10 Shocking Facts about the Health Dangers of Wi-Fi

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
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A woman holding her Smartphone. In 2008, the Scientific American publication explained the danger of Wi-FI on the human brain.

Wi-Fi is convenient but many have raised doubts concerning the safety of unseen forces that permeate everything around us. Since the introduction of Wi-Fi in 1997, researchers have performed dozens of studies to explore the subject. The results are clear and shocking — Wifi can negatively affect overall health and brain health, especially in children.

Perhaps most shocking is that this information is not new or even that controversial. In fact, in 2008 the well-renowned publication Scientific American ran a piece called “Mind Control by Cell Phone” which explained the danger Wi-Fi has on the human brain. [1] Let’s further explore the potential dangers of Wi-Fi with these 10 facts.

1. Contributes to the Development of Insomnia

Have you ever felt more awake after using Wi-Fi or even struggled to sleep through the night? Reports of these phenomena have been frequent and even prompted a study in 2007 that evaluated low-frequency modulation from cell phones and its impact on sleep. Participants were exposed to the electromagnetic signals from real phones or no signal from fake phones. Those exposed to the electromagnetic radiation had a significantly more difficult time falling asleep and changes in brainwave patterns were observed. [2]

It’s been suggested that sleeping near a phone, in a home with Wi-Fi, or in an apartment building with many Wi-Fi signals can create chronic sleep problems as the constant bombardment of Wi-Fi pollution interferes with falling asleep and sleep patterns. For many, sleep deprivation is just the start for larger problems. The development of depression and hypertension have also been linked to inadequate sleep. [3]

2. Damaging to Childhood Development

Exposure to non-thermal radio frequency radiation from Wi-Fi and cellular phones can disrupt normal cellular development, especially fetal development. A 2004 animal study linked exposure to delayed kidney development. [4] These findings were supported by a 2009 Austrian study. In fact, the disruption of protein synthesis is so severe that authors specifically noted, “this cell property is especially pronounced in growing tissues, that is, in children and youth. Consequently, these population groups would be more susceptible than average to the described effects.” [5] In short, bathing the developmentally young in Wi-Fi increases their risk of developmental issues.

3. Affects Cell Growth

When a group of Danish ninth graders experienced difficulty concentrating after sleeping with their cell phones by their head, they performed an experiment to test the effect of wireless Wi-Fi routers on garden cress. One set of plants was grown in a room free of wireless radiation; the other group grew next to two routers that released the same amount of radiation as a cell phone. The results? The plants nearest the radiation didn’t grow. [6]

4. Derails Brain Function

Just as the Danish high schoolers noticed problems with concentration, scientists have begun to look at the impact of 4G radiation on brain function. Using MRI technology, research performed just last year found that persons exposed to 4G radiation had several areas of reduced brain activity. [7]

5. Reduces Brain Activity in Females

A group of 30 healthy volunteers, 15 men and 15 women, were given a simple memory test. First, the entire group was tested without any exposure to Wi-Fi radiation — no problem. Then, they were exposed to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi from a wireless access point for about 45 minutes. During that portion of the testing, brain activity was measured and the women had a noticeable change in brain activity and energy levels. [8] Sorry ladies! But guys, don’t get too comfortable…

6. Neutralizes Sperm

…Because we’ve known for a long time that the heat generated by laptops kills sperm. Well, now it turns out that heat isn’t the only threat to a man’s virility. Research has found exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies reduce sperm movement and cause DNA fragmentation. [9] Both human and animal testing has confirmed that exposure negatively affects sperm. [10] [11]

7. May Impact Fertility

And, it’s not just sperm. The results of an animal study suggest that some wireless frequencies may prevent egg implantation. During the study, mice exposed 2 hours a day for 45 days had significantly increased oxidative stress levels. The cellular damage and impact on DNA structure from exposure suggest a strong possibility of abnormal pregnancy or failure of the egg to implant. [12]

The Karolinska Institute in Sweden released a warning in 2011, stating:

  • “Pregnant women are cautioned to avoid using wireless devices themselves and distance themselves from other users,”
  • “Current US [and Canada]…standards for radio frequency and microwave radiation from wireless technology are entirely inadequate,” and
  • “Safety standards also ignore the developing fetus…” [13]

8. Provokes Cardiac Stress

If you think your heart races when surrounded by wireless networks or 3G or LTE cell phones, it may not be in your head. A study involving 69 subjects reported that many of them experienced a real physical response to electromagnetic frequencies. Exactly what was the physical response? Increased heart rate — similar to the heart rate of an individual under stress. [14]

9. Linked to Cancer?

This is extremely controversial but we can’t ignore that plenty of animal models indicate that exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of tumor development. While human studies are rare, reports and case studies abound. One such case involves a young 21-year-old woman who developed breast cancer. What makes this case unique was that her family did not have a predisposition to breast cancer… and she developed the tumor right on the spot she carried her cell phone in her bra. [15]

10. You Can Protect Yourself

Although mainstream outlets may ignore the proven dangers, especially in the US and Canada, researchers have identified several methods that can offer a level of defense. First off, reduced melatonin seems to correspond with exposure. Thus, increasing melatonin through supplementation may help offset some of the effects. [16] [17] [18] In animal tests, L-Carnitine provides antioxidant support for nutrients negatively affected by 2.4 GHz radiation. [19] [20]

Limiting Exposure and Staying Healthy

Although melatonin and L-Carnitine offer a nutritional defense, they don’t block exposure. And that’s very hard to accomplish anyway. Look at coverage maps from cell phone companies, or notice how many Wi-Fi networks your smart phone prompts for you to join. We’re surrounded and bombarded by electromagnetic radiation. Blocking exposure is difficult but there are a few small steps you can take. For one, do not keep cell phones, laptops, and tablets close to your body. And if it’s not being used, shut them off (your wireless router too). There are also a number of devices available to counteract electromagnetic frequencies. Check out these ways to protect yourself from laptop radiation and cell phone radiation, too.

Have you experienced negative side effects of Wi-Fi? What measures have you taken to protect yourself and your family? Please leave a comment below and share your experience with us!

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • Fred Scuttle

    It’s the idiotic scare stories about wifi that is the problem.

  • Del

    Totally agree trevor, wifi signals are delicious and and good for ur health. anyone who says different is just scared.

  • Elena Diamond

    As with exposure to ‘anything’ sun, pollen, pharmaceuticals, there will be a certain percent of population that is ‘sensitive or hypersensitive’ to wifi / emf frequency. I am definitely sensitive with my husband doing his own control experiment by holding his wifi phone behind by head without my knowledge and me In pain from a piercing wave going through my head. Why is it that it must be all or nothing. There are those who will never be sick from wifi/ emf and those of us who live with it everyday.

  • Borna

    Something strange I experienced is, these electromagnetic radiations seem to react when facing objects around them.

    Several weeks ago, after I noticed my laptop received weak signals from WiFi router, I changed the position of my body [my chair] and the signal became strong.
    This has happened many times in different places and I’m wondering why?
    If the signals cannot move through objects and masses, it means there would be actions and reactions between these waves and the objects and lot’s of things can be happened as a result.

  • Wow, that’s an interesting effect… have any other readers experienced something similar?

  • mgdl1706

    My 15 month old son used to wake up 3 or 4 times at night. Since we started turning off the wifi at night he´s sleeping 10 hours straight. I used to doubt these articles but now I’m really convinced and telling everybody about it.

  • vic

    when i bring my hand very close to a tuned-in radio transistor, the volume drops to almost zero and i can no longer hear the music or news unless i take my hand away from the transistor radio set. if that is the effect of em radiations from a human body on the audible signal of an electronic device reducing its audio signal to almost zero then the long-term effect of powerful em radiation of 1- 2GH frequency from a wi-fi router or a celphone must be dramatically traumatic for the human health. this has to be so because human body almost entirely functions on signals generated by ions and molecules in the body cells which are likely to be severely disrupted in the presence of such strong em radiation fields emitted by man-made external sources such as wi-fi routers and mobile phones.

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  • NIck

    “a study in 2007 that evaluated low-frequency modulation from cell phones and its impact on sleep”…

    This study investigated cell phone radiation in terms of the cellular network radiation, not WiFi!
    The strength of a cellular network is massively larger than a WiFi.

    Don’t manipulate facts to support your own beliefs, that sir, is fraud.

  • steve

    Not so, Nick.

    The level of radiation in the average house from WiFi is far higher than that of the cellular network from the nearest tower purely due to the distance from the source of radiation.

    I have an emf meter and it shows this clearly.

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  • ross grant

    your an idiot. both of you.

  • Tintyting

    I am suffering such pain from other peoples’ wifi that I have to drive out to a wood at night in order to sleep.The pain is all in the middle of my body,my legs tremble,I feel sick and my heart races.I keep telling everybody but nobody cares because all they want to do is be online,they are all addicted.One day people like me will be the only ones left as everyone else will have died with brain cancer.But why should their stupidity and ignorant selfishness be able to inflict all this misery on me,and also on all the birds,animals insects and plants which will all die out too.All that is good in the world is being destroyed for the sake of people chatting online whenever they just feel like it,are humans really this shallow,because I’m not.I feel like I’m living in a terrible nightmare or ‘The Bodysnatchers’ because nobody will believe what I can feel EMFs are doing to us.

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  • zarn

    well it’s pretty simple. em waves bounce off objects and cancel each other out. anything with water in it (your body for instance) can reflect waves. when you adjust your position you can change the direction of these reflected waves.
    this is similar to what you get when you are in a car and notice that moving it a few feet gets you a better FM signal. it’s because of reflected waves.

  • zarn

    wow…what logic. if your body deflects a wave then it must be traumatic. if you go into the ocean you can push back wave of water. does that mean your body is damaged by it. try to think better before you come to such conclusions.

  • Debbie Johnson

    I’ve started to shut off my WIFI from midnight until about sundown the next day. The results have been astounding. I’ve been having serious joint aches and I’m not THAT old. Enough that it was hampering my quality of life. So I did an experiment. I turned off my WIFI router and took out the battery. Been doing this now for 2 days and I’m telling you I’m a new woman. I’m a little stiff getting out of bed in the morning but nothing like I was.

    So we only keep WIFI on for about 5-6 hours a night and at midnight it’s shut off. Besides we’re on the internet too much anyway. Now I’m actually going out and actually talking to people, having Sunday drives, etc.

  • vic

    you must know, electrical signals and waves are intricately bound. a good scientist will never make such ignorant comments. waves are energy and energy is waves.

  • zarn

    yes of course they are but you need induction for that to happen. and we are talking quite a strong electromagnetic wave to get any kind of measurable electricity in our bodies. do you know how much electricity you will get from a wifi signal? about 0. the ignorant comments are from somebody else actually.

  • vic

    you really are stuck with “electricity”. How much electricity do gamma rays produce in human body yet so damaging to human and animal tissues because of their high level of energy. it seems any discussion with you is a waste of time considering your demonstrably shaky fundamentals of physics. you appear to be a very good technician rather than physicist of any kind.

  • Guest

    gamma rays are constantly going through you as we speak as are wifi. that doesn’t mean however that you can create much usable electricity from them. you cannot. because the amount of energy inherent in these is miniscule. actually for somebody making judgements about what other people may or may not be you seem to be very ignorant about basic facts.
    you would need a huge slab of lead to get any electricity out of gamma rays. your own body picks up about 0 as the density is too low.

  • zarn

    gamma rays produce virtually no electricity in the human body because the actual inherent energy of gamma rays that actually hits molecules is next to 0. for gamma rays to produce any electricity they would need to hit something much more dense – like lead and for you to generate any significant electricity from gamma rays hitting the earth you would need a huge slab of it.
    so no, actually i am not stuck on anything other than facts. you should try that yourself. the shaky fundamentals are with somebody else. try doing some more research and educating yourself before you spout nonsense like this.

  • Floris

    WiFi has 0% impact on our health. It is 100.000x as weak as microwaves from a microwave.
    What you are experiencing is the placebo-effect.

  • vic

    you have come down to the lowest ebb with you pseudo knowledge of physics. the discussion stops here. good bye.

  • ubtg

    Hi Vic, actually zarn is correct. You should look into getting educated on physics. Hopefully you are not a physicist as then I would have real concerns…..

  • Debbie Johnson

    That’s your opinion Floris. My husband, myself and our good friend have experienced the same thing and my friend is clear across the country. Do you work for some big ISP provider perhaps?

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  • Julie

    I’ve had bad headaches for about eight months. Turned my wireless off, and headaches are all gone. If anyone turns it on without my knowledge my headaches come back. I think I’ll stick with my desktop computer.

  • Sandeep

    Yeah It happens….
    The day I used Wifi in my room… I felt a strange vibes in my head, and when I turned it off, they are gone…

    But now it has been 2 months, and I don’t feel them now…
    I think I got used to….

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  • Jim Carr

    I had a wireless router installed about a month ago, since then I have had trouble sleeping and also it was like something was inflaming my brain (don’t know how else to describe it). I stumbled onto the discussion about WiFi and problems associated with it and decided to turn off the WiFi on my router and just go with a wired connection. Instantly the pressure on brain was gone, its like my brain began to relax once the wireless was off. How can they say there is no evidence?

  • Jim Carr

    No Floris is a just a know-it-all looking for new people to annoy.

  • They can’t, they just pick and choose the evidence they want to pay attention to.

  • A yahya

    I have sleeping problems for a long time now and of course I have a functional dlink ap in my house, is my sleeping wahala then linked to this device?

  • Hard to say, you could turn it off at night and see if you sleep any better.


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  • help

    Please see a naturopath and test for copper toxicity. I have the same thing and i think that’s why. Are you vegetarian? Zinc deficiency/copper toxicity- zinc is best sourced in meat

  • wtf

    based on that stupid comment, maybe wifi is an evolved form of natural selection and you’ll be first to go


  • yes it seems conclusive that EMF reduces your energy levels which is imperative for anything to grow, i don know but there the germinating plant + microwaved water experement on the web too..samething

  • wrong ur an idiot

  • zarn

    oh yeah that’s so mature.
    opinions are like….facts are…
    you know the drill. the idiot is closer to home

  • you cant say that because this is not a scientific argument at all ur basing ur opinion on the Intensity if wifi only.. you should base it on both intensity and frequency.. i think according to my research..you should do yours too.. i think a wi-fi’s frequency 2.5ghz..
    its junk, pollution that your body absorbs, the earth emf is 10hz so maybe your absorbing both (50 /50 for example), which would reduce your energy levels.. etc.. i think all emfs are absorbed the schumann resonance is 1 PICOTESLA.. then again all of that is just a hunch

  • The studies are wrong????

  • I posted a comment somwhere mentioning smart meters can be bad.. and i regret it, because it is an issue that only exists on the internet, its the biggest lie the internet has ever told.

  • Thomas Dunn

    I think it might be part of the problem with all these kids losing it in the last decade and a half. Just something to think about. Maybe they should start building “wifi free”restaurants and buildings. They have been warning people since before they even started using it on a commercial bases that wifi was going to have serious effects on the human body. There’s just so much of a “hey as long as it doesn’t bother me I don’t care” attitude. I mean think about it. Now I’m not saying this in a negative way but look at the turnaround in public opinion about gay marriage. I mean it went from a hotly debated topic to “ah well they ain’t hurting anybody so let them do what they want. Except in the red states and if you notice a lot of those states are lacking saturated wifi signals. Just something to think about

  • Galan

    I have program my router to turn of the Wifi at night automatically when I am sleeping. It has made a big difference in my sleep and I have wake up with more energy than before when the Wifi was on.

  • Shin Datuin

    I am shin datuin..a radiologic technologist..I never thought that electromagnetic radiation is harmful to our health because according to our studies.. EMR is safe (example:radiation of MRI..wifi..) I became hypersensitive to EMR after using the USB modem (the 4G internet)..Because when you download a file.. the EMR of 4G internet/USB modem boost it’s signal capacity/transmission rate and damages your cells in the body specifically to the brain.. 16 hours or above of downloading will break your immune system to electromagnetic radiation (maybe it varies on your body size)..But after the 16 hours of exposure.. my body inhibits the symptoms of feeling tired.. headache.. dizziness..nausea..fast heartbeat..I felt like someone is touching at the back of my head (occipital region).. So i shut off the USB modem and the symptoms were gone after few hours of rest.. But even now.. i’m having this problem when i’m at the High EMR areas.. so i minimize using our wifi router.. Anyway.. wifi signal or transmission can be setup to minimum capacity..So set it up before it’s too late.. Be safe guys!

  • Undecider

    Question for Dr. Group & Associates. What is the interaction of EMF and vaccines? There has to be a connection, either unintentional and intentional, with the metals included in the vaccine ingredients, how they interact with the EMF and the resultant effects on the human body. As if we were being turned into antennas to in a more enhanced manner, receive the transmissions and output. This could have a connection with the documented and patented EMF behavior modification technologies.

    Merely injecting us with vaccines and their toxic metals is one thing. Then EMF out there is another. However, putting the two together, what do we have? Now let’s look at the push to increased the saturation in the environment with cell towers in and around school grounds with mandatory vaccinations for kids. Makes you wonder. The general population is encourage to get vaccines while SmartMeters, the ubiquity of WiFi and cell phones surround us.

    Traffic light cameras work best when the license plate already has the reflective surface. We’ll notice, in many states, there was the move to get the reflective plates in place before the cameras emerged. The two work together. Do vaccines and EMF work together?

  • Undecider

    Interesting how your studies don’t reveal the dangers. The studies are out there. They are just suppressed from public view.

  • haha..so many pros and cons, endless discussion

  • kodi

    If people can sleep better and feel better without it, who is anyone to
    say they are wrong. Some people it affects, some, at least it appears,
    it does not. All the knowledge of the common scientists combined
    doesn’t touch truly, “in a complete way” how our bodies work and
    interact with our environments. We still have a lot to learn and a lot
    to not ignore.

  • BK

    One of the most interesting things about the internet is how many people like Zarn have become scientific experts as a result of logging on and skimming an article on Scientific America.

  • There are other causes of emf sensitivity. Any metal can cause it, particularly mercury (from silver fillings, vaccinations, and large fish such as tuna).

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  • Roo

    Taking a melatonin supplement long term is a bad idea. Maybe 2 weeks max.

  • Pingback: Wind Pushers Try to Discourage Studies, Claiming they’ll Blame it on “Nocebo Effect”, Regardless of Findings! | "Mothers Against Wind Turbines™" Phoenix Rising…()

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  • Dr.

    im a doctor

  • Guess Who

    Dr.? Dr. Who??

  • Dr.


  • Dr.

    No, just you.

  • Dr. John Brown

    All right, everybody, I am a certified Radioilogist at the University of Yorktown. The truth is, this is not true.

  • Outras Ondas

    Sorry, Doc. I dont get whatever you´re trying to say. I did not make any statement. So, what am I wrong about? Or are you just trying to be funny?

  • Naomie Mvoi

    This is very true, my daughter has been going through touch times with every electronic in the house, the WiFi, the laptop, the cellphone, they make her crazy. She experiences fireworks inside the head! Now I know it is all the wireless stuff in my house and I am gonna get rid of them immediately! Thank you for sharing!

  • iamthomas.wong

    You are being trolled people. This article is so obviously not correct. All of the examples given are so subjective and there are hints in there that they are having a laugh at you for believing this. “When a group of Danish ninth graders experienced difficulty concentrating after sleeping” Come on, really? It wasn’t because they were playing games or chatting to their friends that their minds were too stimulated to sleep straight away?
    A test conducted on 15 men and 15 women? A study involving 69 subjects? Massive sample sizes indeed.

  • Craig Chalmers

    Thomas Wong said wifi is safe and yummy, so it must be true.

  • Debra

    One thing I am totally shocked by is the resistance that people seem to have to believing that something that promotes “Convenience” for them, could be dangerous. I am Electromagnetic Hypersensitive and I am involved with numerous groups of people worldwide who are suffering from the detrimental effects of wireless radiation. These groups are growing substantially as people become more and more aware that their health issues can be traced back to consistent exposure to microwave radiation that has NO proven record or research to prove its safety. From my own experience, placed in a Wi-Fi field, every muscle in my body contracts like I’m being electrocuted, lumps begin to form from the effect of blood thickening, I get massive headaches, chest pain (the heart struggling due to sticky red blood cells), and eventually total paralysis from the severe fatigue that even makes it hard to breath. So many people are suffering from illnesses they haven’t even traced back to Wi-Fi but if they succeed at globalizing it, I’m sure you’ll all find out eventually as you accumulate the effects. Thank you Dr Edward Group for posting this invaluable information.

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  • Jewels

    Wifi makes my head hurt and I can not concentrate, but my husband can not live with out it.

  • Joyce millichip

    This is so true I wish that someone could do tests on my brain while the wifi is on because I have had brain operations and when I am around wifi for a while my brain shakes . I always turn it off at night because if on the odd time that I forget to I don’t sleep. So all you poo poo people do some tests for yourselves and see

  • KevinOuarde

    How can you prove its not true? Ever since I got a router that connects the TV, Internet and phones, Im having a hard time to sleep.

    Before I use to sleep with my cell phone and wifi activated and I always woke up dizzy with an headache. Am I a conspiracy theorist or just sensitive to constant EM frequencies?

  • KevinOuarde

    Why is it a bad idea? Elaborates please..Id like to know.

  • Ted

    Think I have a Fungus problem. Never had WiFi sensitivity until a super hot night without ac, sweat horribly, hottest day I ever remember. Didn’t take a shower the next day and seem to get athletes foot on my balls from my underwear I guess. My crotch would itch around WiFi and hot temperatures. When I get hot I can itch in areas which will produce small blisters that disappear quick. It has went from my crotch to my butt now and every time i go #2 I itch around my exit area. Since I got this rash thing I cant get ride of it and have become extremely sensitive to WiFi with itching, burning, tingling that will last after I unplug the router. Whole house I wired with NO WiFi now, but I have yet to find a remedy for my itch. Went to a friends house the other day and was not effected by his WiFi.

    I already take 90 for Life, Imortallium, B17, eat lots of eFoodsDirects, Eggs Poached, Propur G2, Survival Shield 2.0 Oxy Cleanse,

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  • damnsalvation

    Low-energy non-ionizing radiation that can’t even penetrate the layer of dead skin cells on a human body cause all these negative health effects? Baloney.
    If that were the case we’d have wiped out by radio broadcasts a century ago.

  • Reason And Believing

    Okay okay, Several months ago I would have berated the person who wrote this article .
    I’ve been experiencing body aches, lack of concentration, headaches , tiredness, insomnia , and even skin break outs.. But I ‘m tough and really thought nothing of these symptoms, figuring they are just a result of a being run down hectic life.
    Then I bought a house with a thick metal roof, on a large property just out of the reach of the internet. None of my neighbors have internet or wifi ,
    I dont’ have wifi in my house , and cell phone signals are hard to get under the metal roof , You have to go outside to talk on a cell phone.
    Before I started to remodel the house, I stayed in it for 3 days.
    The first day I was totally relaxed and napped and slept to the early morning of the following day.
    After 3 days, No headaches, no insomnia , no itchy skin. My concentration and mental clarity came back . I was amazed how much better I felt.
    I didn’t make the connection to wifi /cell phones until months after . I tried to find another reason for my improvements, but I couldn’t find one.

  • Reason And Believing

    . You can’t seem to spell radiologist.

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  • Adjusting my tinfoil hat: More liberal insanity Lets all go back to living in caves. Get an EMF meter and even your light bulbs make it go crazy. This is plain embarrassing to push this nonsense

  • mikey

    Sarah probably thinks it’s okay to have one’s home under electrical line towers as well.

  • Pingback: WiFi Witchfinders | The Eclectic Light Company()

  • Crystal

    I thought I was getting Alzheimers until I read this study. I also had insomnia. I couldn’t focus, concentrate or remember anything. My energy levels were tanked. I felt like I was turning into a vegetable. I was ready to leave the planet, I was getting So depressed… I immediately disabled the wifi and put 2 laptops on an ether net and EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM CLEARED UP!!!

  • Pingback: Chinese Wi-Fi Router Features ‘Pregnant Woman’ Mode | Hot News Always()

  • Ben

    Many people are citing the fact that wi-fi is a low energy form of radiation. I just want to point out that this is not a slam dunk, nulling any argument against wi-fi or 4G radiation, particularly when it comes to sleep.
    People tend to think that radiation is only harmful in the sense that it causes physical damage. Though, radiation can also be harmful in the sense that it interferes with the radiological mechanisms of the body.
    Biology isn’t limited to organic chemicals randomly bumping into each other. Biology is possible, because of electro magnetic forces that coordinate chemical mechanisms. In fact, chemistry is almost like an extension of pure physics, because physical forces, or quantum mechanics are the fundamental mechanism by which any chemical reaction occurs.
    So there is the possibility that wi-fi radiation is damaging in terms of being a disruptor of bio-chemical processes, and if this is the case it could be disastrous in the long run.
    Just think, if wi-fi signals are consistently retarding the bodies ability to repair itself during sleep, then it could take a long time negative consequences to become apparent, and even then it wont be obvious that EMF had been a contributor.
    Some closing thoughts: medical science is primitive with respect to how it understands the physics of biochemistry, some of these experiments are inappropriate, some are not long enough, and obviously there are powerful interests that do not want this to become an issue.

  • pangeange

    I’m so glad I stumbled on this article as I thought I was the only one around my area that gets badly affected by Wi-Fi signals. It started when I used to visit my son I would get heart palpitations and my throat felt like it was tightening up, after leaving it would eventually calm down but every time I went it got worse. I then also got Wi-Fi and was really ill for about eight weeks felt like I was slowly being poisoned, tight throat, palpitations, weakness and really bad sleep, just felt like I was dying. I then realised it
    was since I had Wi-Fi that it had started so turned it off and after a few days I had improved just to check I turned it back on and immediately I felt the effect and stared feeling ill. I no longer go to my sons as he lives in a block of flats with lots of signals also have avoid shops and areas with Wi-Fi cannot visit friends and family even church, I’ve had to put foil on my walls to reduce the neighbours signals, feel like a prisoner and can hardly go anywhere, really hard when needing doctors, dentist, hospital, council etc. I’m sick of it now there’s no need for so much and one day more people will suffer these affects.

  • harmeet kaur

    This is true…. i feltmore awake after using wi fi& even struggled to sleep through d night .it was like something very hard holding my consuntration power of mind…i was addicted of using wi fi.conditions r stable & im well now……this is nothing but just a future danger that will not allow u to consuntrate on ur own mind &body…wifi is bloddy monster addiction but i m out of it though the blessings of spiritual lord….I LOVE U WAHEGURU JI

  • harris

    Wifi does affect your health and well being. I put up a wifi router nearby a couple of bee hives in different places. The bees left the hives. I removed the wifi router, the bees gradually returned; I see how arrogant and stupid the population has turned. Cattle, simple cattle. as Osiah in old testmanent states ” Father, my people lack knowledge”…. this applies today to all subjects

  • harris

    I set up a wifi router next to bee hives in different locations. The bees left the hives. When the wifi was removed the bees gradually returned to the hives in every location. Of course Wifi is affecting your heath and instant well being.

  • Nancy Olivier

    I turn my router off every night before bedtime. If it gets left on by a kid, I can tell immediately when I wake up in the morning because I do not feel nearly as rested. I am certain that the router for my level of sensitivity acts like a stimulant. When it is on and I am trying to go to sleep I feel as if I have had a couple cups of coffee. If it has been left on all night, when I wake up I feel just the same as if I had drank coffee close to bedtime and did not sleep soundly.

    I also am sensitive to the 4G radiation from myself phone. When I am holding myself phone, I can feel the relation in my hand. It feels like heat and electricity and makes my hand achy

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  • Apan

    I used to keep my Bsnl wifi modem close to my bed and I saw lots of negative impact of it.I cannot sleep in time since I started using anroid phone and wifi. It’s very difficult for me to wake up early in the morning in time.I have become lazy and dull nowadays.I am not able to concentrate in anything properly.I cannot remember things.I forget to do many things .I feel that my brain has become very much inactive. I don’t feel like doing any works like in the past I was very active in doing my official works and other home works.two months back I came to know that I have a diabetic as well.give me some suggestion to live a healthy life and to make my brain more active .

  • Rom

    You’re wrong Sarah, just test wifi impact on health by yourself: keep you internet box near your bed (from a dozen of inches) when sleeping… after several days (depending on your tolerance limits) you will wake up with persistent headache…
    Do this simple test and share your experience…

  • mikawa ozawa

    may be its true..because my husband they experience now insomia..the wifi is near of the bed.

  • Cyzck


  • DCWarHound

    Bull,my router is right next to my bed on a small table (like right above my head) and hasn’t been moved for 2 years,i have yet to experience any “persistent headaches” or wake up feeling bad.Heck i even go to sleep at midnight and wake up at 6 and feeling great.

  • DCWarHound

    Allot of people here are falling for the placebo effect.

  • Ninja_Monkey

    My wife died form wifi overdose
    Even the doctor said there was nothing they could do except turn of the internet box.
    It was her or the wifi. I chose the wifi.
    I cant ive without my beautiful wifi.
    Thanks for reading my story.
    (Add me on google+ to discuss, ninjamonkey120@gmail.com)

  • Maurice Chambers

    I came across this site as I was looking to see if there is anything that corresponds to my problem. I am an agency worker and travel by car to many unfamiliar places every week where I need a gps device to aid me. I use my Huawei phone (chinese smart phone).
    I have noticed that whenever I set the location settings so the apps can access my location, I get a fuzzy feeling in my head. This is followed by feelings of confusion for however long the setting is enabled and often continues for a while even after I switch the settings off. I have also noticed that the effect is magnified by bringing the phone closer to my head. At arms length, the effect is negilable but up close the effect is more dramatic- a space at the back of my eyes start to itch and I find it difficult to concentrate. Anyone else feel anything like this?

  • Yasir


  • C

    If I could punch you in the genitals, I would do it so f****** hard that you would explode.

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  • Danny

    I wish I could do the same thing, but I cannot demand that my neighbors turn off their Wi-Fi. They have ipods, iphones and ipad, other neighbor is using a laptop and I have new neighbors (since a 3/4 of a year or so) that have their pc next to my bedroom. I thought I was going crazy, I never got any true rest, even after sleeping for 8+ hours. I never have that feeling that your body actually got some rest and your mind feels refreshed.. now the days just flow into eachother and it feels like a neverending nightmare. I stumbled across the reason what could be the cause by sleeping over at my mom’s place. She has her router in the middle of her livingroom and has been complaining about suffering from fatique for over 6 years. Also irratic heartbeat, headaches, feeling of despair and other symptoms. She’d been at the doctor’s but they could never establish a cause. Just to try something I turned off her router(which had Wi-Fi) and began to realize all the “tension” I felt inside my head started to fade away and when looking inside the room I could almost “feel” the objects again and that moment I asked my mother how she felt and she told me “somehow I feel a lot lighter and my headache seems to go down” From that moment on I’ve become aware of the danger that Wi-Fi has influenced my every day life. Some people have no problems while others are almost pariahs since the people not feeling anything do not understand what we are going through. Sorry for the long read but I just want to let other people know they are not alone. Even if it feels like it. I think another symptom is making people extremely introverted and insecure. I hope the authorities will start taking action soon because I cannot live like this for another 10 years. Hugs for everyone.

  • Maradona Mossiba

    I believe all these frequencies generated by electronic devices do have a certain impact on our body when emitted with a certain power, but I can’t prove it with real measurements and results.
    But look at microwaves, they heat up products with water molecules in it at the same frequency as WiFi. WiFi router operates on mW instead of hundreds of Watts like a microwave, so the impact is much smaller.

    Another thing, a WiFi router is not continuously sending data, when devices don’t communicate to the internet. In an idle situation, a WiFi router just sends beacon signal, like “Hello I’m a WiFi router” every x miliseconds and your smartphone just listen to it, like a radio. The same is for GSM/3G/4G. Your mobile is not communicating to the GSM antenna continuously, otherwise it would drain your battery in minutes and your mobile gets very hot. Further more, the government forced the mobile companies to lower the transmit power, that’s why you see more GSM antennas (actually called basestations) in places like cities for better coverage.

    So, I think (my opinion), the impact is very small, but we shouldn’t underestimate the impact on our health. From a scientific view, if it would harm us or causes even deaths, the mass population in the world would decrease, which is not the case.

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  • John

    I Love your finds but did you ever turn the wifi back on and double check that it was the wifi that affected you?

  • Danny

    Yes, it takes a while for the symptoms to re-appear again but they all come back within 20 minutes of turning it back on. Now whenever my mom wants some rest in her own home she turns off the modem (basically Wi-fi) and can relax. The only trouble will be the “Smart Meters” the electic provider is handing out “for free” who communicate through Wi-Fi with eachother, creating a mesh. In my country we can decline it and I urge people to do so. Even if you don’t feel it, you are being exposed to it, and most likely your children.

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  • imagine using the Guardian and The Daily Mail as a source! Sorry Sarah but just because its in the paper doesn’t mean its true!

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  • Raani Bhavani

    I have many times experienced heavily disturbed sleep when wifi has been on in the same house I have been sleeping in. If it is in my power I never have wifi or cellphones on at night, and only ever have them on when they are being used, as I find the radiation so disturbing. I have never before read any studies or reports about the ill-effects of this kind of radiation, as I didn’t feel the need to read about, since I could easily feel myself how bad the radiation is.
    Last night unfortunately I had to sleep part of the night near a wifi router, and I felt I was being fried… as if been cooked in a microwave oven (though I never experienced that). I could hardly sleep at all until I moved (into the garden). I felt like my ovaries were directly being damaged, and felt that cyst or tumour growth would start if under longer exposure.

    So I am not surprised at all then today to find this article, which just confirms what my body was very clearly telling me already. I am only surprised that more people don’t feel the effects of this kind of radiation in their body, and bother to argue about it. If our whole society (especially western countries) had not become so desensitized, and out of touch with their bodies, there would not be any controversy or discussion about it, anyone could just feel the effects of radiation… and would act accordingly.

  • Rishabh Gupta

    One can check the safety code 6, Health Canada. It states that there is only one impact of Wireless frequency on humans that is it burns human skin as it produces heat that too when Specific absorption rate is high. International Agency for Research on Cancer, WHO to suggest that there are not enough supporting evidence to claim
    wireless technologies like Wi-Fi causes health effects.

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  • Zaariia Bibi

    I am a mother of two children. Since two years i have noticed a dis concentration in all my work and at home also. My 2 kids constantly keep crying and are do not listen to me. The problem is that we have sharing same room with my hubby and my two children(a boy 4 years and girl 1 year). I have a wifi router inside my room where there is always 2 smartphone and 1 tablet connected to wifi all the time. i have read your article and is now worrying about mine and family health. My hubby and i can hardly wake up early in the morning. i want to look for a solution. As i have 2 growing baby brain. For me really i cant see the side effect on my health. i constantly forget everything and can hardly recollect so as my hubby. kindly advise me..

  • Diwas Sharma

    my concentration gets poor and body starts heating up when i go near a wi-fi zone. i feel like a zombie….who will come to my rescue

  • Diwas Sharma

    my mental performance diminishes and my body starts heating up when i go near a WiFi zone. i feel like a zombie..who will come to my rescue


    my concentration level is poor and my body starts heating up when i go near a wifi zone. i feel hopeless and like a zombie..who will come to rescue people like me?

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  • Dmitry

    I’ve had severe eye irritation after working close to wi-fi. Turned it off completely, switched to cables and problem gone in a week. Suffered of it for about 3 months, couldn’t figure out the cause…

  • Daniel Harris

    This is a stupid article. We get electromagnetic radiation from radios, baby monitors, alarm systems, even the Earth itself. And even if we own none of that we still get it from out neighbors. It’s harmless, after all we been exposed to it forever from our planet. Unless you plan on wrapping yourself in foil you will escape it. Not that it matters, it does no harm in these low doses.

  • Lboogiespeaks101

    I started grinding my teeth for no reason last year. I used to not notice but now I catch myself. Teeth grinding causes headache & muscle problems in the jaw. I would often question if I’m being controlled…smh. I believe these are #Facts

  • Eric

    What a dishonest shit article. There is no evidence that Wi-Fi does anything mentioned here. I read one of your “citations” about its link to insomnia and the study you link doesn’t even come close to mentioning WiFi. Your vague “link to cancer” citation is a local news piece. This kind of shit just reinforces people’s pseudoscientific nonsense beliefs.

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  • amarnath kumar

    My wifi is next to my studying table that is about 30inch from me it is from 7months..
    Due my concentration problem I googled it and I shocked because I has felt all these…I couldn’t able to concentrate well, didn’t have well sleep, fell anger frequently and Restlessness

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  • Oleg Vorkunov

    This article for stupid people who do not understand difference between ionized radiation and non ionized radiation. Wi-Fi from even very powerful routers can not hurt a fly even if it sits on Wi-Fi antenna.

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  • 1776

    I bought some Mylar aluminum blankets on eBay in bulk at about 70cents a
    piece that block a lot of the router, but not everything.

  • Mary Currie

    Australian study in 2016 showed that it is females most afflicted, more fluid in bodies, and over 50 years and also very highly intelligent, more neurological connection in brain- doctors engineers, school principals . Do you fit that profile ?

  • Mary Currie

    I wear a hat and shirt made of gold silver and nickel in the cotton. It is a German invention available from YSHIELD. My walls are painted with graphite paint and the windows laminated to shield, me from neighbours wifi. I am OK living this way but the NBN requires wifi router and ADSL 2+ will, not be available after a few weeks. I am now looking to move to another country leaving my many descendants to fry and me alone in my 80s. I want to live but here it is becoming impossible.

  • Mary Currie

    Some people have had to sleep in their car near woodlands if they cannot move..

  • Mary Currie

    Rubbish. Try using a proper meter and see the result for yourself.

  • ascend

    There used to be two wifi hotspots where I live and they were pretty weak at that. Now there are more than 100 and the signals have become significantly stronger. Common sense tells that such a massive increase in electro magnetic radiation cannot be conducive to good health especially when wifi has become ubiquitous – it is virtually everywhere.

  • PreachJohn

    Which makes you 2nd in line to go.
    Based on your ‘stupid comment’.

  • carolyncrneck Joyce Crneck

    Hey Debra, I agree with you, since lgetting WiFi in our apartment it has been affecting my health, I feel crawling on my skin in bed at night, energy levels are low, exhaustion. I get heart palpitations, generally horrible. My son was so into getting WiFi when he was living with us, it started with headaches in my sleep, but also feeling like being cooked in a microwave..

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  • yahiya kaseri

    Yes it’s true but internet is life part is every human 1200 times every day man using cellphone

  • Danny

    Internet, sure, but not wireless for me. I never have and never will. I
    detest everything related to it. Especially how it is harming health of
    everyone; children, plants animals, everything we should hold dear and
    protect, because they need protecting. But instead we abuse our own
    bodies through sitting in these wireless EM Fields all day long, our
    minds degrading and becoming corrupt, in the sense of spiritual
    evolution, and instead we become impartial to human suffering. It has
    already destroyed countless lives that could have had a bright future
    ahead of them but are now reduced to a sorry state in which they have
    very little control over themselves. Becoming sensitive to these Fields
    (EHS – ElectroHyper Sensitivity) is reliving your worst nightmare over
    and over again as long as your body resides in strong electro-magnetic
    fields emitted by radio- and microwave transmitters of high frequency.
    WiFi, LTE(4g), UMTS(3g), Smart Meters, Baby Monitors, Consoles with a
    WiFi module, Smart thermostates, Wireless appliances, Celltowers, etc.
    s all around us! But you can say what can I do about it, alone? It
    always starts with that. You stop using it, buy wired devices, use
    Ethernet cables, and where demand goes, so does commerce. That’s how it
    is fought. And spreading awareness of course! Ask for the non-wireless
    Router, if enough people do, they will have to comply. Fight! It’s for
    our survival, it really is. For your, mine, our children, animals we
    hold dear,

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  • Nadia

    I have just received my wifi connection home first time In my life and I can tell you it has not been a pleasant experience since installation. In the beginning my wifi router was emitting horrible smell that made me feel sick and I also experienced some kind of invasion on my body and head I did not know how to call it until the technician described it for me as being radiations. At night my brain was suffering noise and my vision freckles like that of after tv trasmission would end in the past. I do not mean to be funny but this is the best way I can describe it. And the previously described is also combined with noise in the ears. Now the smell is a bit less but it is still there. I am able to sleep but with all that noise in my head. I also suffered feeling as if very tired although I do not know if it was all due to the wifi. After that I am busy looking for safer internet connection but have not found any yet especially after I read about the hazards.

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  • Harold Botz

    can you say psychiatarist?

  • It’s wonderful information. This information helpful and useful for many people and in this post good explanation in detail that helps people. I like this post. It’s wonderful information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

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  • Carrie erickson

    I was electrocuted. By wi fi. That was set up in oir whole house and outside with underground electric. Wiring. A foe of.mine. she first used. The water heatetter as. The conductor she shocked me. And would not. Let. Up. I was. In shock and delirious and it instantly aged me. Twenty year’s. I had to leave my home and. Husband i am.not the same

  • Is the WiFi Hotspot that you can set up on the mobile phone equally harmful to health as the proper WiFi from a router?

  • D.Sai Srujan

    now,this is a major confusion which arise from the fact that wifi signals are of low freq and it comes in the list of non ion.. rad .so….this must be of some importance,,i must diplomatically stay away…i don’t belive this.

  • Chris

    Your body blocks WiFi signals. If you move, it makes sense the signal will travel in a different path (through where you used to be) and could be stronger. Having a room crowded with people around the WiFi router will do the same thing.

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