Are You Giving Your Children Poisonous Apple Juice?

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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child drinking apple juice

Most of us do our best to limit the amount of non-nutritional junk sitting around the house, especially those of us with kids.

Instead of sugary sodas, many smart parents will usually reach for a healthier alternative, such as apple juice. Sadly, new findings out of Florida suggest that every time you pour your child a cup of apple juice, you may also be serving them a small serving of poison [1].

The St. Petersburg Times, in Florida, has just published the results of an investigation they undertook to discover the arsenic levels of popular apple juice brands found in grocery stores.

The newspaper had an independent third-party laboratory carry out the actual tests. Altogether, there were 18 samples of apple juice examined. More than one-fourth of the tested apple juice brands showed arsenic levels ranging between 25 and 35 parts per billion. These are concentrations high enough to warrant the US Food & Drug Administration’s official “level of concern” rating for arsenic.

For the most part, The products tested were the very same ones you see every time you visit the grocery store: Mott’s, Tree Top, Minute Maid, and Nestle’s Juicy Juice brand, as well as Target and Walmart generics.

A number of less well-known names marketed primarily to schools and similar organizations were also sampled. If you think shopping organic keeps you off the hook, unfortunately, this time you’re mistaken. One of the samples taken from Apple & Eve’s Organic Apple Juice contains some of the highest levels of arsenic found in the entire study.

Equally alarming was the whopping range of arsenic found in different bottles of the same brand juice. For example, while one batch of Walmart’s Great Value label juice contained almost undetectable levels of the toxin, another contained more than 25 parts per billion. The same goes for samples taken of Juicy Juice and several others.

Arsenic: No Amount is Considered “Safe”

While the news may come as a shock to much of the general public, many of us in the natural health and science community are not surprised. In fact, we’ve been warning the public about the dangers of arsenic overburden for a number of years.


Arsenic is a naturally occurring metalloid element commonly used in pesticides and herbicides, as well as a wood preservative and in the manufacturing of numerous metal alloys. It’s also one of the most dangerous poisons known to man. While the FDA does have an unacceptable level, I personally believe that no level of arsenic exposure should be considered safe.

Because it is found in nature, a healthy adult human body is able to cope with trace exposure here and there. But as levels of arsenic accumulate in the body, they can have devastating effects. To help ensure your body’s ability to keep heavy metal and metalloid levels in check, I recommend doing a heavy metal cleanse at least once a year.

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  1. Tom Marshall. Arsenic in apple juice: How much is too much? Tampa Bay Times. 2010 March 12.

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  • Scot

    My wife and I have started making our own juices, especially apple, at home. We live in Maine so have access to the small orchards in our area. We get the apples right off the tree and use our juicer to make pure apple juice. It’s great fun and we can be in control of most of the process. I think that this type of nutrition is going to become more popular as people begin to realize how many chemicals are in the soil and table water.

  • Lynn Slovak

    Hi Scot, it’s fantastic that you are making your own unpastuerized juice, good for you! However don’t forget to remove the apple seeds before juicing as they naturally contain arsenic as the plant’s own ‘built in pesticide’, a fact that possibly accounts for some of the differences in arsenic contamination in the juices that were tested.

  • jason

    Why does organic apple juice contain arsenic? I don’t understand. Do apples naturally contain arsenic? Should we avoid giving apples to our children? Thanks in advance!

  • Melissa

    I think it is important to point out here that there is a difference between organic (in this case organic meaning “living”) vs. inorganic (ie. heavy metal) arsenic. Organic (again, meaning “living”) arsenic and other organic heavy metals are present in various levels in almost all natural foods. These organic metals actually chelate(remove) inorganic heavy metals from the body.

    This article is highly flawed due the above facts. It does not mention if they were studying inorganic or organic forms of arsenic. Please see links I have given that show these differences in other plants.

    Arsenic in Seaweed – Organic versus Inorganic

    Not all forms of arsenic are associated with serious health concerns. Organic arsenic, the less toxic form, is commonly found in most seaweed and other marine foods. Exposure to organic arsenic from most seaweed and other marine foods has not been associated with human illness, therefore organic arsenic from these sources is considered to be relatively non-toxic

    Inorganic arsenic compounds are relatively toxic. Sample results have shown that hijiki seaweed is high in inorganic arsenic. Sample results for several other sea vegetables, including dulse, nori, kombu have been low.

    Also, please see this article on minerals – organic vs. inorganic:

    Especially this paragraph:

    Non-Toxicity of True Bio-Electrical Colloidal Trace Minerals

    A question of constant concern when discussing liquid trace mineral supplements frequently seems to be the presence of what are viewed as harmful or toxic minerals. Since a natural, unadulterated mineral product would contain the full spectrum of elements found in nature, it would of necessity contain those which we have come to think of as toxic. Minerals such as cadmilum, aluminum, arsenic, lead, mercury and others strike terror in our thoughts and we sometimes have difficulty in understanding why they are present in liquid mineral supplements. First we must go back to the concept that all minerals are not created equal. In their inorganic rock state ALL minerals can be potentially toxic because of the body’s inability to utilize and break them down. Something as seemingly beneficial as calcium, if very alkaline, can circulate in the blood stream awaiting acidification and can contribute to the raw material that occludes the arteries. Yet properly acidified calcium is not only welcomed by the body but absolutely necessary for life. As our knowledge of human biochemistry proceeds, more and more information will come to light regarding the many micro trace elements and their biological role in the human body. Arsenic for example, was always thought of as a deadly poison and indeed in the inorganic form it certainly is, however recent studies have shown that arsenic is an essential mineral and is even being considered for the RDI list! Many minerals such as molybdenum and even selenium and chromium were, just a few years ago, considered non-essential and even dangerous. The next decade will undoubtedly bring a much greater understanding of the role of the full spectrum of elements naturally present in the human body tissues.

  • Melissa

    I love how my comment that was extremely informative about inorganic (non-living) verses organic (living) arsenic, seems to have been deleted.
    I have to say I am very disappointed and it shows that you would rather delete my response that sheds light on the subject then possibly re-educate yourself on a topic (and others reading this) and therefore grow in understanding so that you might share it with others. I have never ordered yet from this company but this has made me think that I won’t be ordering. Very disappointing and I am not trying to be nasty. I just want knowledge to prevail here, not ego.

  • Melissa

    okay, now it shows my post (to me only I assume) but it shows that it is “awaiting moderation” which means it was never posted to the page. So either you didn’t like what I had to say, or you guys are really slow at moderating.

  • Dr. Edward Group

    Hi Melissa,

    I would like to take a moment to respond to your comment above. I was looking over past comments on this article, and it appears that your comment was not saved, because we have never received any comments from your IP address. We only delete comments that are slanderous to either Global Healing Center, or another commenter.

    Our goal here at Global Healing Center is to provide everyone with the most accurate information possible. If you have a different take or more accurate information on the post above, we would absolutely love to hear it. It’s people like you that we want visiting our blog, because you start a conversation that can lead to changes in peoples lifestyles.

    Please feel free to leave your comment again, or email it to We apologize for any inconvenience. Have a happy and healthy day!

    ~Dr. G

  • nate morey

    Arsenic does naturally occur in apples, but only in the seeds, so as long as you make sure your child does not eat the seeds an apple is a very safe healthy food.

  • New York SEO

    I juice my apples all the time, but I always make sure to remove the seeds. People do say that apple seeds can be toxic in small quantities but when you’re juicing, the quantity isn’t so small! Be careful!

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