The Hidden Culprit Behind Wheat Sensitivity

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on


Many people are avoiding wheat these days in attempt to rid their lives of gluten. While gluten can be difficult to digest and lead to inflammation and other intestinal problems, it’s not the only factor at play with regard to wheat’s potential toxicity. The fact is that wheat is often consumed in a very refined form as an ingredient in processed foods that contain a number of other toxic ingredients.

The Hidden Issue Facing Wheat Sensitivity

Roundup, a glyphosate herbicide manufactured by Monsanto, is typically applied to wheat prior to harvest. It is now used as not only an herbicide, but a desiccating agent, helping to reduce moisture on crops. Glyphosate has already been linked to enzyme inhibition in animals and some research shows that it’s an endocrine disruptor. In other words, many people who are sensitive to wheat may not be reacting to the gluten, their body is actually reacting to the chemicals that coat the crop.

What You Can Do

If you wish to continue consuming wheat products, it is always best to choose organic, unhybridized Einkorn wheat. This type of wheat is lower in gluten. Keep in mind, however, that if you’re legitimately sensitive to gluten or are downright allergic, the only solution is to avoid all types of wheat entirely. Raw vegetation should make the majority of your diet, anyway, letting grains make up a small portion of your daily intake. There’s also a number of alternative grains to try instead.

Do you have any experience with wheat sensitivity? Were you able to ascertain if it was gluten or glyphosate? Leave a comment below and share your experience with us.

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  • GMO Wheat FREE

    Yes, I had a severe 4 year bout with symptoms (and 3 more in recovery) that seemed unrelated and the medical professionals just kept focusing on each symptom and only wanted to medicate that symptom… After much trial and error and much pain and suffering… thru my research and testing… I concluded my body was ‘allergic’ to poisons applied to the wheat at some stage of the production and the GMO’d qualities and NOT the gluten… I have been waiting to see reports like this that validate my conclusion… My body tolerates and LOVES organic wheat products now and it only takes 30 minutes or less to go into pain if I dare eat a non-organic wheat product. I am NOT ALLERGIC to the gluten… My body was poisoned with the toxic, non organic wheat. I do hope people wake up and force these GMO corporate giants to start labeling..

  • karie

    “Raw vegetation should make up the majority of your diet anyway”…says who?!

  • NoCalDataDiva

    I have known I was allergic to common wheat since 1992, and that I could tolerate spelt and kamut wheats with no problems noted, but I never thought of making that connection. I knew common wheat was a hybrid, designed in part to have a firmer gluten to hold up in baking products, so I figured it was a digestibility issue.

    Spelt and kamut flour and products are specialty items with limited availabilty, and it occurs to me now that whenever and whereever I can find them, they are invariably organically grown, or sometimes imported from Europe. Very interesting. I imagine Monsanto has yet to get their filthy hands on these grains to pervert them.

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