7 Facts You May Not Know About Coconut Oil

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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Coconut oil

Cultures and countries across the world use and appreciate the coconut tree. Because of its nutritional and therapeutic values, it’s referred to as “Kalpavriksha” (the all giving tree) in India. As the name implies, the coconut palm is extremely versatile and used in many capacities. Everything from the coconut water, to the leaves, to the kernel hull have characteristics that are beneficial to human health. [1] Coconut oil, specifically, has become quite popular for cooking and even other uses. Let’s take a look at a few facts about coconut oil that you may not know.

1. The Saturated Fat in Coconut Oil isn’t All Bad

I’ve heard reports from people who are confused when they spot coconut oil at the grocery store, read the nutritional label, and see the high saturated fat content. “What gives?” they ask, “I thought this stuff was healthy?” Well, it is.

Unfortunately, the fat in coconut has been the subject of debate and misinformation. Although we’re told that saturated fat, across the board, is bad, the saturated fats in coconut oil are medium chain fatty acids — these are different than saturated fat from animal sources — and do not degrade within the body. In fact, the human body uses them directly as energy and coconut oil consumption has even been associated with beneficial lipid profiles. [2] [3]

Coconut oil is even better than other vegetable oils like sunflower or safflower oil. Those oils contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which aren’t good for the cardiovascular system. Many nutritional experts recommend switching to coconut oil to avoid the health risks. [4]

2. Coconut Oil is Great for Hair

Coconut oil is used in a staggering amount of shampoos, conditioners, and hair care products. [5] The reason for its inclusion is quite simple. With its low molecular weight and straight linear chain, coconut oil can effectively penetrate the hair shaft to reduce protein loss, leaving it nourished and healthy. [6]

3. And, It’s Great for Skin

Coconut oil is also very moisturizing and beneficial for the skin. [7] In many cultures, it’s used as a remedy for a great many skin conditions. [8] The reason? It’s chemical structure. The short-chain and saturated fatty acids, which prevent it from oxidizing and becoming rancid, are nourishing to the skin and have even been found to encourage wound healing. [9]

4. Useful Against Harmful Organisms

Perhaps one of the most astounding facts about coconut oil is how potent it is against harmful organisms.

  • When a 2007 study evaluated the effectiveness of virgin coconut oil against candida, a 25% concentration of coconut oil was found to be 100% effective against candida. [10]
  • Randomized and controlled research in 2010 found that a coconut oil and anise spray was effective against head lice. [11]
  • Coconut oil has been found to repel mosquitoes. [12]
  • Tungiasis, or sand flea disease, is a nasty problem not common in the United States but way too common elsewhere. Research earlier this year discovered that coconut oil may be an effective repellant to the flea that spreads the disease. [13]

5. Can Replace Milk in Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream but not everyone is keen on the milk fat used to produce it. What’s the alternative? Bland, fat-free ice cream? Maybe not. It seems that virgin coconut oil may be an acceptable replacement for milk fat in ice cream. Those who have tried it claim that the ice cream has a pleasant coconut flavor and an excellent appearance, texture, and aroma. [14] (If you’ve happened to try it, please leave a comment below and let us know the brand and what you thought.)

6. Massage Oil for Newborns

Did you know that giving oil massages to newborns has been found to improve thermoregulation and encourage healthy weight gain? A 2005 study evaluated the effect of coconut oil on the growth of newborns in India. Starting on the second day of their lives, an oil massage was given four times a day by a trained person until the baby was discharged, and then by the mother until the baby was 31 days old. The results? Coconut oil massage significantly increased weight gain and growth. [15]

7. Might be a Remedy for Poison?

It might be premature to call coconut oil an antidote for poisoning but a 2005 incident in Iran certainly suggests it may have something to offer. Hospital officials there reported of a young man who had attempted suicide by ingesting the pesticide aluminium phosphide. Upon admittance to the hospital, he was experiencing severe indications of toxicity and given several counteractive substances, including charcoal, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulphate, and coconut oil. The result? He survived, and coconut oil, while probably not deserving of all the credit, was labeled as an important part of the protocol. [16]

Do you know a coconut oil factoid that we missed? Or do you just have great things to say about coconut oil… or even constructive criticism? Please leave a comment below and join the discussion!

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • Sheila

    I usually use 1 teasppon 3 times per day by mouth, as I have heard it is a good fat. I also keep a small container in the bathroom and use it in place of face and body lotions.
    There are many health benefits of coconut oil as mentioned above.
    One excellent benefit according to my research is that is a great brain and nervous system protector, and has been know to help with ADD, ADHD, Dementia, and Alzhiemers.
    I reccomend to keep reseaching the internet on the health benefits of Organic Coconut Oil… you will be amazed.

  • CBG

    I use extra virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer/cleanser, and am amazed at how great my skin looks (I’m 58 years old). I also take 2-3 tablespoons a day, and use it to scramble eggs. It is great in green veggie drinks made in the blender (along with Zico coconut water).

    As far as the coconut ice cream question, I have tried a brand called SO Delicious. The vanilla bean flavor was great, but I didn’t like the chocolate flavor at all.

  • Yesaname

    We use coconut oil as baby diaper balm instead of the chemical diaper creams. It works better, and we don’t have to fear that the baby is being poisoned. Also to note; we wash the baby’s butt each time, and only use wipies when we are out and water is not available. Never diaper rash.

  • Victor Goehner

    I have tried coconut ice cream and it was very good, but then I like the the taste of coconut. I tried at least 2 flavors and found the coconut quality in each to be a nice plus.

  • ghc_health

    Great strategy, thanks for sharing!

  • ghc_health

    I’ve tried the SO Delicious brand of coconut beverages, not bad. I will see if I can find their ice cream.

  • steve

    I work outside and use it as a sunscreen, Ive read that it has an spf of around 10. I feek like the heat of the sun helps the oil to be absorbed through my pores.

  • DrCsth

    My dog has been plagued with flees since we moved into our new townhouse in Ladson, S C. I began massaging raw organic coconut oil into his tail, body and paws and to some extent, his furry little LasaApso head. The flees emerged rapidly and were quickly dispatched. The only problem, he loves the oil, would eat a cup daily, if allowed and is licking his tail until he’s lost hair. new training challenges.

  • pmforesthillca

    I have used Brewers Yeast to keep my cats and dog free from fleas and ticks (and I live in the forest!). Cats: 1/2 t 2x/week; 90# Dog: 1 heaping t 2x/week. Get it at your local health food store. Great for humans too; complete B complex of vitamins, trace minerals, almino acids, 4g protein per T (Google it). Pungy taste, so if you wish to use BY, start with 1/2 t mixed in a glass of OJ. As the taste goes away, increase by 1/2 t until you reach 2T/day. Your body will thank you!

  • Coconut oil offers a large number of health benefits. It is one of the most healthiest oils that many people recommend. It is ideal for the treatment of acne. It improves your immune system and helps you lose weight and more.

  • bcarolr

    hi Coconut Secret products are great—“ice cream”
    and coconut nectar sweetner, coconut vinegar they also make dark chocolate covered coconut bars sweetened only with coconut nectar to die for.
    As far as coconut oil goes I have been using for over a year, make my own co milk kefir and eat coco meat.–for many benefits.
    However with regular blood tests my total cholesterol has risen to 225–but wait–so has my HDL risen to 90… I am 54 female, 5″-1″ 105 lbs , eaten no redmeat or junk for 30 years and no other reason for cholesterol
    …doctor trying to make an issue of it, but I’m ok with it
    just don’t believe that it will not make it go up–it does.
    any thoughts?

  • Anusha

    I work with a 60 yr old man whose cholesterol went up. He was on a low carb diet in addition to drinking coconut oil in his coffee and just eating it straight. So, I’m not sure about all the details of his diet, but I just feel like any other fat, it should be used in moderation. What do you think? In my culture, using coconut oil for the hair is very well noted, and I love that it has helped so many people with skin problems. I was told by a customer that it helped his wife with rosacea in 3 days!! For stretch marks for pregnant bellies it is apparently the best as well. I make a toothpaste for my dachshund using coconut oil and baking soda. She LOVES it!!

  • ghc_health

    Coconut oil is like anything else, it has many benefits but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an upper limit to how much should be consumed. It’s a healthy food, not a miracle potion.

    Does your dachsie let you brush her teeth with it?

  • sarahm168

    For coconut ice cream, try Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss. It comes in many different flavors and is incredibly tasty. My favorites are Cherry Amaretto and Mint Galactica. They also have ice cream bars in various flavors as well. It is a bit pricey but well worth it.

  • Sheila

    I wanted to mention I will not use Fish Oil, no matter how much they processed it to remove the Mercury, BPA’S & Radiation.
    Which is the reason I use the Organic Coconut Oil by mouth 3 times per day, I find it best to scoop a little Coconut Oil on a teaspoon, and then dip a little Almond Butter along with it.
    And if I had some Real Dark Chocolate, I would have a healthy Almond Joy! 😉

  • Sheila

    Do you eat bread, or foods that contain wheat, whole grains, and or white flour? And what about heart healthy boxed cereal or oatmeal?

  • Jeannine Piro

    Cure for alzheimers.

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  • Sharon Kathan Christman

    they aren’t promoting coconut ice cream, they are talking about using coconut oil IN ice cream

  • Sharon Kathan Christman

    there are MANY ppl on low carb and using coconut oil that do not have cholesterol problems…I would look elsewhere for the culprit

  • Sharon Kathan Christman

    Make fat bombs…great TASTY way to get your cocnut oil in

  • Sharon Kathan Christman

    no yeast for me, thanks

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  • Sandra Miller

    No-one has mentioned that coconut oil has a high smoke point–so it is better than many other oils for frying food.

  • Ann Hopy

    relax, she was just making a comment.

  • Ann Hopy

    I have heard that it balances the two. The cholesterol will go up but the HDL will do what it needs to balance it. Most test cholesterol goes up (no vco) but look at the HDL. Look it up to find a good explanation, I am stumbling here, sorry. Any way bottom line they say it is not a bad thing.

  • Ann Hopy

    Perhaps you could look it up and put it in your reading. The VCO (coconut oil) does raise cholesterol in some people, but also the HDL but it all balances it out. Please find something as you can explain better then I am doing. Thanks.

  • I was stunned! I already know the uses of coconut oil to our kitchen. It’s amazing knowing that this oil provides benefits just like everything in our body, our environment, pets, hair, face, mouth, prevention to certain diseases and more.

  • Natalia

    Dear Sirs:
    I have been taking a teaspoon pf coconut oil before breakfast for the past few weeks. I have bening family tremor, and my head shows sometimes a very uncomfortable shaking. Well, tremor is less frequent and weaker. Why? I was told coconut oil is good for tummy fat is that a fact?
    Thank you!

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