Hemp Production Should be Legalized

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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You have probably heard that hemp, a variety of cannabis sativa (marijuana) that lacks the high-inducing compounds has a multitude of industrial uses ranging from paper, textile, plastics, and food… and that’s barely scratching the surface. To say that hemp is one of the most useful plants in existence is not an overstatement. I’m not going to give an A-Z list of all the uses for hemp but I would encourage you to read up on its many uses and take into consideration that hemp is easy to grow, it’s sustainable, and it’s very environmentally friendly.

The Downside to Hemp

The downside to hemp is that it’s not being produced in America. And it’s really not a downside, it’s a travesty and an abomination. Hemp is legally grown all over the world. Spain, China, Japan, Korea, and Ireland all produce hemp and enjoy the economic and environmental benefits that are involved.

Do you know which country produces the most hemp in the world? China. Do you know which country imports the most hemp in the world? The United States. Does anyone else view that as a missed opportunity?

The Foolishness of Hemp Prohibition

Hemp is illegal to produce in the United States because of its distant relation to THC-laden cannabis sativa. Hemp will not get you high, but because it looks like a plant that will, its management and oversight has been handed off to the bureaucratic dunce cap known as the Drug Enforcement Administration. This is stupid to a mind blowing degree because hemp is not a drug and has no narcotic value whatsoever. It makes about as much sense as entrusting the ports of San Francisco to the IRS.

The DEA is not interested in opening up new economies in America, it’s not interested in improving environmental issues, it’s not interested in progressive, make-sense legislation. The DEA is interested in obtaining and maintaining power. Hemp has so many uses and positive attributes that it could be considered a “super plant” the same way pomegranates are a “superfood”. But, rather than figure out a way (not hard) to implement production in America and generate organic growth, literally and figuratively, the push to legalize hemp production remains deadlocked.

It’s not for lack of effort. North Dakota, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, California, Montana, West Virginia and Vermont have legalized cultivation of industrial hemp legal, but have not begun production because of pouting from the Drug Enforcement Administration [1].

The cited concern is usually that, “someone might hide a real marijuana plant in the hemp field.” Really? That’s a sad justification to halt responsible and environmentally friendly economic expansion in the United States [2].

YouTube Video

Hemp Can Rebuild the Nation

I saw an article the other day about Hempcrete [3], a hemp-based building material. Hempcrete is similar in function to concrete but made with hemp and lime. It’s not quite strong enough to use for structural support and needs to be doubled up with framing but it provides fantastic insulation and other benefits. Check out the above video for a short and very informative overview. If I were about to embark on a building project, I would very strongly consider using a product like this.

Call to Action

It is absolutely time to end the obtuse-minded prohibition of hemp production in the United States. If you’re not regularly communicating to your elected officials about issues that concern you, I’d encourage you to begin. If you care about America and the environment, this is a real issue and should be one of yours.

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  • Not only does the DEA want hemp to be illegal. Industries such as textile and oil don’t want it legal because it would cut into their profits as the textile industry produces clothing and such and many plastics are made out of oil products. Hemp would be much safer than either of these.

  • New Hempshire Foundation

    Great article! We have introduced a bill to legalize Industrial Hemp in New Hampshire. The legislation has passed the House several times in the past, only to founder in the Senate.

  • Phillip the Bruce

    Growing hemp was REQUIRED in many states in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

  • Just grow it anyway and resist arrest. Why should you abide by others’ decisions anyway? Let others abide by yours.

  • Tony Pivetta

    Legalize all plant products, including the demon weed cannabis sativa! Disband the DEA! I have no use for bandit bureaucrats telling me, at the point of a gun, what substances I can inject, ingest or inhale. I’m a big boy. I can make my own choices.

  • JTL

    Hemp is just the name of the cannabis sativa plant. “Marijuana” refers to its flowers (buds, man!) Hemp grown for its raw materials can be psychoactive or non-psychoactive, depending on the strain. Strains can be produced for raw materials only, or for psychoactive use only–or for BOTH.

    Indeed, Jack Herer, the late father of the Hemp Movement, made a strong case that strains cultivated for both purposes were actually more viable in the long run.

  • Cowboydroid

    No mention of the DuPont lobby that started this whole mess? Until people are made aware of WHY the DEA is doing the dirty work for DuPont, people are going to remain apathetic.

  • seeyalateru2

    Being a former cotton farmer family, hemp is a better and durable fiber for many purposes, reading an article apparently prior to 1920 it was widely grown for industrial uses,etc in the U.S.. Hemp requires less pesticides and herbicides,,cotton farming is extinct in California.. We need to reestablish our States once again for agriculture. A news article last night on the internet said that the Govt blue 1` Trillion dollars on illegal marijuana trafficking and admitted they made A BIG MISTAKE. That was our tax dollars, put Americans to work in the fields and reopen our textile factory’s. I am not a cigarette or mary jane smoker. My concerns are returns of many jobs in America it can only help us, not hurt us. Meth is the drug of choice including older people. WAKE UP AMERICA

  • seeyalateru2

    Would like to introduce legislation for hemp Ag purposes in CA., how can I find out about NH bill that was considered, could use this info to submit for California legislation

  • Hayseed

    “Legalize” is a misnomer. It is impossible to legalize what is already our lawful Right protected by the constitution. We have the Right to be our own physision protected by the 9th amnd., and since “an unconstitutional act is not law” [Norton v. Shelby County 118 US 425 P. 442 (1886)] , it is not against the law to cultivate, process, distribute or use either medicinal or nonmedicinal Hemp for any reason, including recreational. It is however unlawfully prohbited by government. What we must do is recognize our Right and end this unlawful prohibition of Hemp.

    “Marijuana” or “Marihuana” is Mexican slang for “Hemp” which is the English word for this plant we’re talking about. “Cannabis” is the Latin word for Hemp. “Canvas” is the German word for Hemp. Strains of hemp grown in these States for food, fuel, and fiber are nonmedicinal strains of Sativa. Indica and medicinal Sativa are also useful for food fuel and fiber but the yeild per acre for nonmedicinal products is not generally as high as they are for nomedicinal Sativa strains.

  • Amber Wescott

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