The Health Benefits of Locally-Grown Raw Honey

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
Published on , Last Updated on

Local, raw honey is beneficial because it contains immune stimulation properties that are also good for the environment.

Honey has been used for centuries for its healing properties and sweet flavor. Honey is much sweeter than table sugar and is better for you. When possible, it’s best to buy locally grown, organic, raw honey that’s produced by bees in or near the environment you live. Consuming foods from the area you live is beneficial as they contain the immune stimulating properties needed for your body to adapt to its environment.

Fresh, raw honey is also tastier and more potent. When you buy from local independent farmers, you help your local economy.

Health Benefits of Honey

As a healing remedy, raw honey can address multiple issues. There are far more benefits of honey than I can include here but here are some of the more interesting benefits you may not know about.

  • Organic, raw honey can provide an energy boost. It’s a good source of the carbohydrates your body needs for energy. Many people believe it can boost your endurance and reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Honey is a great aid in relieving morning sickness—reportedly even more effective than traditional soda crackers.
  • Honey is good for sore throats, laryngitis, and pharyngitis.
  • Honey and cinnamon can help in many areas including relief from bladder infections, arthritis, upset stomach and bad breath. It’s even supposed to be able to slow down hair loss.
  • Raw honey can be used for issues related to male impotence and female infertility. Warm raw goat milk mixed with raw honey is believed to increase sperm count.
  • A salve made of honey, for diabetic ulcers, has been proven effective when other topical ointments are not well tolerated. It can be applied to eczema, canker sores, or bleeding gums.
  • Honey and apple cider vinegar is used for many ailments like stomach aches, constipation, and even migraines.
  • Honey and lemon go to work in the body shifting the extra fat stores, making them into usable energy for regular body functions. Honey is cholesterol-free and can reportedly help keep cholesterol levels in check
  • Raw honey has a viscous texture due to its low water content. As a natural preservative, it doesn’t accommodate bad bacteria.

Raw honey is a remarkable natural substance that is receiving a lot of well-deserved attention. Seek out local markets for organic goods to get the freshest products. Support your local independent farmers; helping them to stay in business is good for them and your local economy.


Honey contains a natural presence of botulinum endospores. Because of this, children under one year old should NEVER consume honey. Before the age of twelve months, a child’s intestinal tract is not mature enough to inhibit the growth of Clostridium botulinum, which can be found in honey. Honey, in all forms, should not be given to babies younger than one.

†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • Yannis

    Thanks for the article! Honey is also a great substitute for pancake syrup, and it taste much better. The more popular pancake syrup in the market contains, ‘high fructose corn syrup’.

  • Walter

    Thats about all they contain.

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  • Amy

    That’s funny. The pancake syrups I buy are 100% maple syrup and taste better than honey. In addition, they are not as friendly to clostridium bacteria and are not a product of animal cruelty.

  • exactly, use either real maple syrup or honey. The ‘More Popular” syrup in the USA market contains “High Fructose Corn Syrup”

  • Lydia

    Animal cruelty??

    I guess someone has taken “Bee Movie” a bit too seriously! ;D

  • lindsay

    how is that animal cruelty they are not killing the bees, they even provide shelter for them. If you want to get technical its more cruel to the tree because they have to drill to get to the maple syrup.

  • That is a great point Lindsay. Thanks for adding your excellent and educated comments..

    Dr. G

  • Tim

    I promote raw honey myself but there are some dubious claims being made here – like “Honey can be used as a medication for men with problems of impotence and women with problems related to infertility. Warm raw goat milk and raw honey is believed to increase sperm count considerably.”

    If claims are going to be made then they need to be backed up with some sort of evidence otherwise people are being given hope that their problem can be helped in this way, when in reality there isn’t any evidence.


  • Harvac

    Please tell me what you know about “Animal Cruelty” in regard to the use of honey. I am not familiar enough with this to judge on the subject, but I’d like to know what it is you are referring to.

  • Amy

    I posted a link and somehow the whole comment disappeared. I will look for it again, but in the meanwhile you can look at any vegan site where there is usually an explanation.

  • Geoff

    Raw Honey is one of my personal favorites. I’ve never actually bought Raw Honey from a locally grown source though. I should probably look into that.
    I never knew there were so many benefits to raw honey. Good info. Thanks!

  • Ben

    Raw Honey is great! I love putting raw honey in my tea, it adds a great flavor with many health benefits. Raw Honey is also a better choice as a sweetener than sugar. (at least I prefer raw honey over sugar)

  • Melodi

    I used to be concerned about Raw Honey, but I’ve been using it for about 10 years or so, and I’ve never once had an issue.

    However, I have no idea how to find locally grown raw honey… I need to do some research into that.

  • Vicky W.

    I have no idea where anyone would get the idea that harvesting honey equates to animal Cruelty? No one dies when harvesting honey! My boyfriend and I raise 4 bee hives on our property, and we love it. Our whole area benefits from these wonderful little creatures. We harvest the honey twice a year and always make sure that our bees have enough food for the winter. Raw Honey has so many wonderful benefits. If you purchase honey in a store look at where it is made, if it comes from anywhere other than the USA, you are not looking at 100% pure Honey.

  • lee

    After reading so much benefits about raw honey, I really need to know to differentiate raw honey from many brand of honeys in the market .thery all claimed that ther are pure raw honey but their price can be vary. can anyone tell me how to buy a good raw honey at a reasonal price? THANK YOU!!

  • Vicky W.

    The best way to be sure you are getting Raw Honey is to buy it directly from a Bee keeper. We sell our honey for $6 per pound. Some may sell for less, some for more. Check out your local farmers market, we have many in our area of UPstate NY and there is always a local bee keeper at them.

  • lee

    Thanks Vicky, can The wild raw honey solidify in a fridge? can i tell from its appearence if i would choose from a store? I live in asia country, and i prefer wild raw honey than man keep honey, can you tell me their differences?Thanks again!

  • Vicky W.


    Raw or processed honey will solidify in the fridge. Honey doesn’t have to be refridgerated. It will last a long time if kept in a dark cool place such as a pantry. Even if it does solidify, just place in warm water for 10 minutes or so and you are good as new. If you mean by “wild honey” as in harvested from bees that are not kept by a bee keeper such as myself. I have NO idea how you would come to purchase that. You would have to find someone who goes looking for wild hives. Being as you are in Asia, I have no idea how to locate a local bee keeper there.

  • lee

    Thank you for your good advice, Vicky! I’ll try to locate the wild honey and compare it with beekeeper’s honey.

  • Lee,

    The best way to determine the quality is to actually speak with the supplier and even take a tour of their facility. The locally grown organic farms should not have a problem with this. Have them show you their organic certification and their processing methods. I purchase locally harvested bee pollen and honey from my local farmers market.. The closer the bees are to your home the better the honey.

    Thanks Dr. G

  • lee

    Thank you Dr.G! In my opinion, wild and raw honey is a better choice than beekeeper’s honey. Can anyone tell me their differences in properties and etc….cause I might buy the beekeeper’s honey for the moment, it’s easier to get it. What should i pay attention in buying them? Thank you, your reply is very much appreciated!

  • Alexander

    Pancake syrup is a product of a tree cruelty. Amy, stay away from it, save maple trees.

  • If you want good pancake syrup, buy grade A dark amber. It’s a bit more expensive than the usual stuff but it is really good. It is nothing but pure maple syrup.

  • pete rushton

    difference between pure honey and raw honey

  • Judith Corrente

    For helping a sore throat or cough, how much raw honey should you take and can you drink right after. Is it just as healing if taken in tea?

  • There is no certified organic local honey as Honey more than anything else is a product of its environment. Most bee hives are placed near cities or conventional farms. So there is no way to certify them organic. Also, Dollar wise pollination is bigger business than honey, so honeybees travel from throughout the country for crop pollination, exposing them to numerous of deadly crop pesticides, GMO’s and environmental pollution. The stress due to transporting hives long distances, poor nutrition of bees and colonies weakened by varroa mite forces most commercial apiaries give their bees antibiotics. The commercial apiaries recycle their frames between 4-10 years (some never recycle) so there is lot of pesticide and antibiotic residue build up in the frames. Almost all the honey sold in the USA is produced by commercial apiaries and it generally contains high pesticide and antibiotic residue.

  • Jordan Tyson

    I use 16 ounces for $12.95 of the healthiest certified organic 100% African Raw Wild Honey which can be gotten from online.

  • Iryne Garcia

    I bet none of you have seen green or blue honey.. there’s an island in the Philippines known for it’s age-old caves and untouched rainforest. there’s a small local shop there that sells different variety of wild raw honey. The green one is from bees who live in caves and eat mostly algae. The blue one is from bees who resides in the rainforests and eats wild blueberries. there’s also the red and usual yellow from indigenous floras. They’re packed in glass bottles as I was told it will explode in plastic containers because it’s raw. It’s not as viscous as the usual honey I’m accustomed to but each one has very distinct taste. The locals claimed it’s the most potent immune system booster because of the high antioxidant content.

  • Kathleen

    @ Iryne,

    Do you know which island in the Philippines? This is very interesting!

  • Rob

    You got ripped off. I’m a beekeeper. There is no such thing as organic honey. This is because you have no idea where the bees are collecting their nectar and pollen, Bees will travel up to 6 miles to collect pollen. So unless you have bees that are in the middle of an organic farm that is 12 miles in diameter there is just no legal way to call it certified organic.
    On another note you should never have to buy honey for more than $7lb.

  • where do you find honey like this? any information on the nutritional differences or health advantages from honey derived from sources like these?

  • Rose

    What is considered local honey? I live in Denver, Colorado and purchased honey from Wal-Mart and on the label it says Greeley, Colorado. My husband insisted that honey to be effective needs to be harvested within 30 miles from home. Is there are truth to this?

  • Rose

    Hello Vicky,

    I live in Divide, Colorado and purchased honey from Wal-Mart which came from Greeley, CO. My husband said that honey is only effective for allergy treatment if the honey came from within 30 miles from our home. Is this true?


  • Lucas

    On Green Honey: Seems to be a scam –

    On Blue Honey: Seems legit, if very rare –

    On Beekeeping as animal cruelty: Seems the way that the keepers manipulate the hives to increase yield can have a negative effect on the bees. Also, the substitution of an artificial diet in place of the honey that bees normally eat (since the beekeepers take that to sell) can weaken the bees immune system and along with other beekeeping practices (including the use of antibiotics and frequent long-distance traveling) may lead to Colony Collapse Disorder which caused the death of 36% of the Us’ 2.7 million hives in 2008 alone.

    The “Industrialized Honey Bees” used in many commercial bee farms also compete with native bees like bumblebees which are hardier and more effective pollinators but don’t live in large hives and hibernate most of the year which makes them unsuitable for mass honey production.

  • Iryne Garcia

    they’re from an island called PALAWAN

  • Rose –

    There is some truth to that. The closer the honey is to your house the more effective it will be. Your husband is correct..

  • Vladimir

    For sure dude, the raw and real honey is awesome and beneficial for our health. We should all enjoy it instead of white deadly sugar.

  • lory sanchez

    Raw honey is honey that has not been processed with heat and it has not been strained. It has been extracted from the hive, the wax cap has been scraped off and the honey has been pur into a jar. You can tell raw honey because it does crystallize over time. Usually it has a thicker texture than processed honey and you may even be able to see particles suspended in it which can include pollens, royal jelly and propolis. When buying honey for allergies as mentioned above it should be raw and locally produced because the bees are pollinating the plants that you live by. By injesting minute particles of pollen you are building up your immune system. Be careful when buying honey from WalMart and other big box stores because many times their honey is blended honey from around the world which helps to keep the costs down. You will pay more for raw honey but the benefits definitely outweigh the costs.

  • Sandy

    I have Raw Wild Honey it is awesome my uncle is a beekeeper and I have just started to sell it If you would like some I could mail it to you depending how much you want just let me know.

  • Janette

    It is of course always a good idea to check any lables on jars before purchasing honey from a store. Its probably best to stay away from anything “blended” as is so often stated on the pretty jars people mistake for looking good so must taste good. We all deserve the best.

  • Jay

    The Palawan green honey is a scam–it is sugar, water and honey mixed with industrial dye. DO NOT use it. Google “Palawan green honey scam”

  • Sean

    I am trying to find a local honey producer. I live in Fair Lawn NJ. I do not know where I could go to find one that I can buy raw honey from that isn’t a huge rip off in the very least. If you could help I would appreciate it.

  • BestBeekeeping

    The best way to get guaranteed raw honey is to keep bees in your own backyard. Nothing tastes as delicious as honey fresh from your own beehive!

  • BestBeekeeping

    The best way to get guaranteed raw honey is to keep bees in your own backyard. Nothing tastes as delicious as honey fresh from your own beehive!

  • rebekah

    Hey everyone! Just getting ready to start my own hive in the backyard…I do have a friend that is splitting his hive, and he is going to help me get started. Anyone have additional tips? like if you were to do it over again, would you do something a little different with your hive. thanks again!

  • Sheri

    If you are looking for actual raw honey from a local grower, do some research and take a trip out to a local bee farm. Most will give tours and show you how they process the honey and then you know you are getting the best. STOP PURCHASING HONEY FROM THE STORES!!! They pasterize the honey. By doing this, the heating process kills all the real benefits of consuming raw honey. Also, its not pure honey. Seriously, while eating that junk you might as well smoke a cancer stick and drink a few more diet sodas. OH, when you visit the bee farms…take PETA people and the animal cruelty picketers with you. These people are misinformed and with a little hands on education, they’ll see that almost all small market beekeepers are HELPING the bees, NOT hurting them!!!

  • At what distance is honey considered local, 25 mile radius or something larger or smaller?

  • Johnathon

    I do believe raley’s and belair have actually started selling local honey, atleast the ones near where i live do. It’s kinda cool. And Wenco grocery stores have hives in their store that you can purchase honey from

  • Ramon

    Hi, Iryne.

    I bought the same from this store in Market Market. If this is a scam as Jay says, I hope our proper authorities ban this store from selling this so-called “Rock Honey” with the label “Phyto-Blue”. I was hoping to share it with some of my close friends here in Saudi and it would be a shame if it really is a scam.

  • Ann

    Actually, kind beekeepers only harvest what they can from the hive – and leave the bees plently of sweet honey to give them energy over the winter. Also, it is highly more likely that genetically modified plants as well as pesticides and pollution are a greater cause of colony collapse disorder which has only become prevalent in recent years, though people have been keeping bees for much, much longer.

  • Ann

    There is absolutely a way to certify honey organic. My apiary is proof. Our bees live on ample acreage which far surpasses the 6 mile radius that bees will SOMETIMES travel if there are no nectar sources near the hive. The property has been in my family for over 50 years and absolutely NO pesticides have been used on the plants or the soil during that time. We are also certified organic vegetable and fruit farmers. I would really like to know where people get such bogus information that most beehives are located close to cities and such. Take a visit to Ohio! Pesticides and antibiotics are NEVER used in my hives. Try getting your information from the source! You may be surprised at the truth – as it greatly differs from your assumptions.

  • Dale

    I live in Ohio. Where in Ohio is your farm located? Do you market your honey with any of the health food stores in the state? What brand do you sell under?
    I’ve been buying honey recently, trying various brands and versions, from clover honey to wildflower honey and I’d like to buy raw organic locally branded, if possible.

  • Deb

    Maybe it’s just me, but raw honey tastes better to me than processed honey. I’ll never switch from raw honey, due to the flavor alone, not to mention the health benefits.

  • Raw Honey

    Thanks for posting this on our facebook wall. For just a few dollars more you can get the best honey around that truly does have some amazing benefits. Your typical store is concerned about making money, and not bringing you the best.

    Raw honey is amazing there is no comparison.

  • Nikki

    Depends on where you are, I get mine fro a local in texas, and it is the BEST honey I have ever tasted, all 100% raw, unfiltered, non-heat treated honey. My drive time is 15-20 minutes from home and the cost is very reasonable. I have lost 40 pounds, alot of OTHER pluses since last August with my secret formula, ready to share if interested!

  • Lilly

    Will raw honey still have it’s beneficial properties once added to hot tea?

    Thanks for any responses!

  • Zac Settles

    Boiling water added to honey will kill all of its enzymes. To be on the safe side I would stay belowe 100 degreess. I’ve had two beekepers say stay below 115 and 100.

    It’s the same concept for Fuits, Veggies and Raw milk. F and V enzymes are killed at 116 degrees, and not sure exactly for Raw milk, but it’s in that range.

  • Maribel

    Please share with me your secret formula! Thank you!

  • Guy

    If you want to try something different, check out the raw creamed cinnamon honey from

  • does anyone know if type 2 diabetics can use raw honey as a sweetner?

  • Andy

    Diabetics should consider honey just like any another sweetener however honey causes a much lower rise in blood sugar than the refined sugars dextrose or sucrose.
    Very few people know that honey in the super market aisle is heated to and above 60* c -140* F to keep it from crystallizing. There is no way around it, you have to do it if you like to ship it to far off places. But heated honey is no different than sugar syrup devoid of healing enzymes that work synergically with natural sugars in honey. There are very few honeys which do not crystalize easily due to high water contents. Sidr is one of them.

  • Andy

    Bee feeding on Algae? Blue berries?
    It is highly unusual as bees diet consist of pollen and sugary syrup( nectar, honey dew, sweet juice of fruits, sugar syrup).
    Next someone will invent purple honey on island with bees fed with prunes 🙂

  • Andy

    Tim, I also ask for scientific study when someone makes outlandish, outrageous claims, But honey for impotence is definitely in not category. Because it will amount to defying the folk medicine and wisdom, people in middle east and far east have been using it for centuries. Now the study part, just because you can not patent honey so there is absolutely no money to be made by any research on honey. Give me couple of million bucks and I will design a study and prove it

  • Thank you very much for such a quick response Jean

  • Alice Ferguson

    Could you please share with me the secret of your weight loss with raw honey. I would appreciate it very much.

    Alice F.

  • Carla


  • Gary

    Andy, This makes zero sense. No money to be made in honey? The honey manufacturers are not in it for their health. But even more, I would expect universities in areas that produce a lot of honey to have investigated the question. After all, if there really were health benefits in raw honey, SOMEBODY would do a study and the raw honey backers would be trumpeting the study’s results every chance they get.

    Besides, these are pretty outrageous claims. It’s honey either way, raw or processed, which is basically sugar and water. What could raw honey have in it to increase fertility that processed does not?

    I’m not trolling here … I would sincerely like to see any kind of study or evidence for the claims raw honey supporters make.

  • Dr. Edward Group

    Hi Gary!

    Thanks for your response. Here are two links that will help direct you to more studies and clinical evidence that may give you more insight.

    Thank you for participating in the conversation about raw honey!

  • Paula

    Please share you secret formula with me

  • Jim Crater

    Where can i buy local raw honey? I live in Crestwood, Illinois.

  • ehoneybees

    its a nice as well as informative article i ever read. but what is the difference between raw honey and the honey we buy from shop?

  • Barbara

    Just found this website. How did you lose 40lbs with raw honey? And what is your secrete reciepe?

    Thank you,

  • Shmeckelber

    Trader joes

  • Sandy

    Please share your weight loss secret…

  • Josh

    Yes, clover honey is gross to me. Wildflower is my favorite. It has the most depth flavor and can be used as a neutral sweetening agent in my recipes. I also enjoy creamed cinnamon honey from Raw Honey Farms

  • Judith

    from where?

  • Josh
  • My Guess

    So what exactly is the difference between raw honey and the perfectly golden, liquid honey that you see often bottled in a squeezable bottle?

    First of all, raw honey has not been heated excessively through pasteurization. The only way to get that perfectly clear look of most commercial honeys is to heat it and then filter it excessively.

    The problem with heat is that many nutrients in honey are very sensitive to it and die. It’s the beneficial enzymes found in
    raw honey that make it so digestible to humans. Raw honey is minimally filtered and does not destroy the health promoting enzymes and other nutrients.

  • Ashraf Nizamani

    I have heard that honey can act as weight reducing agent when used in warm water.If anybody knows about it he may let me know me the quantity of honey and water to be mixed.

  • Linda

    google the farmer’s markets in your area. Raw local honey is bound to be sold there. And it is delicious!

  • Tracey

    Nikki, please share, I am very interested.

  • Edward Group

    Thanks for reading the article, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. That is really a complex article, but it comes down to processed verses high quality organic products. Not only do you have a higher enzyme content, but the benefits will be astronomically higher.

    All the best,

    Dr. Edward Group, DC, ND

  • Herban Legend Farm

    Remember, it is usually a falsehood to say honey is “organic” unless you keep your bees 100% enclosed. We maintain our own hive but our bees go where they want. Raw, unfiltered honey is wonderful… But slapping an “organic” label on it is at best unaware and at worse false advertising to cater to the market.

  • Edward Group

    You bring up a good point. Honey is currently NOT included in the USDA’s National Organic Standard according to a recent policy statement by the USDA’s National Organic Program. This basically means that there is no legal definition of organic U.S. honey. However, the USDA does allow honey to be labeled “organic” provided its producer has had its honey certified as organic by one of the 120 or so USDA-accredited certified agents; typically this applies to honey imported into the U.S. The big problem is this – the policy states that a non-U.S. producer’s certifying agent must apply rules as strict as the U.S. rules – but there are NO U.S. rules specifically for honey, which is why it is some people argue it is easier to gain organic status for non-U.S. honey, some of which would not be considered organic by the average consumer.

  • Lina

    Can I get your raw honey recipe to loose weight

  • Sir2You

    They already have purple honey here. They use it in place of Ex-Lax…

  • I will be getting my own bee’s shortly, I have planted about 20-30,000 medicinal herbs and plant seeds around my property, here’s hoping that those benefits will transfer to the honey

  • LEO

    I don’t really know what you mean, when you said with the closer the farm from home the better. It does not matter how far the farm is from home , if the farm is a trust-able one, because honey that is not contaminated with water; never lose its nutritional value.

  • teri

    The store I work at has hives on the roof of the store. But we are only in the Portland, OR metro area.

  • Angequan

    No kidding, I agree with You 100 percent. The difference in the flavor alone is extraordinary, but the energy I feel from it is outstanding!! Never going back!

  • Char

    I buy my honey from a local farmer. I live in Washington State and we have many apple orchards that are sprayed. The farmer said it was organic and I asked him if there were apple orchards near him and he said no but his bees traveled at least 20 miles and I know orchards are in that area. When bees work on the flowers of sprayed trees what does this do to the honey. Another local gee keeper said you can’t label it organic because the honey is so pure no matter where it goes. Information would be helpful

  • char

    I purchased raw honey from a farmer here in Washington and it cost me $15 a pint. I thought it was outrageous but didn’t know where else to get it. It is delicious

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  • Apis Carpatica

    search on youtube “nutrients vs. poison” if you want to buy real honey in Europe..

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  • Rick Hendrickson

    I can’t be certain, but my allergies seem much better after five days taking about a tablespoon of natural, local honey……

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  • JaWi

    There is no evidence that this building up of your immune system is true. Bees get pollen from flowers. The pollen that most are allergic to are the yellow dusty windborne pollens, not by pollens spread by insects. Honey is made from nectar not pollen. Bees travel a very large area, so saying they are “local” is something no one truly knows.

  • JaWi

    I cannot locate this website. It tells me it does not exist anymore. Any pointers?

  • sheila ryan

    i have been taking local honey for 2 weeks my hayfever has definatly abaited it tastes yummy too xx

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