The 4 Scariest Things About Lyme Disease

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on


Lyme disease is not a new problem but it’s only been in recent years that it’s begun to get the attention it deserves. In my opinion, Lyme disease is perhaps one of the most serious, under-discussed health problems in existence. Many people are aware that it’s caused by tick bites that infect with a class of bacteria called Borellia and that a strange array of symptoms can result, including fever, headache, and fatigue. [1] But that’s just the start, Lyme disease can affect the joints, heart, and central nervous system. [2] How these problems can affect a person’s life are almost unimaginable.

The 4 Scariest Things About Lyme Disease

Let’s take a look at 4 shocking and horrifying truths about Lyme disease.

1. Lyme Disease is Extremely Debilitating

As the leading tick-borne disease in the United States, Lyme disease, while treatable, can take time to diagnose. Its symptoms often look like those of other illnesses and sometimes come and go. Waiting for a diagnosis can be awful, like in the case of a healthy, active 12-year old girl from Montana who became “feverish, dizzy, and doubled over with stomach pains every time she tried to exert herself.” [3] In 6th grade, she missed a lot of school because of this; by 8th grade, she only attended her first day. Then we have a lawyer from Virginia who thought he had a bad case of the flu. Soon he felt so bad he was nearly immobile. It wasn’t until after fifteen months of treatment he began to feel better. It’s not just physical issues. For many, there’s an emotional toll. Imagine being sick with no diagnosis in sight, or just not being able to do anything you used to without feeling bad.

2. Lyme Disease is Everywhere

Call it what you will, but for many climate change has become a very real concern. What exactly does that have to do with Lyme disease? Well, warmer weather speeds up the tick’s life cycle, meaning many successfully reproduce before dying. [4] That means more biting ticks. In 1991, the US had 10,000 reported cases of Lyme disease; by 2013, that number was over 27,000. It’s not just the US that has seen a rise; our neighbors to the North have their fair share. At one time, no one believed Lyme disease could even be a concern in Canada, but warmer weather has opened the door for infected ticks.

3. Lyme Disease Just the Start of Tick Diseases

If you thought Lyme disease was bad, be aware that there’s actually something even worse lurking in the bite of the lone star tick. Its bite won’t cause Lyme disease but it can release an antibody that can cause an allergy to a sugar called alpha-gal. [5] Found naturally in meats and in many products made from mammals, this sugar is practically everywhere. One person even had to stop taking her allergy medication because she was allergic to the added alpha-gal. Unlike with Lyme disease though, there is currently no treatment. The lone star tick bite can also cause the deadly Heartland virus, which also has no known treatment. [6] That’s just caused by one species of tick; there are still other tick-borne diseases that are much, much worse.

4. Mothers May Be Able to Transmit Lyme Disease to Children

Although the jury is still out, there is evidence to suggest that Borellia, the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, can be passed along in the womb. [7] Take, for instance, the case of Justine Donnelly. All her life, she had struggled with poor memory and anxiety. Before she was born, her mother was diagnosed with what was thought to be viral meningitis. Since Mom got a little better with treatment, life went on. After thirty years of never feeling great, Justine’s mother got an actual diagnosis: Lyme disease. Because of that, Justine had herself tested, and the results were positive. While she could have gotten it elsewhere, Justine believes Lyme disease can be transmitted from mother to child. She’s not the only one: there are many firsthand accounts from doctors suggesting the same thing.

So yes, while Lyme disease is very scary, a little common sense goes a long way. If you think you have symptoms, get them checked out. No one needs to suffer from this awful disease; and always remember to take precautions against ticks when outdoors!

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  • Pedro

    I am currently battling lyme disease, Have you worked with anybody with it? If so, Can you let me know what medicines/supplements were the most beneficial. Thank you, God bless

  • abby815

    I can’t believe I’m reading another blog about Lyme Disease. Everyone talks about how bad it is and how nothing is being done to help people with Lyme. NO ONE tells you where to get help. I’ve been reading about Lyme for 30 years. I wish someone would give us a name of a Dr. who does know something or where to find help. It’s the same old thing, about how bad it is but no WHERE is there help or some direction. I have had Lyme disease for 30 yrs. My life has been nothing but Pain and suffering and many Dr’s.. The past ten tears I have no Quality of life. I have a long history. First I am from New London, ct. I had Lyme before they discovered it in Lyme Ct. I have been to the best Drs. from UConn medical center to Yale to Mt Sinai and many others. I have been on the IV’s off and on for years. I wish these Blogs would stop telling everyone how bad Lyme Disease is and start telling people where there is help! I already know its BAD, where do I get help? Why don’t you write about the Doctors who have cured Lyme Disease. When you write a story about Lyme to tell people how bad it is….WELL we already know. Write a story about a CURE or where to find one…that’s what you should be doing.

  • I hear you and I understand. One of the problems, as you knows, is that Lyme can be a really tricky disease and not all approaches work for everyone. Even the accepted antibiotic treatment is a fail for a lot of people. I would really like to hear some feedback from people who are dealing with Lyme and what they’ve done that’s helped them… anyone?

  • Pedro

    Hello, I’m defeating Lyme right now. It has been a wonderful teacher in healing. To take care of it definitely needs a big life style change. Things that help are infared sauna(everyday), Organic Fruits and Veggies(NO WHEAT or anything processed) Lots of herbs/mushrooms in high doses Japanese Knotweed, Teasel, Una de Gato are amazing. Collodial silver and zappers help a lot (organiseafrica) has good ones. Also, get your lymphatic system going and pray and use your mind and know you are a lot stronger than it.

  • Ruthwallus

    I am so sorry for your history and pain. I’ve had Lyme four separate times in ten years. You may already know this but if you find a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor LLMD, you will get the help you are looking for. And diet is a huge factor- no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, and no yeast. It’s hard but it worked for me. Everyone is so different. Google LLMD for you area and see one. Also detoxing helps, like sitting in a sauna, salt baths, and taking supplements like garlic and vitamins. All the best to you.

  • Ruthwallus

    Also check out Dr Horowitz’s book Why Can’t I Get Better? Curing Lyme Disease and other Chronic Illness

  • Ruthwallus

    I just started the Japanese Knotweed and Cats Claw today with my antibiotics, glad to hear the Knotweed worked for you. Yes, it’s a MAJOR life change. Keep going strong!

  • abby815

    I want to thank everyone for their comments. I think I was in a bad mood the day I posted. It is very hard each & everyday to deal with this pain. You all have given me some direction. I know my Lymphatic needs to work as part of this healing, but my pain keeps me down & pined to the chair. I do like the Sauna idea. As far as the diet, believe me when I say, I do NO sugar, milk, meat, and only organic always. I do a smoothie everyday with green apple, blueberries, strawberries, coconut oil, pumpkin seed, whey and also mix it up with other fruits now & then. I take Chlorella, Spirulina, Astaxanthin, 7 kinds of mushrooms, Turmeric, Moringa juice, Ionic Magnesium, Probiotics, Oxy Powder, Cats Claw,Detoxadine, B12 shots, B complex, Salmon oil, VitD/k2, NAC, green tea extract, Garlic, MSM, Monolaurin, Serrapeptase, Bromelain, Raw green super food 8 caps a day and Optimal Vit.C. There is more I’m sure. I do not take all at once. I do certain arrangements off & on..AM & PM. I detox all the time. There are no LLMD in my area (I now live in Florida, which has helped me). As of today I need a new direction, what that is I don’t know. I spend about 30hrs. a week researching…read, read, and read some more. Good Luck to all of you and thank you for your comments.

  • zebu

    Please post if you find effective treatment for all tick borne disease

  • Theresa

    I work with people with Lyme, list of success with the herbs.

  • Miriam

    Hello, I would really love it if GHC would seriously consider selling far infrared suits to the public, as it would really help those who are too sick to care properly for themselves.

    A far infrared suit is the one thing that saved my life, when I needed it the most.

    If it wasn’t for that, I don’t know where I would be today.

    Unfortunately my suit broke down and ever since, my condition has worsened again.

    So here I am stuck in a loop, self-caring, using tinctures, encapsulated herbs (and while they do make a difference), it’s not enough (for me), because my immune system seems to have gone haywire and reacts in a hyperactive manner (which has my body itching).

    Proper nutrition and colon health is imperative, but the problem is, in Lyme sufferers, their energy levels are depleted to such an extent, it’s very difficult for them to restore their health without any support (it’s hard to keep up).

    I recently ordered Paratrex, and thank god it’s helped me deal with some serious digestive issues I was having (could not assimilate nutrients anymore).

    There’s no LLMD close to where I live, so I don’t know who to turn to other than GHC.

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