GMO Foods Cause Gut Damage

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

Studies show consumption of GMO crops that contain glyphosate can cause gut damage.

Consumer concerns regarding pesticide contamination of commonly-consumed crops, like corn and wheat, have been voiced for decades. This, along with the rising issue of pesticide resistance of many common agricultural pests, has led scientists to develop genetically-altered crops that produce their own insecticides. These genetically-modified organisms, or GMOs, come with side effects that cause more problems than solutions.

To understand the connection between GMOs and gut health, you must understand what‘s being done to a large percentage of the GMOs in the food supply. Scientists genetically engineer food crops to resist the effects of caustic pesticides. Because the crop in question is immune to the pesticide it’s designed to be used in conjunction with, food producers can more thoroughly saturate the crops to kill invasive bugs and weeds. The result is that GMOs are more likely to have greater pesticide residue.

What Are GMOs?

Genetically-modified organisms are materials (usually of plant origin) that have been altered to ward off pests and disease. While this sounds beneficial in theory, the health effects of GMOs remain unclear. Some animal models have shown disastrous effects from feeding GMO foods, with soybeans, corn, and wheat producing the worst effects. Clinical studies have shown they affect immune system health and reproductive health the worst.[1, 2]

For years, developers of genetically modified crops have claimed that the pesticides in plants were harmless to the human body. It was said that pesticides were broken down into inert compounds as soon as they entered the stomach. With no large-scale, long-term studies available to back up these assertions, there’s no guarantee of safety.

Findings presented by the University of Sherbrooke Hospital Centre in Quebec revealed concerns over the long-term risks of consuming GMO grains, like wheat and corn. The study involved a small population of expectant mothers and their unborn children as well as non-pregnant women. Its aim was to test the amount of residual pesticides that could be found in the mothers’ blood. Of the 69 women who participated in the study, the majority of mothers had measurable amounts of pesticides in their bloodstreams. Even 80% of their fetal offspring showed noticeable serum levels of genetically engineered pesticides.[3]

Gut Damage from GMO Foods

Gastrointestinal disorders have been on the rise for the past 50 years, and gluten, processed foods, and GMOs are driving it. Irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease, and chronic constipation are a few of the many intestinal disorders that are commonplace today. Glyphosate, an herbicide used in GM crops, has been shown to disturb intestinal microflora balance and promote the growth of harmful bacterial strains.[4] This may interfere with the immune system, increase infection rates, and affect mood and behavior.[5]

Digestive enzymes may be reduced following consumption of GMO foods, leading to impaired digestion.[6] Studies also indicate that GMO crops, particularly those that contain glyphosate and Bt toxin, damage microvilli in the intestinal tract similar to Celiac disease.[7] Research is unclear whether or not this could be contributing to the rise of Celiac disease; however, it could be a factor.

How to Avoid GMO Foods

The only way to avoid GMO foods is to choose organic food. By purchasing organic, you’re not only avoiding GMO foods, but you are also voting with your pocketbook and creating a demand for more natural, non-GMO, non-pesticide foods. Don’t be fooled by the all-natural label; these foods may contain all-natural ingredients, but they could be genetically modified. Only the USDA’s organic certification label guarantees the absence of genetically engineered ingredients.

How to Be Proactive About Your Gut Health

It is difficult to completely avoid GMO foods since they are everywhere. But, there are other ways to counteract the toxic load that comes with GMOs such as cleansing and supplementing. For this, I use and recommend the GMO Detox Kit. It consists of Oxy-Powder® to cleanse your digestive tract, Latero-Flora™ to populate your intestines with beneficial probiotics, and Livatrex® to support healthy liver and gallbladder function. Periodic cleansing can help you maintain a healthy gut while eliminating toxins. Taking an enzyme supplement to enhance your efforts.

What do you think about GMOs? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • Rocinante

    Every food you have eaten since your birth is a GMO. Corn especially, it is nothing like the corn our ancestors munched on with the Indians. This us an asinine issue.

  • Marc

    This article has good intent but your facts are all off…. organic doesn’t mean GMO free…. and celiac disease is still rare (not commonplace) all though a celiac sensitivity is on the rise but mostly all self diagnosed (aka a fad/trend). Especially considering the fact that there is no such public study (that has not been revoked) that has proven the existence of a gluten sensitivity. The one that has been published was taken down and the issue was later contributed to certain carbohydrates not the gluten protiens…. to make a long story short… just because someone has the Dr. In front of them… doesn’t mean you should listen to them. This guy may have listed a bunch of sources but his research is limited and filled with holes…. bottom line: GMO food has its pros and cons and it is up to us to do more research and figure out what exactly the DNA (which we are playing with) actually is.

  • jacob

    I’m 100% Non-Gmo ever since I got diagnosed with IBS… My pains have gone away and symptoms show no more. I believe when i switched to this type of lifestyle that it has cured my ibs . I’ve been non GMO for 1 year 2 months and it has been one of the toughest but most rewarding regarding my health and overall being. Thanks for the info and keep speaking truth Dr.

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  • blaq rose

    can you tell me where you shop for food esp. produce and red meat? I have been avoiding red meat completely with all the hormones and antibiotics. Thank you

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  • E Rick

    Please familiarize yourself with the definition of GMO prior to commenting on the subject!! The first GMOs started in 1973 with bacteria. Knowledge is power!

  • E Rick

    Organic does mean NON GMO. Please educate yourself. Look up the definition of organic prior to commenting. Knowledge is power!!

  • E Rick

    After eliminating corn, wheat, soy and GMOs from my diet I have experienced relief from all that ails me. I am no longer taking medications for ADD, depression or migraines since all of my symptoms have vanished due to the elimination. The sudden and severe joint pains I used to suffer from have ceased. I have energy once again and do not rely on coffee to get me through the day. Now if I consume any incidental amount of corn, I’m stricken with immediate and severe esophageal burning as well as abdominal cramps. I find it convincing that the only three foods that cause me problems are the three most common genetically modified organisms. I’m not a scientist or doctor but common sense tells me there is a direct correlation between the two. GMOs were ruining my life! Knowledge is power!!

  • Terry Hill

    So… a chiropractor citing a discredited study. Wow… or should that be WOOOO. The other citations – if anyone here has bothered to read them – are for in-vitro (no in-vivo) at huge doses, on chickens etc. Pretty much irrelevant.
    The entire article is a huge “It might be dangerous, we don’t know”, and unfortunately for the woo-peddlers like this, and other laughably titled ‘Doctors’ like Mercola, no amount of studies will be enough.
    Sufficient to say that glyphosate is far less toxic than equivalent ‘organic’ and other synthetic herbicides, and GMOs are no more dangerous than traditional crops.
    You consume far more harmful herbicides, fungicides and insecticides eating conventional and organic crops, whether you like it or not.

  • Terry Hill

    Are you sure? Because no one on earth, in history, has had any negative medical condition positively linked to GMOs.
    What ‘GMO’ do you think you were eating?
    It’s more likely you had an undiagnosed food allergy.

  • Terry Hill

    “Please educate yourself”. You are a goose. The internet doesn’t qualify you to make such stupid comments, E Rick.
    Many ‘organic’ foods come from genetically engineered plants. Or are you only referring to transgenic and thinking that encompasses all GMOs?
    As I have two degrees and am currently studying biology, as soon as I see someone like you with a Google PhD in Confirmation Bias say “Educate yourself”, I’m pretty sure that is one thing you really shouldn’t be doing. Maybe you should be seeking out facts from actual scientists.

  • Terry Hill

    The plural of ‘anecdote’ is ‘anecdotes’ E Rick, not ‘evidence’.
    A basic rule of science is “correlation does not equal causation”. You ‘eliminated’ so much from your diet at once, the chances are far higher you were suffering from an undiagnosed food allergy, causing “all that ails” you, most likely to corn.
    As most GMO corn produced in the US is used for animal feed, I’d like to know how YOU know if it is GM or non-GM corn?
    You don’t.
    No, you’re NOT a scientist.
    By the way, there is NO GMO WHEAT in the US.
    Have you even bothered to seek out an actual doctor to undertake a food allergy test, or are you just relying on your Google PhD again to feed your confirmation bias?

  • MeToo

    I agree totally. Not only is glyphosate safe, I believe it’s healthy and beneficial, like a multivitamin. People who say otherwise are nincompoops who need to go earn a few degrees before opening their big yappers. GMO foods are also scientifically proven to be more delicious than non GMO foods. Anyone who has a problem with either needs to loosen up their Birkenstocks and relax.

  • Terry Hill

    Sarcasm to disguise a genuine lack of understanding. But if that is all you have, good for you.
    You don’t need a degree, you just need to be able to differentiate fact from fiction and science from woo.
    Sorry if you can’t.

  • MeToo

    Are YOU sure? No one ever? Not one tiny bit of any problem whatsoever? Ever never ever ever never ever in the history of time, recorded or not? That’s an impressive safety rating. Even lawn clippings probably don’t have an absolute 0% problem rate. Sure are in a hurry to convince the world to just sit down and eat their GMOs with a little extra GMO on the side. Why? Some of us think these things need scrutiny, not a free pass because people who like calling themselves scientists are smug about their intellect.

  • Terry Hill

    Please show me one RECORDED case where someone did? Please.
    You’re obviously trolling, and have a comprehension problem – because I clearly said “positively linked to GMOs”. Or is your vision selective, too?
    As you point out, no food on earth can conclusively be shown to be 100% safe. But this is what you demand of GMO?
    You contradict your own argument.

  • MeToo

    Why would I waste time doing homework for a guy who isn’t going to read it anyway? You’re convinced that GMOs are the secret to everlasting life, and really aggressive about it for some reason, and I disagree. I’m sorry we’re not all tripping over ourselves to blindly follow the scientists in training who run around in hysterics yelling about the science classes they took in junior college.

  • Terry Hill

    I am happy to read any legitimate study you present… or is this code for “I don’t have a single study that hasn’t already been universally discredited by the global scientific community”.
    I don’t see how you make the leap of logic that because I am not against GMOs, because I don’t buy into scientifically unsupported fears, to me being “convinced that GMOs are the secret to everlasting life”.
    If YOU actually took the time to look at the studies, both for AND against GMOs, as I have (I’ve read dozens of papers from both sides of the argument), you may note two truths:
    1. The overwhelming majority of scientists support GMOs. In fact, this majority is greater than that consensus on Climate Change. These include thousands of doctors of biology and genetics. Not chiropractors (like the author of this article), computer scientists and statisticians…. They are full time, professionals in the field – not “in hysterics yelling about the science classes they took in junior college”.
    2. The anti-GMO papers have all been conclusively shown to be junk science. Seralini’s “Rat Cancer” study claims results that are NOT supported by his own data. His data shows no higher cancer risk than the control group, however more through ‘creative writing’ than actual science, he manipulates his statistics and claims a result by excluding the groups that didn’t show what he wanted them to show. Seneff’s studies were shown to make assumptions extrapolated from observations that didn’t take into account an endless number of possible factors. Carmen’s “Pig Study” makes claims based on subjective interpretation (i.e. not objective, data based observations) that have been shown by her own data to be fallacious.
    I can go on, but I also doubt you have even read any of these studies for yourself.

    It is not wrong to have a fear of what may happen if GMO technology isn’t properly studied and monitored for unwanted outcomes. However, understanding that currently there are more unwanted outcomes from simple cross-breading (GE is more accurate and predictable), extreme fear of such outcomes is irrational.

    The key to not fearing GMO technology is understanding, not reading more junk science to entrench such fears.

  • MeToo

    Hey buddy, the thing you don’t realize is that you can yell until you’re blue in the face about how much you love GMOs and you can try with all your might to force them down the throats of people who don’t want them because you know what’s best for everyone in the word but I think I speak for most of us here when I say NO THANK YOU. They’re not safe, they’re not good, and we’re tired of the sy-ense crowd trying to ramrod this filth into the food supply without proper labeling. “They’re good for you, stop worrying about it you uneducated person who doesn’t appreciate science!” Yeah, they said the same thing about cigarettes, plastic chemicals, and all the other toxic embarrassments on the history of humanity the oh so great scientists have given us. Anyone remember thalidomide? What assurance do we have that GMOs aren’t thalidomide part two?

  • Terry Hill

    So let me paraphrase for you:
    “We don’t care how many facts you have, how much evidence, our irrational fear trumps all of it”

    Your only reference for “they’re not safe” is that you heard someone else say it, or read it somewhere, and it kinda sounded convincing. But because you’re incapable of reasoned thought, or just too stubborn or ignorant or arrogant to change your mind when facts present… well “that’s good enough for me!”??

    Good for you. It’s lucky your level of ignorance is restricted to the few, or we’d still be living in caves.

    Oh, and despite your ranting, I’m not trying to tell everyone their safe. Nothing can ever be proven 100% safe – that is also a scientific fact.

    Your anti-scientist rant tops the cake of ridiculous. Science has made mistakes in the past (even though science was warning about cigarettes while DOCTORS were being paid to promote the health benefits – get your facts right), but that is why protocols and testing today is so strict.

    But let’s discount all those things science has given you that are positive – you know, that outweigh the negatives by a factor of a few thousand? Like the technology you’re using to attack science on? Or the medicines, diagnostics, foods, etc that will allow you to live longer than any generation of humans in the past? Or all your entertainment. Or even the fact that in a drought you actually have food to eat and don’t starve. Stupid science!! Can’t trust it!!
    … This is how crazy you sound.

    If you had even the slightest level of science education you could grasp the basics of genetics and learn for yourself how GE is the safest and most accurate plant trait-breeding technology there is.

    In the end, you’re too stubborn to accept the facts are against you? – FINE!! Just don’t push blatant LIES as truth, sch as this article. It is nonsense.

  • MeToo

    What you call facts and evidence, others call propaganda churned out by the barfo-corporations and slick hair individuals who stand to profit from the proliferation of this disgusting crud.

    The unanswered questions about GMO safety are overwhelming and the first hand complaints of ill health effects from them are too numerous to count.

    You’re two clicks and a few keyboard strokes away from typing it into Google and finding it for yourself. You’re just choosing to ignore it because “the beakers and petri dishes say otherwise!” Okay then.

    Of course science has made some worthwhile contributions, but it’s also got so many scars and pockmarks it’d make the worst acne ridden face look as pure as December snow. How many barbaric things have happened in the name of science? Why are you so sure you’re in the one window of time in the history of humanity where the scientific community is flawless and 150% trustworthy?

  • Terry Hill

    MeToo – once again, if you choose only to see the bad, that is all you will see. The contributions of science overall to our life are in every single thing you do. It is more than 50:50 you wouldn’t even be here if advancements in science 50+ years ago hadn’t provided one of your ancestors or even parents with penicillin.
    Our average lives continue to improve, our lifespan improves… The ‘evil’ or ‘negatives’ you claim from science are not the pock marks. There not even like a single crater on Jupiter. But no, science isn’t flawless. Nothing is. But when scientist around the world, studying independently, without funding from the ‘evil’ corporations it seems are the main go of your neo-anarchist movement – then I’ll take the side of those hundreds of thousands of individuals working every day as professionals in their fields (may of whom have done this their WHOLE LIVES) – over a quick Google Search that presents a few anecdotal cases of people who happened to get sick – but whose claims are NOT supported by evidence.
    The problem here is that you don’t ask ‘who stands to gain’ for BOTH sides of this. You see ‘Monsanto’ and a whole bunch of scare mongering websites pointing at them saying “evil corporation”… but you don’t look beyond their stories of Farmer Joe who now has lung cancer because of Round Up (Failing to mention Farmer Joe smokes 10 packs a day) – and seeing the site is sponsored by Whole Foods or Organic Producers – who make BILLIONS from your fear by overcharging for ‘natural’ products. They PROFIT from your fear of a technology you don’t understand, and feed that fear by putting up stories that are almost exclusively fabricated or outright lies, or cherry picking ‘science’ (that I’m sure suits YOU when it claims to show there’s some type of harm from glyphosate/Round-UP/GMOs).

    So – you don’t apply critical thinking both ways. This is what the anti-GMO movement sounds like:
    “Monsanto are evil corporations profiting from what we eat” (But it’s OK for Whole Foods to profit from it)
    “Science is all bought and wrong!”(Except when it claims to show I’m right)
    “There are thousands of people suffering from GMO poinsons” (But we have no evidence of any actual links – and it doesn’t matter that GMO rice can cure third world blindness from vitamin A deficiencies because I’m in the first world)
    “Dr Kevin Folta is bought by Monsanto because his university took $25k from them!” (But it’s OK when the anti-GMO scientist Charles Benbrook receives $600k in Organic Food company donations)

    I don’t ‘believe in science’ until it can show me, over and over, conclusively, an outcome. I started studying biology so I could understand genetics and understand how it works. GoogleU will give you the answers you want, not always the facts. Because two events coincide in time doesn’t mean A caused B either, without discounting all the other variables and studying the effects.

    When scientists working independently on several continents come to the same conclusions, test them and come to the same conclusions again and again – I’ll stand by them. But I don’t think every scientist is trustworthy. Giles Seralini was paid for a made-up study. Dr Carmen lied in her study. So did Dr Seneff.

    What makes YOU think that you are in a window where the entire scientific community is 150% corrupt, just because overwhelmingly the don’t agree with your pre-determined position?

  • MeToo

    I think you’re confused. I said science has offered good things. It’s also been a monster. That’s why I and other reasonable people are not willing to give them a free pass. Skepticism and questions are a must to keep everyone honest. Sorry bub, I can’t just go ahead and take your word for it because you’re an objective seeming grandfatherly type in a lab coat. Where there’s money, there’s corruption. And there’s a lot of money wrapped up in Monsanto, GMOs, and otherwise.

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  • Seo Sem

    What is the name of the “harmful bacterial strains”????

    I found many articles like this, and I believe how much damage roundup is causing to GMO food. But please include the name, you wrote ” GM crops, has been shown to disturb intestinal microflora balance and promote the growth of “harmful bacterial strains.”

  • Seo Sem

    You are correct!

  • Seo Sem

    You are not paying attention. The word GMOs just mean modification, but people use this name also to name GMOs who have roundup, pesticide and antibiotics generically inserted into the DNA of seeds and plants. This is where the big controversy is.

  • Seo Sem

    Please familiarize yourself of what companies are adding to GMOs food, before you lecture a doctor. You probably work with monsanto.. lol

  • Anne Myers

    God bless you Terry Hill for trying to educate the ignorant. The ignorant CHOOSE to be that way for a reason. They are afraid of knowledge. Remember we live in a “post truth” nation where people believe what supports their opinions SCIENCE BE DAMNED!!

  • Anne Myers

    You DO know that there is NO GMO WHEAT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD ON THE MARKET, right?

  • Anne Myers

    I called bullshit on this “Dr.” as soon as he said GMO wheat. Nonexistent on the market. PERIOD. Definitely lost any credibility with that one. Why do people not like science or facts??

  • E Rick

    Funny, that is the same thing the tabacco industry claimed decades ago. There is a bottle of roundup in your garage with your name on it. Enjoy!

  • Terry Hill

    Funny, that the same claim science-illiterate anti-GMO activists have been using for years. There’s a difference, though – science identified tobacco as being the cause of lung cancer as early as the 1940s. The whole scientific community supported the findings, but the power of media quashed it.
    Like the way the Organic food industry – currently worth WAY more than Monsanto and it’s cohort – is using misinformation to crush the consensus among the science community that GMOs are safe and that glyphosate-based herbicide is far safer and less toxic than any other herbicide on the market.
    Sycophants like yourself with no science education or understanding are leading the charge to dumbing down the planet by unquestioningly swallowing the propaganda from idiots like this ‘Doctor of Chiropractic’ – who has less biology training than a first year university student.

  • Jacqueline Baldwin

    wheat is not technically GMO but it is often sprayed heavily with Round Up 7 to 10 days before harvest which dries the wheat out and makes it easier to harvest more seeds. It is the glyphosate that is a concern. Not the technical jargon. Please don’t discredit people who have suffered first hand and found improvement after the removing a poison from their diet. I would take experience and common sense over any study that benefits a multi million dollar company.

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