10 Uses for Organic Oregano Oil

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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A bottle of organic olive oil. Olive oil provides health benefits, antioxidant protection, and enhances exfoliation for the skin.

Hands down, oregano oil is one of the best natural supplements you can get. It’s produced from the perennial herb oregano and loaded with free-radical-crushing antioxidants. A growing body of research has shown that oregano oil offers many positive health benefits and is one of the most potent natural remedies in existence.[1] In particular, there has been a significant evaluation of its effects against harmful organisms; investigations even been made by major pharmaceutical companies. Let’s take a look at why there’s so much interest in oregano oil and its 10 best uses.

What Are the Top 10 Uses for Oregano Oil?

1. Immune System Support

There’s a lot of evidence to show that oregano oil is a powerful tool for the immune system, especially when it encounters outside invaders. One study straight from the United States Department of Agriculture reported that oregano oil has such a strong action against germs that it could easily defeat Salmonella.[2]

These findings were echoed by researchers the Department of Physiology & Biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Center who said, “New, safe agents are needed to…overcome harmful organisms… Based on our previous experience and that of others, we postulated that herbal essential oils, such as those of origanum (oregano oil) offer such possibilities.”[3]

2. Protection Against Harmful Organisms

If you’ve consumed undercooked meat or impure water, or countless other risky actions, harmful organisms are likely to be residing inside of your body. Thankfully, oregano oil is shown to be extremely useful for getting rid of these unwanted invaders. One study examined the relationship between oregano oil and harmful organisms and found that taking 600 mg of oregano oil daily prompted a complete disappearance of harmful organisms in the body.[4]

3. Promotes a Balanced Mood

Studies have found that some compounds in oregano oil, including carvacrol, thymol, and terpinene may positively influence the nervous system and mind. Aromatherapy with oregano oil seems to promote a healthy mood, reduce stress, and inhibit emotional abnormalities.[1]

4. Digestive Aid

I’ve said it a million times—health begins in the gut! Good digestion is absolutely necessary to experience good health. While I recommend using an oxygen-based colon cleanser to clean out your digestive tract, stopping the build-up in the first place needs to be part of the plan, and oregano oil can help. Oregano oil is known to stimulate the flow of bile into the digestive organs, enhancing the digestive process.[5]

5. Menstrual Aid

Irregular, uncomfortable periods and unpleasant effects from menopause are a big problem for many women; one of the best natural remedies is oregano oil. It may actually help support regular menstruation[6] and protect against negative menopause experiences.[7] For women, this is a substantial bonus to the already lengthy list of uses and effects of oregano oil.

6. Supports Graceful Aging

Perhaps the hottest health trend of the past few years is the science of combatting aging. It’s important to understand that aging is largely affected by oxidation and free radicals, which is why antioxidants are so effective. Oregano oil offers a huge amount of antioxidants that can aid in the defense against these aging-accelerators.[8]

7. Allergy Support

If you suffer from allergies and environmental sensitivities, the soothing properties of oregano oil are appealing. Oregano oil can produce a sedating effect on the hypersensitivity of allergies, which ultimately encourages relief.[1] For those wishing to avoid harsh medications, oregano oil may be a natural alternative for curtailing the undesirable effects associated with environmental sensitivities.

8. Weight Loss

In addition to its reputation as a natural immune booster, oregano oil also packs a punch against unwanted body fat. Its main active ingredient, carvacrol, is thought to modulate genes and reduce irritation in white adipose tissue. In one study, when fed a high-fat diet, mice not given carvacrol quickly became obese. In contrast, mice given carvacrol gained significantly less weight and even had lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in their blood.[9]

9. Eases Discomfort

Aches and stiffness can wreak havoc and negatively impact your quality of life. Many people use oil of oregano topically and say that it feels like it goes deep inside their skin to relieve sore joints and muscle discomfort.[6] Simply create a 50/50 mixture of organic oregano oil and organic olive oil and apply topically to the affected area for relief. If you suffer from sore muscles, sports injuries, and backaches, this is one benefit you’ll appreciate.

10. May Help You Feel Better When You Have a Cold

Oregano oil isn’t a cure for the cold, but it can help you feel better. The essential oil can help promote easy breathing, calm a cough, and soothe a sore throat.[6] Many people claim that when they start to feel under the weather, they place 3-6 drops into an empty capsule and take 2-3 times daily before meals. A 5-10 day regimen has been reported as doing wonders.

Supplementing with Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is an absolute must-have item for any medicine cabinet or emergency kit. The array of benefits it offers makes it one of the best all-around supplements you can get. Remember, as with any health product, quality matters tremendously.

Oregatrex™, Global Healing Center’s oregano oil blend, is organic, has an extra virgin olive oil base, and at least 80% carvacrol. It’s also blended with peppermint oil and capsaicin (the compound that gives peppers their heat) for added resistance to harmful organisms.[10, 11]

It’s easy to get started with an organic oregano oil blend like Oregatrex. Simply shake the bottle, place 1-6 drops in a vegetarian capsule (included), and take at the beginning of your meal, 2-3 times daily or as recommended by your physician. Capsaicin is a great ingredient and wonderful substance in its own right, but it is hot, so it’s best to avoid consuming oregano oil liquid directly. Keep it away from your eyes and don’t leave it where children or pets could get into it.

Is oregano oil a staple in your home? What’s your favorite benefit? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • Tlc

    #10…olive oil?

  • natalie

    Hello Doctor,
    Thank you for the article. I’m going to retry this supplement, as I don’t think I took a high enough dosage last time. I seem to have SIBO, overgrowth of bacteria and I’m looking for something to replace antibiotics. I also have inflammation and compromised digestion so your article was helpful :))

  • ghc_health

    That’s great, Natalie! Please let us know your results.
    -Dr. Edward Group, DC, ND

  • Ken

    Hi Doc,
    I started taking 75ml (drops) a day for crohns, mostly for the joint pain. I’m also taking mesasalmine ( asacol-like med) is that ok?

  • ghc_health

    Hey Ken, how is that protocol working out? I’ve not heard of anyone having problems with oregano oil but when people tell me they’ve been prescribed meds, I always tell them they need to talk to their prescribing doctor. They are better informed of your individual situation and circumstances.
    -Dr. Edward Group

  • trinny

    Hi doctor! I have been suffering from thought to be bad breakouts all over my body. After years of this embarrasment, I thought to have one of the bumps on my back cultured. It came back as enterocaccus species 1. The dern gave me cream that was expensive and thst didn’t help. I researched on my own and found that grapefruit seed extract will kill it! On it for 4 days now and skin looks good so far. Any other suggestions?

  • ghc_health

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Jim

    Hello I’m using the oregano oil and using them on my feet (reflexology) and taking it internally maybe 600 mg a day with after meals. I have herpes and I heard this could possibly kill herpes. Since I’ve been taking it (4 months) I feel like if I keep taking it it could possibly reach every part of my body in time and kill every herpes cell in my system. What are your thoughts Dr. Group?

  • tim morris

    Question?? How much much does over consumption of sugar play in lowering your immune system. I have not been sick in years. I eat veggies, fruit, beans and meat. Over the course of the last couple
    weeks, I have been eating homemade cookies every day. I am an avid weight trainer, so I have been able to burn off what I am putting in. Can an increase in sugar lower your immune system?? Your thoughts???

  • ghc_health

    Sugar doesn’t provide your body with anything beneficial. Chances are, for a healthy and active person like yourself, a small splurge during the holidays isn’t going to have a lot of ill effect… especially if brief and temporary. Make a habit of it though and you’re going to undo a lot of the good momentum you’ve built up.

  • Leeza

    take lysine for herpes. it really works

  • carlos

    My question is.why is everybody paying 30 bucks for a concentraded oregano oil bottle just to delute it later in orer to take it internally or apply it to the skin.Wouldnt be easier AND cheaper grab a tb spoon of a 2 buck cooking oregano bottle and o yoruself a juice or tea? I imagine the heat would estroy the antioxidants but you can do yourself a cold tea.Ive been using it on my skin as a toner an the results are great.Or you can buy fresh leaves very cheapand include it in your green smothie along with beets apples or whatever.
    I just dont understand how some people have teh real stuff very cheap and fall for this oregano oil blablabla.Do you honestly think that oil that has been traveling and stored for months is better for your health than fresh oregano leaves into your smothie?just think about it.And anyway why do you need that extra strengh concentraated form only to dilute it later…doesnt make sense to me

  • ghc_health

    Hi Carlos, Thanks for weighing in on this. I agree, any time you can make your own quality products at home, that’s an effort that can truly provide the best results.

    Why someone would purchase it… same reason anyone would purchase anything. Not everyone is a master skilled artisan with the equipment necessary to do the job right. For those folks, we offer a great blend. It’s convenient, organic, made from the highest quality ingredients available, and reasonably priced. No where in our supply chain does it sit in the sun or degrade in the back of a cold truck. Thanks for asking! 🙂

  • Dawn

    great site…thanks!
    I have a Big toe nail fungus that just won’t clear up. I had neck surgery last year and the high doses of anti biotics almost cleared it up..however it has returned with a vengence!! can this be used to clear it up? I have tried tea-tree oil, menthol stuff from a foot dr..anti fungal sprays…nothing works..I also have brittle peeling finger nails that have crack ridges..is this a combined problem? my finger nails had gotten really strong and long after the surgery as well…and again have returned to pre surgery peeling etc.
    My diet of the last few months has been mostly organic, 90% gluten free and clean beef…

  • ghc_health

    It’s worth a shot, especially if oregano oil is just something you keep in the house.

    There are a few other herbs out there that help fungal cleansing that you might want to check into — jatoba, anise seed, active horopito, and Brazilian pepper tree.

  • Dawn

    Thanks for the quick response!…I explored the above fungus fighters you had suggested, in the process ran across Mycozil which you didn’t state in your response. I noticed it is out of stock…do you have a time line on availbility? and if it is not going to be available…what doses do you recommend for jatoba, is it oral and topical?
    One other thought, I do not have coating on my tongue which is usually indicative of yeast over growth, is it possible the fungus is of a different origin? appreciate your time!

  • ghc_health

    Hi Dawn, the Mycozil formulation is a good starting point. Unfortunately we’re out of stock but expect it again, probably by March. It’s a pain but quality, organic ingredient availability can be an issue.

  • mjohnson

    I recently discovered this product, it is awesome! I want to ward off an oncoming cold. I’m confused what you mean by “adding to capsule”. I would like to take it in juice or water, but not sure of amounts or for how long. Can you make suggestion?

  • Empty vegetarian capsules are provided with our oregano oil and the bottle has a dropper. Just open one up, add a few drops, close it up and swallow. It’s better to do it that way to avoid the heat from the capsaicin.

  • Jay

    I have just started using Oil of Oregano recently and I have noticed a itchy skin reaction. Is this a healing reaction or should I just discontinue using?

  • Could be a miscellaneous healing reaction, itchy skin isn’t a common response to oregano oil. Many people have used it to calm skin sensitivities even.

  • Wendy

    Hello Dr. Ed, I have been taking oil of oregano for several months to ward off everything going around with this horrible winter we have been having. But I have read that it can kill off good bacteria as well as the bad. Is this true? And should I be taking it as a supplement or just as needed? I take it everyday, 3 drops in a capsule. I have not been sick all winter though 🙂 And does it void the affects of my probiotic that I take?

  • Some people take it daily as part of general maintenance, others only turn to it when they’re not feeling great. There are arguments to made for either situation and few against. Where did you see that it’s harmful to beneficial bacteria?

  • Toni

    I was given the oregano oil by a friend who told me its works for pain that I was having in my lower back. I also use it on my husbands hips and knees that ache him. I use just a few drops and rub into the skin. Because of that initial smell that goes away in a few minutes, I preferred rather to take orally; 2 drops under the tongue. It works! I even thought that it did help with some flu symptoms I was experiencing! Upon reading some of these accounts, I’ve come to realize that we’re onto something powerful! I do have one question though: I’m going on a mission trip to Kenya in a few months. Would you advise i take this on a daily regiment while away to ward off any contaminants?

  • Edward Group

    Two drops right under the tongue would be potent!

    Of course there are no guarantees but if I were going overseas, oregano oil would absolutely be one of the first things I packed.

  • Barbara Hamilton

    I was told to only take orally for 5 days at a time because of liver reaction. I was also told I could ingest with milk but what I read is contrary. Any words of wisdom as I have extreme bronchial congestion.

  • bluesky

    Developed pityraisis rosea – basically a form of psoriasis that takes for ever to clear up. Purchased Oregano oil at my health food store today. Hoping it will be the ticket. From all that I have read, I understand this is basically a safe essential oil to use – I saw a question below relating to the liver. From what I have read – not only is this safe for your organs, but in the case of the liver it might even promote new cell growth. So my question is this in fact, safe for the liver. Thank you!

  • Bobbie

    What can you tell me about spinal decompression and cold lazer therapy

    Also, I just found out that cysts in the body are Due to staph infections or parasites.

    Can I have your thoughts

  • Spinal decompression like inversion therapy?

    Cysts can happen for a lot of different reasons.

  • Jason

    Hi Dr Group,
    I have severe eczema on my hands and feet.
    Dry cracking with open cracks/ sores, very painful.
    Can I use this directly on open cuts, diluted of course?
    And will taking it internally help as well.
    For the record, tried everything.
    On the program. Tangy Tangerine, EFAs, apple cider vin, protein shakes, silver and silver gel…etc nothing seems to help.

  • Hi Jason, I would be careful with placing oregano oil on any cracked or broken skin as I’d imagine the capsaicin could be irritating and uncomfortable!

  • Ms. Miller

    Hi Dr. Goup, I have done the liver cleanse and feel great, that was a month ago. I have had bad breath issues, so I started oil pulling last week, my mouth feels clean and I was wondering at times I am working and can’t eat or get to my water, so I want to know have any studies been done on treating gum and breath issues?

  • Ms. Miller

    Also, I hate deep cleaning at the dentist, that seems to be the remedy for receding gums and going under the gums seems to me add bacteria, so I welcome oregano oil or another alternative to dentist every 4 months!

  • chocoholic

    I have heard that oregano essential oil may have some advantages over ebola! Any thoughts on that?

  • Dee

    Hello Dr. Group, I will be starting to take oil of Oregano, can I mix it will a little bit of water.

  • You can try, it has capsaicin and will be hot (like a hot pepper). You may want to use the veggie caps instead, but it’s your preferences.

  • Great idea but haven’t heard definitively! Source?

  • Dee

    thanks I will use the caps.

  • chocoholic

    I read it in the “Modern Essentials” book that oregano can be used for ebola. I would hate to have to put it to the test, but if so, it’s good to have pure essential oregano oil in the arsenal!

  • Devi

    I read that you can put oregano oil under your tongue for herpes and it will make the herpes go away? Is this true?

  • maria
  • lori anderson

    Hi…I’ve read that oregano oil helps with inflammation. I was wondering if anyone has ever used this for thyroid nodules. I have a couple, one which my Dr says may be cancerous. But I refuse to have my thyroid removed on a 50/50 chance. Have been dealing with this naturally for almost a year now. Just wondered if oregano oil could be one more thing to add.

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  • Court

    Please start taking oregano oil orally! It absolutely changed and saved my life. I have had horribly severe eczema for my 30 years and I am now completely healed! The only thing different is I now take oregano oil and probiotics daily! Miracle!

  • Does the pills and oil drops work as the same ?

  • I haven’t seen a pill version, unless you mean the capsules, which are used because the oil is hot like peppers.

  • Do you know any capsules to take with it, I’ve heard it damages the liver thanks

  • Where did you hear that? Oregano oil doesn’t damage the liver. Our oregano oil includes empty capsules.

  • Oregano oil losses the zinc in your body ?

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  • I haven’t heard that, where did you see it?

  • Someone commented on here, but on other websites they talk about you should only have it no more than 10 days out of the month is that true or can you take it everyday ?

  • Well, your individual needs may differ and I can’t give a blanket statement on what’s best for you but we do get a lot of good feedback from people who use it regularly.

  • ezdrpepper

    When I had toe nail fungus, i used several herbal teas that were anti viral, liquid grape seed extract, neem oil, oregano oil, tea tree oil and clove oil. Soaked my feet in the mixture of all of them along with mild peppermint soap and it was pretty much gone in one soaking. Soaked feet about one hour so liquid could soften nails and skin and penetrate.

    Make sure you spray shoes with antifungual spray and alternate shoes.

  • Anne Morrison

    Thank you for your wisdom … great formula! Spraying shoes with Colloidal silver works good too.

  • Anne Morrison

    Also Olive leaf oil?

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  • Shelby

    Menopause brought me terrible cystic acne. Demotologists did nothing to help. Lavender oil helped, but was very harsh. Then I tried clove essential oil, this also helped, and smelled nice! Then I tried oregano oil, full strength, on new cysts. I am not exaggerating when I say the infection disappeared overnight! The cyst remained, but at least it didn’t blow up on my face, major miracle! With daily, repeated applications, the cyst got smaller, and slowly went away. I wish so much I had found this a year ago when it began. I spent over $1,000 on conventional treatments, they did absolutely nothing but leave me with scars. Only essential oils gave me control, oregano oil being the most effective.

  • User

    Even after you’ve come down with a cold, oil of oregano seems to make it more tolerable & seems to shorten the duration. Of course – – how would I know how long the cold would last otherwise? But it seems that when I take 4 doses a day after I’ve come down with a cold, it doesn’t knock me on my butt like colds used to. This is when I didn’t catch the cold in the most early stages. When I’m able to start taking it at the very first sign of symptoms, often, it all goes away and I never get the cold at all, even when people around me are wheezing and snorting.

  • Steph

    I use oregano oil when i have a sore throat or cold and it works really well! Never heard of putting it in a capsule though, I just put a couple of drops at the back of my tongue followed by a glass of water or orange juice and its hot or spicy at all!!

  • Olipops

    I am still breast feeding my 3.5 year old. Is it safe to take oregano oil for a sinus infection? Thanks

  • Doing anything while pregnant or breastfeeding is always iffy. Different things happen to different people. Take a look at this conversation, there are a few ideas:


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  • Vanessa

    Hi, someone told me that taking Oregano oil daily would end up making your immune system lazy so unless you’re treating something it should be taken once a week. I can’t find anything supporting that statement though, is there any truth to it? Or can you take your 3 drops daily and one day end it all and you’ll be fine? thanks!!

  • Most people don’t use oregano oil as an every day supplement, they use it when they feel like they’re needing it. I’ve never heard about it making the immune system lazy, only the opposite!

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  • Gretchen

    In what way should I use oregano oil to ease unpleasant menopausal symptoms?

  • Warren

    Through another forum site concerning vitiligo one reader recommended using oil of oregano with an olive oil base (to stop the burning sensation ) to combat his vitiligo and was experiencing some positive results early on. Any thoughts on this potential treatment? Thanks..

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  • Erin

    Just started to take this to rid mrsa and had helped already clear up the infection…it’s also cleared up some serious sinus allergy problems that I’ve battled for years. I want to take it daily to continue with this result but I’ve read its not good for you to do this due to liver concerns. Thoughts?

  • kim

    Just want to let people know,I have been taking oregano oil for 4 yrs daily.And have not been sick at all.It does not bring your immunity down.I also give my chickens in their water few drops.It is a natural antibiotic Also if you deal with gerd,it works wonders.Got my mother off heartburn meds after she started taking drops.There are so many wonderful benefits to this oil.Oh and I was told I needed a new liver 6 yrs ago,and I am in better health now,then before I got sick.No thanks to any MDs.Havent been back!Dr Group has great products.

  • Lauren McCrae

    It’s fantastic for a toothache..rub directly on the tooth and pain will subside.

  • Kate

    I have terrible problems with nasal passage swelling, allergies and bloody noses. I mix a few drops of oregano and olive oils and swab the entire insides of my nose. Swelling goes away, mucus production dramatically goes down and the bleeding stops. This also made my eyes stop itching and watering even though I didn’t do anything else. When I stop, the problem returns and then start up again, within 2 days I’m cured. So I just use it all the time now. Truly amazing. I’ve tried every prescription drug out there – none have ever worked.

  • Lynn Hale Shauinger

    oregano oil is great for clearing sinuses. I grow my own oregano and my son makes the oil. He uses olive oil or almond oil.

  • Sergey Pugach

    This oregano oil has no good quality (I checked it by mean of radiesthesia, just from the screen). That is why I got much-much better, even an excellent “shopping around”…

  • Valerie Cuan

    How much of each in the foot soak please?

  • Julie Shipp Kay

    I started doing this as well. I have terrible sinus pressure when I don’t

  • LPatterson

    I use Oregano oil when I feel a sore throat coming on and BAM it’s better after a dropper full In Some juice. It also works wonders when I feel a cold coming on.

  • Helen Howard

    I am an aromatherapist would oregano oil be useful to use as an essential oil?

  • J

    Can I give a little to my cat? He has responded well to antibiotics (cough stops), but I don’t want to keep him on these for many reasons.

  • Haven’t tried it myself but I see there are some conversations and opinions online from those who have.

  • khaosol.com

    Use the Internet to find out. If it does all you have to do is take zinc pills to replenish it.

  • christ_bearer

    “Pure-Remedy Fungus Relief “applied 2x daily.. Plus 1000iu vitamin D Orally with Spectrum organic refined coconut oil applied to the soles of your feet 2x a day.. That will get rid of it within a month.. Good luck!

  • Bob

    I have used oregano oil for about 9 years , and have had no side effects at all , except the hot taste is a bit much . It has cured bad and painful dry and cracked hands , super bug more recently , and painful teeth , all cured and I used as much as I needed to cure , no side effects . I know a fellow worker that had a bad case of lossing weight and no help from doctors , and diaria problems , in just a few days he noticed a difference , and has put on weight since .

    the secret is its slow working and not noticable , but very effective in time , use as much as you want for better results , but be resonable too . Not a 1/4 of a bottle at once thats alot , maybe a dozen drops or so .

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  • Andreia Barreto

    How can I find more empty vegetable capsule for the oregano oil?

  • GIa Testa

    In 2000 I tested positive for hepatitis C type II, supposedly the hardest to cure. I’ve never sought out the “mainstream” in medical treatments: via injections & now oral doses. I’d seen what the side effects of those treatments had had on several people, including a friend currently taking meds on the popular Hep C program advertised on TV for hepatitis C type I.
    After I discovered that by taking oil of oregano gel capsules 3 to 4 times (under the tongue) daily, it put the hepatitis C in remission: as there still isn’t a cure for type II. Now, according to the medical staff at the UM Medical center at Jackson memorial in Miami, after multiple tests & exams can no longer find the hepatitis C virus in me.

  • dianaells

    Most human supplements and especially Essential Oils are harmful to animals. Always consult your vet along with a professional or specialist in that alternative treatment.
    Cats are especially at risk when using essential oils or alternative household cleaners (Borax causes fatal organ failure in cats). Cats are also curious and will sniff and rub on things. They also lay around on household floors, furniture etc…while cleaning themselves.

  • Tamar Lundeen

    While I have not used oregano oil for menopausal symptoms (other uses though) my friends and I have noted that when we stay clear of processed foods, all sugars incl.subs and simple carbs(they turn into sugar) we have hardly any symptoms. I rarely have hot flashes if I stick to this and when I do they are of short duration and not nearly as severe. Look for all your hidden sugars to do this, coffee creamers, canned fruit (good idea to lower fruit intake) diet soda and regular, etc. Lower your intake of coffee as well.

  • Michelle

    Thankyou …I had a bad gum and tooth infection very painful…I rubbed oregano oil mixed with olive oil on my tooth and gum took oregano oil capsules (already diluted with oliveoil and lecithin…to help with the pain and kill the infection it worked!!!..I also swabbed it with bakingsoda and applecider vinegar to keep it clean..it healed in about 5 days I also used mrryth essential oil and applied with q tip in between the oregano oil..I was desperate..I dont have dental and it was an emergency..I knew if this didnt work I would have to see a doctor because these infections can lead to serious complications..nature and its beauty is the signature of God

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  • Angie25

    How much did you take and for how long?

  • Nand

    guys you can use Echinacea Angustifolia (homeopathic remedy) for toe nail fungus , its really helped me get rid off! in 20 days , try this

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  • Branka

    I live in France.
    Can I give your oregano oil to my two boys, age 5 and 8? If so how many drops per serving and how many times a day? School has started, and if ever they come down with a cold, I would prefer to try the oregano oil option rather than antibiotics or other that there paediatrician systematically prescribes them.
    Is it safe to use the capsules for a 5 and 8 year old? Are there other alternatives than with the capsules?
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Kind regards,

  • Crystal

    How do I use oregano oil to get these benefits?

  • The oregano oil we sell comes with empty vegetable capsules. Add a few drops and take it with water.

  • Lyndsey R.

    No, under no circumstances should CATS have any sort of essential oil.

  • Felicia Stepan

    Hello! For me, oregano oil helped me to clean my skin. I
    had acne and nothing helped me but oregano oil. I saw the results after 3-4 month. I take 4 drops, under the tongue every single day. The taste is horrible but the results are amazing. I also put 2 drops on my tooth brush every time and the blood spots disappeared when I brush my teeth and also no bad breath. I also feel very good overall. To be honest, I cannot imagine I will stop to take oregano oil ever. I have 48 years old but everybody complements me that I lie about my age and I am much younger. I believe the oregano oil helps in this direction as well. J

  • cashmere woods

    I use oil of oregano for my family and it is wonderful for my children’s allergies and during cold and flu season.

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  • Cynthia Schoenbauer

    Hello, I have a very sensitive stomach that has a hard time with acidity. Do you think the cayenne added to the oregano formula could be hard on my stomach and make it feel uncomfortable or sour?

  • Hi Cynthia, We haven’t gotten that complaint specifically but if you have that concern you could try taking it with a good amount of water or not an empty stomach.

  • Amy Queen-Edge

    I use oregano oil on a tooth brush to help prevent gum disease. And when I have had an abcess, brushing with it gets rid of it and any pain. In addition, I use it for strep throat. Works wonders. Plus, a co-worker of my husband recently was able to improve his health through the use of Oregano Oil. He had severe jaundice (I think from hepatitis) and was not given long to live. After daily use for six weeks, his blood work results came back normal, his color is back to normal, and his appetite has increased.

  • Arlene

    are you talking about GHC oregano oil blend? My husband and I have been using it for more almost 2yrs now. It is one of our regular supplements. It is really effective and that is base from experience

  • Phyllis

    Thanks for this information 🙂
    But, how do you use this oil? I tougher it to my lips once and it blistered like a burn right away. So, I’m a little scared of touching it to my sin again. So any suggestions would be wonderful and helpful. Not sure how I will read your response so if you would so sweet to send me an email at wvkarelians@gmail.com with your answer.
    Thanks so much 🙂

  • Mark

    It is also very effective for stopping diarrhea every time i have it i take 2 or 3 drops in water and drink it and every time my diarrhea stops within 3 hours completely

  • The product we sell comes with empty vegetarian capsules. You add a few drops and swallow without irritation. Otherwise, yes, the capsaicin can be hot.

  • williams

    My mother had been diagnosed of HEPATITIS B disease 3 years ago. She had been using the interferon therapy (Peg-interferon + Ribavirin) which adversely affected her hemoglobin level as she is also thalassemic (a side effect of using the interferon therapy). Luckily after stopping the treatment.

    I read a book by HEALTH MED LAB about natural cures and he recommends these two things as a natural cure for HEPATITIS disease,Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy and Crocodile Protein Peptide. You can Google both of these to get more info. Also, need to do the cleanses,colon, liver, kidney, galbladder. Eat organic foods to get the toxins out of your body so your body can overcome the disease itself.This is important. I am not promoting his book, but I feel it is a must read if you want information on how to beat this awful disease. My mother is now HEPATITIS Negative with his help, Anyway, his email : (healthmedlab@gmail.com) God bless and good luck!

  • OzMoses


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  • Kim Ruth

    can this be used for an ea infection in a child?

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  • Barbara Gillespie

    That’s such great news. How much do u take and how do u take it?

  • sanduchi

    I have asthma but for a long time now I have to use my rescue every 4 hours. just found out I have mold in my basement. having it professionally remediated. how much oil dosage should I take daily to help me

  • George

    Hi, How do you use oregano oil for sinuses ? I have sinuses problems, loss of taste and smell. the surgery didn’t do good for me. i’am tryring different ways now, including oregano oil. just wonder how it worked for you and how you use it. thank you

  • Jen


  • Matthew Wade

    I put a few drops on a spoonful of coconut oil to take orally. You don’t want to put directly on any area of skin.

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  • theresa

    how does oregano oil help with weight loss

  • kstech

    When needed i break open a oregano oil capsule, and mix it with a tiny bit of olive oil and rub over toenails before bed, a few days a week (my nail turned dark brown by the next day, i knew it was doing something). On the other days i used virgin coconut oil instead. Went from half a large toenail ready to fall off, to practically a new nail within a month-ish. I noticed visible results withing a few days. A new nail started to grow in after doing this treatment, i was very surprised it worked.

  • El Graves

    Me too. Concerned about that as well. I feel more bloated since I have started taking it. Is that normal?

  • concerned citizen

    I stopped using it until I have time to talk with herbalist.

  • Chris Morse

    Protection against harmful organisms: #2 states “One study examined the relationship between oregano oil and harmful organisms and found that taking 600 mg of oregano oil daily prompted a complete disappearance of harmful organisms in the body.” — How many days would you take 600mg/day? For the bottle you recommend, 1oz = 28349.5mg, so that would be enough for 47 days (which seems like too long; I would imagine the protocol would be more like a week or two.) Any advice would be helpful, thank you!

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  • Debra Kuzma

    I had HORRIBLE toenail fungus, after major back surgery. I cracked my nails, by slipping on my kitchen floor and hitting th baseboard. For years, I tried everything, even prescription oral and painted on, meds. What has helped, is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, topically and eat it, too. At least a teaspoon per day. Wear open toe shoes, if you can or go barefoot. I cannot, both of my feet are numb and I stub my toes all the time, barefoot and have poor balance. I have to wear shoes and I walk, twice a day. So I soak my feet in Epsom salts, about 1/4c white vinegar and a capful of generic Listerene, every nite. Soak until your skin is shriveled and you know it has soaked in. For your nails, probably Magnesium Oil. It’s actually a salt, but feels like oil. Spray it on your arms and legs. It can sting, but also is very relaxing. Many people are deficient in this mineral and the best way to absorb it, is thru your skin. I also use a Fingernail Polish that has an anti-fungal agent. It’s taken years, but I finally have the upper hand.

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  • Ross May

    I have been on oregano oil for 11 weeks. It has been working as I have had lots of discharge from my tonsils. However, I have been very tired and I continue with this fatigue 11 weeks on. Should I stop the Oregano oil as the fatigue is quite debilitating?

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  • cathy

    can I mix oregano with juice to help with peunina

  • Santina Songbird

    I want to help a person that has strong mensural cramps every month and has some blood clots that look like jelly or fleshy red blobs. Will this oregano help?

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  • Alice

    I have several bouts of diverticulitis every year. Will this help?

  • Luan

    Hi, global, how long need to use for urinary infections and how to use,? I used oil of oregano for 15 days in first 5 days I have been very good but now nothing can help me????

  • Luan

    How can I use this oil and how to use for urinary infection

  • GHC Support

    The recommended dose for Oregatrex is 6 drops in a vegetarian capsule. Take at beginning of meal, 2-3 times daily or as recommended by your physician.

  • Neylson

    Congratulations for the invaluable site and work, dr Group. I’d be grateful if you answered me this.
    Is it true that oregano is rich in Oxaloacetate?
    (Oxaloacetate has been proved to increase lifespan in animals.)

  • GHC Support

    Thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate it! That is a great question I wish I had the answer to. Can any other readers weigh in?

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  • Destiny

    I have a question: I used to take oregano oil capsules but later that day I will feel like burning sensation in my throat and would burp and be the taste of the oregano oil. Is that normal? I want to try the oil diluted in water, not sure if that will have the same effect. Will you please advice? Thank you so much and Blessings.

  • GHC Support

    Hi, Destiny. Good to hear from you. Most oregano oil products can be taken in water to lessen the burning sensation, and the product will remain just as effective. It also helps to take oregano oil right before a meal to prevent you from burping up the taste later on in the day. If you’re using Oregatrex, then we always suggest pouring the drops in the veggie capsules we provide in your shipment since the formula is very spicy. So, if you use our product, try placing 1-3 drops per capsule to reduce your discomfort.

  • Tiffany Riley Crane

    Neem oil is a natural powerful antifungal. Great for athletes foot, fungal nails, ringworm, gingivitis… Hair, skin.

  • Rod Lowr

    I manage an Organic Livestock Feed Mill. We have a form sf Oregano that we add to livestock feed . The results have been amazing. We have basically had no sickness or health problems in poultry or cattle when adding it to their diet. It truly promotes gut health. Rod

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  • Jane

    Is it safe to take it for the long term for immune support and as a digestive aid?

  • Tracey Fehn

    Dr.Group, I just saw your comment about cysts. I have several fatty cysts and would love to hear your opinion on why I am prone to these and what supplements I can take to help. Thanks !

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