12 Interesting Facts About Nail Fungal Infections

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A person's feet. Recent statistics shows that least 5% of people suffer from nail fungus infection and it's common with age.A nail fungal infection, or onychomycosis, is a fungal imbalance that affects the fingernails and toenails. [1] The most common symptom is a thickening and discoloration of the nail to yellow, green, and even black. As the problem progresses, the nail bed can become uncomfortable, brittle, and even begin breaking off. [2]

How Common is Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus is surprisingly common and occurs more frequently with age. According to recent statistics, at least 5% of people suffer from nail fungus infection. [3] Although less visible, toenail fungal infections are more prevalent than fingernail.

Toenail fungus isn’t an isolated problem, it can reveal a lot about a persons health. A nail infection may suggest that the nails are receiving poor circulation or that the immune system is affected. [4]

12 Facts About Nail Fungal Infections

  1. Onychomycosis accounts for up to 30% of all skin infections.
  2. Nail fungal infections affects 5% of the general population, 20% of people over 60, and 50% of individuals over 70.
  3. Conventional approaches to fungal infections are effective in less than half of all cases.
  4. The 3 primary causes are dermatophytic fungi, Candida infestation, and non-dermatophytic molds.
  5. The majority of toenail fungal infections are caused by dermatophytic fungi.
  6. The majority of fingernail fungal infections are caused by Candida.
  7. Some molds can cause both toenail and fingernail infections.
  8. Men contract toenail fungus more often than women.
  9. Working in damp areas increases the risk of infection.
  10. Risk factors include age, poor circulation, thickening of nails, diabetes, psoriasis, immune system disorders, and excessive perspiration.
  11. One ­third of diabetics have onychomycosis.
  12. People with psoriasis have a 56% higher risk for nail infection. [5] [6] [7] [8]


Solutions and Tips

The standard solutions include oral and topical agents, removing the infected nail, and laser therapy. Naturopathic therapies, however, are less toxic, less harsh, and more readily available. Sunlight therapy, essential oils such as tea tree or oregano oil, and hydrogen peroxide are all common, natural remedies for fungal infections. Other simple tips for fighting nail fungus include:

  • Keep your feet as clean and dry as possible.
  • Wear waterproof sandals at swimming pools and other public wet areas.
  • Wear clean, fresh socks daily.
  • Trim your nails regularly.
  • Avoid tight hosiery; they can promote moisture retention.

By staying informed and cautious, you can greatly increase your chances of avoiding nail fungus infection. Have you ever had a toenail or fingernail fungus infection? What did you do to get rid of it? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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  • DoctorsLie

    “If you’re suffering from a nail fungal infection it is imperative that you receive immediate attention.”

    No it’s not. Wise maybe.

    Anyway try Vicks Vaporub!

  • Most cases of toenail fungus these days is caused by Candida
    (due to a diet high in sugar) and for that only Cinnamon, particularly low Coumarin Ceylon Cinnamon (won’t damage your liver unlike Cassia Cinnamon) is best. Use Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf oil (with 75% Eugenol) for topical treatment and Ceylon cinnamon Tea infused with Cinnamon Bark Oil for internal treatment.

    Cinnamon is effective against Candida, especially antibiotic
    resistant Candida. Cinnamon modulates your blood sugar levels depriving the Candida of a food source and also kills all the bad bacteria in your stomach that causes the toenail fungus including Candida.

    If you have a really bad case you need to apply Ceylon Cinnamon
    Leaf Oil and drink cinnamon tea until a new toenail grows, which means about 9 months. For mild cases it works within 2-4 weeks. However you must constantly file and clean your toenail (every 3 days) so the oil can penetrate the nail bed.

    Dilute Ceylon Cinnamon Oil to 1% with 99% water and spray on
    your toenail twice a day. It is much more powerful than Tea tree oil because of the Eugenol content. Soak your feet with the oil twice a week for 20 minutes or so. Drink a cup of Ceylon Cinnamon tea in the mornings. Avoid sugar and things that contain sugar like processed food, alcohol, pasta, ketchup, yoghurt and all dairy products.

  • Elizabeth Conley

    1. Gluten sensitive people who eliminate gluten from their diets generally find their previously yellowed, shaggy toenails make a miraculous recovery. Vulnerability to toe-nail fungus may point to underlying health problems, many of them nutritional in nature.

    2. If you are following all the footsy hygiene rules and you still have thick, yellowed, shaggy toenails, try painting them with tea tree oil twice a day. Expect results in MONTHS, not days or weeks. It requires persistence, because your toenails must grow out before you can observe a difference.

    Several brands of tea tree oil come with a brush applicator. Since good tea tree oil is a tad pricy, and you won’t want to waste a drop, I suggest you consider storing it in a container with a built in brush applicator. While you’re using tea tree oil, you’ll find that your shoe and foot odor will actually become pleasant. Perhaps this interim reward will help you stay the course until your nail fungus problem visibly subsides.

  • martin

    I cured myself by soaking my finger ends in bleach. every two days In six months it was gone

  • Sounds aggressive, did you dilute with water?

  • jdbaird

    I’ve had toenail fungus for at least 20 years, one thing that worked for me was using an emory board on the surface of the nail and then applying tea tree oil daily, it slowly grew out and went away, for a while. Once I stopped putting tea tree oil on it, back it came. Topical treatments work if it’s an acute infection, but if it’s systemic like mine, you have to get rid of it internally. I also get rashes all over my body, nothing natural has ever had an effect on it though, only Diflucan ever got rid of it for any length of time, for about a year then it came back.

  • DJ4060

    Basically I cleaned up my diet, wear nothing but 100% cotton socks, and regularly disinfect the inside of my shoes with Lysol spray.

  • Scott Wilson

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    the good works you are doing in peoples life, I will keep on writing
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  • Hi
    great post on natural remedies. I find they work particularly well especially with mild, superficial fungal nail infections. Has anyone had any personal experience with mycozil? I’d be interested in hearing some personal accounts.
    If you do hope to treat your fungal nail infection it is important to keep these keep these things in mind
    1. Correct diagnosis (other conditions can look like fungal nail infections)
    2. Try to determine where you originally contracted your infection from. This can help you determine how best to treat it.
    3. Be persistent. All fungal nail treatments will require the infection portion of the nail to grow out. So be patient! no treatment will work over night
    4. Be consistent. Often patients will give up their treatment that actually is working thinking it’s not working
    5. Prevent re-exposure to fungal spores. Throw out old clippers and smelly shoes. Chances are they are harbouring your infection. This could also be the reason you are not successfully treating too.

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