Fukushima Radiation to Peak by 2015

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

In March 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan was hit by a tsunami, causing it to lose all its emergency power. In the plant’s struggle to keep its reactors cool, three reactors began to melt while hydrogen explosions barraged the outer buildings. This resulted in the release of radiation and a flood of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.

West Coast Radiation to Peak in 2015

Since the disaster, monitoring of radioactive byproducts has found that they’re heading east towards North American shores. Predictions estimate that radioactivity from cesium-137 should reach its peak by the end of 2015. [1] The consequence is going to be cesium-137 in our water supply. Lasting effects from the disaster are likely to be experienced in Japan too. It’s even reported to be causing problems with the migratory patterns of Pacific tuna.

How to Protect Yourself from Radiation Exposure

There are many methods you can employ right now that will amp up your protection from environmental and man-made radiation. Are there precautions you take to protect yourself from radiation? Please share your methods with us in the comments!

References (1)
  1. Pete Spotts. Fukushima radiation: US West Coast will likely see peak by end of 2015. The Christian Science Monitor.

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  • Jake

    Hi Dr. Group, Not to argue, I am just curious why Alex says different about the radiation threat on the west coast and I thought you two were in agreement? Just trying to understand is all. Thank You.

  • Carlos Alvarez

    Great recommendations to help the thyroid and your overall system function better with the nascent iodine. Sad to hear the effects on the oceans as I am sure this trickles down to the seafood food-chain as well 🙁

  • Why would you think that radiation will peak in 2015? It is uncovered, with coriums breaking through the containment vessels and heading toward the earth in a China Syndrome scenario. And where is the mention of plutonium, uranium, americium, etc.? Fukushima has just killed the North Pacific Ocean. No whale calf has survived more than one year since 3/11. The entire starfish population is gone There are no more scallops. There are millions of sea animals with wasting diseases caused from radiation. Fisherman have said the N Pacific is a dead zone. I am insulted that there is an article about Fukushima (finally!) that minimizes the danger and is jet a way to sell iodine supplements.

  • Lewis Henderson

    Who you should really be mad at is our government saying we are safe when in reality safe isn’t quite the word, baked comes to mind. When president Obama told us we were all safe he and his family were safe just not the rest of us. During WWII the USA had huge iodine reserves in case of a nuclear war. Have you seen any mention of that? It also amazes me we hear so little and so many are ignorant. Chernobyl was a almost melt down of one reactor and they quarantined 300 mile radius, Japan has 3 reactors that totally melted down and they have no idea where they are. But all is well. The young females are going to suffer our bodies cant tell the difference between radiated iodine or regular and if their bodies are depleted they will suck up the bad iodine. If you know anyone with children tell them to get some iodine supplements and not from kelp, kelp is the first stage of radiation poisoning of our oceans.

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