Don’t Use a Microwave Oven

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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Microwave Oven

Most homes in the United States have a microwave oven, the last couple generations are more likely to have grown up with one than not. The popularity of microwaves makes sense, they offer a fast way to prepare and reheat food and have been somewhat of a kitchen revolution rivaling the introduction of the food processor. [1]

You might guess that I’m not a big fan of the microwave and you’d be guessing right. First and foremost, I am concerned about the effects of a radiation box in my home. And honestly, I have never cared for microwaved food. It’s just not as good. It’s always uneven- burnt on one side, frozen on the other. It’s impossible to get anything crispy, despite the paper fold-up sleeves designed to magically make it happen. It’s useless. Some elements of culinary technique simply are not available by way of this artificial method of heating.

It’s just the way a microwave works. Unlike traditional ovens, which cause changes in the actual temperature to heat food, microwaves use electromagnetic radiation to agitate molecules. This agitation causes vibration and that generates heat. Now, observers of space will attest to the presence of radiation in our universe. So in that sense, it is natural, but keep in mind we’re literally searching space for a justification to say that. Exposure to radiation is not good for your health.

How Safe Are Microwaves?

Not surprisingly, there has been a lot of back and forth debate over whether or not microwave radiation is damaging. You can search PubMed and find research on the subject but you can also simplify the process by just answering the following question. If a microwave the size of a living room existed, would you be alright with getting inside and turning it on “high” for a minute or two? Me either.

Another topic that’s generated a lot of discussion is the added concern of some of the materials used in the cookware people use with their microwave [2]. Plastic that contains BPA (and plastic that doesn’t) is problematic already. Why would anyone think it’s a good idea to wrap up food with that stuff and then give it a good spray of radiation? [3]

What Clues Already Exist?

Many responsible parenting resources will absolutely recommend against microwaving breast milk or formula [4]. If you ever need a blood transfusion the blood will be warmed prior to the procedure but rest assured it will not be done with a microwave. No gourmet restaurant is serving food prepared by a team of trusty microwaves. These are just a couple examples of how microwaves are not used in situations “where it really counts.”

You Don’t Need It

Thing is though, it always counts. Every meal you eat, especially if you’re eating with loved ones, should be prepared on purpose and with purpose. Things get hectic and schedules are busy but there are also natural foods of convenience that can be had during those times. And if you’re finding that you’re always in the middle of chaos and “have to” microwave food because you’re on the go, it might be time to regroup, refocus, declutter, and get back on track.

Give It Up

If you and your microwave are best friends, or even just good acquaintances, I challenge you to eliminate all microwave use for one month. Make it a New Years resolution. Switch to using an oven or toaster to heat your food and water. Or, if you really like, fire. Try it. And let me know how it makes your life different. I want to know how it affects your food decisions and the mechanics surrounding your meal time. Perhaps you could even do without any cooked food and adopt a raw vegan diet for month. Now, how do you think that would affect your health?

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  • Brent

    Would you be ok with getting into a pot of boiling water a frying pan, a steamer or a 320 degree oven?

  • ghc_health

    Hi Brent,

    Thanks for your feedback, you bring up a good point.

    No, I wouldn’t do any of those things, not willingly at least. I would, however, enter a 190 degree sauna, a 115 degree steam room, or a 106 degree whirl pool. Those temperatures may be more analogous to a “low” or “medium low” setting on a microwave rather than the “high” that I mentioned.

    I probably should have posed the question with the “low” or “medium low” stipulation instead of “high”.

    Either way, I would not stand inside a microwave on “low” or “medium low” and would not recommend doing so.

    -Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

  • Allegra

    If anyone has read about why microwaves are bad for our health and are considering giving it up- just do it! My husband and I went back and fortth on the microwave issue for a while, finally deciding to keep it “just in case.” What happened was we always found a reason to resort back to using the microwave. But one day we just got rid of it. It’s been over 2 years now and we havent looked back! You will be surpised just how easily you can get by without a microwave!

  • Akina

    Can I use a toaster oven instead?

  • Richard A

    Forgive me if I seem rude here, but Are You Completely [expletive deleted]?

    “If a microwave the size of a living room existed, would you be alright with getting inside and turning it on “high” for a minute or two?”

    I see Brent has already flagged this but it bears repeating because it points to why you are so desperately misguided. You would no more enter a room-sized furnace than you would a giant microwave oven.

    Your response to Brent is just plain stupid and you are so desperate for an analogy that you are writing nonsense disguised as wisdom.

    Neither a sauna, a steam room, nor a whirlpool is designed to cook things. A microwave oven is. Yet, every now and again, people die in saunas. And swimming pools. And kitchens with no microwave oven. Indeed poorly maintained gas installations surely account for more deaths and ill health than microwave ovens ever could.

    The greatest risk of microwave usage is likely to come from the associated sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. Plastics contamination is also a real (if unquantified) concern. Microwave users can best look after themselves by getting more exercise, eating a balanced diet and only using microwave-safe plastics or ceramics to heat their food.

    I rarely use my microwave but I’m glad of it when I need it. Clearly you are using yours wrongly if it leaves your food burnt on one side, frozen on the other. It is just a tool. You’ll never maker toast in a microwave, set jelly in the oven or bake a cake in a food-mixer.

    Microwave ovens do not do weird, dangerous, unnatural things to food any more than other cooking/heating methods. To claim anything else is superstition, Luddism, FUD, paranoia and scaremongering.

  • “I am concerned about the effects of a radiation box in my home”

    Any oven could be described as a ‘radiation box’! I would guess that many more people are harmed every year by accidents involving gas ovens than are injured by the effects of using microwave ovens.

  • Idahodoc

    10’s of milli9ons of dollars have been spent attempting to establish a link between electromagnetic radiation and health problems. The money came from private industry as well as the governments of Sweden, England, Germany, and the US so it cannot be argued that results were rigged to show what the researchers wanted (unless one wants to believe in a conspiracy). The net result from all of these studies is that no link can be found. Because people do not understand that it is impossible to prove the absence of anything, they believe that a link exists and that just a little more research will prove it. Not true. The only thing that exists is people’s paranoia and their desire to believe what they want and no amount of information to the contrary will change their minds.
    Now that it has been shown thata properly shielded microwave is perfectly safe, one shold ask about what it does to the food. (One should note that microwave ovens are shielded and any that leak radiation are prohibited from being sold.) The microwwave does operate by getting molecules to rub together which causes heat via friction. The only moecules that cause this heat are water molecules. Since the heating process is far shorter than traditional heating meathild, fewer vitamins are destroyed in the process. It has also been shown that the microwve radiation does not affect the food from a nutritional point of view.
    Lastly, I have taught Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry and Toxicology for over 30 years. I have also performed research and published a large number of peer reviewed publications during that same time. What I have written here is the consensus of the scientific community. If you wish to continue to believe that microwaves are bad, then you will have to justify why you are more knowledgable than thousands of Ph.D. researchers

  • Physicist

    The risk of microwave radiation exposure is far, far greater from a cell phone than from a microwave oven. Going to give your cell phone up? Oven’s are shielded — well shielded. The grill that you see in the window of the door is the shielding on that part. Cell phones _can’t_ be shielded; their signals are in the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum. As for the quality of cooking out of a microwave, that’s another story.

  • former nuke

    It’s always disappointing to see someone misuse their honorific titles to further agendas that lie outside their domain of study. As a former nuclear plant operator, I also get disappointed when people treat all radiation equally and promote fearmongering towards things they don’t understand. Just because something isn’t “natural” doesn’t mean it’s bad for you, and just because something is invisible, doesn’t mean it’s part of some mystical dark school of magic. Snake venom is perfectly *natural*, and yet it will kill you more swiftly than most things we encounter within our lifetimes. Our ancestors used to eat food straight off the ground, and yet somehow they got diseases more often than we do now. Go figure. Much of the electromagnetic spectrum isn’t always visible to the eyes, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t obey well-known rules of physics, and/or that we can’t be sufficiently protected if we take proper precautions.

    So let’s be clear, here: there is no science in this article. This is just a plea for others to substantiate your metaphysical philosophy. This is no different than a Mormon saying, “Masturbation is bad for you. I gave up masturbation, and you should too! Try it and see how much more wholesome your life is!” What you choose to avoid in your life is fully up to you, but spreading veiled rumors that microwaves put cooties in your food and putting your “Dr.” seal of approval on the idea is intellectually dishonest (sure, you put your qualifications after your name, but most people aren’t going to realize that those qualifications don’t grant you credibility when you speak on matters of physics)

    If you just want to start a friendly movement among fellow nature lovers, that’s fine. Just leave the science to the experts. And maybe the cooking, if you don’t know how to operate a microwave to cook food evenly (hint: lower setting, longer timespan)

  • Ma

    Yes we use a toaster oven instead. We got rid of our microwave 6 years ago.

  • there’s a pill for that

    Got rid of mine years ago. Best thing i’ve ever done.

  • ScruffyNerfherder

    LOL… A “former nuclear scientist”, “physicist”, “30 year tenured tier 1 university professor”, and some d00d who likens microwaves to masturbation all with the angry factless facts……..Uh oh, I think the microwave oven industry may be on the defense!!!

  • Kerry

    I used a microwave my entire life until my mid-twenties; I stopped using them due to a few personal experiences that unsettled me. I’ll list two instances, although there are more. My friend’s microwave fell on the ground, breaking the glass door. When she stooped to pick up the glass, she noticed that the glass shards moved on their own. It gave her pause about using a microwave regularly because she reasoned that if it influenced/affected the glass, she could only imagine a similar influence upon the food it microwaved. Two: In my early twenties, I sometimes cooked my eggs in the microwave because it was fun, and more often, I cooked my eggs on the gas stovetop. I wasn’t conducting an experiment at all, and it took months before I made this realization—I noticed that on the days I felt rougher and ill-at-ease were the days I had ingested microwaved eggs; I just didn’t feel right. To me, the difference in my sense of wellbeing after having ingested microwaved eggs versus stovetop cooked eggs, was as great of a contrast that I feel (in 2 hours) after having ingested a donut for a meal versus a home-cooked meal of salmon, organic greens and avocado. I come from a family of M.D.s who cite scientific studies that show that microwave doesn’t affect the food’s nutrients, that it merely makes the water molecules vibrate faster, and while that may flatter my intellectual mind, I know for myself, my body tells me another story—that microwaved food is weakening to my system. I think that the right questions haven’t yet been posed when scientific studies were conducted, and that instruments that are used in these studies are not sensitive or sophisticated enough to measure the changes that microwaves have upon food—perhaps we do not possess the technology as of yet. However, a study that could be done, for instance, could be a double-blind study, for at least 6 months or a year long, in which participants reported daily their sense of well-being a few hours after consuming eggs (participants wouldn’t know whether it was microwaved or stovetop-cooked).

  • Microwaves cause radiation to vibrate the cells in the food. Cancer happens in this same way the body is heated by a giant sun which puts out sun but most of the radiation is stopped by the earths ozone so we mostly just get the heat like in a sauna or green house. Microwaves where banned in Russia. I would not want to eat anything that I could not cook in a similar way to what the enviornment cooks it due to evolution. Our bodies will be able to handle something close to nature but if it’s not close to nature it’s more unlikely to be able to deal with it. A lot of what you say is hyped up over dramatized shite. If you read what he put he agreed with most of what brent said. But pointing out one flaw in a article and ignoring everything else said, is missing the point and focusing on one single thing you believed wasn’t correct. I would not stand in anything that got to unrealistic heat levels. But I would not have a microwave in my house either. They destroy all the nutrition in the food and turn the food in to plastic like goo shit. It’s far better to steam food, or boil food. Preferable steam.

    You don’t understand the term scaremongering. Scaremongering is offering no other solution to something and scaring someone in to buying something you have to protect against this danger. All he is saying is don’t buy microwaves and use something else. Paranoia is based on no research or evidence. There is a lot of evidence that microwaved food is no good for you and damages the nutritional benefits of food making the food none-consumable.

    And your problem is you have a microwave and rather than not use it for a while and see how you feel, you wish to make people keep using the microwave like you, either because you don’t want to believe it’s not safe, or because you sell microwaves, or because you read a study one time saying microwaves where ok. I personally look at the benefits of cooking my food in a microwave and there are none, other than it’s fast, but that is not a benefit that is just being impatient. If it made food healthier to eat after being in the microwave that is a benefit. Microwaves are a waste of money. And the EMF’s they put off in my opinion are not to healthy for people either. It’s not close to the nature of earth in any way.

  • There is no science? BPA? in plastic is not science. Oh ok. Guess it’s magical right. Think you are just on the defense. He said stop using microwaves and see how you feel. He never implied for ever. He asked them to see how they feel. Why does this scare you? Because you know he is right? That they will feel better. Get over yourself.

    I know lots of nutritionists who say avoid using microwaves because it damages the nutrition in food and makes the food no good for human consumption. Russia even went as far as to ban microwaves. Was they just paranoid too?

    He is not saying come buy my new improved device that is better and safer than a microwave like some scaremongering sales twat. He is saying see how you feel. That is sort of a science experiment. If he got 20 people to eat none microwave food and microwave food, the same food in a soup like form and tested the nutritional balance in the food, then it would prove it. Double blind. But whatever. There are many scientists and nutritionists against microwaves. They are not superior in anyway.

  • knows better

    Is it still possible to test the seals on your microwave oven? Years ago I bought a little plastic card you stuck inside the door that registered a sad face for leaking; mine leaked. I am still using that microwave twenty years later. Does this resonate with anyone? Yeah, I know, I should just throw it out, but my mom gave it to me! My boyfriend makes asparagus in it that tastes terrible, and he’s generally a good cook. Also, he microwaves with plastic. he’s convinced microwaves are safe, but his former wife died of breast cancer. If risks are cumulative, maybe we should reduce what risks we can. I have read that what microwaves do to food particles makes them harder to digest, if not downright inedible. But aside from that, I suspect many microwaves leak, and I’ve never seen those little cards for testing the microwave since. Living closest to how nature intended us to live does seem the safest way.

  • Allow me to clear this up with a little science. You are correct than microwave radiation heats food by agitating molecules. When we talk about harmful radiation, we generally mean that the radiation ionizes particles, which is something entirely different. Ionization is harmful because it changes the very structure of atomic particles. There are three kinds of ionizing radiation, first, there is UV radiation, which has a hard time changing atomic structure but still manages to occassionally do so, then there are x-rays, which while harmful are safe enough to be used in medicine, then there are gamma rays, which people tend not to have a lot of interaction with. Microwaves, do not exist on this part of the spectrum, at all. They do not ionize particles. No scientific evidence as to the harmful effects of microwave has ever been substantiated. Microwave is only harmful in the same way heat is harmful, it can burn you, and we require heat to survive.Light in fact, is actually *closer* in radiation type to the harmful ionizing radiation, and i don’t find anyone complaining about the harmful effects of light.

  • If you do very basic research in radiation, you would know that the arguments are not factless. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that microwave radiation is harmful, because microwave radiation does not ionize particles. It’s only harmful in the same way heat can be harmful.

  • Well, this is basic logic, do not stand in ovens or you will get burned. This has no relevance to whether or not microwave radiation is harmful in the way some other kinds of radiation can be. Microwave radiation does not ionize particles, therefore microwave radiation neither changes atomic structure nor does it linger.

  • Captain Aerospace

    Microwaves cause water to vibrate, which generates the heat. This happens because the resonant frequency of water is around 2.4GHz~2.5GHz. Microwaves are less energetic than visible light, while UV light is more energetic than visible light, which causes mutations in cells. Microwaves don’t have enough energy to do this. In fact, Wi-Fi routers use a signal that is around the same frequency as the microwaves in a conventional microwave oven.

  • Ben H

    This article is made up of misplaced ideas with absolutely no truth in them. Microwaves pose a risk only in the same way that heat does, as all it does is heat up water molecules. This can be dangerous as it can burn you, but microwave ovens have been rigorously tested to ensure that they contain the majority of the microwaves within them.

    “Why would anyone think it’s a good idea to wrap up food with that stuff and then give it a good spray of radiation?” This is clearly confusing ionising radiation, such as gamma rays, with electromagnetic radiation. By the same logic used here anything that you cook is being sprayed by radiation, as infra red which is used to heat things in a conventional oven is also electromagnetic radiation and indeed closer to having the required energy levels to ionise. The same is true with the phrase “Exposure to radiation is not good for your health.” Given that you are happy to use light all day every day without any worry for your personal health this statement is clearly nonsense in the context.

    I came across this article when revising for my coming GCSE in physics, and was amazed at how much nonsense can be spouted by someone claiming to be a doctor. I feel that this shows how little factual basis this has in reality that any 16 year old could tell you that none of this article has any hint of truth.

  • Ben H

    Breast cancer is in no way caused by microwaves, it is caused by a mutation within the cell. Mutations can be caused by radiation, but microwaves do not have enough energy to do so. Even if your microwave is leaking it poses very little threat to your health.

  • Dericka

    Ben is clearly very eager to show us what he learned in school today. Reminds me of a 2nd year psychology student who offers therapy to her friends. Maybe once (if) he actually passes the GCSE, then he will be the expert he already is in his own mind.

  • ScruffyNerfherder

    That’s really nice Malcom. Tell me, what else is on your mind? The article doesn’t say microwaves are deadly, why are you pretending it does? Like the sound of your own voice? Some people’s children… jeeze.

  • ScruffyNerfHerder

    Wow, that’s very interesting.

    Can you identify yourself, oh great teacher? I’m sure we’d all like to read your published work.

  • ScruffyNerfHerder

    The pastor of my church has a motto about his sermons: It doesn’t have to be long to be good, but it better be good if it’s going to be long.

    Perhaps you might consider the same line of thinking when you’re typing out your opinions, hmmmm?

  • Ben H

    I do apologize if you feel insulted by the exposure of your lack of knowledge, by a child. I can only assume you disagree with what I have written, so please feel free to prevent any facts that go against what I have said rather than just rather lamely trying to put me down.

  • Coccelo

    This article made me sad. The type of wavelength a microwave emits is microwave (go figure), microwaves transmit their energy to matter by exciting water and oil molecules which then transmit their kinetic energy to the rest of the material causing heating. While Radiation from nuclear reactions take two very distinct forms. Particles can be emitted such as betas, alphas and neutrons. The other form is pure energy radiation such as gamma rays. Alphas and betas are a part of our daily life. But the gamma rays are hugely more energetic than microwaves. And oh, microwave oves do not emit gamma radiation. Why don’t people get their facts straight. You get more gamma radiation (photons) from the cosmos in a year than you get from a microwave or a television during your lifetime.

  • The Facts

    There are microwaves in every cell phone, radio, WiFi router, television broadcast, you name it. We are surround by devices that produce yes, “radiation”. The microwave oven is actually held to a much higher standard than most.

    The FDA allows a maximum of 5 mw of microwaves to radiate from a Microwave Oven. Testing shows that with that maximum, and if you had your hand directly next to that “leak”, you could absorb .256 w/kg of tissue SAR. – SAR or (specific absorption rate) measures human tissue absorbing rate for radiation. Cell phones are held to a much lower standard and are allowed 1.6 w/kg SAR. Most smartphones produce around 1.25 w/kg and we place these in direct contact with our skin everyday, not to mention next to our brain.

    As for taste, I agree the microwave is not my fist choice. However, one comment said it drains the nutrients in food. While this is true with ANY heat/cooking source, cooking vegetables in the microwave has been proven to be the best for retaining nutrients.

    Healthy cooking habits need to happen regardless what source you use and people should pay more attention to WHAT they buy rather than blaming microwave ovens. Meats, Veggies, etc are a business. Additives to stimulate quicker production, more meat, etc. is a scary deal. Buy local, buy farm fresh, and cook it however you enjoy.

  • elliott silcoff, phd

    There are obvious issues with microwaves, none of which are dealt within this article. they include the non-thermal effects in mw heating and the secondary effects in materials with uneven loss tangents.
    but these are concerns that in no way play any part in the mw heating of food. there are even articles that suggest mw heating of food prevents damage to vitamins, proteins and other macromolecules (this is logical from a scientific perspective) and reduces the bacterial load in food more than conventional heating. one can argue that mw heating of food produces a product which people consider of lower quality and that would be totally justified. that is due to intrinsic issues in the current state of microwave ovens currently in production (issues which I will not go into here). That is why they are rarely used in health care, not safety concerns. There is a large amount of work being done to develop mw ovens that can be used in health care, they will no doubt be extremely valuable tools when developed.
    However, using scare words such as “radiation box” is not beneficial to the discussion. In addition, the analogy made about the “microwave the size of your living room” is also ridiculous, you wouldn’t get into your oven when turned on either.
    Thus I have no choice but the determine that the author has no desire to understand the issue, but rather is only interested in deriding and encouraging people not to use mw ovens for his own reasons.

  • Guest

    Damn veg heads are always trying to get carnivore meat eaters like us to eat vegetables & be like them by scaring us into not using our microwaves anymore. Go figure. I could have done without the eat more healthier lecture.

  • Michael Donaldson

    ” I recently cooked food in the microwave , on a Styrofoam plate. I took the food into my bedroom where I always eat. I pass by my CD’s all the time. I am wondering if just after the Styrofoam plate comes out of the microwave , does it have any radiation or anything harmful still on it collectively that I have to worry about being on my Styrofoam plate & exposing that plate to anything that can be damaged by radiation. I am wondering if anything inside the microwave can be sustained or sustain itself onto things other than food , such as the Styrofoam plate. I would hate to think my walking passed my CD collection with that plate in hand that has just been in the microwave , would damage my CD’s by me walking passed my CD’s with a Styrofoam plate that was just inside the microwave. Can I walk passed my CD’s with a Styrofoam plate that was just in the microwave & there would be no effect to my CD’s at all ? There is & or was a short few feet or more distance between the Styrofoam plate & where the CD’s are located by the way. The plate never touched or was right next to the CD’s , if that even matters. I hope I don’t have anything to worry about. I will be watching for your answer like a hawk. Sorry for repeating myself in my question so much. Thanks.”

  • Rank

    Do you know why baby formula or breast milk should not be microwaved?? Because they can create heat pockets in the milk and that heat can burn a baby’s mouth. It is not because of radiation.

  • Sherry

    Thats perfectly right… we have to stick to nature and natural processes to be healthy. Heating the conventional way… over fire is best.

  • Tomas P.

    This is the worst article I’ve ever read. All it says is basically “I don’t like microwaved food, I don’t understand how they work therefore microwave ovens are dangerous and should be banned”. Fuck you, you know nothing about actual science, especially what microwave radiation is. You know what, you are a “radiation box” too, you emit infrared radiation, like any warm object, yet you are only dangerous by misleading people, not by giving them cancer.

  • Johnsoline

    Cancer is caused by ultraviolet light exposure. Microwaves are a radio frequency that agitate water molecules to generate heat. Whether microwave radiation is harmful or not is out of the question due to the microwave chassis being a Faraday cage anyway.

  • Johnsoline

    There’s no difference between standing in a microwave and standing in a campfire.

  • Johnsoline

    Microwaves do not emit ionizing radiation; so there is no lingering radiation or change to the molecules. It’s just as dangerous as heating in a toaster oven. Also, CDs work from a laser carving bits of data into a groove. That’s kind of like asking if you could damage a vinyl record by looking at it wrong.

  • Johnsoline

    Lots of people die of breast cancer. Microwaves are a radio signal and have as much of a bad effect as your car radio.

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  • Malcolm Wright

    Uhh… that’s not how “Cancer Happens”. All heat agitates molecules. ALL HEAT. You can also agitate molecules by stirring a liquid. What does cause cancer? Ionization, and unless you are putting metal into a microwave it shouldn’t be ionizing anything.

  • Jason

    Here’s the irony…you know what a toaster oven emits?…infrared radiation from the heating elements. On top of that, infrared radiation is even “higher” on the scale than microwave radiation.

  • Keith Reece

    Wow,everything on this website is total bull. convection ovens (the more traditional kind of oven) heat food by both making the air around it hot and delivering infrared radiation to the food. Microwave ovens use microwave radiation. Both are part of the electromagnetic spectrum i.e. If you aren’t okay with radiation then you should avoid all sources of any form of light at all cost, but that would be ridiculous. There is absolutely no reason to fear a microwave oven. This article has no bases in any science.

    Dr. Edward F., you are a shill.


  • Sgt. Daniels

    I wonder if the real Keith Reece knows his account has been taken over by an angry dude with behavioral problems.

  • Malcolm Wright

    Except smoke inhalation causes cancer =p

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  • drvm

    Your food may contain metal, that we don’t know!! Anyway it is dangerous one.

  • Malcolm Wright

    Trace contents won’t ionize the air around them in a microwave, it’s not the mere presence of metal but the structure of the molecules that effects micowaves when they strike the metal at an angle. If you’ve placed sufficient metal in the microwave for it to produce ionization you will see electricity.

  • Malcolm Wright

    Don’t heat up airtight containers =p

  • christian_707

    I’m not quite sure the author of this article understands how microwave ovens work. They do not use radiation (like x-rays, which are radioactive and could cause health issues) but rather radio waves (the same used by radios, walkie-talkies etc) except that the waves are concentrated to make the water molecule vibrate and produce heat, inside a shielded box (this is why there is always a “grill” in the front door window) to absorb all radio waves and prevent them from exiting the box. If you put your hand on the door, you’ll notice that barely any heat escapes the box, which indicates the waves are not leaving the oven.

    I think the real problem of microwave ovens is that they tend to make people lazy, and convenience microwave food is highly processed and very unhealthy for you. I agree with the author that it’s a good habit to try not to become reliant on these things, and try to cook things yourself with a regular oven rather than heating food that’s already made.

  • laguna_greg

    This whole article is bogus.

    1- I checked the possible citations on PubMed, and there isn’t anything in the research that supports the writer’s contention that microwaved food is unhealthy.

    2- ALL professional kitchens have at least one microwave oven. And the get used there too! (where’d they come up with that??)

    3- The concerns about human breast milk would be the same if you overheated it on a stove top using gas or electric heat.

    4- We are all exposed to stronger, more powerful radiation by a- walking outside, b- watching TV even with flat panel displays, c- standing next to electric transmission lines, d- our home wifi routers, e- our cell phones, and more besides.

    5- The concerns about plastics would be the same if they were heated in other conventional manners. None of that garbage is specific to the microwave oven.

    I hope some day environmental writers will grow brains altogether, and learn something about their subject. This article is the perfect example of how they don’t know anything about the subjects they write about, nor do they care to learn.

  • laguna_greg

    Thank you Malcolm!

  • laguna_greg

    Or the high-level radiation from the sun and space that makes its way to our planet’s surface!

  • laguna_greg

    It doesn’t have to, Scruffy. Its prejudices are just dripping from every paragraph enough to make you scared about about a tool that is rather harmless.

  • laguna_greg

    You are highly suggestible, Kerry. You need therapy for your garden variety phobia and paranoia, and possibly medication. Don’t use a microwave until you get you psychosocial issues in order.

  • laguna_greg

    You are ridiculous.

  • laguna_greg

    No, but we know that yours has. You should have done something about that by now.

  • laguna_greg

    Boy you really don’t know how to use the thing do you? Take a class or something.

  • Stephen Lucker Kelly

    Great you managed to string three words together, with no explanation, no references and a big fuck you. Well done. Give your self an ignorant pat on the back.

  • laguna_greg

    Thanks for proving my point for me!

  • laguna_greg

    So Dr Group! You wrote this piece of tripe? Thank you for adding more superstition, anti-scientific thought, and even a few outright lies to an already turgid and hysterical discussion!

  • Stephen Lucker Kelly

    Oh yes I am not mocking you. Give yourself a pat on the back. You win. You win so much. You win the internet for your amazing research and debating skills.

  • kiwi-ian

    2 points.

    Dr Group has completely confused the issue of radiation and in doing so has come to conclusions that cannot be relied on. Some forms of radioactivity are also forms of radiation but radiation and radioactivity are NOT the same thing. Light and radiant heat are also forms of radiation and we would die without them!

    So some radiation is not only beneficial but essential for life.

    Secondly, he gives a paragraph on “clues” that exist. Don’t heat breast milk in the MW oven. You have to go to the source to see that’s it’s because of hot spots, not radiation. You shouldn’t reheat breast milk in a sauce pan, frying pan or grill either, for similar reasons.

    Blood isn’t routinely heated in a MW oven, but again it’s not heated in saucepans, frying pans or grills either and again for the same reasons.

    Gourmet restaurants DO often have MW ovens, they just don’t tell you.

    Based on Dr Group’s confused opinions, you should not expose yourself to light or heat and you must not use sauce pans, frying pans or grills to cook.

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  • Frungi

    Today I learned what happens when someone who doesn’t understand radiation tries to write about it.

  • Dark Kirito

    i’m sure somewhere, someone is proud

  • Frungi

    I hope not.

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  • nojack

    By the comments you have made, I have come to the conclusion that you are the Ultimate Moronic Fucking Dumbass, if there ever was one. You need to Off yourself so that the world will be a much better place to live in! Good Riddance POS!

  • Casper

    I stopped using a microwave for 6 months. I lost weight, ate badly and developed a bowel problem. I stopped eating well because I didn’t have the time and could t afford it. That’s what not using a microwave created.

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