The Health Benefits of the Osage Tree

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

Highly revered in Native American cultures, the Osage tree is has admired for centuries. The bark, fruits, and leaves all contain phytonutrients that are responsible for the tree’s proposed health benefits. Its volatile oils make it a strong, natural insecticide, and many of its compounds have also been shown to protect the body against many types of harmful organisms. Available literature gives insight into the tree’s power to promote human health.

Health Benefits of Osage Tree

The benefits of Osage tree, or Maclura pomifera, are numerous, ranging from positive effects on the immune system and cardiovascular system.

Harmful Organism Protection

Some research shows that the Osage tree contains potent compounds responsible for fighting various types of fungus and bacteria. Research is ongoing to determine how these compounds can be applied to human health. [1] The main chemical compound that exhibits fungal and bacterial fighting abilities is 2,3,4,5-tetrahydroxystilbene and is found primarily in the wood. [2]

Cardiovascular Support

Heart disease is the number one killer among men and women alike, and researchers are scrambling to find solutions. Flavonoids found in the Osage tree — osajin and pomiferin — have been shown to promote heart function in animal tests; largely due to its antioxidant activity. [3]

Antioxidant Power

Many degenerative health problems are amplified by oxidative stress — metabolic stress induced by diet and environmental toxins. Dietary antioxidants offer a great deal of promise for decreasing oxidative stress in the body and supporting overall health. The Osage tree contains high levels of isoflavones, a type of antioxidant similar to vitamin C and E. [4]

Immune System Support

The immune system is the most important factor for supporting our health, providing a barrier against infectious and viral bacteria. The immune system can become compromised through stress, improper diet, and lack of exercise. Research shows that pomiferin, a natural antioxidant in the Osage tree, significantly boosts immune system function. [5]


Unlike other trees, the Osage tree is typically free from pests, an allusion to its natural insecticide activity. Some limited preliminary research suggests concentrated compounds extracted from the fruit of the Osage tree may repel insects. [6]

One Final Thought

The Osage tree shows much promise and it’s only through increased interest and research that we will start seeing further applications. Whether it’s fighting off harmful organisms or supporting the immune system, I suspect we’ll hear of an array of benefits reported in the future.

Have you ever heard of the Osage tree? What are your thoughts on its benefits? Please let us know in the comments!

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  • richard

    The ripe fallen fruit can be cooked an ate.
    The latex sap evaporates from the heat during cooking.
    To me it is like cauliflower.
    A lady is doing some trials to see which spices would work better to make it more appealing to people.
    In going by “signature” it resembles (maybe) (1) the brain, (2) your skin under a microscope, (3) maybe prostate ?
    A lot of fruit, nuts, vegetables, plants….etc in what the body part might look like in the plant, nut, fruit….it helps for that body part medicinaly. Walnuts- brain, carrots cut cross ways- eyes…etc.

  • Daggsy

    I was into wild plants as a kid. My dad brought me an osage orange from one of his snow mobile adventures. I did not know what it was and did not find it in my books. My dad’s father and mother knew it was an Osage orange and the only thing about it they knew was that it was sliced and dried and used as a craft item or ornament, so that is what I did with it. It is good to know it is edible and beneficial. My Seneca ancestors must have known, but it was not until my 30’s that I got to live on a reservation and receive more knowledge from them. When some jungle fruit is discovered and exploited as the cure for everything, I think of the osage and other plants in the yard that are equally wonderful, but not notorious. Dandelion, being one of them. People wage war on them in the yard and then I go buy tea made from dandelions grown in POLAND for $5 in the grocery store. Dumb? Like burdock, too. But unless it is grown in sand it gets hard to harvest the root. LOL

  • Daggsy

    Thank you, Richard. I have finally been eating more “weird food” and not caring if people think I am weird for it. I would guess that cinnamon and spices that are yummy with a regular orange might be good. If the sap is bitter, then sweet spices would bring out the flavor. Maybe add it to carrots and dates too. Enjoy!

  • Daggsy

    signature – maclura same suggests it may be of value to eyes.

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