5 Shocking Facts About Aspartame

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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Chemical structure of Aspartame

Aspartame is a nasty chemical that’s sold as a zero-calorie healthy sweetener. But did you know that it’s technically not calorie-free? Not a lot, only about 4 calories per gram. [1] That isn’t a lot, and it’s not a big deal. But it’s one weird fact you probably didn’t know about aspartame. Let’s take a look at a few other points about aspartame that rarely get discussed.

1. Aspartame is Made from Bacteria Poop

The chemical aspartame is made from the waste product of E. coli bacteria. To be blunt, it’s made from bacteria poop. As if that’s not bad enough, the poop is then benzylated and hydrolyzed, and the result of that process is then methylated and debenzylated. [2]

Are your eyes crossed from trying to make sense of that? I thought it was bad enough to know that aspartame is really bacterial poop that’s been put through a harsh chemical process to a fare-thee-well, but then I learned something even worse. Read on.

2. The Bacteria are Genetically Modified

The patent for aspartame reveals that the E. coli bacteria are genetically manipulated. [2] That’s another way of saying that aspartame is made from the poop of bacteria that are genetically modified organisms — GMOs. Of course, the manufacturer claims that there are no GMO molecules in aspartame. I’m not betting my health on that claim! Apparently, they’re saying that genetically modified bacteria produce normal poop. However, by definition, any GMO organism’s metabolism is deranged because it contains foreign DNA.

3. Aspartame Makes You Hungry

Well… maybe not so much after learning it’s made from bacteria poop. But, technically speaking, making you hungry is precisely what aspartame does. The science isn’t clear on the exact mechanism that causes this but research suggests that when you eat or drink foods that contain aspartame, you’ll have a hard time controlling your appetite. That’s a strange sort of diet food! [3]

4. Aspartame Turns into Formaldehyde

Aspartame itself doesn’t get through your digestive tract. It’s quickly broken down into other substances which enter the blood stream. These substances are metabolized further and one of those products is formaldehyde, [4] the stuff used to embalm dead bodies. As if being a poison wasn’t bad enough, it’s known to cause pneumonia and increase the rate of infections, and can lead to death—and that was known as far back as 1905. [5]

5. FDA Scientists Spoke Out Against Aspartame’s Approval

I’ll let the words of the scientists speak for themselves. According to Dr. Adrian Gross, an FDA Toxicologist:

“They [G.D. Searle] lied and they didn’t submit the real nature of their observations because, had they done that, it is more than likely that a great number of these studies would have been rejected simply for adequacy. What Searle did, they took great pains to camouflage these shortcomings of the study. As I say, filter and just present to the FDA what they wished the FDA to know, and they did other terrible things for instance animals would develop tumors while they were under study. Well they would remove these tumors from the animals.” [6]

Lead investigator, Philip Brodsky stated for the Congressional Record that he’d never seen anything as bad as Searle’s studies. [6] Dr. Gregory Palmer stated in a letter quoted in the Congressional Record:

“Even following the track you did, it seems to me you have only confounded the issue by a series of studies most of which have severe design deficiencies or obvious lack of expertise in animal management. Because of these twin factors, all the careful and detailed examination of fetuses, all the writing, summarization and resummarization is of little avail because of the shaky foundation.” [6]

To summarize, FDA investigators were against the approval of aspartame, largely based on the developer’s junk science, but the FDA went ahead and approved it anyway. Doesn’t your confidence in the FDA increase exponentially when you see dereliction like this?

The Bottom Line on Aspartame

Aspartame is made from bacteria poop, and the bacteria that poop it out are genetically modified. It makes you hungry, so you want more food. It turns into a poison in your body, and FDA scientists spoke out strongly against its approval, though the FDA ignored them and put it out on the market.

What else do you need to know to stay away from foods with aspartame in them?

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  • AnonPlease

    I think that the worst thing about Aspartame beyond it being a poison, is who is getting rich off of it–word on the street is that the patent for Aspartame is owned by Donald Rumsfeld, former secretary of defense aka former 9-11 conspirator, and NWO elitist and that it was he who prevailed upon the FDA to approve it though it had failed to pass once…anyone can confirm this?

  • Katrina

    As a registered dietitian and someone who works closely with the Calorie Control Council I believe low calorie sweeteners, such as aspartame, can be part of a healthy diet. Aspartame is made up of the same amino acids (building blocks of protein) found in meats and dairy products. The consumption of artificial sweeteners has no effect on insulin and blood sugar, factors that play a major role in hunger and metabolism. Aspartame is one of the most thoroughly studied food ingredients and has proven to be safe to consume.

  • Derek Huxcliff

    I guess as a dietician you probably work with many people whose health is not good, to say the least, and given the choice between sugar and artificial sweeteners, there are many reasons they would choose artificial sweeteners. What about choosing neither though? Why has “good enough” become good enough?

    Do you really believe aspartame is as safe as mother’s milk? That’s a big, bold statement. If you work with the Calorie Council and that’s their position, well then yes, I suppose you may have to tow the party line. But, there is a lot of information out there that suggests aspartame affects the brain, among other things.

  • Larry

    During those years of consuming the sweetener Equal in my coffee, Sweet&Low in my ice tea in addition to chewing sugarless gum I experienced acute vision issues, migraine type headaches and overall sickness within minutes of consumption. After listening to a radio show about the ill affects of this poison, I stopped using these sweeteners and have never been sick since. However, I have discovered aspartame in food under the disguise of other names. Stay away from this stuff and check food labels prior to eating or purchasing and beware when the food label indicates a reduced percentage of sugar……aspartame is probably present. Good luck!

  • ghc_health

    Great input! Thanks, Larry!

  • AnonTeresa

    The timeline regarding Rumsfeld participation can be found at:


  • Amit Pandey

    one of the best health recommemded site.

  • Sol

    I don’t support the use of aspartame, but calling it “bacteria poop” is just as manipulative as the claims made by the manufacturers of the chemical. The only natural forms of the essential vitamin B12 are synthesized by bacteria and archaea. Though it may be a waste product of the bacteria, it is absolutely essential for the normal function of all animal life. Our waste is food for an immense amount of flora and fauna and vice versa. Additionally, a little research into how DNA and gene expression work could clear up a lot of the fear of genetic modification. It has the potential to be used in very questionable ways and has been, but genetic modification is just one step further than the process used to create nearly all the food we eat and our pets – artificial selection. You could do just as much harm building up a pathogen’s resistance to antibiotics and poisons by exposing large numbers of the pathogen to these poisons and selecting the natural mutants that exhibit lower mortality and repeating over and over again until you have a super organism to wipe out the human race and it wouldn’t be considered genetically modified. The ancestor of corn is a grain called Teosinte. The ancestor of your dog is the Wolf. Check out some pictures of the color morphs of Leopard Geckos, Ball Pythons, Bearded Dragons, and Pacman Frogs or the 400+ cultivated varieties of Mangos… Both line breeding and genetic modification can be used for self-gain or they can be used for the good of the entire world. Same goes for “natural healing” products. These do seem to be great products, but i can’t help but wonder how much money this guy is taking in and what he is using it for. Especially because of the clearly manipulative claims made and surveys convincing you to buy certain products. It would really be something if an organization popped up that started producing and supplying these products to people who really need them.

  • Grant

    They like to put sucralose in alot of stuff now too cause it’s cheaper. It’s because of the import tarriff on sugar keeps the price artificially high.

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  • jon

    Good grief people. Keep up with the research. Google any cancer council website and read up on the ACTUAL evidence! No evidence that aspartame is harmful.

  • DoubtingThomas

    Uh huh.

  • TC

    Information taken from the 5th reference was severely misconstrued. Formaldehyde is toxic when breathed. Our body makes and utilizes formaldehyde every day at the chemical level. Formaldehyde created after bio-transformation of Aspartame will either be used at the cellular level or excreted in the urine.

  • DoubtingThomas

    What exactly is your point?

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