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Global Healing Center Celebrates 20 Years of Healthy Living

Written by Dr. Edward Group Founder
Global Healing Center Celebrates 20 Years of Healthy Living

Global Healing Center planted a seed in the world of natural health in 1998, and I’m happy to say that it’s been growing steadily ever since. I wanted to provide natural wellness products, information about health and the human body, and encouragement towards a healthier life path. Our belief in cleansing, detoxing, and supplying the body with natural and organic foods and supplements is the foundation of this organization.

Our History

With the help of some special people, including my wife, Daniela; mom, Joan; brother, Dr. Jon Group; and friends, Dr. Jim Walker and Dr. Loretta Lanphier; we started Global Healing Center in an office that spanned only 200 square feet. Despite our small beginning, we were determined to fulfill our mission: to provide people with natural health information and products that would transform people’s journeys towards better health. It wasn’t long until our passion for learning about and providing ways to naturally heal the body, and keep it healthy through fasting, cleansing, and detoxing caught on. People heard us. People responded. Since we took our first small steps on this ambitious path, we’ve helped millions of people learn to live healthy – a fact that completely humbles me. We hope to encourage millions more.

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20 Years of Living Healthy and Changing Lives

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Answering the Need for Healing

Back in 1998, I decided to take a journey towards finding the best healing process for overall natural health and wellness. I knew the body has natural healing mechanisms. I knew there had to be natural ways to stay healthy without harsh medications. I knew the only way to truly relieve illness was by addressing the root of these health issues – not by sticking a bandage over their symptoms.

Over time, I learned that internal cleansing and an all-natural, organic, plant-based diet could help the body heal itself and maintain a healthy status. With the right information and the right supplements, people have the power to start living healthier lives.

Global Healing Center 20 Year Infographic

Where Global Healing Center Is Today

We've grown significantly but our vision remains what it was 20 years ago. I’m overwhelmed to see our company grow from a little seed into a healthy oak. We now have a large distribution center near our headquarters in Houston and a new manufacturing plant in Phoenix.

We’ve partnered with organic farms to ensure you get the freshest, organic ingredients in our products. I love visiting these beautiful farms and putting my hands in the soil, knowing it will grow something wholesome that someone will put in their body to help make them healthier. It’s the seed to the body.

Dr. Group in the field.

It’s really amazing to me that now we can say our products have been distributed by over 1,000 doctors in 21 countries around the world and have been used by millions of people. It means we’re spreading health on a global scale.

Sustaining Our Values

Everything we do is of the highest quality. In this way, I know that our focus will stay strong, and our mission will remain steady. We carry our values both on our sleeve, and at our core: we believe in making it better, communicating effectively, encouraging healthy living, and having fun together – just like a family. We'll continue practicing these values for another 20 years.

Our Thank You

When I started on this journey, I had no idea how many people would end up walking it with me. Knowing that Global Healing Center had something to do with these health revelations drives me to find better, natural ways to heal the human body. I’m inspired every day by the people around me: my family, my team, and everyone who is on their path towards becoming well and happy.

To my customers and fellow health travelers: I feel privileged to have all of you in our Global Healing Center family. I will continue to build a better company for you. Every step you take as you walk towards wellness is what motivates us at Global Healing Center. You help us push forward to learn more, and make our products that much more exceptional. You are the reason we come to work every day. You are the reason this company continues to thrive. You are the reason Global Healing Center exists. So, from one healthy heart to another:

I thank you. We thank you.

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