7 Insane Realities About Water Pollution

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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A person washing their hand. Water pollution and environmental safety are not a top priority at the EPA.Water is our most basic necessity and most precious resource. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most abused. Pollution of all sorts, at all levels, has long been a problem and there are a lot of sneaky things about water pollution you might’ve never realized. It’s only when we realize the truth about water pollution that we can curb it. These 7 truly insane realities about water pollution will shock you.

1. Industrial Pollution is Turning Water into Jelly

Remember that classic Saturday Night Live skit about Swill drinking water? Well, what was originally meant to be tongue-in-cheek might not be too far off. A recent study in Canada noted that decades of industrial pollution is leeching calcium deposits from lake soil and replacing it with acid. [1] This acidic environment, along with reduced oxygen levels driven by climate change has caused native plankton to die and Holopedium, a jelly-like species of plankton that doesn’t require as much calcium, has moved in and literally made the water appear gooey. It’s very possible this invasion will affect drinking water reserves. [2]

2. Polluted Drinking Water Has Been Linked to Stillbirth

It seems that in the 60s, residents of certain Massachusetts towns were unknowingly drinking and bathing in a poison from the coatings sprayed in water pipes. The toxin wasn’t discovered in the water until 1979 simply because no one expected it to be there. The toxin in question, tetrachloroethylene, or PCE, was found by the Boston University School of Public Health to cause a higher risk of stillbirth. [3] [4] Shockingly, PCE is still used in dry cleaning and linked to cancer, memory problems, and birth defects.

3. The Amish May be Part of the Problem

No one is pointing fingers here. We’re all part of the pollution problem–even, oddly enough, the Amish. It turns out some Amish communities aren’t properly storing or collecting manure, and because of that, high levels of nitrates and E. coli are building up in Amish water wells. The EPA has warned that over 85 percent of Amish farms were in violation. [5] In addition to their own drinking water, the Amish community may be unknowingly polluting the Chesapeake Bay. In 2007, Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, a large Amish community, produced over 61 millions tons of agricultural waste. To put it into perspective, that’s more than six times what most other counties in the area produced! [6]

4. Well Water Can be Loaded with Arsenic

Arsenic, often the poison of choice in murder mysteries, can be fatal. A recent study examined 100 water wells across the Barnett Shale in north Texas and found that 30 percent of wells within a 2-mile radius of active natural gas drilling contained significantly high levels of arsenic. [7] Even “low dose” arsenic exposure can lead to cardiovascular issues. Another study even suggested high levels of exposure to arsenic poses an even greater risk among smokers. [8] [9]

5. The Penalties for Polluting Water Can be Abysmally Small

Often times the penalties huge industries face for wrong doing is laughable. The abysmally small fines companies have to pay for harming the environment tend to be more like a cost of doing business than a deterrent. Take the recent case of DuPont, a chemical giant. In 2010, the company was responsible for a series of chemical leaks, one that even led to the death of an employee. The fine? $1.3 million. [10] Pretty small for one of the largest corporations in the world. [11]

6. Environmental Safety is Not a Top Priority at the EPA

A recent watchdog report found that the EPA is not consistently enforcing regulations surrounding industrial pollution, and these toxins are finding their way into our waterways via sewage plants. [12] The agency hasn’t even updated the list of regulated sewage plant chemicals since 1981! It’s not all the EPA’s doing though; some of the blame falls with our government. Recently the House blocked portions of the Clean Water Act. [13] Hopefully things will change on that front, as it is our water and our future generations that are at stake here.

7. The Battle for Clean Water Can be Literal

America has its problems with water pollution but at the very least, most of us have the ability to turn on the tap and have relatively clean water at a moment’s notice. Not everyone in the world is so fortunate. In some places, like Iraq, there is a literal battle over resources, especially clean drinking water. [14]

What You Can Do

You can’t put your head in the sand and pretend water pollution doesn’t exist or affect you, you have to actively protect yourself. I recommend drinking pure distilled water and adding raw organic apple cider vinegar. Avoid water in plastic bottles as it can contain BPA.

What are your thoughts about water pollution? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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  • Mike

    Where is the part about hydrofluorosilicic acid, lead, cadmium with
    arsenic and uranium dust too, that are being added to the drinking water
    of many states?

  • Tell us more.

  • Celine

    Yes here where I live they add fluoride in the water. The U.S. government and dentists told us it’s good to prevent tooth decay but that is insane to me that a pollutant from the aluminum industry is good for teeth. That like saying something insane like raditation is good for your skin and we need to have it on a daily basis. I notice when I go to the dentist they have a list of who would needs fluoride and it mentions those that drink filtered water. I honestly don’t think the dentists believe that and probably all drink filtered water but will push it on people who are uninformed. I think they probably get paid by those that promote fluoride and maybe local and city governments. Have you noticed how people against fluoride etc. are often called names but why don’t they show people independent studies for why fluoride is supposedly good. There can be arsenic found in rice and chicken. Not sure how it ends up in the water ways. I try my hardest to drink pure water but I read reverse osmosis water doesn’t filter out everything and it’s wasteful. I’m concerned about distilled water because there are no minerals. Dr. Mercola mentioned distilled water is dangerous but the heard so is reverse osmosis. I guess a person really can’t win. I have to buy water at the store that I refill. I don’t buy the bottled water from the big companies. I don’t trust them at all. I don’t have enough income for a whole house filter and I live in an apartment. I could get an undersink one but would probably need two and then there is the cost of filters and distillation systems aren’t cheap either. Would be nice if the U.S. like Europe used other method to treated polluted water than chlorine. Seems strange to use a toxic chemical to treat polluted water and make it more polluted. Sorry for the long post but something needs to be done because people who live from paycheck to paycheck and the homeless can’t afford whole house filters. Maybe it would be nice if a charity was set up to help people here in the U.S. get clean drinking water. Is there such a charity where they install water filters and help with the costs? By the way does anyone have suggestions how to detox from polluted water. I use it to shower and wash my hands with and sometimes when I’m out the water I drink isn’t the best.

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