GMOs, Pesticides, and the Mega Corporations Behind Your Food

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on


We all pretty much know GMOs should not be taken lightly, and a new documentary from VICE on HBO is showing just how damaging they can be to our health and the environment at large. There are no long-term studies on the effects of GMOs to health or our environment, and simply labeling them as safe and allowing them to quietly assimilate into our food supply may lead to unknown effects. If you’re anything like me, you avoid GMOs and pesticides at all costs by eating organic. I highly suggest watching the VICE documentary to get a more in-depth look into GMOs from a global perspective.

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  • robertjustrobert

    I went into Lowes with a friend and directly in the center of isle , as you walk in , was pallets of roundup stacked high so not to miss.I wish someone with resources could print up public information sheet informing public of reality.

  • lisancali

    I hate CANCER KILLING GMO food’s and so do animals and bugs . STOP KILLING US AND OUR BEE’S …….wish everyone were smart like Vermont. We need labels .GMO’S Only allowed in the USA. Buy stuff from Italy. Uk. Canda because no GMO. I’ll eat what God has intended me to eat. Monsanto made my uncles kidneys fail him in Vietnam War. AGENT ORANGE KILLER. ROUNDUP killing us all and causes CANCER . ughh that’s ok. Because God knows everyone involved.

  • Stupid Man

    Let us make man in our image.
    And give him our knowledge and the rule over all things before him.let all the angels love him as they love the creator.

    Man is god mein usa
    And yes man is begging to learn his true identity aswell as to see all things the criminals are doing to the meek of the unkowing and blind.
    Just look at what some of us have done with our knowledge to inslave the poor and destroy this planet for wealth and the controll of it.

    They are the we the people.
    There leader is money.
    There is nothing they will not do for it.

    You want to stop this crap.
    Stop useing money.
    Join your local swap and trade organizations.
    They trade goods and services with each not money.
    Stop buying junk you do not really need in your life.
    Stop pouring all chemicals in the drain.
    Stop useing machines and electricity.
    By a bike some candles and learn to can or preserve your own foods.

    Get off the grid.
    Sweet it out.

    Bet you cant though.
    Your too reliant upon the beast already.


    God knows man’s heart and will judge him accordingly. Believe me I will survive it all and have survived it all . I’ve lived off the grid. I cooked off camp stove ,took cold shower’s , 20° or colder weather. No heat or air ,Even lived on a river. Can you survive?Man is created by God but Man’s thinking will never be like Gods’ . It clearly states in the Bible . “Trust No Man ” knowledge will increase and will be more wickeder than ever but everybody will be fooled if they don’t have the Lord ,They will be fooled by the Antichrist when he comes which he’s probably already here. Now Question is will you take the mark of the beast? God bless you .


    Monsanto’s roundup is evil . My uncle was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam Rip he’s with the Lord now. He survived since receiving a kidney from his sister my mom 2007-2016 . God knows man’s wicked Way’s and heart and we will all be judged,But to deliberately kill Gods’ image bearers they will answer to God..

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