How to Perform the Iodine Patch Test

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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Iodine is one of the building blocks the thyroid uses to produce the hormones necessary for proper metabolic function. As you might guess, without enough iodine, you can experience a number of problems, such as hypothyroidism. One of the most popular ways to test for iodine deficiency is the iodine patch test. The Iodine Patch Test theoretically measures how quickly the body absorbs iodine through the skin. The issue with this test is that it’s not 100% reliable and doesn’t provide an extensive view of your iodine levels as could a test done by your doctor.

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What is the Iodine Patch Test?

The iodine patch test supposedly measures how quickly your body absorbs iodine. Again, this isn’t a proper substitute for a clinically-performed test that will actually measure your iodine levels accurately. Despite the popularity of the iodine patch test, no research supports its ability to measure iodine levels. That being said, here are the steps to perform it:

  1. Get a solution or tincture of iodine (the orange solution, not the clear one.
  2. Paint a 3-inch by 3-inch square on your abdomen, inner thigh or inner forearm. Allow it to dry before touching anything, as it will stain.
  3. Monitor the patch over the next 24 hours for color changes.

Proponents of the test believe that the thing to pay attention to is how long it takes for the iodine patch to disappear. If the patch still exists 24 hours later, the results are normal. If the patch disappears or mostly disappears in less than 24 hours, it is supposed to indicate some degree of deficiency. In fact, significant lightening or disappearance in less than 18 hours is said to indicate moderate to severe iodine deficiency and suggest a need for supplemental iodine.

Is the Iodine Patch Test Actually Reliable?

Although several recent studies have demonstrated increases in iodine levels through skin absorption suggesting the result of this test may reflect a deficiency or adequacy of iodine, a lot of other factors suggest otherwise. [1] [2] [3]

A number of factors play a role in the disappearance of the yellow color of iodine from the surface of the skin. For example, if iodine is reduced to iodide by the skin, the yellow color of iodine will disappear because iodide is white. The evaporation of iodine can also be affected by ambient temperatures and atmospheric pressure. If you’re looking for a way to test your iodine status, the loading test is much more accurate.

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Watch an In-Depth Video on
Everything You Need to Know About Iodine

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  • Michael Labelle

    I’ve done some reading concerning adding iodine to both fertilizer (I manufacture organic fertilizer) as well as using iodine as a foliar spray/soil amendment. Do you have any info about such practices?

  • ghc_health

    Haven’t seen that information Michael, do you have a link or info you can share?

  • Michael Labelle

    I’ve done some reading on the subject. Ultimately, the purpose of fertilizer is to make the fruit of the plant more nutritious. Certain foods provide specific minerals specific to that food. For example, turmeric supplies the body with yttrium, a mineral crucial for one specific bacteria in our gut that produces a specific enzyme that protects the body from some forms of cancer. Brazil nuts supply the body with selenium. Iodine is readily taken up by spinach, so it serves to reason that supplying spinach with an iodine enriched fertilizer would increase the amount of iodine in the spinach.

  • michelle

    I have had Gastric Sleeve surgery which takes a significant part of the stomach out. If I take this product will it be absorbed properly…I have to take sublingual B-12 because of absorption issues.

  • ghc_health

    It’s hard to say… although the patch test specifically is absorbed through the skin and would not likely be impacted.

  • Angel

    Mine faded in 4 hours. And my moms faded in 30 minutes. My mom’s thyroid has completely failed. And The doctors think that I might have hashimoto’s

  • Brenda

    My TSH level was 388. I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. The dr. says I do not have hypothyroidism. My question is this:If the iodine disappears before 24 hours, can I just keep applying the iodine daily or weekly to treat this or is something else needed to be done?

  • Kelly

    Are you sure your TSH was 388 and not 3.88?

  • Kelly

    The article completely contradicts the information in the video: Says to put it on at night (before bed) and that the test is a 24 hour test, yet the video says to put it on in the morning, and check it over the next 12 hours. ???

  • Simone Judge

    mine disappeared in four hours but my blood test came back with borderline resuts which in Drs trms means normal?????

  • Has it changed after supplementing with iodine?

  • Sure, borderline normal at that moment when your blood was taken.

  • Anonymous

    I have been taking five drops of Lugol’s 2% solution for the past two years. I’ve become more cold tolerant and don’t sweat profusely in heat and humidity since taking the Lugols solution. When doing the Iodine patch test, the stain still disapears in less than 24 hours, some times less than 12. Your thoughts?

  • It sounds like your body is absorbing the iodine.

  • Denise Chapman

    How many drops of Iodine in the 3 inch square? Im sure that makes a difference?

    What strength Iodine?

    Iodine or Iodine with Iodide?

  • Eddieg

    Can you use the Deoxadine to do a test—After you do the test how do you know how many drops of the detoxadine you should take????

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  • Use a tincture of iodine for the test, it “paints” the color the best. You won’t get that sort of answer regarding serving but it’s best to just use as directed on the label.

  • Organa

    If it shows a deficiency, can you continue to apply it in cycles until it it reaches the 24 hour point absorbancy?

  • Beata

    Dr. Group, do you treat patients on line? I am currently not in the US. I have Hashimoto, is it safe for Hashimoto patients to take iodine?

  • Hi Beata, We don’t see patients, sorry! We recommend that persons with Hashimoto’s talk to their naturopathic doctor or healthcare advisor who is working directly with them before taking any supplements or self-treating their situation.

  • Gina

    Mine has been fading since application and 2-1/2 hours later is barely visible. I’m going to buy the iodine supplement in this article but how much should I take? It seems the standard dosage may not be enough.

  • Getting back on track takes some time. Just use as directed on the label.

  • Natalie Rivera

    what kind of Iodine? what if i cant spend more then $10-13? i dont know which one to pick because this article doesnt say a list of companies

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  • Leslie Byrd

    2% Iodine. Walmart pharmacies carry it or can order for you. Inexpensive- usually less than $10.

  • Leslie Byrd

    My mom-in-law told me about this test and painted the patch on my forearm in the evening. Within 8 hours the patch was gone. My levels are borderline low. My two sisters have had thyroid issues, one is on medication. My biological mom and grandmother did as well. I’ve been trying for years to get local doctors to take me seriously about my own case, as I have SOOO many symptoms. But because levels are always “normal” when tested, concerns are thereafter overlooked. This week I’m going in to yet ANOTHER doctor, who looked skeptical about the patch test and other info I mentioned, but has agreed to do a T3 & T4 test, & I believe, test iodine levels.

  • Suza

    Does iodine help with sweating? My mother always sweats from her scalp profusely.

  • Martha C. Rubiano

    If you want to treat breast cysts, how much Detoxidine is recommended? And is it a drop or a dropper full? 1.0ml? How many a day?

  • Detoxadine hasn’t undergone the testing required to say that it treats breast cysts. Unless you’re working with a doctor or nutritionist who have found reason to say otherwise, we recommend using as directed on the label.

  • AK

    My thyroid tests were normal. My heart rate was slowing over several months. I grew a breast tumor. I had the tumor removed – benign. Finally, I did the iodine skin test with iodine non-script but behind the pharmacy counter. It has a glass wand not a dropper. The first skin test began disappearing in three hours. I bought the Nascent Iodine from Global. I started with one drop in the morning ( in small amount of OJ). I was shocked when an old sinus infection from one year ago started draining and was cleaned out by the iodine – confirmation that it cleans out infection from the body. I increased the iodine to two drops because one drop did not finish off the old sinus infection. When I increased to two drops, the sinus infection was beaten down. After one month I have repeated the skin test with a definite result showing that the iodine had barely faded after ten hours which indicates that my Nascent Iodine drops have brought up my Iodine level. And, the other clue wax that my heart rate at rest was a normal rate and no longer abnormally low. In addition, I had to ask my Dr. To do a Vitamin D test ( also critical for thyroid health) and…I was severely deficient. Now, I am taking a mega dose of V-D and will be retested in two months. I eat healthy and do outdoor yard work all the time. This Vitamin is critical to thyroid health and heart function…so I suggest all be checked. I am a Registered Nurse and failed to recognize my deficiency that was actually life threatening. All need to do the easy Iodine test and have V-D checked.

  • CharlaS

    Check out SEA-90 salt sold as an agricultural supplement. Best salt on the market. Just not approved ‘for human consumption’, though they do have a SEAsons-90 that is. I’ve been using it for 5 yrs. Highest level of minerals of any salt. Dr. Clark has an excellent series of youtube videos on “Hidden Cause #1 Why You STILL Have Thyroid Symptoms”. Good info, Dr. Group. I’ve been following you for a while.

  • Denise

    Mine is totally gone and it has been a little over 4 hours. So I am going to take the advice and do this everyday. I have had thyroid problems since my daughter was born 23 years ago and I am sick of it. Thank you so much for being so consistent and doing so much research.

  • For clarification; are you suggesting taking the iodine that we put on our body (to determine levels) internally?

  • Kristin C.

    No you cannot ingest Iodine tincture internally.

  • connie

    This is an old site, but I just tried the test, Not even 2 hours and the patch disappeared..however, now it looks like a bruise coming up on the spot.

  • Ali Naeem

    What were your results?

  • Tammy Travis

    I think i read somewhere this was a symptom of hypothyroid.but not sure. Do a specific search for it

  • Jen

    Can I ask what pharmacy you were able to find the behind the counter non script test ? I need to do one And cannot find any iodine over the counter.

  • DeeDee Bonhomme

    OMG mine faded in 10 min, I have hypothyroidism but I was told not to take iodine because it might disrupt my already disrupted thyroid. Well I guess I know what to do now.

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