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11 Health Benefits of MegaHydrate™

Written by Dr. Edward Group Founder
MegaHydrate Benefits

MegaHydrate is a cutting edge dietary supplement boasting one of the highest antioxidant potentials on the planet. It was created by physicist and medical doctor Patrick Flanagan as a way to boost cellular hydration by reducing the surface tension of water within the body, essentially making the water in and between our cells hydrated. The idea is that with optimal hydration and surface tension of this fluid we are able to more efficiently eliminate toxins and metabolic by-products on the most basic level. Add to this a potential increase in the delivery of important nutrients and you have a recipe for healthier cells and a healthier body.

More than one hundred times more potent than popular plant-based antioxidant sources such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, green tea extract, and grape seed extract, MegaHydrate has been tested in a clinical setting for its applications to overall wellbeing and free-radical elimination. According to Flanagan, silica hydride is the only antioxidant compound that does not convert itself into a pro-oxidant after donating its electrons, instead of combining with other hydrogen atoms to form a harmless gas or with oxygen and hydrogen to form water. You can read all about the science behind MegaHydrate on the links at the bottom.

The Benefits of MegaHydrate

The following section will outline some of the health benefits associated with MegaHydrate:

1. Provides Much-Needed Negatively Charged Hydrogen Ions

As a super-concentrated source of these ions, MegaHydrate has a very low oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). A low ORP means that the antioxidant is extremely likely to donate electrons and act as a more potent free-radical quencher.

2. May Slow the Aging Process

Because of its hydration capacities, MegaHydrate may increase moisture in all body parts, giving us a more youthful, vital appearance. This also means that the hair, skin, and fingernails may seem more lustrous and shiny.

3. Increases Absorption of Hydration Elements

MegaHydrate was developed to offer the same benefits as the waters found in high elevation regions of the world. In some elevated areas of places such as Pakistan, Ecuador, and Germany, people seem to live longer and with a better quality of life well into 100 years of age. This is because of the water structure of the frozen glacier water of these regions of the world. MegaHydrate mimics these waters in both its structure and health effects. This form of water does not have to work to be absorbed by our cells, but enters into them easily, allowing quicker hydration and nutrient uptake. Good things move into our cells easier, and toxicants also move out easier.

4. May Offset the Age-Related Decrease in Sensitivity to the "Thirst Mechanism"

Many people find the desire to drink water diminishes as they get older. Combine a reduced water intake with drinking tea, coffee, soda, energy drinks and other beverages that lead to a reduction in overall hydration and you have a situation where you are likely to notice the real effects too little water in your body.

5. Supports the Body's Response to Caffeine & Alcohol

You may be unaware of it, but caffeine overload can have a number of effects on the body including minor headaches, dehydration, irritability, and the jitters. Excessive alcohol consumption can also dehydrate the body and burden the body's natural detoxification processes. MegaHydrate may assist the body's response to caffeine and alcohol intake by supporting hydration and waste removal at the cellular level.

6. Boosts Health-Creating Negatively Charged Hydrogen Ions in the Body

These negative ions have been shown to boost our sense of well-being and overall health. Hydrogen ions are key to the body's energy balance. Without enough hydrogen ions from the plants and water we take in, the cells cannot effectively counteract the creation of free radicals in the body, leading to cellular damage and potentially shorter cell life.

7. Augments the "Zeta Potential" in Our Blood Cells

Through its principle ingredient, silica hydride, MegaHydrate augments what scientists call "zeta potential" in our blood cells. This compound boosts the charge, as well as stability and space between the blood cells. With more zeta potential, we get more surface area for blood cells. More surface area in these cells allows more room for toxicants such as bacteria, fungus, viruses, and pollutants to be expelled. Cleansing waters can reach our cells better due to the increased surface potentials. Studies confirm this heightened zeta response in cells upon taking MegaHydrate.

8. Boosts Overall Antioxidant Levels in the Body

Studies show that one serving provides more antioxidant content than many of the popular superfoods: including wheatgrass, green tea, leafy greens, and other vegetable and fruit juices. Heightened antioxidant activity may be a key factor in promoting a multitude of health benefits such as longevity, better memory, better energy levels, improved sight and hearing and reduced chances for chronic disease development.

9. Reduces Some Symptoms of Dehydration

MegaHydrate may help reduce some of the natural signs of dehydration such as lack of energy, head and muscle aches.

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10. Keeps Fresh Foods Fresh For Longer

It can be used as a natural preservative for fresh fruit and vegetable juices stored in your refrigerator. Just one half a capsule placed into the juice will allow it to keep its redox potential (nutritional properties) for up to one full week.

11. Provides Oxygen

The negative hydrogen atoms in MegaHydrate push cells apart, instead of drawing them together. This spaciousness increases fluidity in the lymph system and pulls more oxygen into cells. It also has been found to aid the liver in toxin removal.

Try MegaHydrate

Have you ever taken MegaHydrate? It's a popular product here at the office. If you're interested in learning more about it, you can visit this page or call our customer support line at 1-800-476-0016.

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