Oil Pulling: Not Just for Oral Health?

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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Oil Pulling Benefits

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for oral health and detoxification. It involves the use of pure oils as agents for pulling harmful bacteria, fungus, and other organisms out of the mouth, teeth, gums and even throat.

The most effective oil pulling is done by placing around a tablespoon of cold pressed organic sesame oil into the mouth and swishing the oil around the mouth for approximately 10-15 minutes and then spitting it out.

Other oils such as extra virgin cold pressed coconut, sunflower and olive oil have been used, although sesame oil is considered one of the best oils for this practice. I recommend alternating oils every couple of days to get the full benefit. Putting high quality organic oils into the mouth has a multi-effect outcome.

First, the oils mix with the saliva, turning it into a thin, white liquid. Lipids in the oils begin to pull out toxins from the saliva. As the oil is swished around the mouth, teeth, gums and tongue, the oil continues to absorb toxins, and usually ends up turning thick and viscous and white. Once the oil has reached this consistency, it is spit out before the toxins are reabsorbed.

What does oil pulling do?

Multiple scientific studies show the efficacy of oil pulling therapy. One study [1] shows that oil pulling with sesame oil can boost overall oral health. Specifically, using sesame oil as an oral health agent helps to reduce the amount of S. mutans (germ) count in both teeth plaque and mouth saliva. Scientists believe that the lipids in the oil both pull out bacteria, as well as stop bacteria from sticking to the walls of the oral cavity.

Oil pulling may also increase saponification in the mouth, creating a soapy environment that cleanses the mouth as vegetable fat is an emulsifier by nature. Most interesting is perhaps the ability of oil to cleanse out harmful bacteria, as well as reduce fungal overgrowth. These oils also possibly help in cellular restructuring, and are related to the proper functioning of the lymph nodes and other internal organs.

Other possible benefits of oil pulling for oral health include:

  • Overall strengthening of the teeth and gums and jaws.
  • Prevention of diseases of the gums and mouth, such as cavities and gingivitis.
  • Prevention for bad breath
  • Potential holistic remedy for bleeding gums
  • Prevention of dryness of the lips, mouth and throat.
  • Possible holistic treatment for TMJ and general soreness in the jaw area.

Benefits Beyond the Mouth?

Ancient Ayurvedic health practitioners believed that oil pulling could reduce more than just diseases of the mouth and throat. Today, many holistic practitioners tout its use for a variety of health concerns. It is believed that these oils help the lymphatic system of the body as harmful bacteria are removed and beneficial micro flora are given with a healthy environment to flourish. Because of this holistic perspective, oil pulling has been used as a preventative health measure for many other conditions.

Other possible benefits of oil pulling for overall health include:

woman covering mouth

  • Migraine headache relief
  • Supporting hormone imbalances
  • Reducing redness and swelling in bones and joints
  • May help with gastro-enteritis
  • Aids in the reduction of eczema
  • Helps support normal kidney function
  • May help reduce congestion
  • Some people report improved vision
  • Helps promote normal sleep patterns
  • Reduced hangover after alcohol consumption
  • Aids in reducing discomfort
  • Helps detoxify the body

Scientific Studies on Sesame Oil and Oil Pulling

Sesame oil is particularly high in the antioxidants sesamol, sesamin, and sesamolin. It also holds a high concentration of Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These antioxidants have been found to stop the absorption of negative forms of cholesterol in the liver. Multiple studies have shown the antibacterial capacities of sesame oil. These studies support the use of oil pulling in the prevention of dental cavities and gingivitis.

A 2007 study [2] looking into the effect of oil pulling (with sunflower oil) on plaque and gingivitis on oral soft and hard tissues. Results found that after 45 days of oil pulling, subjects showed a statistically significant reduction in gingivitis.

Another study [3], conducted in 2008 found a “remarkable reduction in the total count of bacteria” in the mouth, and an overall marked reduction in susceptibility dental cavities. The antibacterial activity of sesame oil was also studied and found to have an effect on the Streptococcus mutans in the mouth. In fact, these studies showed an overall reduction of bacteria from 10 to 33.4% in participants, and after 40 days of oil-pulling, participants were found to show 20% in average reduction in oral bacteria. Moreover, half of all participants in this case study showed a drastic reduction in susceptibility to dental caries.

Have you ever tried oil pulling? If so, please share your experience in the comments below.

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • Rhonda

    I’m a big believer in Oil Pulling, it helps me curb my cravings for sugar.

  • margaret doucette


  • arizonawoman

    It’s not “curve” your appetite; you “curb” it. Sheesh!

  • Mississippi Man

    Maybe oil pulling can help Arizonawoman curve her propensity to go off topic and upbraid posters for minor peccadilloes.

  • Joe in Missouri

    Not an oil puller yet but am going to try it. I have been a user of soap (usually Dr Bronners) to brush with for the past 7 years and that has really improved the health of gums. Sounds crazy but you get phenomenal results.

  • leonard

    It works for me. Among other things it has curved my appetite as well. Sometimes it is curbed but usually curved.

  • george

    How do you swish for 15 minutes w/o swallowing?

  • Terry

    I’ve been Oil Pulling with Sesame Oil for about 2 years now.
    Best thing I’ve ever done for my health.
    63 years young

  • Rita

    after reading the article, I tried oil pulling. My gums weren’t swollen and looked healthy to dentists, but were receding in recent years. When I woke up the next morning, my gums were even flater than before. It will be interesting to see the results in a month to see, even though I’m in good health, if I feel more vibrant.

  • Lisa

    I’ve have oil pulled for a little but then stopped because I read that it will pull metal fillings out of your teeth. What are others experience with this? Do you oil pull with metal fillings? Do you know if it will damage it? And I understand the dangers of metal fillings. They were put in at a time when I had no idea of the ramifications and at this point in time, cannot take them out. Thanks for the help!

  • akshitha

    is this all natural benifits real …….but it look soo….!

  • The Natural Health Doc

    Thanks for that Terry. Love the attitude. You rock. You’ve convinced me to try it 🙂

  • mary orszulak

    I recently went to two different dentists as part of a route canal and crown on an old filling. My regular dentist asked if I had whitened my teeth (i had only pulled for one month). I told her about OP and she told her assistant to write it down. She said the change in color and health of my gums was significant. Then I went to an oral surgeon, he said, “Your chart says you are way overdue for a cleaning is that true?” and I said, “yes.” He said, “My question to you is what have you been doing at home as you have absolutely no tartar on your teeth.” I have also been exposed to a lot of ill people at work and at home and have not had a cold all winter.

  • Joyce

    I find it hard to hold the oil in my mouth for 10 minutes or more. How long do you suggest? Also, is sesame oil the same as sesame seed oil & do you do it everyday, once a day, & if once a day, in the morning or before going to bed? After oil pulling, does a person rinse with plain water or anything? What I’ve read about oil pulling, doesn’t address these questions.

  • Bixby

    I’ve been OP with Coconut OIl for just a few days now and I can tell a big difference visibly on my tongue and I have fresher breath. I can also tell a difference in my energy level. I convinced my skeptical husband to try it last night – and today he called me from work to tell me he could tell a big difference in his energy level as well.

  • I’m oil pulling as we speak, my mother used to suffer from major migraine headaches and they seem to just go away one day after she began oil pulling. But I agree with most of the testimonials on the method, my teeth are whiter, my breath is fresher, and my gums never hurt anymore. I definitely recommend anyone to try it! The problem nowadays is people think certain things are silly unless a doctor prescribes it

  • Carol

    swish oil in your mouth 10-15 mins, sesame oil is the best oil to use, do it in the morning upon rising, spit oil out, and brush teeth well and tongue as well.

  • Carol

    Yes, swish for 15 mins is recommended. DON’T ever swallow the oil. All the toxins are in the oil. Make sure you brush tonque and teeth very well, and you might want to clean toothbrush very well after each use.

  • michelle

    I just learned about the oil pulling technique for better health. I love going the natural way any way I can. I was just wondering, my time allotment would be easier to do this in the evening. Would It still work for me?
    Would really like input, thanks.

  • Rajalakshmi

    Yes , I did oil pulling with sesame oil and it feels like you have had a scaling done by a dentist . I have an old book on Siddha medicine detailing all natural cures. This sesame oil treatment is mentioned in that book.

    In fact after spitting out the oil , apply pure shikakai powder made into a paste all over gums & teeth ( please don’t swallow) letting it remain for few minutes. Then rinse with warm water. And brush the normal way with toothpaste & toothbrush. This does wonders as Shikakai also has medicinal properties. It is used for shampooing of hair also.

  • juanita

    I am convinced! But my question is can you OP while on the lemonade diet. I mean does anyone know of any reason why not?? Help, please.

  • Rajalakshmi

    Hi Juanita , what is a lemonade diet ? If you could tell me I might help. Anyhow one does not swallow the oil. Hence you should have no problem doing OP.

  • Josefina

    I’ve been suffering if off and on teeth and gum issues since years now. Pulling out the teeth is always my option and none other can you believe it I am loosing tooth fast so are my dentures. Now I am left with no dentures and not really enjoying any food. Thank God I can still swallow Green Smoothie. I would like to tell every readers that Oil Pulling works, today is my 3rd day, even after my first try I am now enjoying my food and how much more now. Teeth pain is 75 % relieved, swollen gums 80 % down and bleeding gums 90 % gone. To god be the glory. Try it to prove it yourself.

  • Tamara Luevano

    I was having an annoying cough that had almost gone away, but there was still something hanging on in my chest. I was told to oil pull right before meals. I did it twice one day with extra virgin olive oil and two or three times the next day and maybe once the following day. The cough disappeared for me. I tried to get my daughter to do it for her cough was worse. She did it once a day for maybe three days and it didn’t really help her. I think she needed to do it more often. When I do it, it brings up mucous. I can always sing so much better after doing it. A singing friend told me that swallowing a teaspoon of olive oil before singing would help cut the mucous. It didn’t help me that much, but oil pulling really helped.

  • caterina

    I only read about this method a few days ago. Today is my 3rd day of oil pulling. The first 2 days I used Sunflower oil, today I used Sesame. I noticed immediately my mouth was fresher – all day long as a lasting affect. I have had dental work done which seems to harbor bacteria even though I brush and floss religiously. I also noticed on the 1st day that my teeth are whiter, and smooth as if I had them polished at the dentist. My allergies were worse the first 2 days but I had more energy and I am aware of the fact if releasing toxins one feels worse before getting better.

    I have 4 different oils that I plan on incorporating, but a fresher mouth, whiter teeth and cleaner feel – and also, a burst of energy alone is worth the effort. I will wait a while more before commenting on allergy benefits and other health issues, it will be interesting to see though.

    I have had no problem retaining the oil in my mouth, the nutty oils my be better for those who haven’t been able to do so. As for swallowing while at the same time not swallowing the oil, just don’t have the oil in the back of your mouth when you do so- it’s a “dry” swallow.

  • ken

    never OP with sunflower oil… just stick to sesame oil! i tried with sunflower and it actually affected the movement of my eyeballs (felt very jerky). With sesame, it was the opposite, everything seems to function like a well-lubricated engine. i figure the sunflower oil has too much omega 6 compared to sesame which has more omega 3.

  • peggy

    I just started oil pulling 5 days ago with coconut oil and I cannot believe the difference in my teeth and gums already after such a short time. I have my whole family doing it now. Another thing I have noticed is the pain in my knees is almost completly gone. I used to have a hard time climbing stairs and if I stooped down the pain would just be horrific gettng back up …well that is all gone now…I don’t know how it works but it is….I don’t plan to ever stop now…and I too have noticed a big increase in my energy level.

  • Larysa

    You probably had an allergic reaction or something. I’ve been using sunflower oil for over two month now and have no problem with it.

  • mike

    I started pulling two days ago before breakfast, lunch, and dinner switching between organic virgin coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil and organic refined sunflower oil (I will add sesame oil in the rotation after reading this and all these comments). Today is the end of day three and I definitely noticed an improvement in my energy levels. I have also been using a terminator 2 zapper and eating a paleo diet (highly recommended for everyone, but especially folks with just about any auto immune condition) for 5 months, but despite this I attribute my recent energy boost to my recent oil pulling.

  • how did it help with the teeth?

  • Jade

    I’ve used both coconut and sesame oil, and the first thing I noticed is my energy greatly in the morning, and an almost annoying inability to sleep in now. It’s like a refreshing cup of coffee. Not to mention how white the coconut oil seems to make my teeth. Still waiting to see the long term effects, but am very happy to have discovered such an amazing remedy.

  • Anon

    I heard about oil pulling during a funny conversation over weekend drinks. The person at our table claimed a 20 minute swish of sesame oil cured his hangover and sinus infection. We all laughed as the story was certainly funny. However, wanting better health, I checked it out on-line and read some blogs such as this one. I tried it for the first time this morning as just a way for a quick detox before starting my day. I must say my teeth feel quite clean. I’ll do some more oil pulling as the week wears on and see if I notice any other differences. Thanks.

  • Gervaise

    I have been oil pulling for about 5wks now, I am 8mths pregnant and I have never felt better. My teeth are whiter my mouth and gums are feeling fresh all the time even on arising. I have so much energy after being very tired and drained being pregnant and all and I do not get irritated which was a common feeling for me in the past. I’m sure my vision has improved also and I have an over all feeling of well being I highly recommend this practice and all I know that have tried this and have kept it up have same or similar results also. This is a practice I will continue for life…

  • pennach

    My chiropractor recommended oil pulling about a month ago when I told her that my dentist said that bacteria had taken over my mouth and gums. Within days after swishing my gums went from white to light pink. Now they are a healthy normal pink. My jaws also seem much better. Foods don’t seem to stick so easily. I am believer now! I didn’t realize I could use the other oils also. I am doing more research on those oils.

  • ann

    I have pulling with coconut oil for 2 weeks now. It really makes my mouth feel cleaner and my teeth are getting whiter and my skin softer. The best effect is that it has helped my joint pain. I want to add the sesame oil and see if there are other benefits

  • Lucy

    Good question! I haven’t seen an answer yet. Did you get any more information on that Lisa?

  • priya

    Hi , I’ve been doing tis oilpulling since 3 weeks and going through insomnia after that, sleepless nights, can anyone tell me why so…plz help me, is it coz of oil pulling

  • ghc_health

    Thank you for your post! Oil pulling is thought to pull out metal ions from fillings and not generally the filling itself. If you do find your concerned with this it may be wise to consult with your dentist before you continue to do the oil pulling, peace of mind may be the best thing to consider.

    Thank you again for your post, take care and be well!

  • Laura

    I have been pulling for about 8 months and I have several fillings as well – in my experience to date it has had no harmful effect. My dentist has noticed a marked difference in my tarter and the color of my teeth. He asked if I whiten my teeth and if I am using a different dental product because I had essentially no tarter buildup since my last visit. I told him about oil pulling — but he just thinks I am a ‘weird yoga instructor’. Whatever!

  • Although I do practice oil pulling, I do want to mention there are in fact very few studies indicating the efficacy of this practice.

  • Ruth

    I have been oil pulling for about a month. I experienced sinus pressure during the first initial week right after I had finished pulling. That subsided and there were a few days I missed and when I started up again the pressure returned. It lasts about an hour or so. Is this something anyone else has experienced? I do use organic coconut oil.

  • It’s been two years, so I don’t know how relevant this is for you anymore. I can’t go that long without swallowing, so I move all the liquid to the front of my mouth, then “dry swallow” before allowing the liquid back into my whole mouth. That way, I barely swallow any of the oil/saliva mixture, but I still get to satisfy my need to swallow.

  • catbear

    Just started a week ago and I am so stuffy, feel like I have a cold. I am wondering if I am detoxing.

  • What time of day are you doing the pulling? It can cause significant energy increase. You don’t mention what type of oil you’re using, Sesame is proven to give energy and to help cure insomnia so you may want to try that. Both Sesame and Coconut raise metabolism. Don’t swallow the oil you pull with but research Sesame oil and you may want to consider taking a small amount daily.

  • Biomagnetips

    After reading all the comments, it will make sense to give oil pulling a try.
    Are there any side effects?

  • Mahina

    I have been oil pulling for a week now with organic safflower oil. 15 mins every morning then brush with baking soda and kosher salt. Dry mouth gone and breath fresher. So far so good.

  • It shouildn’t be any aproblem…On the contrary, it will help with the detox process..

  • Cairn

    Cairn to Terry
    I started OP a week ago for toothache and don’t think I’ll ever stop because I don’t have tooth aches and I sleep better. In the beginning, I found it hard, too, so I started with five minutes and worked up to ten..I do it first thing in the morning and last thing at night, rinsing with warm water then brushing teeth. My bottle says Organic, Unrefined Sesame Oil and is made by Spectrum.. Yes…it is made from sesame seeds. I suspect that the organic, unrefined parts are important, lest you introduce toxins from processed oil.

  • This is going on with me too. It’s been one week and never been so stuffy.

  • I’m so intrigued by this post and definitely want to try op for myself, but does anyone know if its a good idea to op with braces on?

  • Kelly Cee

    What soap were you using?

  • YES BEEN SWISHING BOUT 2 MONTHS NOW…just had 12 extractions today getting dentures this month wish it happened sooner but miricle my gums are wonderful and no bleeding thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


  • Sharon

    Haven’t. Tried this yet although very interested. I’m in Germany now but as soon as I return to the states, I will try. Considering doing some before and after pictures of my teeth. Looking forward to a cleaner and fresher mouth, and the energy benefits.

  • Amy

    From what I read you are supposed to do it on an empty stomach which is why it is recommended to do in the morning before eating or drinking.

  • Lisa L

    I think this is a normal reaction when you cleanse and detox your body. It is a reaction to the toxins being released by your cells and is a temporary condition which will probably subside in a few days. It is called a healing crisis, and happens with other types of cleanses as well. Some people are more prone to this reaction than others.

  • Lisa L

    It will be beneficial, as braces tend to increase oral germs and decay

  • Zara Whitaker


  • angie sink

    I have been using oil pulling for my sinus pain and pressure caused by congestion for the last year. This method really works for me. Previously I had been researching natural remedies for my sinusitis, and am very grateful to have discovered this simple procedure, if I have severe congestion, I still use my other remedies: saline rinse with a nettie-pot, massaging facial area over the sinus cavities, in addition to oil pulling. Also, just went to the dentist, and he could not find any cavities, another wonderful benefit of oil pulling.

  • Jeroen Deva Geetesh

    You can find the studies below the article. Obviously there are only a few studies since oil pulling is commericially not interesting. Those selling mouthwash and those drilling teeth have only to loose from any study that proves that oil pulling works.

    Be a light onto yourself and try it out. You have a lot to win and nothing to loose.

  • Sally

    My dentist slowly replaced all my metal fillings.

  • ghc_health

    With mercury free, right??

  • Elizabeth

    i’ve been oil pulling for quite a while, although i used raw virgin coconut oil instead. i’ve had great results, my teeth got much whiter, my ulcers dissapeared and my bad breath went away. I defenitly recommend oil pulling.

  • ghc_health

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Elizabeth!
    -Dr. Edward Group

  • ghc_health

    Hey Sharon, have you given it a try yet? Let us know how it worked for you!

  • ghc_health

    None reported!

  • Linda Uliana

    I am going through chemo, which is causing sores in my mouth, someone recommended oil pulling. I will try anything to improve this condition, does anyone have experience with this?

  • yusuf

    what would be effectiveness of using black seed oil for oil pulling?

  • ghc_health

    Might be worth a look.

    Check out this article on the subject-


  • ghc_health

    Ugh, I feel for you, Linda. I have witnessed that terrible side effect. We’ve heard that some people have good luck using O2-Zap, an ozonated olive oil for this problem. It is organic olive oil that is maxed out with oxygen.

  • Linda Uliana

    Thank you- I’ve been doing the oil pulling – and the sores that were in my mouth have healed. I had another chemo treatment and have started with another sore – but it’s not nearly as bad. I will look for that product, and continue with the oil pulling.

  • BH

    Why do left-brainies always need a study for everything? What about instinct? What about testimonials? Studies done by scientists are always biased in favour of drugs and against natural remedies anyway so I don’t really take them seriously.

  • ghc_health

    Right on! Thanks for sharing.

  • shawn

    I am interested in trying flaxseed oil for pulling. Thoughts?

  • Lorenzo Hoboken

    Can you please cite a single US study or medical journal?

  • beth

    can I just use regular sesame oil? what is pressed sesame oil?

  • TJ Green

    Anyone have experience with OP and adding a bit of ozonated olive oil?

  • Megatron

    Are you unable to find this information yourself or is your question a roundabout way of cleverly insinuating that oil pulling is bogus?

  • chanel

    I’m using avocado oil and im loving the results

  • jrchellew

    I have been oil pulling for exactly one week and I love the results!! I received my Nutiva Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil last Tuesday and got started right away. I noticed (15 minutes into swishing) an urge to clear my throat because I felt my sinuses draining. Immediately after spitting it out, I realized the sensitivity I usually experience while rinsing with cold water was almost non-existent!! This was a big problem for me and one of the reasons I dreaded brushing my teeth because it hurt so bad… After one week of oil pulling every morning for 20 mins, I have noticed: My teeth are whiter & softer, my breath is a lot more pleasant, increased energy during the day, I sleep better/easier at night, reduced nasal congestion, the joint pain in my knees has gotten significantly better, and my skin looks healthier(less pimples and decreased dryness). I also have noticed a visible improvement in my tinea versicolor (a skin condition that looks like tons of lighter-colored spots on my back, chest and arms that also causes itching and flaking skin). My skin feels softer and I haven’t even needed to use lotions for it this whole week!! Psyched about that whether it’s because of the oil pulling or not!!! Oil pulling has also lead to an increased awareness of my dietary habits throughout the day. It’s a good habit to start the day with because it helps me stay focused on my overall health!! I think everyone should try this and see how it improves their health!!

  • BG

    Your situation sounds similar to mine. Have had gum and teeth problems all my life. I have learned to manage infection and pain with Grapefruit Seed Extract. Three drops in about one third cup of water every night before retiring. Swish in mouth for a couple of minutes and swallow. I have become very interested in oil pulling. I started and then read something about reactions with metal. I have spent thousands and a lot of misery with failed implants. I still have left over metal posts and have suffered from so much pain from dentist, I am terrified to go back. I would love to know if it is safe for me with my situation to do the oil pulling.

  • BG

    It sounds like it might be difficult, but it’s not (unless you get the urge to sneeze or cough. I controlled that problem with a paper towel in a glass handy just in case. Then you can spit and start over if you need to.

  • Dawn Fornillo

    it is perhaps the best habit I have ever had! It has helped my sinuses and cleared up what I believe to be a type of skin cancers in 2 spots, not to mention that my gums are healthy and never hurt anymore. I suggest this as an aid for general health improvement. It is an easy thing to do every morning and well worth the results!

  • Ya ya

    I hand wash my dishes while I am oil pulling. Keeps my mind and hands busy. I really don’t think about swallowing but dry swallow if I need to. I just started OP with coconut oil, so this is all new to me.

  • I have been reading about OP for a little bit now, and am interested for myself (healthy mouth) and for my brother (lots of mouth issues). I have priced Sesame and Coconut and they are pricey. What is the schedule for all this? Is there a difference in that between healthy mouth and unhealthy mouth? Is one brand better? Are we looking for certain titles such as “extra virgin” etc? Do we do this every day for a certain period of time and then take a day off or two? Or do you just do this every day for the rest of your life? Or do you do it a full week and then again in a couple months? Again, difference in that for healthy vs unhealthy mouth?

  • Jaycee

    I have been oil pulling with Sesame oil for 2 weeks and I am completely amazed! I heard about it on Dr. Oz about a year ago, but never followed through. Then I met someone who had been doing it for a few months and was raving about all the wonderful things it has done for them, so I had to try it. They recommended Sesame oil, but also said that they alternate sometimes with Coconut oil and it seems to help both oils to work better! My teeth are so white!!! I have tried whitening products that never seemed to work all that well for me. I thought that the natural color of my teeth must just be more yellow because I’ve always had strong teeth and very few dental problems, but they weren’t very white. Wow!!! Gums look and feel amazing too! And as a side note, I am sleeping much sounder, not having to get up and use the bathroom 1 or 2 times per night! I’m 51 years old so that means a lot! Also, skin seems clearer, brighter. I don’t know what other benefits I may find over time, but so far I’m a believer!

  • Awesome!!

  • Dena Robins

    I have tried oil pulling for 3 weeks. Amazingly it got rid of inflammation in my left foot. I am losing weight because I combined pulling with my early morning exercise.

  • Kim

    Amazing difference after ONE oil pulling session. Used coconut oil for 20 minutes, then brushed & flossed. 2 hours later I looked at my tongue in the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes. My tongue was pink and completely free of any coating!!! It has never looked like that in spite of numerous detoxes, liver cleanses, etc. I will do oil pulling every day from now and look forward to reporting further benefits.

  • InTheLight717

    They ask what you are doing, then dismiss it.

  • InTheLight717

    My son had stubborn plaque, probably due to his regular snacking…now kids eat 5x/day. Anyway, I finally made him swish oil, usually just 5 minutes but maybe twice at 10 minutes. He is 11 and had to work his way up…at first it was just 1 minute. We use coconut oil, organic but not unrefined. After 5 oil pulls, the plaque on the one tooth that always seemed to be covered in plaque (it was disgusting, but he has never had a cavity, and the other teeth were clean), that tooth was clean! Now we have slacked off for a while, but this weekend he agreed to another oil pulling.

    I think this morning I kept the oil in too long and reabsorbed some of the toxins. I will have to be careful not to go more than 15 minutes, maybe 2 separate pulls, 10 minutes each? I love coconut oil, so the oil pulling is not a problem. I do want to try sesame and olive oil as they each have different properties. I wish I knew about oil pulling 20 years ago. I have had a slightly swollen lymph node behind my right ear so obviously have some sort of systemic infection, but the Infectious Disease doctor I saw just dismissed the swollen lymph node, put me on LEVAQUIN for 4 weeks and I’m not even sure he washed his hands before seeing me or afterward. I swore I would never take levaquin after it sent my grandmother into cardiac arrest. Now I’ve learned that it is a fluoride-based antibiotic and can’t believe I caved like that…I knew better. Thank God for nascent iodine, and maybe the oil pulling will help with the lymphatic system drainage?

  • Pete

    This would be a good reason to change out your metal fillings. If simply swishing oil around your mouth may be able to do this, imagine what food can do! You can take them out, go to a good dentist who has experience with this. Get ceramics.

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  • Crystal

    You are supposed to pull in the morning before you swallow anything or brush your teeth. The idea is that while you sleep and aren’t swallowing, toxins are brougth to your mouth and when you swallow in the morning, you are then putting them back into your body. For this reason, as soon as you wake, your supposed to oil pull for 10-15 minutes, then brush your teeth and go about your day.

  • Terri Jensen

    I’m swishing as I read for the first time. Trying to get rid of my orange tounge. I’ll check back and tell you how it goes.

  • hazel horsford

    I just started op this week. Already my mouth is fresher, and teeth a shade lighter. i have a disease of the lymphatic system, so I am looking forward to my next set of lab work to see if I have made improvement there. I will keep you posted.

  • Gladys

    Have already tried the “mouth wash” with “Sunflower Seed Oil” for a few months. Obviously, my gum and sensitive teeth are better. Definitely, I would keep trying this method – mouth wash.

  • Maren

    Its 200$ a tooth and u must go to a holistic dentist to avoid further mercury poisoning

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  • Rachael

    You could always do it in the shower first thing in the morning.

  • Rachael

    Thats interesting. I’m just starting oil pulling for gum disease that I’ve battled for years but I also have arthritis in my hands and knees so I’d love for that to lessen as a side benefit.

  • Fair4theGander

    I had read about oil pulling and the benefits before. I planned to start pulling but never got around to it. Oddly enough, one day last week I woke to a toothache. Having never had a toothache I wasn’t quite sure if it was just a headache or…
    So for some reason I got the idea to pull. I chose coconut oil so at least the flavor would be pleasant. And so I did but only for about three minutes. All I can say is pain relief!! Toothache was gone before I finished; gone and didn’t return for a couple days. This was my first experience with pulling. So I thought the pain relief was the result of mind over matter. You know, I shifted my focus on the oil in my mouth rather than the pain so it subsided. However I later realized that the toothache didnt come back for a couple of days and that’s when I realized that it may be something to this puling stuff after call. Lol!

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