Studies Show Cellphone Use Linked to Brain Cancer & Death in Children

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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Children and Cellphones

Kids love being connected to their friends, making it no surprise that recent statistics show that over 30% of all children under 13 years of age in the U.S. own their own cellular phone.

Similarly, almost 50% of all teens own a cell phone. With the knowledge that cellphone use amongst children is increasing at an alarming rate, it is even more disheartening to learn that studies are now beginning to prove some of the extremely negative effects that electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation are having on their bodies.

Multiple recent studies, including one from an international group of scientists, is urging governments to place stricter regulations on cellphone use, particularly due to the latest outcome of their investigations: Young people who use cell phones before the age of 20 are five times more likely to be at risk for malignant brain tumors than children who do not use mobile phones.

Cellphones & Electromagnetic Fields

I am extremely glad that scientists are finally investigating how the world-wide expansion of wireless technologies such as mobile phones, wireless Internet, and other forms of cellular radiation, are effecting our human biology [1].

Health researchers from all over the world are coming together to look at how electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation effects our health in ways which are not being reported by the phone industry. Their findings suggest that, if no measures are taken to remedy the matter, we may end up with an epidemic of brain cancer in our youth.

Even the head of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, has recently stated that there is a clear possibility of a direct relationship between cell phone use and the risk of cancer.

Recent studies are finding that:

  • There are significant correlations between electromagnetic radiation on our cells, and in particular, on our DNA.
  • Children are at the greatest risk to radiation damage because their brains are still developing and their scull is very thin.
  • There is powerful evidence suggesting that extreme low frequency (ELF) waves may not only be related to cancer, but may also speed up the aging process, increase anxiety, depression, anger, and irritability.
  • Dr. Neil Cherry, of Lincoln University, in New Zealand, suggests that the negative effects of exposure to ELF waves are due to the mechanisms by which the waves alter calcium ions in our cells. It is his belief that cellphone use may also alter the delicate melatonin/serotonin balance in the brain, thus explaining associations to mood disorders and sleep problems.
  • Brain cancer is not the only negative effect of overexposure. Teens who excessively use cell phones are likely to suffer from sleep disorders, stress and chronic fatigue [2].
  • High amounts of radio frequency radiation heats the tissues in our bodies, possibly leading negative effects on the central nervous system tissue.

How Common Are Electromagnetic Fields?

Electromagnetic Fields

We are also exposed to the same type of radiation and electromagnetic fields from a variety of common appliances such as our televisions, cordless phones, satellite stations, and even our microwave ovens. We simply cannot wait for the government, and heavily subsidized cellphone fat cats to announce these dangers.

Quite frankly, the multi-billion dollar wireless telephone industry has done an excellent job at neutralizing the scientific evidence of the dangers.

For this reason, it is extremely important to not only be aware of the amount of exposure you are subjected to, but to also make proactive choices on how to neutralize your exposure to radiation and electromagnetic fields. There are many devices available that have the ability to block or absorb these negative radiation waves. It is so important that we protect and nurture the children of the next generation so please take this post seriously and spread the word to everyone you know!!

Have a happy and healthy day,

References (2)
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  • I am so glad you posted this article. So many people are unaware of the dangers of electromagnetic fields and think that just because a product is available on the market it must be safe to use at all times and in any way possible. I hope to see a health and safety user’s manual that will accompany cellphones one day!

  • Marcus

    First of all, thank you for posting this. So many details and so much information.
    I am almost shocked. When I read about radiation damage, I started researching for radiation protection Systems. I only found something about some biopro chip.
    I think I am going to try it.

  • Jason Rotman

    This is amazing. even with the raw diet I am on, now it makes me think about the other ways to achieve optimum health, like use cell phone less! 🙂


  • Great article. I have long known that wireless technology is questionable in relation to peoples health. I am seeing a growing trend in the direction of taking everything wireless. It would seem that the powers that be like to give the general population devices that have potentially negative side effect to people’s health. Some people have even postulated that there is a ongoing program to fill the airwaves with a thick soup of frequencies from all our modern technologies, with the goal being to keep us in a frequency band that limits us to a state confusion, apathy and separation from each other. Thus far easier to control. Worth a thought.

  • Lloyd

    Ive been electrically sensitive since 2002. Im a 43 year father of 2. My two kids having seen the suffering Ive been through, so they completely self regulate – they are all too aware of the dangers. My 14 year old daughter has a cell phone, we didn’t want to ban it, but she only uses if for texting and my 11 year old son is happy without one. Our house is a cell phone no go zone. Ive had a tough time adapting but am now living quite normally with my condition. Of one thing im sure, we need to protect our children

  • doug

    yea, its the new world order NWO as in the illuminati.
    Check out you-tube. They have put up ELF towers
    across the USA – they haven’t covered all areas but they
    are working on. They send out ELF WAVES purposely.
    It is part of the de-population plan. Don’t believe me do some research. There is someone in the whitehouse I wish I knew his name – but he is totally for this and the puppets are just following suit. I wish this stuff was bullshit – but look it up.

  • jesse

    this is a very irresponsible and sensational article, i’m sorry. there are two sources total. of those, only one source cited is actually about cancer and tumors. that one source’s findings were basically there is still no causal relationship between non-ionizing radiation and cancer, tumors, etc. for most radiation exposure other than mobile phone use.

    For mobile phone use a correlation was found for ANALOG mobile phones. FYI, there are almost NO analog services left in most modern countries. For example, in the US, all major carriers were forced to shut down their analog networks in 2008 and had little to no users long before that. Basically if you own and use Zach Morris cell phone, stop. Otherwise, you’re fine.

    the reality is there is no environment you could ever use to isolate people for a long period of time from all other environmental factors to determine a direct causal relationship between RF and health. this is NOT a simple relationship to test and shouldn’t be written about so casually. shame shame.

  • D.Suiter

    “You’ll be okay!”

    Really? Says who? Based on what? The cellular telephone industry operated on an analog network which was harmful. Why did they sacrifice human health for their own profit and gain? Why should we believe they won’t do it again? Why should we believe it’s not happening now? Do we know absolutely everything there is to know, conclusively, about the safety of cell phones? Are you positive no surprises will arise?

    Because, as you claim, it’s not possible under any circumstance to ever link cell phone use to illness (gee, how convenient) I guess all concerned parties should just be quiet. Not say anything. Not speak up.

    What is your connection to the cellular telephone industry?

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