Deep Breathing for Lung Cleansing

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

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Oxygen Helps With Lung Cleansing

Oxygen is, by far, the most vital component humans need to live. We can go weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without air. To get the most out of oxygen, it’s imperative our lungs are functioning properly. Every cell in the human body requires oxygen and, although it seems like an autonomous function, deep breathing exercises can be done to help clear out toxins that may have built up in the lungs which can help improve lung performance and clear airways. Deep breathing gets more nourishing oxygen into your body. Blood that is rich in oxygen will help you feel better, and give you more energy. Deep breathing also reaches the deepest depths of your lungs, and helps to expel and break up residue.

Shallow Breathing vs. Deep Breathing

Although the average human lung capacity is about 6 liters of air, we typically inhale much, much less. In fact, it’s amazing how little of our lung capacity is routinely used. This can be described as shallow breathing, or chest breathing. Shallow breathing is a self descriptive term, and may be caused by poor posture, stiff muscles, or simply inactivity. The majority of the breathing we do is shallow breathing. After all, it’s just not feasible to be heavily huffing and puffing all day. However, when shallow breathing is the only type of breathing you do, you’re utilizing a small fraction of your lung capacity and doing your lungs a disservice. Shallow breathing lets stagnant air and pollutants accumulate in the depths of the lungs and may lead to fatigue, respiratory sluggishness, and diminished tissue function.

Deep Breathing Exercises for Lung Cleansing

Find a relaxing and quiet place to sit down. Close your eyes, and begin by breathing in deeply through your nose from your belly up. Count to five, inhaling the entire time. Even when you think you can’t inhale any more, try to squeeze a little more air in. Allow your lungs and stomach to fully inflate. This enables oxygen to reach the deepest depths of your lungs to inflate all the alveoli and break up any toxins and pollutants that may have accumulated. Hold your breath for several seconds and then exhale over the course of another five count. When you think you can’t exhale any more, keep blowing from the deepest depths of your lungs and stomach! You should feel your chest and abdomen flatten inward. Repeat this breathing exercise 9 times. Performing this exercise on a daily basis will not only help cleanse your lungs, but it also helps relieve stress. It won’t take long before you notice positive improvements!

Health Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercises

Although the lungs are not muscles, they can be exercised. Failing to exercise the lungs can impact the respiratory system. Related muscles, and even the rib cage, can become stiff and lead to reduced elasticity in the lungs, which furthers shallow breathing. Air can remain in the tissues of the lungs and become stale, hindering fresh oxygen from finding its way into the bloodstream.

Those who exercise, especially athletes, often have larger than average lung capacities as a result of taking deeper breaths more often. Why? Because deep, rhythmic breathing expands the diaphragm muscle and the air pockets within the lungs. This allows for more oxygenation of the cells within the body which improves health, helps all the body’s systems perform better, and even can provide you with more energy. Deep breathing actually helps to stretch out the torso, you needn’t look any further than at the Olympic swimmers who typically have very large torsos to see this in action. Humans need oxygen for complete cell development. It’s impossible to be healthy if you’re not getting enough oxygen.

Lung Cleansing Improves Lung Performance

Taking deeper breaths that utilize the full capacity of your lungs helps cleanse the lungs and provides your body’s cells with more nourishing oxygen. Poor breathing allows toxins to accumulate, robs energy and negatively affects mental alertness. Daily breathing exercises are a vital way to keep the body clean, and provide your inner systems with the necessary oxygen to operate at optimum capacity. Proper lung function is especially important when working out because your body uses the oxygen as a source of energy. Less than adequate lung function when working out can cause a significant reduction in the amount of intensity and time your body can exercise. Adding deep breathing exercises to your daily routine to cleanse your lungs will balance and help your body. Remember, small changes add up to big improvements!

Lung Cleansing Herbs

Plants like oregano, orange peel, elecampane, eucalyptus, peppermint, lungwort, osha root, chaparral, and lobelia have been used for hundreds of years, if not longer, as natural remedies for respiratory conditions. Individual herbal tinctures and extracts are available, or, rather than purchasing and taking each separately, Allertrex® is a natural lung cleansing supplement that contains organic and wildcrafted herbs known to support respiratory ailments, help with normal lung functions, and cleanse your lungs of harmful agents.

†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • anne t

    Do these breathing exercises apply to those with COPD?

  • ghc_health

    Hi Anne, I cannot say that these exercises are going to get rid of COPD but they can be beneficial for nearly anyone.
    -Dr. Edward Group

  • Emma

    I am 33 and have a lower lobe collapse, two Bronchoscopies have not worked to try and inflate.i shall try these exercises. Thank you

  • ghc_health

    Good luck to you, Emma. Please be sure to give us an update later.

  • JaJa

    I have just been diagnosed with pleurisy. I’m in constant pain. It hurts to breathe. Or do anything for that matter. I’m young! I’m only 35! I want to heal and improve!! Do you recommend I do these excersises now or wait?? When should I start lung cleanse?? What else can I do to help my lungs?? And build up my strength?? THANK U!!!

  • JaJa

    I’m not a smoker, never have been. I am what ppl call a health nut. Haven’t been able to excercise in months. Now I can’t even function doing basic bare minimum stuff. Drs put me on steroids. Tomorrows my last day of the taper down. What NATURAL REMEDIES do you recommend to help me begin my healing??? So far my symptoms have only worsened. Please share your thoughts!! MANY THANX!!

  • infocomment

    I was recently diagnosed with a lung cancer and don’t like the thought of foreign chemicals in my body doing more harm than good. I’m considering this as assistance with the lung cleanse, does this sound reasonable?

  • ghc_health

    Can’t comment on your situation directly but generally speaking, lung exercises are never a waste of time.

  • N. Catz

    What do you think of the Buteyko method or Buteyko Breathing Technique? This involves reduced breathing only through the nose, which sounds like the description of shallow breathing that you discourage.

  • Black Thorne

    My advice to you, considering how important the health of the lungs is, is to take a medical vacation and really devote some time to yourself.

    First of all, spend a reliable period of time outside of polluted city areas. Forest, sea, ocean, just not cities.
    Second, pleuresy is an infection, thus what you should be focusing on is the quality of your immune system.
    The immune system can be stimulated through meditation, breathing exercises, physical exercise, proper nutrition (lots of vegetables, little to no ammount of processed foods, if you must eat meat, eat lean).
    I absolutely recommend you find crystallized vitamin C (100+g bottles) and soy lechithin, and mix up a spoonful of each every day (even twice a day) with some clear spring water and drink it.
    In your case, DO NOT FORCE the breath. Yes, do the lung exercises, but as slowly and relaxed as possible. You don’t want to hurt yourself any further.
    And I know this is 6 months old, but maybe it may still help.

  • JaJa

    Thank you Thank you!!

    What a nice surprise!! It’s definitely helpful and very much in line with my new outlook on life!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to write back! It made my day!

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  • Saada Casim

    Hi everyone I just want to ask what is the best herbal cleansing for lung fluid? Any suggestions because my father is always coughing and he has pleural effusion we try to him syrup kafosed for coughing but still he is coughing almost 1 month he is drinking the medicine syrup.

  • I’m not sure I quite understand your needs but depending on what they are, you might want to check out Allertrex, it contains a lot of the best herbs–

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  • K. Hilt

    Your deep breathing exercises caused .some really big problems. I’ve been in alot of pain since Sunday.I have asthma and am on prednisone. Everything was finally uninflamed and healing. I did your deep nteathing exercise and it caused so much pain that I had a asthma attack that lasted for a day and flare ups. I’m still having problems! All because of your exercise. It also caused painful spasms! I’m now inflamed again. And in pain. You had no disclaimer on this exercise. Since you caused this problem by having no warning you owe me! You need to give me something to help calm this down. Now going outside is causing asthma attacks and singing which never happened before. You need to make your allertrex available to me at your cost to help heal my lungs! You should take responsibility for this!

  • Terrie Holbrook Cooper Charlto

    the last time i was in hosp. with pneumonia, they did a bronchoscopy. thats where they go down in the lungs with brushes and clean out the lungs.

  • Terrie Holbrook Cooper Charlto

    your dr. should have you on an antibiotic and some pain medicine because it is very painful.

  • Terrie Holbrook Cooper Charlto

    you need to start by rebuilding your immune system which is mainly in the gut. i would google rebuild immune system and check out all that comes up. good luck. you will need to take a lot probiotics.

  • Terrie Holbrook Cooper Charlto

    do them slowly

  • Terrie Holbrook Cooper Charlto

    nothing gets rid of copd and that idiot that signs as a dr. is not. copd is a progressive disease so you have to take care of yourself to prolong each stage. yes, these breathing exercises apply to anyone with lung conditions. you might take over the counter musinex, it helps thin the mucous, so you can cough it up better. take care and god bless.

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  • Joe Farmer

    Try this: Cordyceps

    Read everything you can about it.
    It has been helpful to me

  • Joe Farmer

    Cordyceps; Read everything you can about it.

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  • Ha Phan

    We , traditional Asians, treat practically everything with a blanket cure thru different methods of breathing and exercises, basically Qi gong, and acupressure. Find an Asian community where you live. They teach practically for nothing as part of their karma belief in relieving human sufferings. No secrets withheld. The minimal fee is for paying the rent and lighting. Naturopath doctors are getting beyond reach of an average worker because they are forced to be expensive due to FDA, NBC, CBS regulations. ­čî× Exercises as well as breathing differ if you have high or low blood pressure, so you need guidance and then you can go on your own. This cures vision, lung, heart, legs, allergies, whatever. We don’t have fancy names for the problems. The problems all come from a system of organ failures interacting with each other due to blockages and poor nutrition and fuzzy mind. It is unfortunate that in many places, all the breathing and techniques are taught the same to every individual even though they have different needs. And hence arises the belief from misinformed victims that oriental practices do not cure and give up. We cure, because there are no side effects and the problems do not reoccur in a year, 2 years or later. Eg By coordinating proper tapping in the back along the spine ( but where?) and breathing (how) you can remove all the fluids in the lungs. It takes work, time and trust in non degreed people yet Westerners love expensive empty promises. I guess Arrogance needs to be worked on first before karma strikes!
    Put together the information from Paida and Lajin, the science of breathing, lessons from miracle doctors from Jon Baron…, acupressure books (which I only read Asian ones from the source). Utube has amazing sites, but you need to understand the language. The information is from the source that has healed millions, not yanked out from anywhere for advertising sales.

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  • Kelly

    I believe in the treatments you recommend. The problem is finding someone. I had a physical therphy treatment and the doctor was an Asian guy and he took me to a mirror and showed me how crooked I was standing. With two light touches he had me standing upright and pain free. It was amazing. I wish I was able to see him all the time for health ailments!

  • Kelly

    I have take Musinex multiple times and it has done zilst to relieve the buildup of mucus in my lungs or thin it .Also I have had a lower lobe collaspe because of the buildup of fluid and all the dr could do was drain off as much as they can hence the leftover fluid will cause the lung to collape in on itself. What fixes that? I haven’t yet found anything to thin the muscus so I can breathe better. It will take more than these exercises. Will try this Allertrex I guess.and hope for the best.

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