7 Facts You Should Know About Trans-Resveratrol

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on


Propelled to fame as a result of a multitude of studies investigating the phytochemical properties of plant materials, resveratrol more than lives up to its reputation. This very unique antioxidant has been called a fountain of youth for its effectiveness against a variety of age-related diseases. In this post, we’re going to explore 7 facts about resveratrol including what it is and why you should get it regularly from your diet.

1. What Is It?

Resveratrol is a phenolic compound, a stilbene, created by plants in response to injury, infection, and fungal attack. It exists in two forms, the trans- and cis- molecule forms, with trans-resveratrol being the highly-absorbable form. The compound is regarded as having powerful antioxidant effects, thereby supporting health at the cellular level.

2. Unique Antioxidant

Unlike other antioxidants, resveratrol crosses the blood-brain barrier, offering support for the brain and nervous system. This allows for positive, direct support for neural health. A recent placebo-controlled study of 23 older adults observed significant improvements in memory among participants taking resveratrol, with the additional benefit of improved glucose metabolism. [1]

3. Mimics Caloric Restriction

Reducing calories by 30% supports health and longevity by stimulating low-level biological stressors. Resveratrol stimulates the creation of adiponectin, the same hormone observed to increase in individuals practicing caloric restriction. [2] This hormone promotes metabolic and cardiovascular health through weight loss, lipid metabolism, and the regulation of blood sugar levels. Although the long-term effects of caloric restriction in humans continues to be evaluated, it has shown to advance longevity by 40% or more in some species.

4. Mitigates Oxidative Stress

Numerous studies have noted resveratrol’s ability to reduce oxidative stress from free radical damage. One 2011 placebo-controlled study evaluated the response of 20 human volunteers (10 in each group) to resveratrol and placebo over 6 weeks of treatment. Those in the test group enjoyed reduced oxidative stress and lower levels of swelling and redness commonly associated with numerous age-related diseases. [3]

5. May Promote Healthy Testosterone Levels In Men

Research indicates resveratrol positively affects fertility and reproductive function in men. One study using animal models reported increased blood testosterone levels in supplemented groups. [4] While this is good news for men of reproductive age, older men could possibly benefit as well. Testosterone strengthens bones, increases muscle mass, and encourages a positive outlook in men.

6. Positive Effects on Estrogen Levels

Women who consume resveratrol appear to enjoy their own benefits. A study of 34 postmenopausal women taking 1 gram of resveratrol daily for 12 weeks reported improvements in estrogen metabolism and an increase of SHBG (steroid hormone binding globulin). [5] SHBG enables the body to make better use of the availability of sex hormones already present. In essence, this study suggests resveratrol may support hormone balance.

7. Sources of Resveratrol

Major dietary sources include red wine, chocolate, grapes, and peanuts. Unfortunately, only 25% of resveratrol from dietary sources is bioavailable due to its quick metabolizing rate. [6] Supplements may offer more concentrated values, making a greater amount of this anti-aging antioxidant available to cells. For this reason and for its amazing benefits and powerful antioxidant properties, I added resveratrol in Cell Fuzion™, my unparalleled formula for cell and DNA support and protection.

What are your thoughts on resveratrol? Do you take antioxidant supplements? Please let us know your opinions in the comments!

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • Thanks for the info, Dr Group. Content aside, though, I did notice some inconsistencies in the writing:
    The headline mentions “7 Facts” then the first paragraph mentions “7 reasons.” Then the article lists seven points, the first of which is a definition (“what is trans-resveratrol?”) and the last of which lists some sources of the antioxidant.
    If there are seven reasons discussed, they should be listed as such, I think.

  • Alan Carr

    Not sure where to get a good source?

    I currently take “Resveramix”, from a local Malaysian company. which lists 2 “registered” or trademarked products in the ingredients list:


    Both strike me as perhaps poor 2nd rate versions?

  • We offer it as part of the Cell Fuzion antioxidant blend-


  • rootvg

    I’m taking DNA Force. What do you think?

  • SteepSix

    Click on that link posted by GHC and take a quick look at the ingredients of ‘Cell Fusion’ and you will swiftly become aware that ‘Cell Fusion’ is ‘DNA Force’ under another label…

  • Mary Pattison

    I just started Beyond Any Multiple today, and after a half dose, which contains 3.75 mg of trans resveratrol, have a horrible headache. I see it can cause headaches, but can such a small amount be a problem? I have no problem with red wine. (Note I’m dealing with levaquin side effects.)

  • Lyra

    There Is a new product that have Trans-Resveratrol extracts and other 7 ingredients. Trying to read about it, and after this brief amazing facts, I think reading other ingredients might lead to me buying from them. Hahaha.

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