Lyme Disease: A Commentary

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

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We’d all like to hope that going to the doctor always resulted in honest treatments, perspectives, and efforts. After all, we’re talking about the health, well being, and lives of patients. Patients who are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandparents, and friends. Patient care isn’t like servicing a broken refrigerator; there is a human element involved and that has to be acknowledged. In some cases, undeniably, the medical profession does exhibit the level of care and respect it should. In other cases, it doesn’t. Perhaps one of the most tragic examples of this is with regard to chronic lyme disease.

I was recently conversing with a woman who was observing, first hand, the multitude of unbearable side effects of this disease. A friend of hers had been camping on the Texas/Louisiana border about six years ago when she was bitten by a tick and contracted lyme disease. The diagnosis did not come until months after the disease had progressed, a lot. Part of the initial problem was the reluctance for the medical community to recognize that the disease was even possible to contract in those parts.

Politics are Part of the Problem

Politics are a blight of the already dismal lyme disease landscape. If you haven’t seen the documentary Under Our Skin, I would encourage you to do so. It tells the often-muted, ugly side of chronic lyme disease and is a hard hitting portrayal of what life is like for people experiencing this terrible disease. It’s not uncommon for them to see numerous doctors and be prescribed various antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, and “complete” a slew of “effective” protocols, to then be told they’re cured (when they’re not) or that they’re just crazy. Some of these victims are wheelchair bound, barely function, and look terrible, yet some doctors out there have the gall to accuse them of making it all up.

We Need Science, Not Politics

Mainstream medicine has been denying the existence of chronic lyme disease for years. This is a completely unnecessary debate that has raged on and resulted in a number of doctors, who do acknowledge and treat chronic lyme disease, being sanctioned by politically-biased medical boards or labeled as criminals. What’s really maddening about this is that new research has shown that monkeys with lyme disease still have the disease despite being treated with all the “approved and effective” antibiotic protocols. [1]

This means chronic lyme disease is a reality, and, unfortunately, it’s a confusing reality that isn’t completely understood. This is what leads some to label experimental or alternative treatments as, “abunchajunk” or just hold tight to opinions like, “Well, that didn’t work for a guy my cousin knows so that’s that.”

Changes in Perception are Necessary

Modern medicine is great for situations like pain management and repairing trauma.  If you’re riding your bike and fall 70 feet down a steep, rocky hill and get smashed up, by all means, get to the hospital and let them alleviate your pain and put you back together. However, for chronic conditions, particularly lyme disease, the advances are disappointing; and until lyme disease can be fully explored, free of political and ulterior bias, it’s a situation that won’t improve.

References (1)
  1. Lorraine Johnson JD MBA. Lyme policy wonk: part1-new study shows lyme persists in monkeys. 2012 February 10.

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  • Brenda Moll

    As in the past yr,and TY for all that you do and have been doing for So many,as all that you have done ,along with others from around the worlds work combined in the past year..As it is All things that bite,and it did not mimic anything, it was all and all mutations so quickly happening now due to not just Fukushima,but the earth and sun having almost lost their magnetic shields completely now,the pollution of chemicals,toxins and metals that have been accumulating on this planet for decades more and more, the process of condensation and all coming from the earth and waters ,going back up into the clouds that are so much as they have been trying to protect us from added radiation from the sun and our loss of that protective sheild…all things have gotten mixed and redistributed all over,mostly the US as we are the country that most completely uses and purchases all of the things that are not natural (and as population and false marketing got more skillful from the outright lies as they could in our grandparents time,making it hard to tell which is which for those things w/o deep research during our time)..As the magnetic poles are moving at the same time as the wormwood planetary system is so much closer to us this yr than last…our immune systems have been more quickly going was never about dis-ease we found by the end of last year, and the ticks seem to have been the least likely out of all biting insects(mine was head to toe 2x in 06 then 07,from jumping sand fleas in the Porcupine Mtns, let alone black flies and mosquitoes are such a small amount of vector borne dont get a target rash,but slowly over the yrs notice itching and swelling is way more than it used to be..we all have it,we have always been exposed to all things, but by especially individual daily uses of toxins in our food,toothpaste,deordorant,modern medicine(as all inerts at the least have “GMO” corn which now big time absorbs pesticides ad did not do what they thought it would in a world where all things have been slowly mutating until now,yet with its damages no one boycotts to take those big companies that got overly greedy down the silent way)…of course cancer has an all time high already as fuku hit our shores in 2011, and since last yr just the gamma and beta in only the air was over 1000 cpm(there is a weekly contest on wk 54 of what city and state wins the most rads that wk..what else can you do as we try to adapt and many have by going organic and holistic in eating,healing and living in a combo)but through politics is NOT the way as we take it to them at the “bandaid” stage, they are more aware of what s going on than we are..there was never chem trails..they were trying to protect us from the extraradiation,the things found were from what we all dumped here going up and coming back down in various areas and recycling again with new stuff, Even when I was in production control for a short yrs order to make cheaper to fit contracts, they found a bacteria at the bottom of the Ocean that cut the cure times in half,thus upping production of plastics,with heat…not a good thing as the bacteria merged with the plastics under heat,and a bacteria that was not known to anyone that had been at the bottom of the Ocean for how long?..and then after things are swept out by hand and into the air etc..into the great lakes..and more water to such small pcs..and they wonder why morgellons started to be found so high in the great lakes?We the people of this planet used these things,we purchased and funded greed…the conclusion was..unfund them..but we could not get all to do together to get it done fast enough and the answer was too simple for any to believe and refused to look at the combined research that brought us to it as so lengthy,yet here it was so simple at the same time..just as it was when we knew this would happen 5 decades ago had tried then,but was the one wanted to believe it would ever concern them ..and now, here it is, it does and will concern every human on this planet with what we learned) and they re focused back onto the topical we came closer to this time in history of the earth..too close …May the Lord Bless and keep you all!!

  • Brenda Moll

    many things on NASA,JPL,space weather ,NOVA.rsoe…ect can these things have been there for over 4 decades and to present,if looked at daily by those that have been this yr more than ever before ,as it took from all facets to have found out what we had

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