How to Protect Yourself from Smart Meter Radiation

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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Smart Meter

Smart meters have become increasingly prevalent in homes across the world. Their advertised intent is to provide an accurate and concise measurement of home energy usage. However, concerns plague the minds of researchers and everyday individuals over the safety and health effects of these measurement systems. Are smart meters safe? According to the FCC, the World Health Organization, and the FDA, the broadcasting frequencies emitted by smart meters are safe and do not pose a significant concern to human health.

Of course, the WHO also notes that the same radio frequencies used by smart meters may be a potential carcinogen. [1] In other words, the WHO recognizes smart meters as safe, yet recognizes the potential to cause cancer. Does anyone understand the logic behind these two contradictory statements?

How Do Smart Meters Work?

Smart meters work with two types of radio frequencies: 900MHz and 2.4 GHz. Unlike a cell phone, laptop, or wireless network, you can’t turn off a smart meter. Radiation from this device is being projected through your environment every second of the day.

Many people have complained of unexplained health issues and troubling symptoms following the installation of smart meters in their home. Some of these symptoms include insomnia, fatigue, problems focusing, disorientation, neuropathy, sinus issues, thyroid problems, hyperactivity, and more.

To reduce or eliminate this potent source of RF radiation, you either have to remove the smart meter from your premises or protect yourself from the effects of its high-frequency radiation. Since the first option can be costly and may not be practical, there are a few products on the market that may help protect against the harmful effects smart meter radiation has on the body and mind.

1. Smart Meter Guard (Faraday Cage) – $130.

This aluminum-mesh cage almost seems too simple to work. To use, all you need to do is place the guard over the smart meter, completely encapsulating the device. That’s it. If needed, you can tighten one of the bolts to provide a better fit. Tests have shown this guard reduces smart meter radiation by 98%. While the guard is steeper in price compared with other options, the upside is that it’s effective, simple, and hassle free. For more information, visit their website. Also, check out these video tests:

Outside the Home

YouTube Video

Inside the Home

YouTube Video

2. Smart Meter Block by Smart Meter Shields, Inc. – $89

Similar in concept to the Smart Meter Guard, this economical shield also fits over any smart meter. Made of nickel-coated copper, the Smart Meter Block offers a durable structure designed to endure the elements. The product comes with size-adjusting inserts and a Velcro tension strap to secure the meter. In tests, the shield demonstrates a 99% effectiveness for blocking smart meter radiation. You can also purchase metallic mesh sheets to attach to the wall inside the house for additional shielding. For more information, check out their website.

3. DIY Smart Meter Shield – $55

Instead of purchasing a ready-made shield, why not make your own? All you need is Reflectix double-sided bubble insulation and aluminum foil tape. Once you’ve gathered these tools, simply follow the YouTube instructional guide (see below). Compared with three different smart meters, this DIY smart meter shield reduced radiation by 90%.

DIY Smart Meter Shield Instructional Video

YouTube Video

4. RF/EMF Smart Meter Wall Absorbers/Reflectors by LessEMF, Inc.

Wall shielding materials from LessEMF have been shown to reduce smart meter radiation by up to 95% and are available in many different forms. These forms include wall fabric reflectors (RipStop Silver or Ni/Cu RipStop), wall paints (YShield and CuPro-Cote), and drapes for windows (VeilShield and High Performance Silver Mesh). To maintain protective effects, make sure to protect all shielding materials from moisture, flexing, and abrasion. To learn more, click here.

5. Just Say NO!

If you prefer not to have a smart meter installed, make your decision known. “Say No to Smart Meters” labels can be purchased from These labels are meant to demonstrate public opinion over the right to choose against smart meter installation.

According to Refuse Smart Meters, you have the right to:

  • SAY NO to the Health Effects of Radiation
  • SAY NO to Increased Utility Costs
  • SAY NO to Required Appliance Replacements
  • SAY NO to Invasion of Privacy
  • SAY NO to Remote Shut Downs
  • SAY NO to Uninsurable Consequences

One Final Thought

If anyone chooses to get a cell phone with an RF of 2.4 GHz and hold it against his or her head, that’s their choice. Smart meters, however, are quickly becoming mandatory. They are being placed by power companies (typically with government support) in our homes and places of business. According to these organizations, we don’t have a choice in being bombarded with smart meter radiation. It’s becoming increasingly forced on us, our family, and those around us.

It’s up to us, as individuals, to take responsibility for our health, our family’s health, and the health of our community. To learn more about smart meter concerns, take a look at the complaints and frequently asked questions over at EMF Safety Network.

References (1)
  1. World Health Organization. Electromagnetic fields and public health: mobile phones. Fact sheet. June 2011.

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  • jon

    Why does orgonite never make these lists?

  • Well, tell us about it.

  • BC Hydro Victim

    If the radiation is reduced successfully by up to 98% by these devices, then wouldn’t the reading signals fail to be received at the Electric Company, causing a repair van to appear in short order to tear off & dispose of expensive EMF protection gear? I am thinking that a fine or meter-reading charge might result, as well, especially if one re-installed protection?

    OR, does enough radiation get out that the Electric Company can still receive the signal, and be none the wiser?

  • leaping lizard

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    2) Click “on”

    3) Click “English (automatic captions)

    4) Click “translate captions”

    5) Click down caret to the right of Africaans

    6) Scroll down to Spanish

    7) Click “OK”

  • Tashinfreo

    If I make a smart meter protector and our neighbors have a smart meter and they don’t have a protector will it make a difference if I have one?
    Also how do I find out if other neighbors have them?
    How far does the range extend too if they do?

  • Start dialogue with your neighbors. This is a community issue and everyone needs to join the discussion.

    If your neighbors have them it could certainly affect things, check out this article on protecting your entire home.

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  • SmartGirl10

    There are 6 smart meters located directly on the outside front wall of my condo. There are 12 more on the next building right across the sidewalk, about 3 feet from the front door.

    How do I block that much radiation without spending $1000’s?

    I just moved in last week and am feeling the physical effects already.

  • pegiety

    We opted out, and they have to read out meter every month.

  • Ronald Majewski

    I had prostate cancer in 2013. My surgery got all the cancer, but my Urologist told me it could come back if I was exposed to the microwave radiation the Smart Meters send out on a constant basis. I refused to let the power company install a Smart Meter on my house and hope that since my neighbors next door are a small distance from me with woods between us that will shield some of their radiation.

  • Nancy Hitchins

    We can opt out, but they charge every month for coming out. Why can’t we read it ourselves? It’s simple.

  • Smash them all. Smash them all with a sledgehammer! Then when someone comes to complain about their evil meter, smash them too!

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