6 Facts About Colloidal Silver for Beginners

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The market’s awash in products claiming to be colloidal silver. Yes, I did say ‘claiming’ to be colloidal silver. True colloidal silver consists of silver nanoparticles. But how can you tell the difference, and is colloidal even safe? Here are 6 facts every silver newbie needs to know about colloidal silver.

6 Must Know Facts About Colloidal Silver

Here are a few must know facts about colloidal silver, with a bit of history thrown in here and there. Use these facts as a guide for choosing the best colloidal silver product, or as a general introduction:

1. The International Space Station Uses Silver to Purify Water

Hospitals have begun using filters containing silver to kill MRSA and other harmful organisms. Even the World Health Organization uses silver and colloidal silver in water filters to disinfect water in developing countries. [1] The fact is colloidal silver is the least harmful metal to humans and one of the most protective.

2. Silver Kills Harmful Organisms

This is one reason why colloidal silver is used to disinfect water. Historically, silver was used to preserve milk. Settlers would drop a silver dollar in the milk jug to keep it from spoiling. Babies were fed with silver spoons because those that did were generally perceived to be healthier.

3. Greeks and Romans Used Silver to Prevent Food Spoilage

Not only that, colloidal silver was used by physicians in the early part of the twentieth century. They stopped using it with the arrival of antibiotics. That’s when pharmaceutical companies got in on medical care, and that’s when silver and other common remedies became unpopular. They couldn’t be owned or patented, and they wouldn’t be as profitable. But money doesn’t change 2,000 years of facts.

4. How Colloidal Silver Combats Harmful Organisms

A 2013 study of silver nanoparticles, the ones used in true colloidal silver products, examined the effect of the silver against a variety of microorganisms. The researchers found significant effect against common disease-causing bacteria. [2] Researchers from around the world are currently testing silver nanoparticles for dental use. One study found it helped prevent infection during root canals. [3]

An Australian study tested silver nanoparticles against bacteria known to worsen rheumatoid arthritis. The study used a silver preparation in a human subject suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. The researchers found it was potent and offered long-lasting protection against irritation associated with the bacteria. [4]

5. How Does Silver Work Against These Organisms

When a silver atom encounters a bacterial organism, it binds to the cell and the silver gets absorbed through the cell wall. Once inside the organism, it stops certain essential metabolic functions. This supposedly kills the harmful organism. It’s important to note that silver does this to bacteria and other harmful organisms yet it does not have this effect on healthy human cells.

6. Not All Colloidal Silver Really Is

The term colloidal is used to describe two types of silver products: true colloidal silver and ionic silver solutions. The problem with ionic silver is it doesn’t make it through digestion. Colloidal silver is stable. It survives digestion and gets absorbed into the bloodstream. True colloidal silver contains nanoparticles of silver suspended in a pure liquid solution. More than fifty-percent of the silver must be these silver particles. Having these nanoparticles increases the surface area of the silver present and promotes effectiveness.

Why You Should Only Use a True Colloid

Silver particles in a true colloid survive digestion and absorption in a way that keeps them active and effective against organisms. Also, a true colloid will never cause argyria, a common concern among people thinking about trying silver products. A true colloid has a smaller particle size.

Have you used Colloidal Silver? Share with us your experience!

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • drewcifer7840

    This article comes closest to describing what true nano particle colloidal silver is compared to other related posts on the subject. You might want to edit those other articles to clear up some of the discrepancies.

    You also mention that:
    –“These solutions also have a lower ppm than ionic silver solutions, or solutions containing other impurities.”

    That’s not true, and goes to the heart of another myth out there regarding the use of TDS meters to determine the ppm of silver. Simply put, this method is completely unreliable.

    TDS meters measure the conductivity of water. Ionic silver, with it’s positive charge will show a reading but it is unreliable for a myriad of reasons.

    When you reduce ionic silver to real nano particle silver. The silver now has no electrical charge. IT WON’T SHOW ANYTHING on a TDS meter.

    So if you had a 20 ppm solution of ionic silver, you’d get some sort of reading on one of these devices. However, after you reduce this ionic silver to colloidal silver you won’t get any reading. You could have colloidal silver at 160 ppm (I make it all the time using cinnamon as a reducing and capping agent) and you won’t get any reading from a TDS meter.

    BTW, Aren’t you that fellow Alex Jones has on every once in a while on his radio show? Love it, keep up the good fight.

  • cc

    Can you explain how one would take colloidal silver? Would it be good for sore throats?

  • Schmoe

    He’s that fellow that Alex gets his Infowars Life products from.

  • Yes it is, you just need to take few tablespoon. If I get sick I drink a lot of it and things get better right away, I use it freely when needed.

  • eric

    I had an infection that shut down my digestive tract and the doctor said that I had 2 Days before my gallbladder explodes. I went on a barley grass juice fast and 5oo ppm strength colloidal silver. I went through about 3 4 oz. bottles and in 5 days I was as good as new. Also it stops pancreatitis in it’s tracts. Another time my dog bit me and my hand got infected. Red veins started going up my arm and my jaw started locking. In 3 days everything was alright. It saves on vet bills also. When our pets get runny eyes and are lethargic we give them silver and they’re as good as new

  • davea0511

    So an ion is an individual atom, so ionic means it’s made of individual atoms, and yet you said colloidal is a smaller particle size? Um…. how do you get smaller than an individual atom?

  • Pj

    This is an amazing testimony! Did you give the barley grass to your pet as well?

  • DWR

    A friend of my daughters years ago was having acne problems, pimples, cysts and blackheads. Someone gave her a clear liquid she said was colloidal silver. She used it topically. Her complexion cleared and there is no scarring. Anyone familiar with using it for this or other skin problems?

  • User501

    An ion can be an atom or a molecule.
    A nanoparticle is a particle (atom/molecule) between 1 and 100 nanometers in size.

  • des

    But with myoplasma? What then?

  • ms

    I can only find 7 cases of argyria. 5 of them do not count because that had taken silver Chloride. which means they used salt to make it. So there is only 2 cases. One admitted to drinking GALLONS every day for 7 years and with it being over 200PPM? the other person same thing over 5 yrs of gallons a day and a high ppm.

  • bill

    My cat has received a few wicked injuries over the last year in fights that got quite infected before i knew he was even hurt. One was especially severe and looked like he had been bitten clean through a hind paw. I only realized it when it suddenly swelled up, stunk real bad and he started limping. In each case i soaked his foot in a solution of my most powerful wound healing remedies consisting of enough hydrogen peroxide in a deep enough cup to cover the wound to which i stir a half tsp each of vit C crystal and baking soda. Plus a dropper of iodine, a good shot of Ancient Minerals magnesium chloride and a dropper of colloidal silver. In every case this has done the trick soaking his paw a couple times a day. Although the really bad wound described above seemed to heal up a few times the deep location of the infection having to work itself to the surface it did finally clear up. Each time an active pocket of infection would be drawn out to the surface the solution would really foam up. On more surface wounds ive used colloidal silver by itself in a fine mist spray bottle very effectively. It’s amazing stuff and belongs in every medicine cabinet.

  • Sophia

    I recently purchased Colloidal Silver from a local market before reading this article. It states: “our colloidal silver is of nanogram size ionic silver for easy absorption and maximum effect”. I have not opened it yet. Should I return it? What brand do you recommend?

  • GHC Support

    There are many options available, but you might be interested in Silver Fuzion, which is 99.999% pure submicroscopic silver particles electrically suspended in a triple distilled water base. You may view more information here: http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/supplements/silver-fuzion.html

  • jude

    Can I take Colloidal silver while on Zeotrex for Heavy metal detoxing or will that be pulled out too before benefit?

  • GHC Support

    Zeolites are negatively charged, so they attract positively charged particles, or in other words, opposites attract. Silver Fuzion has a negative charge, as do most beneficial minerals and nutrients, so as you do consume the Zeotrex it will only pull out the toxic aspects and leave the good stuff behind.
    Ideally, this will allow you to continue to use the Colloidal Silver as you move forward with the Zeotrex.

  • Becca Pilgrim

    I’ve recently started taking silver orally and topically (for gut issues, candida, and acne), but the label warns “not for long term use.” How long should i be taking the silver solution (20 PPM) if i take 1 tsp. 3x daily? And how will i know when my issues have been cured, not necessarily just seeing fewer symptoms? It also says to not take it with salt. Why is that?

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