4 Must Know Facts About Adenosylcobalamin

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

B12 supplements on a table. Adenosylcobalamin is not stable in a pill form so it’s not commonly used in B12 supplements.

Adenosylcobalamin is a vitamin on a mission. Without this active form of B12, the human body would cease to produce energy at the cellular level. This would terminate all cellular processes and result in eventual systemic failure and, left untreated, death. Vitamin B12, in all its forms, is that important. What some people don’t realize is that B12 is unique in that it’s not a plant-based vitamin. Only bacteria create it, making humans completely dependent on these microscopic organisms for survival. Yes, animal foods do contain B12; but, all of these animals receive their B12 from bacterial fermentation in the gut.

Four Facts about Adenosylcobalamin

Common sources of B12 include fish, meat, and dairy products. For anyone unable to digest or absorb the nutrient (which can happen with age), or anyone with dietary restrictions preventing consumption of these foods, supplementation is an absolute necessity. Here’s four facts about adenosylcobalamin that will explain its function and efficacy.

1. Adenosylcobalamin is Converted Methylcobalamin

Dietary sources of B12 come in the form of hydroxocobalamin. Many supplements use the artificial form of B12–cyanocobalamin–because it’s cheaper and highly stable. In recent years methylcobalamin, the form of B12 the body uses, has become a popular supplement.

Whichever form of B12 is ingested, the body will convert it to methylcobalamin. As a side note, methylcobalamin doesn’t require conversion and goes straight to work without any unnecessary energy expenditure. This B12 form flows through the bloodstream and goes to work by protecting the brain, removing toxins, and converting homocysteine to methionine. In further reactions, methionine contributes a methyl-group to create adenosyl, and ultimately adenosylcobalamin.

2. Metabolic Effects of Adenosylcobalamin

The Citric Acid cycle, or Kreb’s cycle, is the process by which mitochondria creates ATP, or cellular energy. During this process, adenosylcobalamin must assist in the conversion of methylmalonyl-CoA to succinyl-CoA. Without this process, the Citric Acid cycle fails. This results in cellular damage and potential DNA and RNA damage, setting the stage for degenerative disease. Early symptoms of this issue manifests as fatigue or early aging.

3. How to Determine Adenosylcobalamin Deficiency

High levels of Methylmalonic Acid (MMA) in the blood or the urine reflect inadequate adenosylcobalamin levels. One study found people with reported MMA levels of .27 micromoles per liter or higher (.26 or above indicates B12 deficiency) may show higher homocysteine levels, while those at .60 may suffer from neurological issues. [1] [2] Testing for MMA will reveal whether the body is adenosylcobalamin deficient.

4. Supplementing with Adenosylcobalamin

Although it’s a natural and essential form of B12, adenosylcobalamin is not stable in a pill form (unlike cyanocobalamin) so it’s not commonly used in B12 supplements unless it’s a liquid formulation. VeganSafe™ B-12 is a liquid B12 supplement I developed that combines the coenzyme forms of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. It’s absolutely ideal for getting your daily requirements of B12 and perfect for those with an increased risk of B12 deficiency, especially older adults, vegetarians, and vegans.

Do you supplement with adenosylcobalamin? Tell us how it’s working for you!

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  • trrev

    I started using Andenosyl recently. First day ,one tab- second two but then I found a slight tendency to get palpitations on waking. I did feel a bit more fired up on it – as it crosses the blood -brain barrier readily. I take this B12 as it’s indicated from DNA COMT gene test result- so will just stick to one tab a day, for now, as that should still help.

  • trev

    Sorry- Ignore the above report.
    It refers to another newish vitamin- Magnesium Threonate.
    I had a long day yesterday ;/
    Could admin remove both these posts please?

  • cami

    I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder since 2011 and taking Escitalopram. Every time I have anxiety attacks. I experienced intractable vomiting that even anti emetic drugs does not work. I only get relief with a shot of benzo like ativan to make me sleep and calm my tummy. I started taking dibencozide 3 mg 4 months ago, the brand name is heraclene. According to MIMS, it is prescribed for loss of appetite, to increase muscle mass, treatment for depression and panic attacks. The good thing is, my appetite increased which I really like cause I have appetite loss sometimes. And for the record, this is the longest time I never had anxiety attack since I start supplementing with dibencozide. The problem is , though my appetite increased, I’m not gaining weight at all. No matter how much I eat , I still don’t gain. I want to gain weight cause I am severely underweight. I wonder if the dibencozide brands here in US has similar reactions to my system cause the brand I’m taking is from the Philippines. The brands here claims is to support energy and it has additional folic acid.

  • Stephanie Schollenberger

    you discuss the use of methyl but what about those who have a COMT gene factor i have been told i should moth use methyl cyano only adenosyl or hydroxy could you please emphasize on these also!

  • Good question with a lot of information behind it, check out this conversation for a good look into this…

  • Frank Hollis

    What a load of unscientific rubbish.

  • Alan Burton

    Is your Vegansafe adenosylcobalamin from a natural source or is it entirely synthesised inorganically in a lab? I can find a methylcobalamin supplement which is derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, but so far I’ve only found synthetic adenosylcobalamin. Thanks.

  • Alan Burton

    Is the sublingual B12 best taken with food or away from food, before food or after food? Which is best for maximum absorption? Thanks.

  • GHC Support

    Thank you for contacting GHC. Our VeganSafe B12
    supplement is derived from Brewer’s yeast (aka saccharomyces cerevisiae)
    through a special fermentation process. Additionally, this sourcing and
    processing applies to both the methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin co-enzymes.
    If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact our
    Support Team at 1-800-476-0016 10am-6pm CST M-F or support@globalhealingcenter.com. Take care and be well!

  • GHC Support

    We suggest taking this supplement 30 minutes to an hour away from food, this generally allows for best absorption.

  • Alan Burton

    Thank you, that’s very useful.

  • Alan Burton

    Thanks, that’s really good to know. I confess I’ve just bought another brand first because they replied to my enquiry faster, some of my friends liked it and I found a UK supplier. However, since yours also contains adenosylcobalamin I’ll probably buy yours when this runs out. I’ll save your details and be in touch in a few months. Thanks for the excellent information in the article and video.

  • Migas

    What are you talking about in the article? Cobamamide or b12? Becasue its different things right?

  • 123456789

    I just purchased this vegan safe B12. I hope it helps with my energy levels.

  • Sonia Zivkovic

    I have a question…being that where I life this product costs me over 65dollars to purchase and it is not allowed by customs to come into my country (Germany) I had to purchase vitaltrend b12 adenosylcobalamin. It indicates to take only one drop underneath the tongue..I can’t figure out if this is right or I’m I reading it wrong? .I have contacted them and I haven’t received a response can you help me in with determining the dosage. Thank you

  • Michael (NW)

    My understanding is that most b vitamins are water soluble and are excreted fairly quickly. Does Adeno-B12 build up in the body? I was taking Adeno-B12 in a smaller dose with Methyl-B12. Later I started taking a higher dose of Adeno-B12 and felt even better. But after awhile I started feeling a bit stimulated. This seemed to also happen with Methy-B12. So I’m trying to figure out the best dosage of each for me. I though Inread that Adeno-B12 can build up levels in the liver??? So maybe you don’t need it every day? I have mutations with MTRR and MTR so I need active forms of B12 but finding the right dose and frequency has been difficult.

  • GHC Support

    Hello, and thank you for contacting us. Yes, we have
    found that adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin are considered water-soluble B vitamins. Additionally, these two coenzymes, as found in VeganSafe B-12, do not have to be converted in the liver. However, like most supplements you may take a break, as desired, to prevent adaptation; this will allow the formula to be absorbed without becoming less effective over time. For example, you can try taking VeganSafe B-12 5-6 times per week, or taking it for a few weeks before resting 1 week and continuing with the cycle once again. Although it is recommended to take 2,500 mcg (1 dropper) of VeganSafe B-12 daily, it is also helpful to contact your doctor or naturopath to discuss a more personal dose.

  • Renee

    What information can you provide that states with certainty that Brewer’s Yeast contains B12? There is information out there that says it contains other B vitamins, but not B12.

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