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Natural Remedy for Eczema: Ozonated Olive Oil

Written by Dr. Edward Group Founder

Eczema is a skin condition in which sections of the epidermis become rough, red, and inflamed, causing itching and sometimes bleeding. More than 30 million Americans suffer from atopic dermatitis, more commonly called eczema. [1] It can appear on any area of the body, and people with dry, sensitive skin and skin allergies suffer the worst. When the intense itch of eczema flares up, finding relief may be your top priority. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that work to relieve the pain and irritation.

Causes of Eczema

Although scientists can’t pinpoint the exact cause, they do have some clues and also know eczema is not contagious. Research indicates atopic dermatitis happens as a result of a complex system involving immune dysfunction due to genetic response. Often the "causes" of eczema are nothing more than triggers. Common triggers include low humidity leading to dry skin, immune response, stress, harsh soaps and detergents, lotions loaded with petrochemicals, sweat, some forms of bacteria (Staphylococcus), and plastic and latex gloves. Food allergies also appear to play a role in the appearance of eczema, although some experts dispute this.

Can Diet Help as an Eczema Treatment?

Medical experts claim that diet has no effect on eczema; however, many people report improvements in their condition by adding a few foods to their diet. Probiotics with live, active cultures not only support digestion, but, according to some, appear to help alleviate symptoms. Green, black, and oolong teas are also alleged to calm flare-ups. Omega-3 fatty acids as found in fish, walnuts, flaxseed oil, and chia seeds help maintain your skin’s moisture and also appear to ease the symptoms of eczema.

Natural Remedies for Itchy Skin and Atopic Dermatitis

Adding epsom salts and magnesium flakes to a warm bath is a great way to soothe irritated, dry skin. You can also gently rub coconut oil into your skin to moisturize. Jojoba oil is similar to our skin’s natural oil, sebum, so it sinks in deep to calm and promote healing. The oatmeal bath is another popular favorite for an intense case of skin irritation due to dermatitis. A study found a combination of honey, beeswax, and olive oil prevent bacteria and fungus from aggravating the skin. [2]

How Can Ozonated Olive Oil Help with Eczema?

Another natural remedy to consider is ozonated olive oil like O2-Zap®. Ozonated olive oil delivers oxygen directly to your skin where it stimulates the growth of skin cells and improves cellular function. The olive oil cleanses, sterilizes, and acts as a moisturizing agent. Combined, they reduce redness and swelling, calm nerves, and promote healthy skin. I personally recommend our version of ozonated olive oil O2-Zap made from high quality, organic, extra virgin olive oil. So, while I can tell you all the benefits of O2-Zap, I will let the reviews speak for themselves:

“My husband had a weeping eczema spot on one arm that cleared up after four days using the product.”
- Healthy gut mom

“Helped my eczema [and it’s a] good face moisturizer.”
- Dawnda

“I’ve had an on-going struggle with a rash…one bottle made it go away; and it works IMMEDIATELY!” – Happy Camper

Do you have eczema? What moisturizers or oils do you use? Do they help? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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