7 Foods Rich in Iodine

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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A small bowl of seaweed salad. Foods like seaweed salad are rich in iodine which helps the thyroid to function properly.

The thyroid gland synthesizes thyroid hormones and iodine is an essential trace mineral that is crucial for the thyroid to function properly.[1] Eating foods rich in iodine ensures the thyroid is able to manage metabolism, detoxification, growth and development. Research has shown that a lack of dietary iodine may lead to enlargement of the thyroid gland[2], lethargy[3], fatigue[4], weakness of the immune system[5], slow metabolism[6], autism[7], weight gain[8] and possibly even mental states such as anxiety and depression[9]. The good news is that there are many popular foods with iodine, all of which are easy to incorporate into your daily diet.

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The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for iodine is 150 micrograms daily for everybody over the age of 14. The RDA for children ages 1-8 is 90/mcg every day, ages 9-13 is 120/mcg every day. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it is recommended that you get 290/mcg every day.[10]

Iodine Rich Foods

1. Sea Vegetables

The ocean hosts the largest storehouse of iodine foods, including Kelp, Arame, Hiziki, Kombu, and Wakame. Kelp has the highest amount of iodine of any food on the planet and just one serving offers 4 times the daily minimum requirement. 1 tablespoon of Kelp contains about 2000/mcg of iodine, 1 tablespoon of Arame contains about 730/mcg of iodine, 1 tablespoon of Hiziki contains about 780/mcg of iodine, 1 one inch piece of Kombu contains about 1450/mcg of iodine, 1 tablespoon of Wakame contains about 80/mcg of iodine. I recommend sprinkling these into soups or salads.

2. Cranberries

This antioxidant rich fruit is another great source of iodine. About 4 ounces of cranberries contain approximately 400/mcg of iodine. I recommend buying fresh organic berries or juice. If you buy cranberry juice from the store, be aware of how much sugar it contains.

3. Organic Yogurt

Probiotic Foods - Yougurt A natural probiotic, yogurt is an excellent iodine food you should add to your diet. One serving holds more than half of your daily needs. 1 cup contains approximately 90/mcg of iodine. Other than yogurt, here is a list of probiotic foods you should consider incorporating into your diet for added health benefits.

4. Organic Navy Beans

Many beans are a great food source of iodine and navy beans may top the list. Just 1/2 cup of these beans contain about 32/mcg of iodine. Beans aren’t just an iodine food, they are also incredibly high in fiber.

5. Organic Strawberries

This tasty red fruit packs up to 10% of your daily iodine needs in just a single serving. One cup of fresh strawberries has approximately 13/mcg of iodine. Try buying fresh, organic strawberries from your local farmer’s market, they do not disappoint!

6. Raw, Organic Cheese

Cheese is high in iodine, along with essential B vitamins, calcium, and protein. One ounce of raw cheddar cheese contains around 10-15 mcg of iodine. [10] Goat’s milk cheese is easier on the digestive system and contains slightly higher levels of calcium and protein. Dairy, whether raw or pasteurized, may not be the best choice for some people, especially those with sensitive digestive systems or individuals adhering to a vegan and/or vegetarian diet.

7. Organic Potatoes

The common potato is an easy addition to most meals and is one of the richest sources of iodine in the vegetable kingdom. Leave the skin on and one medium-sized baked potato holds 60/mcg of iodine. Be sure to get organic only as potatoes tend to suck up pesticides very easily!

Iodine Supplements

If you’re not a fan of the iodine foods listed above, then you can always take an iodine supplement. There are many different types of iodine supplements on the market, so knowing the differences between each is vital. I recommend a transformative nano-colloidal detoxified nascent iodine supplement, which the body is quickly able to turn into its own effective mineral iodides for maximum absorption.

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Everything You Need to Know About Iodine

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  • Melissa

    This is great information about iodine sources. However, you have to be careful not to consume too much to avoid adverse effects. According to naturalstandard.com, there is grade A scientific evidence supporting its use in goiter prevention, iodine deficiency, skin disinfectant, and water purification. Check out the website to learn more.

  • Stephen

    Melissa, you brought up a good point. I’m curious to know how much is to much iodine, especially if using a supplement. I just ordered some of the Nascent supplement in part to protect myself should nuclear fallout from Japan hit the U.S.

    Great list of foods in this article. Thanks, Dr. Group.


    What about allergies to dairy products or shellfish? How does one ballance a need for iodine over health risks? Can supplements help overcome diatary risks?

  • metin

    frying cancels all the benefits ,all you get is french fries with no benefits?

  • nita

    hi Dr. G
    Thanks so much for your informative info re: Iodine!
    I am writing to discuss salt … I have been seeking, discovering content and conducting taste tests of many types of both sea, mineral and rock varieties of salt for quite some time now:
    These are my understandings:
    PINK SALT is HIMALAYAN …crystallizes in the mountain ROCK
    GREY SALT is FRENCH … from the SEA … particularly off the French Atlantic coast towards Brittany
    Hope this helps to further clarify …
    Thanks again, Nita

  • wenD

    Thanks Dr. G,
    I’ve had an underactive thyriod for 15 years. I take thyriod replacement daily and bi-annual tests indicate ‘normal functioning’ However I continue to suffer all the effects of low levels of TSH – fatigue, rusty aching body, chronic depression, and no dent in the HUGE weigh gain acquired during pregnancy when hypothyriodism began. I do eat and crave – seafood (7 – 10 times per week) love miso and sushi, eat lots of almonds, my organic museli has dried cranberries and blueberries and LSA added and I eat this every morning with organic yogurt. I do crave and eat too much chocolate – is there some mineral in chocolate or is this only eating emotions? I also exercise around an hour every day. So PLEASE what can I and thousands of other frustrated underactive thyriod sufferers do?

  • Stephanie

    Besides potatoes, all of these were unkown to me. I know that fast food is lacking in iodine, yet another reason to avoid it, and why so many who subsist on it have iodine-defficiency issues.

  • Wendy

    wenD-i have been hypothyroid for over 10 years and found, through years of research, a lot of critical info that my Endocrinologist didn’t know or offer. Two important things … 1) always know what your TSH number is. Don’t let your doc’s nurse call you w/bloodwork results and say “your numbers are fine/your blood work is normal”. Why? Because the ‘normal’ range is .3 to 3.0 but many labs and docs still use the ‘old’ range of .5 to 5.0. Ask for your numbers and get a copy of the lab report so you can track it yourself. Everyone has different points at which they feel best (I feel best when my TSH is 1.0 at most). 2) If you are taking thyroid replacement such as Synthroid or Levoxyl (a T4 replacement) and still feel crappy then research the addition of Cytomel (a T3 replacement). I DO NOT like taking prescription drugs and take the natural route whenever possible but I requested this addition to my T4 replacement from my Endo and I can tell you that a very small dose of 5mcg has made all the difference to me. Bottom line — do your OWN research. find a doc that listens to how you FEEL in addition to looking at your numbers. Advocate your own healthcare.

  • Celty

    Hi Precious folk
    I believe everyone is different. I actually took way too much iodine supplement back in 2007 to ward off a cold. The result was hyperthyroidism.
    It was one of the worse things to go through. Actually experienced a thyroid storm and ended up on the ER. It took me a whole year to get my body back to normal. Since then I have slowly reintroduced iodine again via food and am feeling fine. Every now and then if I take too much iodine ( over 150 mcg a day) I start to feel a little hyper and after fatigued. But if i watch it and keep withing the range I feel fine. So get to know your body and what works for you. All the best and happy thyroids to you.

  • bob

    I have been told that lethal amounts iodine is between 2000 and 3000 mg, so taking any amount in mcg doses sure is very safe!

  • Miranda Lewis


    I’m sorry to be so ignorant with the sea food area, is seaweed included in the iodine-rich foods from the sea?

  • jojo

    hi im after a little help if possible please.ive suffered from graves disease for about two years and two weeks ago had a total thyroidectomy in the hope to cure me and so far i feel great and like i am the old me again which has been lost, as my huge list of tablets were not working for me and i did not want radioactive treatment.i now have t take thyroxine replacement for the rest of my life and am interested in supplementing my diet with iodine whether it is safe and how it would affect my dose and need for thyroxine replacement.

  • jessica

    i had a thyriodectomy done in 04 still having issues with the tsh levels and the told me that i need more iodine in my diet….then check levels again. i was alos told i would need the thyriod med. for the rest of my life. so as for your ? my dr. did tell me to add iodine foods to my diet to regulate my levels so im my opinon should be safe, i hope i helped alittle

  • Marilyn Reinker

    I am taking 25mg of iodine called “Iodine Plus 2”. Is Nascent Iodine in
    mcg. as strong as 25 mg of the above?
    Am looking for a new product and have some Nascent Iodine distributed by “LL’s Magnetic Clay, Inc.” with a dosage recommended of 1-3 drops in a glass of spring water 3x daily. Would appreciate any suggestions you have about this .

    Thank you.
    Marilyn Reinker

  • Dr. Edward Group


    Thank you for your post! Initially I would suggest a complete cleanse (http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/cleansing/must-read-cleansing-instructions) of the system in order to regain the regular internal balance your needing to over come this concern, doing this will allow the body to start dealing with this on its own. As you go through this process I would also suggest the use of the general Health Questionnaire in order to track your progress, this could initially be filled out and as you progress you can fill it out again periodically and compare the results you have had with the first questionnaire that was filled out; this should allow you to track your progress over all.

    Once the body is cleansed you may find that many of the problems your having start to dissipate, as is my experience. I also find that Detoxadine (https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/nascent-iodine-detoxadine.html) has also worked well, both during and after cleansing, in order to help maintain hyper/hypo thyroid. This being said I feel that it would be an ideal supplement to add to this protocol as we have seen some promising results with it in this regard. If you find that you have any questions please feel free to contact the Global Healing Center and we will be more than happy to help you.

    Take care and be well!

  • Terrier

    The chocolate will be eating FOR emotions as it can help with depression. I recently found out that with thyroid problems, either end, you can have a salt deficiency. Basically you over-excrete salt. I dunno if you have that problem or not but it’s not so hard to find out. I worked it out because animals treat me like a human salt lick so I looked up salt and thyroid, and there are tests. Believe it or not salt can have a huge effect on the symptoms. I have normal range too but every fortnight I feel the aching, the fatigue and the depression. Results always came back normal. Turned out to be the salt, so when I get like that I have a pitta and dip it in soy or salt toast once in the day and I feel fine.

  • Annie

    I thought pink himalyan salt had no iodine in it. Some people say yes other say no. Can you please clarify, anyone ?

  • demaisra

    Thank you Dr. Group for sharing your knowledge.

    I have a friend who uses liquid iodine applied to his skin. He told me that your skin will only absorb the iodine your body needs and no more. Since I will probably have Thyroid issues the rest of my life I am looking into more natural hypothyroid treatments. I am now on an 88 mcg of levothroxine prescribe by a regular doctor. When I went off these meds I could feel my thyroid enlarging in my throat within 5 days. Since I have to eat anyway 🙂 I am first adding to my diet a lot more of the foods you mention that are higher in Iodine to see what happens. I naturally have a salt deficiency so the himalayan sea salt is a plus. I will have my blood levels tested in February 2013 to see if my new diet helps.

  • cassie

    husband and l are vegans with no fat dairy and whites of eggs.(Dr. Dean Ornish on heart disease reversal diet) He is off 4 meds and only takes 2 for BP and cholesterol. However l have been started on meds for hypo thyroid (which I take allegra for hives from the med.) We eat soy burgers,soy crumbles and soy sausage flavored patties,hummus,etc.
    Feel that l need Iodine as l test slightly low in NA. TAke armour thyroid now(3rd different med l tried.). Am cutting out soy based products for me.Really want to try Iodine in natural foods and maybe this will get me off the med l am so allergic to. At 72 feel l really don’t need this hassel if not necessary.

  • cassie

    read article above this blog called 8 top foods with Iodine.

  • do dried cranberries still have the iodine in them? i love them on salads but are not too fond of them otherwise….

  • wanona

    my daughter (14 rs old) was diagnosed with active thyroid eventhoug she dirnks milk and eats yougurt. Should I increase the iodine rich food ? would that help?

  • Psalmuel

    One gram of Himalayan salt (also called “gray salt”) has
    500 mcg of iodine. 150 mcg of iodine is a recommended amount of iodine for an “adult” per day.

  • Psalmuel

    Kelp, arame,hiziki, kobo, & wakame are the best sea vegetables in ONE TABLESPOON PER SERVING. Kelp has2000mcg per 1T.
    Arame has 730mcg per 1 T serving. Hiziki has 780 mcg per 1T. Kombo has 145 mcg per 1T. Wakame has 80 mcg per 1T serving.

    Hope this helps.

  • Psalmuel

    4 ounces of cranberries has 400 mcg of iodine. Fresh cranberries or cranberry juice with low low amount of sugar, is best.

  • lyn

    so thanks for the information!!!! I started gaining weight last year literally 20 lbs. in 1 week no joke!!!! My dr.took thyroid test said I was fine i was menopausal etc….Gained 30lbs. from Nov. to Jan. so long story short found a M.D. new Dr. that is also a holistic….. took all kinds of blood and told me I have hypothyroidism due to low Vit. D, iron calcium,….He told me not to exercise yet because of the stress it is putting on my body…I am now on a plant based diet and have alot more energy then I did have.I was at 220 now i am at 210. YAY in only 1 week!!! I would like to rush it along and would like to know if iodine rich foods would be a good thing? thanks lyn

  • Do sweet potatoes offer you more Iodine than white potatoes??

  • Ekko

    Himalayan salt is not grey, like many mountain salts it is pink. Celtic sea alt is grey.

  • Ekko

    There is no sea in the Himalayas my friend, it’s just Himalayan salt.

  • Ann Marie Canelas

    I have started juicing.

  • I don’t agree with your statement of the healthiest salt on planet earth: “This form of salt, also known as gray salt,”. The HCS is filled with minerals with all their colours. If you see a picture of a salt mine you will understand why the HCS can’t be gray ever.

  • adrian

    I’m not a doctor, but I read a lot and have experimented quite a bit with adjusting my TSH levels through meds. I think this is pretty straightforward, but doctors don’t want the liability and aren’t willing to accept risk. It’s as simple as this, if your TSH level is near the upper end of “normal” (4.5-5.0, actually even 3.0) you’re going to get fat. Ask anyone who is hypothyroid. If your TSH level is near the bottom of “normal” (below 1.0, but really .5 or .3) you will have a much easier time losing weight. You’re basically just running your system “hotter” for lack of an actual medical term. Your metabolism will be faster, your heart beat will be faster, and as you get toward the edge of what you can tolerate, you’ll have some side effects–increased heart rate, maybe even a small hand tremors. If you get the side effects, back off. Bottom line, take more of your thyroid medicine, see how you feel, check your labs, then adjust again. Your other choice is extreme starvation diets and more holistic mumbo jumbo. The cause of your weight gain is improperly treated hypothyroidism, the solution is to treat it properly, but more aggressively than your doctor wants to. I’m not a doctor, do your own research.

  • shirish

    do you believe in yeast syndrome?

  • also want to check to see if the dairy your eating is hormone free, and watch out for soy or wheat when eating drinking your iodine foods.

  • Connie Deuser

    I have hypothyroidism, miss diagnosed for over 2 yrs, I did go back to the doc, over & over…etc) By the time I got to Endocrinologist my body was totally broken, Prior to correct diagnosis, I was a strong athletic female, 3-6 mi. runs, weights,awesome health, @ 49 yrs old…then wham I couldn’t run a mile w/o nearly collapsing…Now at 52 yrs I still struggle w/fatigue, body aches & brain fuzz, I have research a-lot & continue to research,…thus far I have change my diet to exclude the foods which impact thyroid, take the meds exactly at the same time (4:15am) to avoid food interference, added selenium, higher dose of Vit D,continue to take the B’s & C,. I am going to add iodine, but I have a question about the dosage…if it tablet size 7.5 mg and the max dose is 150mcg/day, The conversion is 7.5mg =7500mcg, I must be confused…can someone enlighten my fuzzy head about ensure I take the correct amount?

  • I had to mind wrestle my doctor for 2 years to get back on levo after I moved and lost my former doc…the lab new doc uses still adheres to the pre-2003 levels and calls me “normal”…but dry skin, major loss of hair [have long hair and am constantly finding them everywhere, will fill up a brush with it when I use one, in shower, gobs of hair in bottom of tub, not balding in any obvious way, but it IS falling out. happened before, levo fixed it. NOW however, although I do feel better, i don’t feel better enough.

  • Did you read the list? Vegans don’t eat dairy so we pick other sources.

  • You are vegans but eat no-fat dairy and egg yolks? Maybe I’m reading that wrong. Vegans don’t eat ANY dairy or eggs. You can get off those meds if you eat only plant based and include items from the list of 8 choices, like sea vegitables and potatoes or a supplement, but look at the list to pick one.

  • And soy is terrible for thyroid issues. Remove tofu and other soy from your diet.

  • Wendy, you are right on about doctors saying the thyroid numbers are fine, but it needs to be monitored for every individual according to how we feel, not what a number says. Do you get enough Iodine and is the list of 8 above helpful in your case, since you’ve been monitoring yourself for awhile I’m curious to know.

  • Whole Foods sells sea vegetables, like the black papery product that
    sushi is wrapped in. A store clerk could help you pick something.

  • Get on a plant-based (vegan) diet and you’ll feel great.

  • Lerojist


    I was told when I was 20 years old, after a blood test, that I had hypothyroidism, and I will NEVER be able to eat carbohydrates well. I was young didn’t understand. He was a good doctor in telling me.

    I started gaining weight nearing my middle 30’s. By the time I was 65, I had gained 100 lbs. I also, found a book called “Eat Right For Your Type” by Dr. Peter D’Adamo/Catherine Whitney. My new doctor told me he’s surprised I’m alive, as my thyroid was so low. He went on to say, without a doubt, the reason for my weight gain was my hypothyroidism.

    When I was 69 years old, I had a stroke, something that sucks your life energy. While in the hospital in rehab, I watched a movie of reasons for a stroke. I had them that hit a note with me …..obesity, diabetes, hypothyroidism, stress..

    Americans are being set up for poor health.

    WHY AREN’T THE DOCTORS TELLING US? My thought….Because the sicker we are, the more profit for them. Follow the money trail….

  • meow

    Have you ever looked into the fact that your soy might be mostly GMO. Probably worse than eating proper dairy or egg whites from real free range chickens

  • E Mend

    Himalayan sea salt comes from the mineral deposits in lakes high in the Himalayas.

  • learnsumthiingevryday

    We can juice ourselves? Does it hurt? What color/flavor is your juice? Are we all the same color juice or do we all have “individual” flavor? So weird. I never knew!

  • Suzanne Mullen


  • barb

    You are right on with your information, wish I would of know this 25 years ago.
    thank you for the information.


  • barb

    I have fish allergies and dairy; have to use the fermented stuff and take a vitamin.

  • Dr.

    and pink Himalayan salt does not contain iodine at all!
    People on Himalaya are all having huge problems with thyroid.
    It is good for other minerals though.

  • S S

    If I were you I’d limit the soy intake. Too much soy is NOT good for the Thyroid. A friend in TX developed Throid tumors and the gland had to be removed.
    Blames it xompletley on the soy. Don’t believe it? Check out Soy and thyroid cancer online in your search box.

  • S S

    Jeffery true, there’s a link between soy and Thyroid cancer.

  • MrDschr .

    the sea kelp now has radiation along with mercury and arsenic.

  • Brandy

    I have heard that soy mimics estrogen in the body; so when you eat a ton of soy to replace meat and other animal products, you’re dumping a bunch of hormones into your body.

  • ghc_health

    You heard correctly, Brandy. That’s why I recommend everyone avoid soy.
    -Dr. Edward Group

  • Nadia DeRouen

    Thanks for the info, a healthy approach and natural healing is the way to go

  • Nadia DeRouen

    Is it ok to take Kelp capsules while taking levothyroxine for my hypothyroidism?

  • Rothschilld

    Thank you Dr. Group.

  • ghc_health

    Thank you!

    -Dr. Edward Group

  • Lemurette

    where did you find this information? I’ve been searching for months… thanks in advance for sharing your source.

  • Sheila

    I just found my favorite natural healing web-site. Excellent information!
    You make this fun too! TY

  • ghc_health

    Thanks for joining us, Sheila!

  • NCAlexandria12

    Know where your kelp comes from. Radiation in the Pacific is affecting those sources. Some Atlantic kelp have tested positive to certain contaminates. Do some research before buying.

  • Suman Hari

    Astrologer :9833186345 :

  • Suman Hari

    Astro Healer : 9833186345 :

  • orlendatube .

    HAVE YOUR IODINE LEVELS CHECKED! I also have hypothyroidism…but my iodine levels are too high and THAT can cause thyroid issues (thyroid suppression leading to hypothyroidism) as well…its a balancing act to keep those levels correct! also-I recommend doing exercise that not only helps you body, but your mind as well for the depression. I took up hiking and being is nature is a great cure for depression! Corn mazes in the fall are also great fun and can stimulate your mind while you workout! Geocaching is also a great way to add a fun activity to hiking-its a GPS based treasure hunt!
    swimming is also a good method of exercise because it takes the strain off your joints.
    also-My massage therapist swears by Young Living’s Thyromin capsules…BUT it does have iodine in it so check your levels first!
    Massage therapy can help with a stiff achy body (have you been worked up for OTHER causes of that? Like auto-immune diseases or Lyme (There are 3 blood tests for Lyme and you should get all 3 to make sure you are negative!)?) As well weight loss helps with body aches. You can take epsom salt baths as well-you need at least 2 cups in the avg size tub for it to be effective but epsom salts are pretty cheap.
    Heat and ice can also help-sometimes alternating them works wonders!
    Have you tried medication for the depression? Not my first choice but may improve your mood and help you stick to diet and exercise.
    I hope you feel better!

  • JJ

    Thank you so much for this. My Dr. has ignored my weight gain due to “peri menopause”. I work out in the pool an hour and a half daily. because of joint pain. now I have muscle spasms. I gained 25 pounds in two months with a very healthy diet. I am not eager to get on meds that are permanent. My medical insurance is Kaiser and they only put in effort when you are in crisis. Then it is great medicine. Even Weight watchers can’t get my weight down as I am eating very healthy. I have increased the selenium with brazil nuts. Now what?

  • Sr Citizen

    As stated above. “Himalayan salt is PINK salt and has no iodine in it. Gray salt is French salt and comes from the sea and is a good source of iodine.”

  • Stephen Dickens

    Ive had some concerns over a few things,,like the new health fad for sea salt for one. But if the sea has so much radiation in it now, would not sea salt, as in salt from the sea be a bad thing? And how about kelp and such from the ocean for iodine, that to most likely would contain the radiation. And Ive heard a lot of other salts come from the ocean as well.

  • roxy

    there is “lethal” dosage and there is the less lethal -> “causes hypothyroidism” dosage.. do you know your numbers so that you know if you are taking a ‘non-lethal hypo/erthyroid causing dosage? …

  • wendy

    Does a hypothyroid person need more iodide or less?

  • ghc_health

    A person whose thyroid underperforms due to insufficient iodine may benefit from supplemental nascent iodine.

  • Fukushima

    The ocean is a dumping ground i don’t think any ocean anywhere can claim to be pristine since the atom bomb tests and now Fukushima.. May i suggest to the Dr. to invest his nascent iodine to be grown indoors to guarantee its purity.

  • ghc_health

    True but the properties of iodine give it natural defense against radioactivity.

  • Mel

    I saw you mention Himalayan Salt. Is that the Himalayan pink salt? Also, what’s the difference between that and the Redmond Sea Salt?

  • Himalayan crystal salt is the pink salt, it’s mined from the Himalayas. Sea salt comes from the sea.

  • Not likely. Sweet potatoes contain goitrogens, which, when eaten raw, prevent iodine uptake by the thyroid gland.

  • Joy

    Strawberries are on all the lists of goitrogenic foods to avoid for thyroid problems. So does their high iodine content counteract their bad goitrogenic affects on the thyroid making them okay to eat?

  • It’s not likely to matter much unless you’re eating massive amounts.

  • Lindyrose

    I’ve read that soy is the most genetically modified food in the world. My body reacts negatively to soy so I avoid it. My symptoms are: I feel ‘down’ and every joint in my body (even those in my fingers) hurts.

  • Soy is terrible and can mess with your hormones. I avoid it at all costs.

  • Patty

    I, too, at 59, started having allergies i never had before and even worse seasonal allergies than I’ve ever had in my life. I am presently avoiding Corn, corn syrup, corn cereals, tortilos, pop corn, corn chips, etc. and have at least managed to stay out of the ER with Duck Lips and swollen face for a year now. Even buy butter from the milk of grass-fed cows, only grass fed ground beef. Fortunately, we have restaurants here that brag about serving the local grass fed beef, even a burger joint.

  • David Weiss

    most health insurance policies do not pay nutritionists to advise us as a means for prevention and healing of illness because the Mafia drug industry and AMA stop them. It is a racket to keep you ill while they become rich Sad but true.

  • Seeta

    I am pretty sure HImalayan PInk Salt does not contain iodine. People in these regions tend to develop goiter, and enlargement of the thyroid.

  • yahright

    Oh ok, as long as you’re pretty sure. That’s enough for me to base my health decisions on.

  • Kim C.

    Hi Dr. Group.
    I lost my thyroid at 19, and breasts at 43 both due to cancer. On replacement, I am speedy, but have all the symptoms of hypo.
    Looking for a way to make me feel better. Will iodine help or hurt?

  • Hi Kim,

    I wouldn’t be able to say if iodine will or won’t make you feel better but if it were me, it’s something I’d explore. Iodine is necessary for good health, even if you’ve lost your thyroid.

  • SirGalahadT

    Who says frying cancels the benefits?

    Does frying destroy the iodine?

    I suggest frying in home-rendered lard or tallow – not in unnatural vegetable oil

  • devin felix

    Is potatoes the most important source

  • I’m not sure there’s a source that’s most important but some sources are better sources than others… because of iodine content as well as other factors like overall nutritional makeup.

  • Jennifer

    I have hypothyroidism..So should I avoid eating cooked sweet potato too…

  • JagT

    My “girl” doctor advised me to stay away from soy…anything….with the history of breast cancer in the family and the fact that soy has been found to behave like artificial hormones, which have been found to lead to the disease…careful with soy!

  • Carolyn Stokes

    My son had constant diahrea and the MD said his thyroid was a little off so he put him on medication. That’s all the MD could find out of sorts and 3 months later he still had the runs real bad. Went to another doctor and he said that he had Ulcerative collides. They gave him medicine for that but no one took him off the thyroid medicine. He doesn’t eat salt so I’m thinking his thyroid is off due to lack of Iodine but I don’t know. The MD keeps changing his medication and lately he has anxiety very bad.

  • Sounds like a diagnosis mish mash… I might seek out a third opinion.

  • Christine

    Would you know how much iodine is in a 1/4 c of cranberry juice?

  • By no means is this absolute but 4 ounces may contain about 400 micrograms of iodine.

  • Milk is a source of iodine, but not everyone is a fan of dairy.

  • Don

    Hi Dr. Group,
    Where do you come up with the figure of 500mcg of iodine per gram of Himalayan Crystal Salt. All the literature I’ve been able to uncover points to 0.1 g/kg or 100mcg/gram. There is quite a difference in these figures and I would like to know the truth of the matter, there should not be that much variation in the iodine content of this salt. Some, such as Dr. Mercola state that Himalayan salt is not a reliable source of Iodine and that other sources must be relied upon if using only this salt in one’s diet. Any clarity to this issue that you could provide would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  • Marilyn

    If you research, you will find out that the TSH test is pretty much useless. The most important tests are the FT4 and FT3. Not T4 and T3. The word FREE must be in the tests.

  • johnyyydal24

    How much iodine is there in a 23.5mg of potassium iodide.

  • johnyyydal24

    Sorry I made a mistake with the dosage.
    How much iodine is there in 32.5 of potassium iodide as I plan to to take1 capsule per day for health along with a mineral supplement.

  • johnyyydal24

    How much iodine is in 32.5 mg of potassium iodide.

  • BobArctor

    In one of your interviews you said we need 20k-50k mcg iodine daily but most supplements provide only like 400 mcg. I don’t get this. Was this a goof ?

  • The RDA for iodine is only 150mcg, and that’s only enough to stave off goiter. In my opinion, most people could do better with more. A serving of Detoxadine offers over 1000mcg and is going to likely be sufficient for most people.

  • BobArctor

    I knew you were gonna say that 😛

    Guess I’ll have to break down eventually and get some. Even the Kelp supplies only 400 mcg.
    I’ve been gobbling Vitacost’s Thyroid formula but it’s only 200 mcg and I’m sure the nascent is much better.

    Well, great work on all your formulas.
    I love watching you and Alex talk about these things.

    Thank you for your time 🙂

  • Ah Choo

    Are you aware that Fluoride causes hypothyroidism?

  • L.C. in Texas

    I would be more concerned about BPA and its affect on the human body. It is banned overseas and should be banned in the USA. It is in plastic products, which covers about everything. Reports have shown that it turns testosterone into estrogen and young girls to early puberty. Our culture can prove this is true, I believe. I also believe it is causing most health problems like hypothyroidism.

  • I agree, it’s insane the amount of destruction it causes-


  • Trevor

    This is a very vague statement. Saying Fluoride causes hypothyroidism is like saying water kills you. Water can kill you if you drink too much. Fluoride can cause hypothyroidism if you consume too much. I’m strongly against Fluoridation of drinking water; however, this is comment boils down to scare mongering. Either that or you just haven’t looked into it enough, in which case you shouldn’t be spreading this nonsense.

  • Trevor

    Do the Strawberries etc really need to be organic for us to get the same levels of Iodine?

  • Al

    Don’t sea products like kelp also contain toxic metals prevalent in sea water? Does the nascent iodine, presumably derived from natural sources, also contain these toxic metals? My mother has hypothyroidism, so I am concerned that I may be genetically predisposed to it as well. I am generally fatigued and my metabolism has slowed down. Admittedly, I have (as of late) not lived an active lifestyle, so these symptoms may also present as a general malaise of a being sedentary. I do not have insurance. Is there an inexpensive alternative to a doctor’s test to determine if I am low in iodine? Is it a bad idea to take iodine (in kelp or nascent iodine form) without having taken a doctor’s test? I only use Himalayan Pink Salt (mostly Kirkland brand) as I have read that iodized table salt is quite harmful, and has been stripped of all trace minerals that actually make salt good for you. Does pink salt contain iodine as a trace element and is it sufficient for a man 39 years of age?

  • The iodine in Detoxadine is deep earth sourced, not from the sea. The concern about those contaminants is not there.

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  • Nori

    Hi Terrier, What is a pitta and salt toast?

  • Helen

    I am having radioactive iodine and need to follow a low iodine diet which foods should I stay clear of

  • Sea vegetables are typically the highest in iodine, think about avoiding those.

  • pam

    Chocolate has magnesium. Buy BioCitrate magnesium by Solaray– their capsules. Or their same, calcium magnesium 1:1 ratio. Need this brand because magnesium supplements are hard for body to absorb. If u get diarrhea lower dosage. Also spinach great natural source. Also buy high quality virgin coconut oil, put in stir fries, fruit smoothies, anywhere. Good taste but greasy texture when eaten plain. High quality olive oil and sesame oil as well as real butter are the other good oils. Been there so I know. Good luck.

  • Bruce

    Don’t the potatoes have to absorb iodine from the soil they are grown? If these foods you mentioned were grown in soil which was depleted of iodine will the foods still have iodine in them?

  • That can certainly be a factor in those foods not having the expected amount of iodine.

  • Sam

    to boot, since most municipalities in the US fluoridate, it’s not just in most of what you drink, but many prepared food products.

  • Kalb

    I thought drinking distilled water would cause a reduction of essential minerals in your body because it is devoid of them and absorbs them. Is that information correct?

  • Cin Hus

    I like the way that you also add a video to your articles so that people have a choice to either read, view or both! With so many people having problems with ADD/ADHD and comprehension, it makes it so much easier for people to retain the great amount of info that you offer! Thank you for your guidance! I appreciate all the work that you do! I only wish you would share as much in your emails that you do in Facebook!

  • Thanks for the kind words and suggestion. If you sign up for the daily email newsletter (top right of this page) you can get news stories in your email every day (as opposed to just once a month).

  • That’s the subject of hot debate for a long time. It’s hungry water but I’ve had it for years and haven’t experienced problems.

  • opinionedone

    if that were the case we would see a lot more cases…wouldn’t we? it has been in the water for decades and one thing I do know …we have healthier teeth for it.

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    I am not going to do your work for you.
    “fluoride in most anti anxiety medications”
    And “Fluoride in rat poison”
    Then read the warning label says about indigestion of fluoride.

    And don’t home in on the Scaremonger” articles as I am sure you will. Research it!
    Wake up!

  • Lorayn

    if you have autoimmune thyroid, specifically thyroid peroxidase antibodies, iodine levels above normal range will stimulate increase in thyroid peroxidase which will also increase your autoimmne antibodies and increase autoimmune symptoms.

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  • Rach

    a pita is flat bread. Salt toast is bread with salt on it

  • Maureen

    Dr. Guest, I read (wish I could remember where) that Rockefeller was the one who made the decision to replace the iodine in bread with bromine. Hmmm, I wonder why?!? If I come across this information again I will post here.
    Thank you so much for all you do to get truth out to us masses!

  • erica

    I have been taken meds for my thyroid since I was 14 till now I’m 36 begaing was 25mg till I was 25 went up to 200 mg now I’m 36 and med is now 112 mg foy my synthyroid later become levoxythyrid because I have diabetes so should I still take this ????

  • erica

    I have been taken meds for my thyroid since I was 14 till now I’m 36 begaing was 25mg till I was 25 went up to 200 mg now I’m 36 and med is now 112 mg foy my synthyroid later become levoxythyrid because I have diabetes so should I still take this ????

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  • Margaret Hartman Davis

    When you have no thyroid will these food help. My grandson had his removed and wonder if food help in any way

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  • BubbleBunch

    Who writes on here? Most speak of Thyroid.
    I think what was made clear is that people are not able to meet the RDA of Iodine w/o cranberries each day or sea weed. There is also mussels, which were not at Safeway, Haddock or Mackerel which I’ve never had, but if I were a whale. Oysters have less than half that much Iodine.
    NAVY BEANS 32mcg
    (RDA) for iodine is 150 micrograms (D is for DAILY)

    Does everyone buy Iodized Salt. It’s not in packaged foods, is it?
    Why would restaurants add IODINE?

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  • Elaine Clements Finn

    I have had hypothyroidism since I was in my 20″s. Now 53. Been on and completely off thyroid medications as more than a few docs have stated: “I just have a sensitive thyroid.” On Liothyronine for the past 5 years and battling Lyme disease. Lyme doc tells me most Lyme patients develop an intolerance to gluten. Was advised to go gluten free and cook with only coconut oil. So I torch my fridge…lol. Restock with Salmon, chicken, veggies, etc. In three months I lose 27 lbs and my thyroid goes completely berserk. It has been almost two years and I am finally seeing a doc that was well worth the 5 1/2 month wait. Has any else had wacky thyroid problems after going gluten free ?

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  • lynette mayo

    Sorry bit off topic. Can you pls. lead me to anything that might help a friend with no hope, she has bad gadolinium poisoning!

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  • The amount of iodine in natural food is not enough. You want to supplement with “nascent iodine”. Read read read about iodine. Read all info here at the Global Healing Center, Google: iodine dr Sircus, iodine dr Axe, iodine dr David Brownstein.
    Very important when using nascent iodine, you must use along with it Selenium, vit B’s, Zinc, Vit C (Camu Camu is a powerful source, but you have to make sure to take Vit C and hour after taking the nascent iodine as the vit C will oxidize the iodine). Using vit b12 you must use Methylcobalamine and Not Cyanocobalamin. You also need to use Magnesium chloride in form of a Magnesium oil or Magnesium orotate.
    But it’s paramount you use Selenium and Zinc with nascent iodine (potassium iodide it’s No Good). Not using Selenium with iodine supplementation will most certainly cause a Goiter

  • Read what I have written above. It sounds you are majorly iodine deficient. Google the keyword stated above. The only way to get better it’s to start a nascent iodine protocol with iodine loading. You must use Selenium and Zinc along with nascent iodine, otherwise you will develop Goiter. Use basal temperature testing once you start the iodine protocol and once your body temperature returns to 37°C it would mean your body is responding and recovering

  • Do you use Selenium and Zinc? They help with Iodine absorption. But they must be taken along with nascent iodine

  • The best form of Magnesium is Magnesium chloride (flakes, it’s cheap purchased in bulk, make a Magnesium oil out of it & use topically. But probably the best form is magnesium orotate

  • It looks like you are iodine deficient and most people are. Read my replays above and Google the keyword stated above

  • I have been on thyroid meds for many years. The meds are not an ideal solution as long term use is toxic and causes diabetes, heart problems and heart disease and cancers.
    The missing link is Iodine and the answer is nascent iodine which is in an “atomic” state, therefore easily absorbed.
    Read up on iodine deficiency and most people suffer from it today.
    Read my replies above with more important info

  • 99% of soy is GMO. Also soy does mimic estrogen. That’s why 10 year old girls start puberty now. Soy sauce contains MSG monosodium glutamate 621 which is an exitotoxin which kills brain cells

  • Supplementing with Kelp for Iodine it’s not a good idea. The only way to fix all of your problems it’s to start using Nascent Iodine. Read my previous replays for more info

  • Supplementing with Kelp for Iodine it’s not a good idea. The only way to fix all of your problems it’s to start using Nascent Iodine. You Must use Selenium and Zinc with it
    Read my previous replays for more info

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  • Cindy W

    Are food companies not required to label how much iodine is in their product? I use cronometer to track my nutrients and except for my iodine supplement, nothing I consume adds to my daily iodine requirement, yet I eat organic yogurt, raw cheese, and potatoes.

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  • Koyote Gaia Noncarne

    animal products of any kind absolutely DO NOT cleanse your pineal gland! they calcify it. Don’t buy this propaganda! I smell influence by the dairy and big ag in this article!

  • Koyote Gaia Noncarne

    thank you Mole who works for the government! it’s so believable now! well done!
    “rocket scientist” indeed. yup i believe you!
    Now come back on as another character and tell us to consume pus-laden milk stolen from the babies she makes it for and that their dead rotting flesh injected with ammonia to make it red is also good for us! do you work for big Pharmaceuticals too?

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