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Strength in Numbers

If you’re cleansing for the first time and have questions, our customer service department is second to none. But, sometimes it’s helpful to have fellowship with people who are also cleansing.

There is a Facebook group called The Green Body Detox Group that was started by Kimmie Fetzer, who you may know from her show — Lady Talk Live; she also was the winner of Global Healing Center’s Get Fit Challenge earlier this year. The group is a forum for those who are cleansing or just curious about the process, and it’s a great place to learn. There is a lot of frank discussion and tips exchanged.

Kimmie is really qualified to offer comments about cleansing because she’s had awesome success with it in her life. She described her life changing experience and I’d like to share it…

    “A few years ago I discovered the passion for health and wellness. I started waking up to things in our food and water that are linked to disease by researching and discovered our food source has been poisoned and I personally needed to change my diet. Although, I did not fully understand why I still had weight issues, even though I changed my eating habits it was not until I met Dr Group did I fully understand why I could not lose those love handles of my mid section, I learned my body was toxic?

    I first started my journey in the health industry is by taking to the airwaves with my co-host and starting a talk radio show named Lady Talk Live which our focus is on Women’s Health. Our show was such a big hit we were picked up by Genes Communication Network which is a syndicated radio station with great names such as Alex Jones. I felt so humbled and honored that we could reach the masses by having some of the top experts such as Dr Group on our show.

    Dr Group put me and my husband through his 9 step detox program “The Green Body Detox,” and while going through the detox program I started to truly understand foods and how they fuel our body, if combined wrong can cause harm to your body. After seeing amazing results while detoxing, and having a complete understand how nutrition works within our body. I decided to enter the Global Healing Center “Get Fit Challenge” with a great desire to change my life… and in the end I won the challenge! I personally want to thank everyone at Global Healing Center. This was a fantastic experience that I will never forget!

    After going through the detox program and seeing how affective it was not only on my health but others that have detox. I decided to peruse my nutrition certification. Which I finished I am now a certified Nutrition Consultant. I will be taking my passion a step further and will be starting my Holistic Practitioner License. Global healing inspired me to pursue my passion so I decided to pay it forward, and help other achieve the same aspirations in turning their health around. I love the quote “Your greatest wealth is your health” and by investing in your health there is no greater achievement in your life. With many health challenges facing Americans today my hope is to help many understand the toxins in today’s food source and how important it is to detox the body, and the importance of eating organic.

    My passion lead me to open up World Nutrition Consulting LLC which is both local and global, as I use Skype and phone consultations to reach as many people as possible.”


    Kimmie Fetzer (CNC)

If your life could use revitalization, get a hold of Kimmie. She’s passionate, knowledgable, and real. You can learn more about her nutrition consulting at or check out the group page on Facebook.

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