Juicing RAW Cannabis – Eating RAW Cannabis?

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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medicinal cannabis

There’s no shortage of controversy surrounding the use of medical marijuana. Despite the copious amount of scientifically-backed data gathered over decades, if not centuries [1], which show that cannabis has tremendous therapeutic potential, many lawmakers remain hesitant to approve its use. Regardless, a growing number of dedicated researchers continue to investigate new therapeutic applications for juicing or eating raw cannabis. For some people, it still remains difficult to distinguish between the plant’s therapeutic and recreational uses. Inhaling the plant’s vapors gets you high, even when that isn’t the primary reason why its being consumed. It’s not just anti-cannabis critics who have a problem with this issue. Many of the people who consume raw cannabis with a doctor’s recommendation have no interest in getting high. For them, the plant is a safe and natural method of relieving constant pain and constant discomfort, and it’s euphoric and thought befuddling qualities are seen as (unwanted) side effects. Research is now showing benefits from eating or juicing raw cannabis. One term that is regularly used in conjunction with cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — the ingredient in marijuana that produces the “high”. Cannabis does contain another beneficial chemical compound called Cannabidiol (CBD) which has been proven medically to help relieve irritation, convulsions, nausea, as well as inhibit cancer cell growth. Raw cannabis contains THCA and CBDA, ineffective alkaloids. They must be heated to produce THC and CBD, which in turn produces the “high.” This is the reason for smoking or vaporizing. By eating or juicing raw cannabis in its natural state, there is no “high” to speak of. Drinking fresh-squeezed cannabis juice (similar to wheat grass juice) or eating raw cannabis as a leafy green vegetable is fast becoming a preferred means of consumption for individuals in search health benefits without losing their heads in the clouds.

I personally have not tried this but please let me know your thoughts on this as it is a very interesting topic gaining popularity for a wide variety of health giving properties.

6/19/12 Follow up from Dr. G:

I would like to share with everyone an interesting and informative message I received from Jeffrey C. Raber, Ph.D. (thewercshop.com). Please read below:

When you consume “raw” cannabis, that is cannabis which has not been heated, you are consuming the cannabinoid acids. THCA and/or CBDA. If you have a strain that is dominant in CBD, then the raw form is delivering CBDA. If you have a high THC strain, then this raw form will deliver THCA. Look up tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, or cannabidiolic acid. Those are the A forms of the molecules you are consuming. Almost all varieties today contain large amounts of THCA which when heated provides THC. By volume (it is reported by weight actually), there is next to no CBDA or CBD in virtually all of the strains currently available. NOT ALL STRAINS ARE THE SAME! EVEN THE SAME NAMES ARE MOST OFTEN NOT THE SAME (mis-named, different grower = different method = different end product)! Over-generalization of this marvelous plant is what is diminishing its stock and ruining the value it has to offer. We’ve done thousands of strain tests and have in-house expertise directly from The Netherlands, we are the most informed laboratory of professional scientists in the US, you can rest assured my comments are correct.

Only about 2% of the strain products available today have CBD above 1 wt% in them. It is RARE! And most likely almost none of it exists in non-medical states today.

Juicing is working because it provides the cannabinoid acids, which are potent compounds that help regulate the endocannabinoid system in ways not fully understood just yet. When you juice properly, you consume almost no THC or CBD, it is all THCA and CBDA! That is why you don’t receive any psychoactive effects. Juicing improperly may lead to heating the solution and causing THC to form. The only way to know exactly what you have, strain or juice wise, is to have it tested by a reliable and accurate lab (and not all of the “labs” today operate in that faction either unfortunately). Only through accurate information dissemination, more thorough understanding and improved patient care will we be able to fully free this marvelous plant! We all have to do our part! Dr. Courtney, who we maintain an excellent relationship with, is a true pioneer in the fashion and we should all aim to support him and his efforts in every way we can. Let’s be sure to get the right information out there to everyone!

References (1)
  1. Duncan Campbell. Jesus 'healed using cannabis'. The Guardian. 2003 January 6.

†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • daniel

    Government would love to keep this from you until they can capitalize on it, keeping you a slave to them and Pharma. This is great info, thanks Dr. Group!

  • Tony

    Good or bad, you should be free to ingest, inhale or inject the plant product of your choice. For goodness’ sake, legalize drugs.

  • al

    You can’t digest THC or CBD without first somehow mixing it with dietary fat (e.g. butter or cream). So there’s no point in eating the plant raw.

  • pete

    Re: al,

    There are over 400 different natural compounds in cannabis flowers. Even if you don’t combine the product with fat, you will still metabolize very small amounts of THC, which is only one compound. There are hundreds of cannabinoidal compounds in just one flower and it is unlikely that they all must be combined with fats to metabolize them.

    This article just articulated that if you ingest raw cannabis plants, you will metabolize much more CBD than THC, which balances the psychoactive effect.

    I’m just pointing out that your claim that there’s “no point in eating the raw plant” is a bit premature.

    As far as consuming cannabis goes, we all know that hemp seeds are the ultimate form of a natural super food. Everyone should include hemp seed in their daily diet. They go very well with oatmeal and salads.

  • ab

    If someone were interested in trying cannabis as a preventative or additive to their diet, how or where would one go to obtain it? I would not even know where to start.

    I have read many articles that the cannabis juice can prevent and/or cure cancer as well as other issues so I am interested in finding out more.


  • pinoPout

    I am very grateful that my local medical marijuana dispensary works with Dr. Courtney. For the last three weeks they have been offering raw cannabis juice on Sundays. I have experienced such amazing results that simply leaving a comment on a website is totally inadequate. It is insane that we are not allowed to use this plant in its raw form. Without heating or aging, the plant has remarkably effective medicinal properties – and no psychoactive effect whatsoever.

    After drinking the juice for the first time I was amazed to realize that afternoon I could do things I haven’t been able to do for years. To say the juice has been life changing for me is an understatement.

    My only problem with it is the fear that since the clinic is only offering it now on a temporary basis I might not be able to access this wonderful medicine in the future. That would be so unfair! Please Dr. Group, if you care about people’s health even a fraction as much as you wrote in your mission statement, I beg you to contact Dr. William Courtney (http://www.cannabisinternational.org/) to see if you might be able to help make a raw cannabis product available to the general public.

    Thank you so much for any assistance you can offer.

  • tracers

    i have back problems and fibro myalgia and cannabis is the only thing some days that helps me thru the pain. i don’t think the government needs to be all up in everybody’s business anyway.

  • JustSayNO

    US Govt. owns patent on CBD. All you gotta do is Google it.
    Seems US Govt. is keeping CBD warm for the taskmaster Big Pharma.

  • Simon

    From a dealer. Get some connections.

  • jae pawl

    if you live in a medical cannabis state simply talk to your doctor more in depth on the topic, if you do not live in a med.cannabis state simply find the worst part of town and ask the local thugs “pant saggers” for trees/buds or weed this way it is usualy sold as dimes or dubs which are ten$ and 20$ bags/jars..if ya dont get killed or robbed you should beable to score a dime..lol hence the need for national legalization! 🙂

  • jae pawl

    plus the crysolythic hairs {the tiny little hairs next to the trichomes and allover the leaf and stems} are known to irritate the digestive tract and bowels, they grow on the plant as a deterent, to keep animals from eating it. and yes in order for the acidic form of thc to become active in the body it must be heated or added to a fatty substance befor ingestion!
    go grab a fresh leaf off a live cannabis plant and pop it in your mouth…its fuzzy and not like lettuce at all quite gross as a veggy.+ if its not grown organicly you are eating raw chelated salts and heavy metals from the “synthetic fertalizers” used….there are high cbd strains available now that have minimal psycoactive effect. insted of trying to reinvent the wheel or the salad for this matter,why not just do strain research?

  • J.C.

    If you are a law abiding citizen and don’t have the police regularly beating on your door for some dumb $h!t you did, then grow it in your basement. You can find everything you need online at growers supply. Don’t tell your friends, family, or neighbors you are doing this. Bragging that you are doing something illegal is the best way to get turned in. Do not sell it or give any to your friends. Do not let anyone see you use it or leave remains lying about.

  • Christine Mattice

    Wow, I didn’t know there were so many medicinal purposes for cannabis. Unfortunately, I think lawmakers are hesitant to approve its use because they think that people will just make up medical ailments in order to justify a prescription for this “illegal” drug. Of course, this could very well happen. But if it helps a lot of real medical conditions, I think any possible abuse is worth it.

  • CDot

    I’m thinking the government should find a way to tax cannabis so they can make it legal and everyone can use it the way that they are using it now. If I did not know it was illegal, I was think it was legal based on the way it is used, and how casual people are in it’s use. Treat it like alcohol and cigarettes when used for recreation, and use it properly when using it for medicinal purposes. That would take care of a lot of deficits.

  • boner mcfearson

    thats gonna be a $100 smothie

  • Janet

    I would like to try it, but don’t know where to find it. First I would have to find a physician who would give me an Rx and then I would have to find a dispensary who carries it.

  • Janet

    Do you have a link or information I can give to my local shop (who grows their own) about the Sunday juice program. I want to ask them to start one.

  • soleil

    I have been drinking a cannabis smoothie made in my vitamix every morning for the last 2 months with no irritation at all. 4 of us are doing this and the results are quite amazing. I have not felt this good in years, I’m in good health, 62 and eat an excellent diet. My friend is only 34 but was laid low by headaches and fibermialga and as long as she is juicing the fresh leaves she is way better, when she runs out she is in pain or sick again, has happened 3 times! My housemate has cancer and it is too soon to know but the Docs are saying his numbers look very good. I don’t like to be high and must be sure to have only fresh leafs and to ad ace cubes when I mix the smoothie.

  • John

    Err… I’ve eaten weed before. Not only does it get you stoned, it gets you ridiculously baked. You guys sure you did your research?

  • Zabelle

    This principle has been discussed at length by Rick Simpson on Youtube although he talks about hemp oil ingestion Same same but different? Look it up folks 😉

    PS Look for Run for the Cure

  • Josh

    I am very interested in figuring out and passing the knowledge to my local shop, for them to grow for me, and so that I may be able to juice myself. Any info you have would be GREATLY appreciated! Perhaps the name of your shop and a point of contact with good information on the process??

  • Josh Jenkins

    Where con I get one of those!

    It should be legal!

  • I have been juicing raw Cannabis daily for a few months now, and have had tremendous results treating my Psoriatic Arthritis. CBD is a phenomenal anti-inflammatory and natural TNF-a blocker that helps regulate my immune system better than any pharma anti-rheum drug I’ve been prescribed, with considerably less side effects!

    I can state for fact that raw Cannabis does NOT get you high at all! For one to get high from Cannabis, it must be decarboxylated (dried/heated) first. In its raw state, THC is not converted/activated.

  • Lori Koonce


    You probably had a edible made with the dried variety of MJ. Drying it consecrates the THC, and makes the CBC’s almost non existint.

  • Kris


    The CBDs are still very much there, regardless if it’s dried or not. I know this from personal experience, as I’ve been consuming cannabis for a number of years. And, I continue to research as more information becomes available. 🙂

    The time to re-legalize is upon us. 🙂

  • kristie

    I’m not sure why they don’t capitalize on it.. I activate the leaf for 20 minutes at 200 after it’s been ground up,, I then take 00 gelatin capsules from super suppliments and pack the poweder in,, I take six capsules a day, My service dog who started having seizures due to a brain tumor takes 4 a day,, we are both doing great. Why don’t pharmaceutical companies capsule it? BTW, no I don’t get High from it, but, it makes me need to inhale a lot less…

  • REally informative I was not aware of CBD and very happy to hear that cannabis is more than THC.
    I am wondering whether consuming juiced cannabis would do any good to a healthy person who doesn’t want to get high but just get the benefits from this plant?

  • robert ebbage

    my mum has that but wants to know how you take it?
    can you make it into a tea?
    kindest regards from Rob

  • Robert thank you for your post! The way that I would consider using it is in the raw form, either eating the plant or juicing it and then drinking it, the biggest consideration is that one make every attempt to make sure that in the process there is no heat involved in order to over come the THC aspects of the plant itself. As far as I have been made aware this should provide you with the healing aspects of the plant with out the ‘high” generally associated with the plant in general.

  • heather goolsby

    How many leaves do you eat…Is there a dose of daily intake……Can you put the leaf in dates and eat them…….If you have to juice it what kind of juicer do you need….where can i get dose and ways to take it info….Thanks so much…My son is epeleptic and we have tried everything from the AMA with no real sucess……………

  • Rob Vrancken

    To whom it may concern,
    I live in the Netherlands and I have been juicing the fresh cannabis leaves, which I now grow on my own terrace. I need to know the best seeds or plants for medicinal purposes and the best harvesting period. Please forward me any information or people, I can contact, in order to learn more about juicing fresh cannabis leaves for medicinal purpose. I have red and saw interviews from Dr. Courtney. I have tried juicing cannabis leaves after they have been harvested for commercial use (high THC levels). This will give you a high High. My theory is that you need to take fresh leaves BEFORE the plant blooms and produces THC. I now have selected seeds with more CBD then THC. Now that I juice the leaves @ very young age and before the plant blooms I have NOT felt a high at all. But I don’t know if I get any medical benefit.

    With high regards,

    Rob Vrancken

  • Ricyo

    Wow… after using cannabis since 1971, I find out I am a light weight. Have been higher than when consuming edibles. Shut down my first grow from being so paranoid on brownies. Saw a nationally known grow teacher from Oregon Med. Marijuana Program “get the highest Ive ever been… I don’t like it”.

  • “When you consume “raw” cannabis, that is cannabis which has not been heated, you are consuming the cannabinoid acids.”

    It is clearly stated that cannabis serves the medical purpose when it is in the raw form. And one of the best ways to do is by juicing it so you will have the A molecules needed for treatment of several medical conditions. If you are thinking otherwise, then better face the legalities. 🙂

  • Jon

    I have a friend who gets migaines, and bad ones at that. Interestingly enough when she smokes cannabis, a rarity she has recently experimented with, the migraines are held at bay. My question is by producing a butter like that with making brownies, could you store that and use it as a supplement ingredient and potentially receive the same results in other meals? Thanks for any and all input.

  • julie

    I have been putting cannabis leaves in my smoothies. I wonder if I could dry high CBD cannabis in my dehydrator at a low temp, then grind it up and put it in my smoothies in the winter. Any ideas about this?

  • Julie,
    Thank you for your post! Drying your cannabis won’t change the cannabinoid content at all, but you may lose out on some of the terpenes, which could in fact be helping you already. Whether in leaves or buds, dry or wet, if you haven’t significantly heated the material at all (over 200F), then you are consuming the cannabinoid acids (THCA and CBDA) along with the natural terpenes present.

    The dehydrator step would offer nothing but diminishing returns. If things are working for you now, that process certainly couldn’t do anything else to help you any further, but could in fact diminish your therapeutic benefits.

    take care and be well!

  • Randy Konigsberg

    Smoking is the way I have always done it. I have Emphysema, and really would rather eat it. But who could afford that? Certainly not me. It takes so little to get me, the healing of my pains, when smoked. If only medicare, would help in the expense, it wouldn’t kill me, like it’s doing. Help! I need answers. And need my Pot.

  • Really cannabis plant is having many medicinal properties that is why it has long been used for medicinal purposes and as a recreational drug. It has three varieties of sativa,indica,and ruderalis.

    Cannabis leaves juice is very effective for any major or minor illness. it cured my migraine too.

    Your post is very informative,updated my knowledge.

    Thank you.

  • Kathie Z

    The acid form THCA, is eaten raw not cooked. When you dry or heat the process changes the chemicals in the plant. The importance in eating the raw form is that you can get higher doses and tolerate them because the THC limits you to lower ranges secondary to the psychotropic effects.

  • Kathie Z

    Google Dr. William Courtney from Northern CA. He has papers on it and an international research project on juicing cannabis. Also has international group growing seeds that have best ratios for juicing.

  • The cellulose (leaf and stems) of the plant contain no cannabinoids, all the cannabinoids are produced in the trichomes (small glandular structures), these are most abundant on the female flowering tops (bud) and in the plant they are known as Phytocannabinoids.

    The ratio of THC to CBD is part of the cannabinoid profile, Sativas are higher in THCA than CBDA and Indica varities generally have a higher CBDA content than Sativas.

    New strains of cannabis are being developed and CBDA is being increased in the new strains, you can now obtain cannabis seeds that will produce plants that have a cannabinoid profile of 1:1 THCA/CBDA an oil from these strains will produce an oil that is 50% THC and 50% CBD

    CBD ‘counteracts’ or moderates the high effects of THC.

    Please can the Juicers answer me these questions,

    Phytocannabinoids produced in the plant need to be decarboxylated so they bond with the bodies CB1 and CB2 receptors, the phytocannabinoids don’t bind with the receptors so what do they do? what happens to them?

  • Even though I can’t see the plants phytocannabinoids doing anything in the body (they need to be decarboxylated) There could still be something in juicing, the aroma and flavour of cannabis is due to the ‘terpenes’ it produces and one in particular BCP (beta-caryophyllene) activates CB2 receptors and acts in a similar fashion to CBD as a non-psychoactive anti-inflammatory

  • I have answered my own question above

  • Colorado Gal


    I have lost over 50 lbs in the last 8 months by adding raw (but dried) cannabis to my food. I have experimented with only slightly cooking or using like an herbal seasoning. I currently add raw keif into most of my food (doesnt taste good with everything…) But my fav lately has been to mix it into salad dressing. Good in mexican food too.
    I am not a scientist or doctor, but I think what is happening is that my body heat is enough to somehow allow the thca molecules to activate and bond to fat molecules in my body.

    Not only have I had miraculous weight loss, I am also grateful for all the anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and anti-boredom effects that come with eating slightly to medium cooked cannabis. (Crackers, cheese, bud- microwave for 15 sec etc, a variation on the Leary Biscuit!) It has taken some experimenting but I am getting the hang of controlling the amount of psychoactive effects I experience from eating cannabis, and it doesnt ever have to look like me drooling on myself on a couch.
    I’m so excited for all the research that is being done, and so much more that is going to be done soon!!! I am grateful to live in a state where medicinal cannabis is legal, I can walk into an establishment and speak openly about what I’m wanting/needing. I have access to some of the best meds in the world grown in Northern Colorado, and I can choose specific strains for specific reasons. The days of ‘tobacco water pipe’ nomenclature are non-existent here. The paradigm is shifting. The medicinal benefits of cannabis are speaking for themselves all over the world, and I believe in my heart that the legalization of all the various types of cannabis/hemp will economically save this country, this world.

  • EricWeed44

    The Best Marijuana can be eaten raw cooked or inhaled.

  • Mary March

    please, all of you, watch run from the cure on youtube..it is about cannabis oil curing cancer. rick simpson, phoenix tears, cannabis oil IS CURING CANCER!!!!!!!

  • Me

    I think that cannabis has helped me to heal slightly from post-traumatic stress disorder, because everything becomes more intense and the root fear kind of get’s exposed in several ways, which leads you to confront the trauma and once you have confronted it and realized that it won’t recur again, or that the trauma isn’t a part of you anymore, you slowly start getting over the trauma. however i’m pretty sure it’s different for everyone, i just know it has helped me a lot.

  • I have experianced the same results and can not wait for this to become legal in my state,

  • When you consume raw cannabis you are getting a large dose of THC as well.The trichomes are constantly producing thc and cbn and the thc degrades to cbd.The absolute proof that raw cannabis contains large amounts of thc can be found by anyone that handles the mature plant during trimming,your fingers get coated in hashish.This is present in the resin glands, it does not need to be heated.Eating this resin, that the entire flower cluster is covered with gets you high.Period.

  • I am perplexed as I just started ingesting raw cannabis and get so high, which I don’t want to happen. Is there any reason that you know of for this?

  • Thank you! This is the answer I’ve been searching for

  • It gets me high as a kite. So clearly this theory only holds true for some

  • You ar absolutely correct

  • I wish I didn’t get high from my smoothies. For now, I’m just going to make it at night.

  • Brooklyn Perez

    The oriental medicines have long been depending on herbal medicines and for surgeries and other anesthetic work the earliest sages used to apply cannabis to their patient, in which form is not known to me as most of the literature were in Sanskrit, I could not decipher. Some of the Chinese medicinal literature also mention use of marijuana. I think if presented correctly the law will accept the benefits and legalize their use.

  • BeautifulPeople

    Wow, remarkable study. This needs more attention from the masses so they can think up an idea to stop world hunger.

  • Msmg

    What about male plants grown from seed? they have very little THC but might give good results as Raw juice. Has anyone looked at this in the science labs?

  • I Am Cananbis

    Until you vote the Republicans and Democrats out of office they know you’re okay with Natural Cannabis Medicine being illegal. Keep lying to your self just like they do. One Presidential candidate is Pro-Hemp and Pro-Cannabis, Gary Johnson.

    Are you trying to vote out obama? Keep Romney from getting in? How about actually voting FOR something instead of AGAINST your self.

    Be Libertarian with me this one election. We will get Cannabis legal again, and they will NEVER get it back!

  • Free Thinker

    So did you follow up with an article about Israelis, who are the actual leaders in Cannabinoid research, who have produced a plant rich in CBD and no THC at all? I do hope you are not playing politics when people’s lives are at stake.

  • Dr. this, Dr. that, MD this and blah blah. You guys have no clue. How is it I have little to no resources except time and I have not only figured out what no one has, at least in this blog? The reason you test strains Dr. Raber is because that is what Werc does and the bent at the end of your post to get it tested “is the only way to know” is another great pitch to generate revenue. Don’t get me wrong I am forever thankful to have access to a mass spectometry or GC/MS or whatever you are analyzing samples. However, let’s keep it real. When one proffers healing without expecting anything in return, then listen. Until then there are too many posers that sound hippie cool, but are wolves in eco friendly fiber clothing. Dr. Courtney is not on the money, which is why he should be listened to intently. However, the juiced form obviously is going to be full of vitamin K, which no one has brought to anyone’s attention, because we don’t want to diminish the argument for legalization and usage. So while we heal with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory green goodness we jeopardize those that are on warfarin or coumadin or have atrial fibrillation and do not know it. The solution is to increase INR frequency and ramp up dosing to accommodate for juicing, no different than wheat grass. Yet, we are so bent on wanting to usher this wonderful veggie, we will dismiss the obvious of warnings potentially causing extremise in certain cases. I don’t even own a lab coat.

  • Thanks for the encouraging words. When you refer to the raw dried form can I assume you mean flowered bud as that which you would get from a dispensary? Any idea in grams a day? Your hypothesis regarding fat adhesion is very interesting and a great observation. I also intuitively sense that there is some effect on leptin. We know G protein modulation and DNA impacts to some degree, but I just keep having this pulling thought regarding letpin synthesis. Don’t you just love that Michael J. Fox is back, wink!

  • recent findings that cbd needs a small minute amount of thca to be potentiated fully. does that apply to bcp and the terpenes with regards to thca optimization? The thing of veg form intake is the cb receptors in the GI, the effecs on G-protein synthesis, which ready, is directly impacting growth hormone production and an entire chain event with igf-1 etc…not to mention DNA replication impacts.

  • Already there………stay tuned just need to test samples. i have had to save myself form conventional medicine hell. amazing things a contract specialist can do when his life is on the line. I will report back when I have a solid, repeat, confidence. close, very close, so close i can taste it. but the pot heads are doing me no favors in perverting varieties for the purpose of auto-flowering etc..There needs to be a concerted effort to maintain variety, dont confuse with strain, forms in purest sense and not pervert because we want a new taste of smoke with cool colas. The medicinal, the real medicinal has to take precedence over industrial and recreational. Variety preserved, strains sorted.

  • growers and caretakers have to register, go to the state.

  • poor process, do you think naptha is healthy? do you buy using water as a boil point indicator at the end is an assurance that all of the nasty naptha is out? also heating in a rice cooker is for idiots, look at simpson he himself put 3rd degree burns on his arm… i was a big rick simpson fan until i watched his last round of vids where he has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth while talking about medicinal effects of mmj……there are other issues with rick too and he refuses ot answer me…..2500 patients and no logs, no video, no anything except 3-5 people giving post treat testimonies. besides the vape from heating it in a rice cooker any idea what you are doing to the enzymes and other natural properties of the plant, 400 identified to date? the plant has to be preserved to its most natural form. i have worked on an extraction process for over year, about to roll it out. the green veg will still be important, the GI needs scraped with it, this is key. even with oils, the GI and cb receptors are treated well by ruffage, just like any vegetable.

  • How many grams of dried a day?

  • brits came out with a spray about a year ago, patented it, go figure. actually the russians had the first in on high cbd.

  • what planet are you from. politicians are mostly attorneys, attorneys who make billables by not providing quick resolution but thrive their dollars off drama and contention, mmj will forever remain a political volleyball in this country,….even if every state legalized it the city and counties will have people climbing the political ladder who will take issue with it for the purpose of forming political platforms.

  • Jordan

    Naptha would not be healthy to ingest, but literally every drop of it evaporates. Naptha separates from water, I have personally seen this, and yes, it is VERY VERY possible and easy to remove every single drop of naptha. Not to mention it evaporates cleanly. Only an idiot burns themselves on a rice cooker, not anyone who uses one is an idiot.

    I’m not sure what extra chemicals are contained in the veg part, rather than the bud. I’m sure they’re could be some, you’re right, but they might not even be essential at all. But you’re right having someone talk about mmj with a cigarette in their mouth completely voids everything that they are talking about. But let’s see it, hopefully it does wonders.

  • right on thats the way no talk






    CBD Does not produce a high… why do you keep deleting my comment… this article was meant to spread truth and it has, good article, but cbd doesnt get you high.





  • Hey Mary. The definition of “high” here is a “get lost in the clouds” type of psychoactive state. Is this what you experience? Eating cannabis generally provides a more sedative “stoned” feeling. Eating cannabis will prevent any disorienting rushes associated with the fast onset of smoking cannabis.

  • Try organic coconut oil instead of butter. “Dr.! Stat! We need butter!” lol

  • eh…no, not forever

  • Homegrow

  • Smart Women

    Smartguy, is a Wack A Doodle.. Or a “Dumb Ass”…

  • Smart Women

    Smart Guy, is a Racis..Yuck.

  • You can eat dry flower or concentrate. I treat my crohn’s disease with cannabis and I no longer have any symptoms. I used to take Rick Simpson style hash oil, but now I just eat bubble hash every day. The RSO or Hash will get you high if you take a lot tho, it’s recommended if you’re looking for pain relief. Dry flower shouldn’t get you high at all.

  • I think juicing cannabis can be helpful but the juicer blades cut the leaf cells and expose the chlorophyll. The medicine is the trichomes and they sticks to the side of the juicer because they are a lipid or oily substance. In effect you concentrate the contaminants and decrease the useable medicine. Cannabis is so powerful that even methods supplying only small amounts will help people and if you use the unusable fan leaves it is additional medicine which would have been lost. Cannabis is so powerful you cant prevent it from working. The Oxford Mississippi government pot proves that. David Allen M.D.

  • ManofDope

    i have always been attracted to eating buds straight off the stem and i could never explain why

  • Rare

    Because someone is addicted to one o the most addictive drugs, it voids what they are saying about cannabis??? R u guys prohibitionists or what??? SeriOusly. Cut the crap

  • You do in fact get a little high when you eat it. The high is less than smoking and takes longer to happen. Your body temperature is high enough to activate THC. Anything over 80 degrees will activate it. In fact, if you put a zip lock bag in your pocket for a few hours, it will activate and you can get a little high from inhaling the initial smell from opening the bag. Just like a vaporizer. So that is why you should not keep your buds in your pocket. Keep them in an insulated container in a backpack or bag. Remember, getting stoned is safe and fun, always…*star wars music*

  • It’s great on pasta dishes.

  • rich

    How about activating the leaves in the microwave?

  • Lana B.

    OMG I have been smoking and eating marijuana for 8 years now but didn’t know eating gives many benefits like this…awesome

  • Elaine

    Dear Dr. Group,,My nane is Elaine is there an address that I can write
    to you if so seed it to my inbox with question you would like to ask
    or you can to my address which is–Elaine Quebedeaux
    6714 Nothofer St.,, Villa 1 Apt. 22,, Mansura,La. 71350

  • Herbet

    I made a cake some time ago and sprinkled ground up-mj into the icing, no heating at all.
    It sure had psychoactive effects, so I don’t buy the “no psychoactivity” story. I’ve also eaten it raw with corn flakes and milk, lovely high. A lot more mellow than smoking it, but there nonetheless.

  • One issue I have with eating raw cannabis is it tends to upset my stomach. This can be mitigated by turning it into butter. We need to encourage more people to grow this herb because it has been shown to have incredible medical benefits. It is sad indeed that the Police State of America is still prosecuting those whose only “sin” is trying to help the sick.

  • givenoshits

    Cant stand stupid dicks saying they dont want the weed high. Stay away the fuck awayfrom the plant if you dont want the high you idiotic tool for satan.

  • nugluv

    Wait… So I can just drop some nugs in the juicer and be good to go?

  • Tess

    How can I get this out of my system in order to pass a drug screen test?

  • Krystle

    Hey there, I just received mytemporary card but am having trouble getting info on how to juice/how much to juice and also, do you grow your own? How many plants do you go through per month and do you juice the leaves or the flowers?? I have severe chronic pain and am hopeful this could help but am looking for resources on how to make this all happen. I’m not interested in the psycho active effects so juicing or blending seems optimal! Thank u so much if you can reply, not finding too much help through my dr or dispensaries.. Thank u!!!

  • I went to weed school!

    I have seen fellow patients here in California juicing the leaves and buds of cannabis. The problem i see with the above mentioned is that the resin glands or trichomes will not readily leave the pulp and enter a given juice regardless what type of juicer you are using. Essentially the sticky glands of medicine stays in the pulp and you will produce what i’m sure will be a very healthy dose of green juice with very little cannabinoid medicine.

    If you are looking to treat yourself with THCA or CBDA you need to start with fresh cannabis preferably uncured cannabis. then you must either do a mechanical separation such as ice bag or dry ice silkscreen or better yet solvent extraction as long as you don’t heat the end product the THCA and CBDA molecules will remain in their respective acid forms allowing for extremely large disease healing doses without the psychoactive effects normally associated with cannabis use. Completely removing a solvent with low to no heat can be tricky but if you don’t already know how maybe you shouldn’t be playing with solvents yet.

    It is worth mentioning that the body will better and more fully digest the resin if dissolved in oil or vegetable glycerin rather than just eating the concentrate (hash). You must rely on time rather than heat to create the hash solution or you run the risk of decarboxilation rendering the acid forms of cannabinoids to their psychoactive counterparts. However this does not happen all at once if your impatience gets the better of you or you just cant wait for the medicine. Try low temperatures under 120 F in 5 or 10 minute intervals and mixing/shaking in between to create homogeneous solutions.

    Who knows maybe try heating a little more to allow some THC and CBD into the mix. they have healing properties of their own and the psychoactive euphoria (giggles and munchies) may be just what you needed in a crisis of health. Laughter is healing so invite your freinds and share.

  • Jane Marie Eccles

    i was researching RSO(Rick Simpson s oil Penix tears) for bad sciatic nerve pain. I recently tried just eating some cookies made with Cannabis but I am finding its not doing too much for my pain…I got quite a head buzz of very little too so I really didn’t want to take anymore. I don’t want to get the high i am just hoping it will help my pain and i can function during the day. do u think it makes a difference to use the oil vs eating raw cannabis?

  • Nils Laersen

    the entire cannabis plant is full of cannabinoids not just in the trichomes.I eat male leaves and i get euphoria,i make bho from only male leaves and shoots,and i get “high”.

  • Hotstuff

    Some very good info here, although maybe some clarification is in order on a few points. First of all, if you want to avoid ingesting THC ( which isn’t always good for you), then you should use the larger leaves ONLY for juicing while avoiding the bud, where most of the THC is produced. Secondly, in order to decarboxylate the THCA or CBDA in the leaf material it must first be dried and heated to 250 degrees or so in an oven for about half an hour. It doesn’t decarboxylate at lower temperatures, such as at body temp for example, or even in tea for that matter. Remember also that THC and CBD are only soluble in oils, but not in water, while for the acid (carboxylated) forms the opposite applies.

  • draisydre

    How much do you eat to experience benefits?

  • draisydre

    How much does this cost on a monthly basis?

  • Bob

    If I plant the hemp seeds you get from stop and shop and only eat the leaves raw could I get in trouble with the law in any way in NY

  • disqus_DFnvCRTlP9

    there’s probably a way to produce cannabis essential oils. considering the powerful effects that jesus was having with annointing his disciples with cannabis-laden oils, he probably was using a cannabis concentrate such as essential oils. such a powerful effect would be impossible to achieve with the low THC CBD marijuana strains available on the market today.

  • disqus_DFnvCRTlP9

    Considering the power-that-be’s depopulation agenda, that’s precisely the point that cannabis has health benefits. the power-that-be’s don’t want want you to have any benefits, health or otherwise from anything, including cannabis. the power-that-be’s know full well that cannabis has health (and spiritual) benefits. they knew it from a long time ago and worked hard to witĥold this knowledge. Now, it’s in our hands. now that the ‘cat is out of the bag”, let’s not let the power-that-be’s put it back in.

  • disqus_DFnvCRTlP9

    There is iced tea on the market. why not iced cannabis tea?

  • Flwrgirl

    I hope and pray that Americans can get over medias harping on only the bad of Pot…Just keep passing the word!!

  • Anita

    This is Anita from USA i am so very happy to tell the whole world about my through life testimony,i was a victim of Neck cancer for close to four years just recently i came in search of some one who could help me with an infective cannabis oil because i heard it can cure me of my cancer and just one faithful day my cousin said he saw this man Dr.Raymond Wallace how people where sharing testimony on line,i had to ask for his contact and he gave it to me and that same day i was able to contact him through his email and he told me not to worry that it his own works perfectly than you can imagine i tried it and behold my neck cancer for close to four yes started healing fast and now i am perfectly ok thanks so much Dr.Raymond Wallace for your help your service is very genuine and i will let the whole world know of your good work and to whom it may concern if you are still there searching for everlasting solution to your Cancer problem i advice you contact Dr.Raymond on his email (dr.raymondcannabisoil@hotmail.com).

  • JoanneMcDermitt

    How can I find a source to purchase raw cannabis? I live in CO, so it’s legal here. I want the high CBD plant…

  • If you’re in Colorado it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

  • michigander

    Hi everyone, I suffer from stenosis of the spine which is very painful as well as panic disorder. I have tried many different pharmaceuticals that have horrible side effects. I decided to turn to raw cannabis and I am amazed by the benefits I received from it. Not only did it take the pain away it also stopped my panic attacks, gave me energy and no euphoric high. I was able to get off the couch and enter a social environment.
    I love to work hard and raw cannabis helps me to achieve this. Unfortunately there is still discrimination in the work place as well as insurance companies. This needs to stop!!!!!

  • Matt Matt

    body temp is not even close to hot enough to decarb even a little bit. Tests on the matter have shown that THCA does not decarb in the body, through heat or any other means. Some gradual decarb does occur very slowly at room temp and increases with increased heat but to decarb with in an hour or two you would need temps above 106c

  • Matt Matt

    raw THCA does not get you high but some small gradual decarb does occur at room temp so eating unheated bud, especially dried cannabis, would get you high if you ate enough, but nothing like if you’d heated it to convert all THCA to THC

  • Matt Matt

    actually decarb does occur at lower temps and dried or cured cannabis will contain some active THC. Heat of above 200F is for rapid decarb (with in an hour or two) so is necessary if you wish to decarb all THCA to THC. But if you want to avoid any decarb then you need to avoid any heat or even drying the cannabis. Also dehydrators can also decarb cannabis even with out the appropriate heat.

  • Matt Matt

    Except it is wrong. The resin Mark refers to is mostly THCA which does NOT get you high (though some small traces of THC might be present). People might get high eating hash if they eat enough of it because some of the THCA does decarb and convert to THC at room temp, but the vast majority of it will be THCA and WILL require heat to decarb it all into THCA. If you cook hash and convert all the THCA into THC then you have something that is psychoactive at much smaller doses. Also CBN is not produced by the plant. THCA converts to THC and then THC will degrade and become CBN

  • Matt Matt

    some decarboxylation does occur at temps as low as room temp, and if the weed was dry there’s a good chance a lot of the raw THCA had converted to THC. THCA really doesn’t get you high, but even drying cannabis can cause small amount of decarboxylation. Long story short, you’d have probably gotten higher if you’d heated it

  • Adam William Majkowski


  • Matt Matt

    Wow, what an articulate response. But I am not wrong. THCA does not decarb in the body, they have done tests on this, it also doesn’t pass the blood brain barrier or activate CB1 or CB2 receptors and it does NOT get you high. If you got high eating raw cannabis then it must have had some decarbed THC in it (which is quite possible as some decarb does occur at room temp). Check your facts

  • Adam William Majkowski

    My facts have been checked, Skip. Unlike you, who have to rely on the all encompassing “they” to hand feed you your research data, I have actaully done the experiments myself. 98.6 degrees is not optimal for releasing THC but it will release some very slowly. As you digest it, you do get all the benefits at a much lessened effect compared to cooking it at high temps first and eating or smoking it. Airizer Solo makes a vaporizer that goes as low as 105 degrees. What would the point of making that if it did not do anything? The point is to buy the most potent buds possible and then you need very little to use in whatever way you decide to use it. As opposed to the strategy with this Charlotte’s web crap. Charlotte’s Web is just crap weed. People will eventually realize that the best high THC weed will completely eliminate epilepsy compared to crappy weed oil. People need to get over the fact that there is nothing wrong with getting high. There is stuff wrong with being in pain.

  • Matt Matt

    Ok, first of all are you talking in Celsius or Farenhiet (excuse spelling)?? Because 90c is enough to cause some decarb, as is 80c, and 105 is the starting temp for optimal and rapid decarb. However body temp (in Celsius) is 37. So no where near the decarbing temps. Have you heated cannabis oil at 80c and then tested the rates to check how much decarb is achieved at such a temp? I’d be interested to know the results as there is little info on decarb at low temps, and you are right about one thing, I don’t have lab access so I do rely on research. Even in Celsius 105 is not hot enough to vaporise cannabis so honestly don’t know why there is a vaporiser that goes to such a low temp, it would decarb it though. If you are talking in Celsius then I agree that 98 would cause decarb, despite being below optimum temps, as would 80c even 70c, though I would expect full decarb to take a long time at such low temps. From what I understand to decarb fully with in an hour you need minimum 105 Celsius (220F), less temp or less time would cause partial decarb but likely would not complete it.
    Like I said body temp is far to low for any kind of measurable decarb and I am certain on this. I have experienced eating raw oils that had no psychoactive effect and partially cooked oils that did but were weaker than fully cooked oils. I have read various clinical studies that have explored weather THCA converts to THC in the body and all tests have shown conclusively that it doesn’t. THCA is very different to THC when it comes to effects in the body and if any decarb occurs in vivo it has yet to be observed.
    I do agree with you about Charlotte’s Web and I do agree that THC is the most effective cannabinoid. I do agree with your attitude to getting high and I do agree that CBD is near useless with out THC also present. But I don’t agree that raw THCA is as effective as decarbed THC and, despite a lack of lab access, I am confident I am right about that. Though am happy to be educated on the matter if you know different.
    It is pretty well established that THCA does not pass the blood brain barrier (so cannot get you high) and doesn’t appear to activate either CB1 or CB2 receptors. So raw THCA cannot be expected to give the same medical benefits as THC and definitely is not psychoactive.

  • Adam William Majkowski

    Remember it is barely any effect comapred to smoking it so you will need to stop smoking any weed at all for a few weeks before conducting this experiment. Kay. ReadysetGO! Skippy!!!!

  • Adam William Majkowski

    and I never said it was as effective. It WILL get a person high eating raw cannabis if it is good buds and they never smoke it or eat infused products.

  • Matt Matt

    And I never said you can’t get high from eating raw bud. I said that THCA does not get you high. If you get high from eating raw cannabis it is because some of the THCA has converted to THC, which happens very gradually at low temps. That’s why it is not as strong because most of the THCA hasn’t decarbed but some has, enough to get you high but not as high as it would if you’d cooked it properly first.
    You mentioned that you have access to testing facilities, have you tested cannabis heated at the temps you mentioned to see how much, if any, decarb is achieved? Are the temps you mentioned Celsius or Farenheit?
    I think you need to accept that your original comment is wrong, research can only get you so far but I have done enough to know what I have said is true. THCA does not decarb in the body, THCA does not get you high and THCA does not share the medical properties of THC or the psychoactive effects.
    As for decarbing temps, it is hard for me to argue as you still haven’t clarified if you are talking Celsius or Farenhiet but the 37c body temp is WAY below, and tests have shown that decarb does not happen in the body through any other means either. Partial decarb occurs as low as 70c but 105c is considered minimum for rapid decarb (with in an hour).
    You said you’ve done the experiments, do you mean lab tests or are you just talking about eating some raw bud and waiting to see if you got high. Coz I have already explained how raw bud that has been properly dried will probably have some decarbed THC on it. With respect, if you are gonna boast about conducting experiments I would expect actual lab tests, or at least something a bit more scientific that I ate some bud and got a little high. Because that proves nothing except what I was saying from the beginning, that THCA doesn’t get you high but some conversion to THC will occur at low temps so if you eat enough raw bud you would get some high effect.
    If you are talking about actually lab testing cannabis heated at different times and temps, then please share your findings. I would be very interested to know how much partial decarb is achieved at temps below optimum. You mentioned 80 degrees, I assume you must have meant Celsius as 80F is way too low. But 80 degrees Celsius is still too low for rapid decarb and would likely take many hours to complete full decarb.
    Like I said if you have proper information to share I am all ears, but so far nothing you have said backs up your claim that I am “wrong”, in fact most of what you said only supports what I have said

  • Adam William Majkowski

    There is nothing wrong about my original comment. You just a weirdo stalker looking at old comments from me and trying to hassle me over nonsense. Or you are some kind or stalker cop type trying to get me to incriminate myself somehow but there is nothing to incriminate here. Your body is a lab, dishit. Your freakin body. Use it and stop spamming me.

  • Keyshia lewis

    My story has to do with the healing power of Rick Simpson cannabis oil.”My sister Khloe, age 65, was diagnosed with Bone Cancer on the inside of her backbone 2 years ago, which had metastasized from breast cancer she didn’t know she had. I prayed for a total healing with NO operation, no chemo and no radiation. not everyone has had the experience of knowing Rick Simpson as their Healer… but they can! Rick Simpson, father of all natural hemp.

    May the grace of God be upon Rick for his good work and courage; and with his Hemp we are healed”.
    Early this year i traveled to Europe( Slovak) to visit a good friend of mine when i heard Rick was around so i traveled to him and meet him one on one and purchase the healing oil from him, now am so happy and filled with joy that my sister is no longer a cancer patient and she’s completely healed with his miracle healing oil. The doctor himself confirmed to us on Tuesday last week that my sister Khloe is fully OK. No sign of cancer in her bone or breast again….Wow…Am so so happy that my family and I have been thanking Rick for his good work of saving this world with his cannabis oil. Please people i don’t know how to thank him enough so am dropping his contact here*** ricksimpsoncannabisoil_phoenixtears@outlook.com *** +447024078253 ***, am begging if you can spear 5 minutes of your time and please help me to thank him, he is truly a hero of this world and i pray for God’s strength and wisdom upon him.

  • Kjell-Gunnar Rovland.

    I ` dont think so.I believe it was just legalized in NY.Congratulations from Norway (still in the dark)

  • White_Widow_2007

    Been consuming raw cannabis juice for over 2 years now. Broke my leg in February, healed in 5-1/2 weeks! Not to bad for a gal in her 50’s! No pain meds needed either! Just some tincture to ease the discomfort!

  • Sharrise

    I use about a quarter of an ice cube per day, mixed with Bolthouse Amazing Mango juice.

  • Dude

    Did you have any kind of protocol for doing this? I was thinking of trying the same thing

  • blite13 .

    helped me too…rso

  • blite13 .

    Awesome comment

  • Guy Odom

    ” the plant has to be preserved to its most natural form”

    Says Who ???

  • Tom Ubl

    says me

  • Guy Odom

    Oh, WELL, in THAT case….

  • Tom Ubl

    lol, easy tiger! Preserving the natural state means: not distorting the species with crazy blurring with hybrids. few know that a 3rd strain, other than sativa and indica, has almost been eliminated due to the pot heads looking for a faster flower time and not preserving the source strain. you cannot find seed for it now.

  • Tom Ubl

    he was a pioneer that deserves recognition. his extraction process uses naptha, not a good choice, everclear is cleaner, but even past all of the alcohol or petroleum based extractions is supercritical fluid extraction, which is the cleanest extraction on the planet. rick brought to light the issue and solution, he stood his ground for others and I will never lose sight of that fact. However, holding onto old technology for the sake of paying homage is not valid. If you want to thank rick for being a pioneer then make a contribution or do something nice for the guy, but do not lose sight of the process evolution.

  • pamela

    When I found out that I had cancer, I decided that I was going to make cancer the best thing that ever happened to me, not the worst. At 39 years old I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. I’d been told the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes and bloodstream, and I had a 49 percent survival rate. I was not about to accept those odds!
    My husband, Michael, had lost his dad to colon cancer two years earlier and he was determined it wasn’t going to happen to me. He went online and learned about how rick simpson hemp oil had save many lives, so we decided to try it. we contacted Rick via: ricksimpsoncancerfoundation@gmail.com, as you are reading this you will know that am cancer free.

  • Kingston

    Maybe try freezing the leaves and save them for winter instead of dehydrating?

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  • enailo

    what do you mean ‘activate’ the leaf at 200? i’m not familiar with this.

  • Weaver

    We purchased capsules with raw dried cannabis from a reputable dispensary in Sacramento to treat chronic severe nausea in my 15 y.o. son. Dosage was a single capsule, I don’t know the quantity. He experienced a powerful high and increased nausea which lasted about 18 hours. I then took a single capsule as I was not sure if he was experiencing a high or some other side effect (he had never used cannabis previously. I, too, experienced a very powerful high that lasted 20 hours. Symptoms included disjointed thinking, inability to focus, warped sense of time, disorientation, and dizziness. If THC-A is non psychoactive, how did this occur?

  • weaver

    I added this comment above and think that it is appropriate for this discussion, too.
    We purchased capsules with raw dried cannabis from a reputable dispensary in Sacramento to treat chronic severe nausea in my 15 y.o. son. Dosage was a single capsule, I don’t know the quantity. He experienced a powerful high and increased nausea which lasted about 18 hours. I then took a single capsule as I was not sure if he was experiencing a high or some other side effect (he had never used cannabis previously. I, too, experienced a very powerful high that lasted 20 hours. Symptoms included disjointed thinking, inability to focus, warped sense of time, disorientation, and dizziness. If THC-A is non psychoactive, how did this occur? BTW, the dispensary double checked that the cannabis used was raw and fresh.

  • Matt Matt

    Decarboxylation (conversion of THCA to THC) does occur during the drying process, though usually only partially and requires cooking to finish off this process and convert all the THCA to THC.
    So if the cannabis used was dried out thoroughly then decarboxylation would have occurred even with out additional cooking.
    Basically what I am saying is that the THCA would not have caused the high but there may have been enough THC present to cause the high.
    When you say that the dispensary double checked that the cannabis was raw and fresh, what do you mean exactly? Are they saying that it was tested to check that all cannabinoids were present in their raw acidic state or just that it hadn’t been cooked. If it is dry then decarboxylation will have partially occurred, it may even be fully completed if it is very dry. Dispensaries should know all this so should be advising you that dry cannabis may have significant THC content.
    If you want to be sure cannabis is raw and only consisting of raw cannabinoid acids with not decarboxylated THC then you need to consume it fresh and raw with out any drying. This is why juicing is ideal for consuming raw only. You can cold extract oils, or just eat fresh cannabis, but if it has been dried at all then there might be some THC present.
    A lot of people will cold extract cannabis from plant material that has only been slightly dried. Such extracts are still mostly raw THCA but will have some small percentage of decarboxylated THC present. In which case you should be able to take a fair bit with out high but unless it is completely raw and has no THC present then to a certain quantity a high will be experienced.

  • domhealer

    if you get hemp has hi concertation of CBD, you also you can by online and you can by tea leaves works well, more people need to learn and expand and screw the goverment, they only want to kill us not take care of us. oh i work for large pharmacetical and they cure nothing only subdude illnesses, and put a bunch of chemicals in your body, go natural way with body and mined healing.

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  • peace

    i consumed raw cannabis double the amount of “joint”.
    best high i ever got.
    it takes 3-4 hours to take full effect and last for many hours.

  • dare2baware

    What about the dehydrated then ground leaves? Do they have any use??

  • Bill Jones

    yes, use a masticating type juicer (lower rpm’s) to avoid heat too

  • Bill Jones

    The reason it is such a valuable medical resource is that it is mother nature’s awesome anti-inflammatory. Most disease is related to inflammation. As far as lawmakers go, there are strong lobbying groups that want to see prohibition continue. Like cotton, prisons, oil, big pharma, dairy, distillers, DEA, FBI etc. Whole industries profit from marijuana as a schedule one drug.

  • Manoman 1

    I am not a smoker nor was I a user of MJ I did decide to grow some after doing some research and tried smoking it for my on going neck back, hip and body pain but couldn’t get past the cough and didn’t like getting high so I decided to try making a butter and eating a cookie or two which was even a worse high. I now take the bud and shove it into capsules I take one to two capsules a day and never get any high effects but within a couple of days most of my pains went away. I also have a friend with MS who was having a lot of pain so he has been trying the capsules for a few days now and says all his pain is gone but he is having troubles sleeping but he hasn’t had any high effects from the capsules either. So not much of a study but these are just my experiences so far. That being said I also have a neighbor who grows for himself , who’s wife was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and told to get her affairs in order, she ate raw MJ and she was retested after a year and is now in remission.

  • Jimmy

    Through the up-regulation of the cannabinoid receptors, acidic (raw) cannabinoids will enhance the efficiency of the EC system. Not only will this result in a better baseline of health, but this will lower the required dosage for neutral (active) cannabinoids , due to the more ‘awakened’ receptor sites.

  • Hope

    Hi I know most of the comments on this site are from 2012,but I have to share my experience. I live with severe pain ,I had 2 brain surgeries,and seizures.

    We are at the point to try anything. Someone gave me a vapor pen supposed to have been Charllets web .. This was truly a good source, which I am sure believed this would help.

    I smoke the vapor pen ,I took at least 6 puffs right away .Not expecting what was coming. I was in complete terror , I was extremely Hi .It felt like if I was on acid .. The worst part is that my kids where home when they saw this panic.There used to through out the years see there mom be taken by rescue,going to the hospital countless times .. For them it was one of those days where mommy had an allergic reaction. This was a horrible experience!
    I dont recommend to anyone to smoke any type of MMJ ..For those who are really sick ,Raw MMJ ,juicing it and eating it is the only way to go. ITS NOT LEGAL IN MY STATE .I only here people say ,there have moved for there kids ,but no one talks anout the adults suffering, and taking countless medication. Shorting there lifes b, because of the sever effects it does to the body ..I cant wait to move and finally start a new chapter in my life ,where I am healthy againg !
    May God lead the way to making this come true.

  • SilentJ

    What is the big deal with the controversy. You know that alcohol is just for getting high and is detrimental to your health, but Cannabis has potential health benefits and if you want to relax without all of the negative side effects then Cannabis could be for you. Besides, not everyone can drink alcohol and not everyone wants to drink alcohol, so they should have another option. The high that I experienced from eating it raw wasn’t an intoxicated sloppy high, but rather a very optimistic attitude with no intoxicated feelings. Of course that all depends on how much you eat. I only ate a gram or two in one day.
    Also, most people choose to smoke it because they are uneducated about it and it is also to expensive. If it became inexpensive then I think people will be open to a new method of taking it for health reasons.

  • JaneRobin

    Hey! I can’t believe this. A great testimony that i must share to all cancer patient in the world i never believed that their could be any complete cure for lung cancer or any cancer,i saw people’s testimony on blog sites of how Rick Simpson cannabis oil brought them back to life again. i had to try it too and you can,t believe that in just few weeks i started using it all my pains stop gradually and i had to leave without the drugs the doctor gave to me. Right now i can tell you that few months now i have not had any pain, and i have just went for text last week and the doctor confirmed that there is no trace of any cancer system. Glory be to God for leading me to this genuine to Risk Simpson. I am so happy as i am sharing this testimony. My advice to you all who thinks that their is no cure for cancer that is Not true ,just contact him and get cannabis oil from Rick Simpson to your cancer and you will be free and free for ever, Try it and you will not regret it because it truly works. One thing i have come to realize is that you never know how true it is until you try. There is no harm in trying. Remember, delay in treatment leads to death. Here is his email: ricksimpsonmedicalservice@outlook.com Contact him and be free from cancer!..

  • Richard Finkel

    O yea, we basically ARE free to use cannabis if done discretely. These days you have to be REALLY careless to find yourself facing cannabis charges! Cops seem uninterested in busting people for simple possession of something that will be legal in a matter of months.

    The REAL question is how long will the US Federal Government sit back and let Mexican Murdering drug cartels make the BILLIONS each MONTH that gets spent on weed here in the US? The DEA is still squandering a fortune in money and man power fighting cannabis, when they could be attacking meth labs and focusing on violent crime and terrorism.

    We are at the tipping point RIGHT NOW! Any moment, our Gov will realize that the black hole that is ‘The Drug War’ could be turned into a profit center that will rival the billions that taxes on cigs and booze bring in! Don’t worry folks, NEVER underestimate our government’s GREED! It will win out….. EVENTUALLY.

  • Karl Miller

    I want my Cannabis Cocoa Puffs CBD cereal….I hope they come out with it in the future….

  • atrutherproudofitiknowtruth

    I come from the CAMP! Where mom commanded….”What does it matter what it tastes like? Eat it! Its good for you!”
    So I do and have for most all my 58 years…..garlic, onions, kale, collards, fruits and all veggies every every day. And for the last 10 years I just take a bud and chew it up till its gone in my mouth. Down the hatch!
    Will check back later for commentary as to how efficient my decades long dietary regime IS? Not sure really but will continue until I leave this world….And it works for me!?
    AND….EAT IT!
    ITS GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!

  • sheila


  • Rose

    I took a tiny piece, the size of my pinky nail, from a strain called “Gods Gift.” I ate it.
    I started feeling strange sensations. My scalp getting hot.
    So, I went to sleep and had very vivid dreams.
    I could hear someone, a man, yelling that they needed someone to get them out because they were locked inside somewhere. It was disturbing.
    I don’t like it at all.
    I have bad experiences even with the smallest quantity.
    That was 2 hours ago. Now I’m restless.
    On the other hand, my friend who was diagnosed, schizoaffective and has myclonic silent seizures, acts like a normal person when he is smoking it. He usually rages if he doesn’t smoke it.
    Maybe it is just medicine, and some people don’t need it. Like I don’t need his psych meds either, but they work for him.

  • Morgan Anderson

    We sell and we’re suppliers of various types of kush.They’re available in Good Quality and

    are ready available for those above 18years, we do both retailing and wholesales.Our

    products are of High purity (99.92 -99.98 %).We globally ship discretely with our prices

    being moderate.Contact for more information if interested in any of our stuffs for prompt

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    *Northern Lights #5 ::::::Grade: A+.

    *Lemon drop::::::Grade: A+.

    *Purple Kush:::::::Grade:A+ Top Shelf.

    *OG Kush ::::::::::Grade:A++ Top Shelf.

    if you are interested text (803) 271-0876 or email (morgananderson450@gmail.com) for more


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  • Amy Unruh

    Everything I’m reading shows that CBD does not cause a high. That’s why it is legal to purchase online and legal to use.

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  • Terry Shaw

    This is my main method of taking my M.M.

  • marcy jame

    This is Marcy Jame from USA i am so very happy to tell the whole world about my through life testimony,i was a victim of Neck cancer for close to four years just recently i came in search of some one who could help me with an ineffective cannabis oil because i head it can cure me of my cancer and just one faithful day my cousin said he saw this man [Rick Simpson] how people where sharing testimony on line,i had to ask for his contact and he gave it to me and that same day i was able to contact him through his email [phoenixtears67@gmail.com] and he told me not to worry that it his own works perfectly than you can imagine i tried it and behold my neck cancer for close to four yes started healing fast and now i am perfectly thanks so much [Rick Simpson] for your help your service is very genuine and i will let the whole world know of your good work and to whom it may concern if you are still there searching for everlasting solution to your Cancer problem i advice you contact [Rick Simpson] on his email [phoenixtears67@gmail.com]

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  • Roe

    If you use it straight from the plant without drying, heating, or letting it sit out you won’t get high

  • FredWol

    Interesting discussion. As it happens, I’m just concluding an experiment to see if raw cannabis would get me high. I smoked weed for more than a decade 30-40 years ago, and I remember the feeling. So I bought a gram at my local dispensary for $12. Called “Sour Diesel”, it is advertised as being 25% THC, which in the raw form would be THCa, of course. So the gram (1000mg) would be about 250mg THCa. I started out with 10mg THC (had to buy a little electronic scale on Amazon for $18) and have been working my way up gradually, increasing the dose by about 50% each time. I’ve been taking it about an hour and a half before I go to bed, except one day, just to see, I took it at 4:30pm. At first I tried eating the flowers just by themselves with a little peanut butter, but it gave me a little heart burn and stomach ache. So I changed to putting the bud into a smooth bottomed small glass like a shot glass with just enough olive oil on top to cover, doing this in the morning. By night time the oil was a little greenish and the buds were completely soaked and soft with the result of absolutely no stomach discomfort and probably better absorption. Last night I took about 60mg, and tonight, an hour ago, I took my last dose of the gram, about 90mg THCa. The results have been pretty constant, from the smallest dose to the largest. I get a very slight feeling of just a little high, but really nothing I can put my finger on–no distortions, no giggles, my wife thinks I’m acting just the same as usual, etc. And each night I have been sleeping very well, a little better than usual. I don’t feel groggy or especially sleepy before going to bed, I just sleep well and my dreams are more pleasant than usual. So that’s it! 60 or 90 mg should be enough, if it were decarbed THC, to get most people pretty high and especially someone like me who hasn’t used it in 30 years.

    The “Sour Diesel” gram is an almost pure Sativa form. Sativa is noted for effects of clarity, alertness and activeness, and, with higher doses, extravagant and racing thoughts. Yesterday I stopped by the dispensary and bought a gram of “Blueberry Blast” an almost pure Indica strain with 22.5% THCa. Indica is noted for effects of sedation, pain relief, and “couch lock”, with higher doses, sleepiness and stupor. I want to see if the effects of eating it raw are different from the Sour Diesel. I’m going to start with a higher dose, since I’m pretty sure it won’t be getting me high. But the Sour Diesel, if anything, seemed to make my thinking a bit clearer, and I want to see if the opposite happens with the Blueberry Blast.

    These experiments ore in preparation for figuring out just what I want to do for some medical issues, but that’s an even longer story.

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