issues. I know this from personal experience and take it regularly.

  • J

    I have a 6 year old son has allergies and slight case of eczma. I hear he shouldn’t talke it. Is he too young? If he can take it how much is recommended?


  • Lisa

    Read about oil of oregano when I did an internet search for chronic cough. I’ve had chronic cough and mucous for probably years but recently it had been getting worse. I was constantly clearing my throat and it was affecting my sleep terribly. If I laughed to hard it would always end up in a coughing fit. I went to see an MD but as always they had no useful advice and told me my lungs were clear. I read the book The Cure is in the Cuboard & began taking oregano capsules & full strength oil under the tongue. It has really done wonders for my congestion. I plan to try it topically on my son who has acne (possibly folliculitas) as I’ve heard it kills the bacteria that cause these conditions. So far oil of oregano lives up to all the positive things I read (no more cold sores either!). I want anyone to know who may read this that I am not in any way profiting by these statements. I honestly believe in this and just want other people to get the same healing benefits that I’ve experienced. GOOD HEALTH TO YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS!

  • Lisa

    Jess, you are exactly right! Oil of oregano kills bacterial (candida) overgrowth which was probably at the root of my congestion problem. In fact I believe a multitude of illness starts with bacterial & fungal infection which is why Oil of Oregano is so amazing.

  • Deena

    Your hubby may also want to use a combo of the oregano oil and MILK THISLE which is great to heal liver issues…

  • Deena

    Several years ago I had a severe case of bronchitus that started to turn into pnumonia, NOTHING the doctor’s prescriped for me worked (2 were antibiotics), I was finally told about Triple Strength Oregano Oil, purchased a bottle and withing 1 day started to get relief!!! I literally felt like I was breathing my last breathes, now, once again I have another respiratory infection and just purchased another bottle of the Triple Strength Oregano Oil took 1 dose is within 20-30 minutes am breathing much more easier!!!! I will take another dose (I take 1 full dropper full, hold it under my tonue for 1 minute, then swallow and drink some water or juice right after) I am sure by tomorrow i will be stronger with less congestions (as always!!) I will now be sure to keep this GREAT OIL on hand!!!

  • Can you tell me if this Oregano can get ride of warts I have on my feet??I was told at the at the health food store that it will work. It isn’t your usually kinds of warts it is a virus. Please let me know if anyone has had this???? Making me crazy starting to spread up my leg.HELP

  • Wendy

    I had a fungal infection on my big toenail for three years that refused to clear up. My doctor told me that it is one of the hardest things to get rid of. They can prescribe a medication that you paint on like nailpolish. The only thing is my doctor told me it is $300.00 a bottle!, not covered by medicare, is very strong smelling and can’t promise it will even work. I went searching for a better option. One day I was talking to a lady at the health food store and she recommended Oregano oil. I put a few drops on my toenail every night (sometimes only 3 times a week) and let it airdry on overnight. It is strong smelling but you get used to it. It took a good six months, the time it took for my toenail to grow out, but it completely cleared up and has never returned! Yeah for Oregano Oil! I am now taking it internally for some stomach issues and hopeing it helps.

  • Janet Way

    Where do you find GHC Oregano Oil.? Are the pills as powerful?

  • Janet,
    Thank you for your post! We do have the Organic Oregano Oil on our main website, it is actually an oil which will come with empty capsules which you can fill with your specific dosage. I have found the Oregano Oil to be highly effective and very potent, the best part is that it is backed with 100% money back guarantee so you can fell confident that it will work or you can send it back. Any time you find that you have a question, please feel free to contact the Global Healing Center and we will be more than happy to help you.

    Thank you again for your post, take care and be well!

  • ghc_health

    Thank you for your post! Oil of Oregano could be used in this regard, however, I would be sure to use extreem caution especially if you have a potent form. Oregano Oil can burn the skin and it is this reason I would suggest being very careful, you may even want to enlist the help fo a reputable Naturopath in your area to help you with this application.

    I have used ACV to remove a wart myself and it has worked well, the area that I applied the ACV to was a little tender after application but this was soon over come and the wart basically melted away. here is what I would suggest:

    You Will Need…

    A cotton ball, pad, or piece of cotton cloth – very clean
    A BandAid – medical tape also works

    Soak the cotton ball in ACV, apply it to the area of concern and then apply the bandade to hold the cotton in place. For best results I would suggest leaving this on for at least 8 hours, this can be done daily, however I was more comfortable using this every other day. If you find that you have any questions please feel free to contact the Global Healing Center and we will be more than happy to help you.

    Take care and be well!

  • LoRayne

    Great article, well written and the cited references are always appreciated.
    Kind Regards,
    LoRayne Haye M.S. C.C.N.

  • B

    I’m reading some people say that oil of oregano kills all (probiotic and harmful) bacteria in gut and some say it kills only harmful. Anyone know the answer? Please cite source with answer. Also I’m wondering if your body builds up a tolerance because all organisms start to mutate when killed off.

  • ghc_health

    Thank you for your post! I am un aware of any specific study in regards to Oregano Oils effect on good gut flora, however, many studies have been completed on its effectiveness. Regardless I would always suggest the use of a good probiotic when using Oregano Oil, and alternating the days you take it would also be suggested; trying to avoid the body adapting to the consumption of the oil.

    I hope that this helps you, take care and be well!

  • Chris

    I congratulate you!
    I came across your site and is absolutely amazing!!!!!!
    I firmly believe in the power of nature in our health.
    I have been drinking oregano tea for almost 20 years and since then, I have not get a cold or the flu. My health is very good. Oregano protect your lungs and respiratory system.

  • jackieg24

    I have read your article and its amazing how this herb works. its better than over the counter pills. I have irregular menstrual cycles. Will this help? How long will it take to take effect? How much oil should I take a day? I want to be able to conceive but it’s hard for me because of my irregular menstrual cycles. Is there any other herbs that my help that you would recommend? Thank you.

  • ghc_health

    Have not seen any information that suggests oregano oil directly affects menstrual cycles. Have you had the cause of irregularity determined?

  • Berdenia Broes

    The best thing for bedbugs is DE. I sell it and it is amazing. Looks like a power and kills them within 20 mins. My email is berdenia@diocleanse.com

  • JRock

    I have CF. Cystic Fibrosis. I read stuff about oregano oil and it’s benefits. I want to try for my illness, because it just sounds like something I need and would help. I read it can be taken by drops or in capsules…but is this something that can be inhaled or nebulized? For the respiratory issues? How can I take?

  • ghc_health

    We recommend adding a few drops to a capsule and consuming that way. Have not heard reports from people inhaling it. It contains capsaicin (the “hot” ingredient in cayenne) and can be uncomfortable to consume unbuffered.

  • Afflatus

    Does Oregano oils produce vitamin k – a blood clotting proteins?

  • Oregano oil is a good source of vitamin K.

  • Jackie

    Can this oregano oil help to removed lung scat due to healed ptb?tnx

  • Good question, I haven’t found anything to that effect. Any other readers have input?

  • Elmer

    Diatomaceous Earth ! Fantastic Absolutely effective on bedbug. Maybe 20 minutes on the individual one but for an infestation it will take continual application possibly many days. But that is not all. Fleas in animals. Parasites. My dog has not had fleas in years. I do see fleas on the property. Not on the dog.

  • excited by oregano oil

    I drink a green smoothie every morning for breakfast and was wondering if I can add a few drops of Oregano Oil to it instead of using a carrier oil?

  • You could but it’s powerful stuff and might really affect the flavor.

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  • Careless

    What can be done to treat a burn/hyperpigmentation caused by using pure oregano oil on skin?

  • TommyTimmerson

    Might have to wait it out… what exactly did you do?

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  • TOM

    Heart patients are prescribed blood thinners. So would blood clotting agents such as vitamin K found in Oregano be dangerous?. Inflammation seems to be the root cause of heart disease, dementia, Parkinsons,etc and therefore it would really make sense to take antibacterials like Oregano.

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  • Trav

    The oregano oil blend from Global Healing Center uses a WILD oregano which is specially extracted and contains the correct ratio of contituents, oregano tea is not the same thing.

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  • Regenia Gartner

    Informative commentary , I was fascinated by the info – Does anyone know
    if I would be able to access a blank template form Instructions version
    to fill in ?

  • Hi Regenia, my partner completed a template a form copy with this link http://goo.gl/vep9Fu.

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